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Six Month Smiles In Essex

A cosmetic dentist specialise in smile makeovers. Over time people can feel nervous about smiling, whether their teeth have been discoloured, chipped and so forth. A massive problem people have is misaligned teeth. With Six Month Smiles in Essex it is possible to correct this.

What are Six Month Smiles?

Six month smiles are braces that you wear over a six month period. Whereas “normal” braces can take between two to three years to be effective this is a lot quicker.

I don’t want to have a cattle grid on my face for six months!

Don’t worry! People often think of the exaggerated braces in cartoons and television series that are often deliberately exaggerated for comic effect. In reality the technology has advanced so that most braces do not look that noticeable.

Furthermore Six Month Smiles are even more discreet. The reason for this is that they are clear. While they are indeed metal like other braces the colour means you can only really see they are on your face if people look closely.

How do they work?

There are two reasons why six month braces are effective. One is the nickel titanium wire used in the braces. The other reason is the system shifts prominent teeth, allowing the alignment process to work a lot quicker than other braces.

Aside from quickness what are the other advantages of Six Month Smiles?

The main advantages as well as speed are the fact that they are very discreet and hard to detect. However speed and discretion should not be you sole consideration. Safety and quality is also something you need to think about. More importantly the process is very safe and has had proven results!

Some people may also be concerned about the cost. With this kind of procedure time is money and the less time spent on treatment the less it costs!

How do I know if Six Month Smiles are suitable for me?

Everyone is different and some treatments may be more appropriate than others. This is why it is worth talking with a cosmetic dentist over an initial consultation. You can talk about what you want from the treatment, your budget and any other concerns or issues. With the right treatment you can enjoy a smile makeover in Essex!



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6 Month Braces

Six Month Braces To Give You The Smile and Confidence You Need!

People often say that it takes fewer muscles to smile then it does to frown. The problem is some people may find their smile makes them feel self conscious, possibly due to crooked or spaced teeth. One way to achieve this is to get the right six month braces to give you the smile and confidence you need!

But braces are for kids, right?

It depends on the type. While people commonly associate braces with kids and getting their teeth corrected there are also braces that can be used for cosmetic dentistry, helping people to straighten their teeth. Age is not necessarily an issue with people getting treatment from age 50 and upwards!

Don’t braces need to be put on for two or three years?

In previous times dental braces did indeed need to be put in for two or three years and this was necessary in order to ensure the teeth were properly aligned. They also restricted the amount you could eat, making it harder to chew and digest as well as causing speech problems as people tried to garble through the metal.

These “train track” type braces are becoming more a thing of the past as new models are more discreet, with white ceramic and clear models becoming much harder to detect but also a lot more comfortable than older models.

I don’t want people to know I’m wearing braces. What can you do to keep them hidden?

Put very simply the braces we use utilise wires that match the colour of your teeth. This means that unless someone is looking very closely it is unlikely they will be able to spot what you are wearing on your teeth. There is also the added benefit that you will not have them in as long as you would with two or three year braces.

How can you make sure this works?

The metal titanium wire used in the braces is perfectly safe and has shown to be safer than equivalent products on the market due to its specially designed features. Once you have removed the braces your teeth should be properly aligned. Provided that you listen to your dentist and do the after care that they tell you to do your teeth should maintain their new straightness so you no longer need to fear sudden photo opportunities!

Are they expensive?

In actual fact six month braces are cheaper than both the older two to three year models as well as the newer detachable braces. Given that you are wearing them for a shorter period of time you are also less likely to need more refittings or adjustments in that time.

How will I know if six month braces are right for me?

Before you get your braces fitted we will book you in for a consultation. This means we can have a look and see how your teeth are shaped and whether braces are appropriate for your dental treatment.

In short come along and see us and we will find the braces to help give you that winning smile!


