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Cosmetic Dentures Improve Smiles

Cosmetic dentures could be just what you need to take back your smile. If your teeth are misaligned, decaying, yellowed or otherwise out of shape, these dentures can make your teeth look significantly better.

What Are Cosmetic Dentures?
Dentures replace teeth that are no longer in place. However, the goal here is to improve your smile rather than to fix decaying problems. Our first goal is to ensure your teeth especially your gums and bone structure is healthy. We can remove those teeth necessary and provide dentures to replace them.

Full or Partial Dentures - What's the Difference?
Full dentures are necessary when you have no teeth left and you need a complete replacement. Partial dentures, on the other hand, replace only a few missing teeth. However, they are very comfortable and durable.

Who Needs Them?
Having tooth loss present in your mouth can be very limiting. Many people are embarrassed by this. In fact, those with missing or decaying teeth often are very self-conscious about the way they look. Cosmetic dentures can fix this problem for good.

What Are Cosmetic Dentures Made Of?
There are several material options available for cosmetic dentures. In most cases, they are made from acrylic. In some cases, though, we can use chrome. Chrome dentures provide more comfort and more durability to your smile than other products.

What Is the Process Like?
Once you come in for a consultation, we will go to work for you. If your teeth need to be removed, that is the first step. Then, moulds are taken of the gums to construct the perfect cosmetic dentures for you. Generally, you will need between two and four visits. There are two impression visits normally and a bite registration method. Finally, we will fit them into place.

Should You Consider Cosmetic Dentures?
These dentures are right for many people, but every situation is different. We encourage you to come in to our office for a consultation. We will then help you to determine if this is the right process. We encourage those with missing or severely decaying teeth to take action quickly to replace their broken smile.

Here at our practice we are the only dentures clinic in essex to offer high quality dentures through Changing Faces Denture clinics all dentures are hand made by our clinical dental technician.

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