10 things to know about 6 Month Smiles in Essex

10 Things to Know About 6 Month Smiles in Essex

The 6 Month Smiles is a new product in the market. It sorts out gappy gums and crooked smiles with high-tech braces. The product is comfortable and fast. The braces are nearly invisible. Here are 10 things to know about 6 month smiles in Essex.
1. About the 6 month smiles program –
The technique makes use of two colored braces that straightens teeth gently. The duration of the treatment is just six months on average. Usually conventional braces are worn for 2 to 3 years so there’s a big reduction in the treatment time.
2. How does the product work?
6 month smiles only focuses on teeth that are seen on smiling. It does not make any significant change to the bite. Hence it is able to create great cosmetic impression when it actually makes only minor adjustments to the teeth.
3. What does this treatment involve?
First of all, your teeth would be checked thoroughly. Then you could discuss with the doctor about the look of your teeth and the amount of improvement that could be brought about. The dentist would decide if you could go for 6 month smiles treatment or you need a treatment or technique of different sort. If this program is decided on, tooth colored braces that are barely noticeable would be fitted. If needed, space required for relieving crowding would be achieved with a polish between teeth. In certain cases, a tooth might have to be removed for creating enough space.
4. What if this treatment is not recommended for you?
The 6 month smiles treatment is not meant for everyone because it focuses on making small adjustments to visible parts of the smile. Hence, if there is a problem requiring more basic orthodontic work, a long term treatment or brace that works in different way would be required.
5. Is the 6 month smiles treatment new?
The treatment is new in UK. Dr. Swain, a dentist, developed this technique 20 years ago in US. He was aware of the fact that many Americans who needed orthodontic work refused treatment due to the timescales, cost and ugliness of devices involved. The research revealed that at the time 95% of the patients were not getting themselves treated. Today 95% accept orthodontic treatment in the clinic of Dr. Swain. This suggests that he developed right product.
6. Will you have to carry a mouth filled with metal?
Six month smiles uses tooth colored braces. These are nearly invisible as compared to conventional ones. However the braces do exist. Another benefit of the technique is that it applies extremely light force through the braces. Therefore the braces have to be tightened and adjusted less often as compared to the conventional braces. This means that they offer more comfort to the wearer. You also do not have to pay many trips to your dentist during the course of treatment.
7. Is the treatment painful?
Getting braces fitted does seem strange initially. Sometimes the teeth could be tender and hence uncomfortable for a few weeks after fitting of the braces. However light forces applied during treatment for moving teeth means it does not cause a lot of pain and disruption as compared to other treatments. Nearly all patients grow used to these braces quickly.
8. Do teeth stay straight after treatment?
Teeth tend to go back to original position once any orthodontic treatment is done. Under the 6 month smiles program, permanent retainers would be fitted to the teeth by the dentist so that they do not relapse.
9. Could adolescents and children go for the 6 month smiles treatment?
Traditional braces are usually geeky and unattractive. Unfortunately adolescents and children do not have any other option but to use them for time being. Aim of the 6 month smiles program is to improve smile but not change bite. Hence it is in no way an alternative for complete orthodontic work. When the jaws and teeth are growing (up to 16 years of age or so), the time is ideal to attain perfect bite. Hence the recommendation is likely to be more comprehensive orthodontic program.
10. What is the cost of 6 month smiles?
It is extremely affordable as compared to conventional braces. Payment plans are offered by a lot of dentists to suit the patient’s budget.


Essex Dentist Straightens Teeth in Only Six Months


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Essex Dentist Straightens Teeth in Only Six Months

If you have spaces between your teeth or if your teeth are crowded together, you don’t have to wear braces for 2 years or cut your teeth as you do with bonding, veneers, or crowns. Now you can have a great smile in only six months.

Dr. Basrai is a dentist in the area who attended a Hands on Course on the Six Month Braces® technique. Using this exciting new orthodontic technique can help many patients who otherwise would go through their entire life embarrassed of their smile. Dr. Basrai says “The Six Month Braces® technique is a fabulous technique and people are really excited about having the smile they always wanted in only six months. Many patients are so happy that they actually cry when we take of their braces and show them their new smile”

The Brackets are tooth coloured as are the wires and elastics so that it is no longer embarrassing to wear braces. Just check out Dr Basrai You Tube Channel for empowering Video Testimonials.
They work 2 to 3 times faster than clear aligners and are alot cheaper!

Generally all treatment is completed in seven to ten short appointments. Also, six month braces are surprisingly comfortable since they use lower forces than traditional braces. Dr. Basrai says “people usually think that we just ‘tighten’ the braces to aggressively move teeth more quickly, but those high forces would actually slow down tooth movement. The Six Month Braces® technique is a low force technique that gently and safely moves the teeth to the desired position.” In addition to being faster than traditional braces, six month braces are also less expensive. Other advantages to using this technique include: having your teeth look more natural than with bonding, veneers, or crowns and healthier gums, since straight teeth are easier to clean than crowded teeth.

Dr.Basrai says “One of the nicest benefits of the Six Month Braces® technique is the improved self-esteem and self-confidence the patient has with straight teeth and a beautiful smile. They look great and they feel much better about themselves.”

For more information on Six Month Braces® call Dr. Basrai’s office at 01375481000 or visit online at www.basrai.co.uk.


The many advantages of the Six Month Smiles Braces

The many advantages of the Six Month Smiles Braces

The niche of cosmetic dentistry is advancing rapidly at alarming pace. Custom made solutions are fast replacing conventional procedures. The six month smiles braces procedure is perfect instance of this. It is something that actually works out-of-the-box. It is highly beneficial to users. A few advantages of this procedure together with its proper functioning will be explained in following passages. However the advice for the people who are afraid of trying out newer procedures is – don’t worry, the new braces will not bite back!
What is the six month smiles braces treatment all about? Well, as the name suggests, it is a procedure that puts smiles back on people’s faces in just 6 months! This is precisely the main goal of the revolutionary dental program. Reasoning behind this program is treating the problems related to alignment of the teeth and meanwhile doing this effectively. Misalignment of teeth could happen to just about anyone, at any point of time in their life. Some people who are less fortunate might have such deformities from birth. How does this program act meaning what is exactly done in the six month smiles braces method?

Before we talk about the questions mentioned above let us look at the traditional manner of correcting misaligned teeth with the help of the visible braces. Without doubt, the conventional procedure is effective. A lot of people have gone for this treatment over the past many years. Conventional braces have a lot of disadvantages though. Sight of a person wearing metallic braces and revealing them in the course of normal chats is just not acceptable! Donning such unsightly devices can mar the overall beauty that is associated with one’s face. Such traditional appliances are history thanks to the six month smiles method!

Okay, you are keen to know all about the procedure. So what is the next stage all about? You would have to meet a cosmetic dentist and tell them that you want to undergo the procedure. The dental provider would outline sketch of prevailing dental setup. Appropriate modifications and alterations of same would be done to initial x-rays of teeth too. The dentist would explain steps that would be taken for correcting your teeth. When the patient becomes aware of true possibilities, the dentist would pre-order a tailored arrangement of the six month smiles directly from company. When the dentist receives delivery of the arrangement, they would insert it in mouth signaling commencement of the treatment.
Duration of this treatment would vary as per nature of misalignment of teeth. You would have to meet your dentist on occasion so that they could study rate of change in position of teeth. In the meantime suitable modifications would be done to six month smiles arrangement. Maximum time required for treatment to be totally effective is 6 months (therefore the paradigm has an odd name). The other pros of the treatment are that the effective program also comes at a very affordable price.

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Essex based cosmetic dentist Dr. J Basrai has begun to offer 6 Month Smiles braces as one of the range of cosmetic treatments available at his clinic in Grays, Essex.
The 6 Months Smiles cosmetic dentistry treatment was original introduced in the U.S by leading cosmetic dentist Dr. Swain. It became especially popular with people who could neither afford to have cosmetic dental work done, or disliked the fact that conventional cosmetic dentistry can be a long process.
The 6 Month Smiles treatment differs from other forms of cosmetic dentistry by solely focusing upon the teeth which make up a person’s smile. By using special braces which are coloured to match teeth, most people find that crooked teeth, or gaps between teeth have been corrected within 6 months.
One of the major benefits of the 6 Month Smile technique is that there is no need for the patient to wear ugly metal braces whilst their smile is being repaired. The revolutionary 6 Month Smile braces resemble real teeth. After approximately 6 months, these braces will be removed and normal retainers will be put in place to stop teeth reverting to their original position.
Although the 6 Month Smiles technique is popular in the U.S, adoption of the treatment in the UK has been quite slow up until now, but this is all set to change.
Dr. Basrai is one of the first UK based cosmetic dentists to adopt the 6 Month Smiles technique in the UK. Dr. Basrai enthuses by saying, “I am really very excited to be able to offer this incredibly effective treatment to my patients. So many people are dissuaded from taking advantage of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry by the cost, and the fact it can take a long time for treatments to have a significantly noticeable effect. The 6 Months Smile treatment sidesteps both of these limitations, making it far more accessible. Everyone has a fantastic smile hiding away somewhere; this new technique to the UK will undoubtedly uncover many of them.”
People who are interested in learning more about the 6 Months Smile treatment, or who would like to arrange for an initial consultation to help discern whether 6 Months Smiles is right for them, should contact Dr. Basrai’s clinic.


Invisible orthodontic braces for a beautiful smile!

Invisible orthodontic braces for a beautiful smile

Orthodontics is a way of moving teeth and straightening them; to enhance their appearance and function. It helps the teeth, gums and jaws in long run by spreading the pressure of biting evenly throughout the teeth. It helps in moving teeth in a more manageable position, enhancing aesthetics and making the cleaning easier and oral hygiene better. Teeth are repositioned with the use of braces. Treatment depends from individual to individual. People these days are opting for Invisible Orthodontic Braces. In some patients prominent front teeth can stick out and are damaged which require orthodontic treatment to align them. In some people the upper and the lower jaws do not meet correctly and lead to incorrect bite. Orthodontic treatment is beneficial for children but in adults also it can be used to bite more evenly. The dentist carries out full dental examination and check up including examination of your teeth; taking X- Ray of your teeth; making plaster models and then discuss the treatment process.
In Invisible Orthodontic Braces arch wires and tieless brackets are used to move teeth faster and comfortably with best facial results. A passive slide mechanism is used to maintain arch wires in brackets, giving them enough space to move freely. It reduces binding and friction which helps your teeth to move comfortably and quickly. They are invisible braces; more discrete and resistant to discoloration and resistant to staining. It is a quick process and takes at least six months less than the traditional braces.
Orthodontic problems are of various types:
• Over crowding
• Deep over bite
• Open bite
• Upper protruding teeth or over jet
• Lower protruding jaws or under bite
• Cross bite
• Spaces in between teeth
Signs of early orthodontic treatments:
• Mouth breathing
• Difficulty in biting or chewing
• Early or late falling of baby teeth
• The jaws and teeth are not proportionate as compared to the rest of the face.
• Teeth bite is abnormal or does not meet properly
• Biting the roof of the mouth or the cheek
• Jaws that shift and make sound
• Teeth are crowded, misplaced or blocked
Advantages of Invisible Orthodontic Braces:
• It results in wider, fuller and beautiful smile.
• It gives better aesthetics and facial balance.
• The narrow lines look more inviting and fuller because of the smooth cheek contours.
• The dark triangles near the corner of the mouth also lessen.
• The teeth look less crowded, less crooked and straighten up.
• It gives a more youthful look with improved profiles.
• It lowers the risk of accidents because of the protruded upper front teeth.
• It corrects oral habits which can prove harmful.
• It is easy to clean.
• It requires few visits.
• There is no speech problem.
Invisible Orthodontic Braces helps in giving a beautiful smile in less than 6 months. Therefore it is the best method to cure dental problems and gain a confident outlook. It helps in giving you a confident smile making your teeth straight and flawless in less time. There are a variety of braces available; it depends on the individual choice to opt for any kind of treatment even though the most popular one is with metal brackets, arch wires and elastics.


6 Month smile for those in hurry!

6 Month smile for those in hurry!

6 month smile is the sure shot method of orthodontic treatment for those of you who are in a hurry to improvise their smile and to treat other problems as well due to emergencies like a concert or an event. Many a times, it happens that you have to feel the embarrassment due to your unevenly shaped and dislocated teeth which restricts you even from properly opening your mouth to speak, smile or laugh. If you are facing such problems but still hesitate in consulting a dentist and undergoing a treatment due to long durations and never ending sessions then you have a good news in store for you. You no more have to be dependent on the older technology of using braces to align your teeth in a proper position that usually took two to three years for the total completion of the treatment because you can now adopt to a much easier and a shorter approach of a 6 month smile that assures you of a properly aligned and located teeth structure to enhance your smile and takes much lesser time and sessions.

The 6 month smile treatment originated in the United States from where it has passed to almost all the developed and the developing countries and has now gained much recognition and popularity worldwide. The treatment is different from the other regularly practised treatments over the past years in the sense that it involves using invisible wires and braces in place of visible braces to align the teeth denture. The wire used is quite short and located in the areas that need to be relocated to the proper position and the tooth is coloured white so that the wires are not visible. The treatment involves getting the wires fixed in the affected areas which might be a little discomforting in the beginning but the discomfort can no longer be felt after the initial first week of the treatment. The teeth are not moved from the place and hence it is less painful as compared to the other treatments. After the braces and the wires have been fixed you would need to regularly visit the dentist at an interval of four to five weeks generally and the dentist would examine the state of your teeth and the progress. It only takes about 10-15 minutes per session. There is no long hours of same tedious procedures in every session you undergo. This continues for six months after which the braces and the wire are removed.
But you need to continue wearing a retainer even after the end of the 6 month smile treatment in order to make sure that the teeth are relocated back to the actual place and there is no going back to the dislocated area. So what are you waiting for? If you are also a victim of a crooked structured set of teeth and facing problems in smiling comfortably then it is time that you take the best of the treatment available these days. The 6 month smile treatment is economical in terms of money as well as time.


6 Month Orthodontics for dental patients

6 Month Orthodontics for dental patients

With the advances in modern dentistry, 6 month orthodontics has emerged as a favoured alternative for most dental patients. It is closely related to the term “accelerated orthodontic treatment”, which refers to the contemporary techniques used treat traditional dental issues. As a dental technique it is more closely related to the field of cosmetic dentistry. The aim of such a technique is to provide a quicker, cheaper alternative to the use of porcelain veneers. This is of particular significance where the focus is on straightening and improving the appearance of the front teeth.
As a viable tool of cosmetic dentistry, 6 month orthodontics represents a cutting edge alternative to the more traditional methods. For the consumer, it provides a far more appealing procedure as it is targeted towards solving their most urgent problems in the quickest time possible. This is particularly true for patients who do not have significant problems with their chewing or biting functions, but who merely wish to improve the appearance of their front teeth and enhance their smile.
The Objectives of Six Month Orthodontics
The most practical applications of 6 month orthodontics are primarily related to the esthetics of the teeth. Common concerns related to the appearance of a person’s teeth are uneven gaps or spaces, crowding, crooked teeth and malocclusion (improper bite). These techniques may also be of use in cases related to unattractive facial contours or migraines. However, the prime objective of this method is to improve the appearance of the front teeth, and subsequently provide the patient with a great smile.
Apart from the mere cosmetic improvement, this procedure can provide other long term benefits. It is important to remember that straight teeth not only look visibly more appealing, but can help maintain better dental hygiene. Straight teeth are easier to clean, and reduce the possibility of various gum diseases and tooth decay.
Advantages of 6 month Orthodontic Treatment
As indicated earlier, 6 month orthodontics provides a more focussed approach towards dealing with your particular dental issues. Traditional dental methods may require you to wear metal braces for a period of years, which is not convenient to most people, especially adults. While they may provide a more comprehensive orthodontic solution, they could be wholly unnecessary for your condition.

Additionally, the use of clear braces can make the entire procedure far more attractive to most adult patients. The use of tooth-colored wires and invisible braces located behind the teeth also improve the visual appearance of this procedure. There can be very little doubt that this technique provides a quicker and cheaper solution to your dental problems.
“Accelerated Orthodontic Treatments” are indicative of the great improvements that modern medicine and science have helped achieve. Today, you have safe and proven alternatives to the cumbersome dental procedures of the past. Your desire for a beautiful smile need no longer be a long and expensive affair – the latest orthodontic techniques have seen to that. With its growing popularity, 6 month orthodontics has provided a newer, better way to make you smile again.


6 Month brace – advancement of orthodontics

6 Month brace – advancement of orthodontics

There has been much progress and advancement in the orthodontic technology and this has given rise to the latest and the fastest method of improvising and then creating a better and a lovely smile by means of a 6 month brace method. This method aims at helping you to come out of your phobia of smiling confidently and helps you in rebuilding your lost confidence and adding a grace on your face value. Now no more being dependent on creating new teeth but the main functioning of this procedure depends on using high technology arch wires that are used for exerting a light pull on the teeth that compels them from moving from their position to the actual wanted position. The 6 month brace method is actually a blend of many olden technologies used in dentistry for providing a better smile. The scientists have incorporated something or the other from a lot of technologies in the past and used them to create a new technology that gives you an assurance of a lovely smile in just six months time by means of using braces.

The biggest advantage of the 6 month brace method is that it uses almost invisible braces which additionally helps you to prevent the embarrassment of wearing a set of invisible braces till the time treatment is going. Earlier when the normal time between the fixations of braces to its removal accounted to nearly two to three years now it can be attained in just a short time span of six months. Needless to say that since the duration is less the discomfort and pain that you have to go through the process is also reduced to a minimal. You no more have to attend long sessions of treatments for a longer time period as the whole treatment only takes about half a year. The procedure of 6 month brace is very effective for correcting your smile and works best on people suffering from the orthodontic problem of crowding. This newer method has taken over the pioneer method of creating porcelain teeth. It is much simpler and faster.

There is yet a disadvantage of 6 month brace treatment in addition to the many advantages it has. This treatment does not suit or is not fit for everyone so you need to consult a professional dentist who would examine your teeth thoroughly before suggesting you for this treatment. In very severe cases this treatment is not appropriate and other treatments should be used. Hence it is advisable to consult the doctor so that you are assured that the treatment would work well for you.
The 6 month brace treatment assures you of a very confident smile in just six months. The dislocated teeth are aligned well and brought to the actual location which helps in the enhancement of your jaw and teeth structure to give you a better smile. The teeth are even formatted from being crooked to straight. The whole procedure of the 6 month brace requires only 6 months which is quite lesser than the treatment that continues for years and years but gives you the same satisfaction and confidence of a gorgeous smile.