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Snap-On Smile could be one of the best cosmetic dentistry options for you. This is a painless way to get a confident, beautiful smile. What is nice about this option is that it is made for those who want a fantastic looking smile but who do not want to pay too much for it.

We will help you to determine if this product is right for your needs. The Snap-on Smile is a thin, but strong material that fits over your teeth. It creates a very natural look with long-lasting benefits.

What Is It Made Of?

Snap-On Smile is made from a hi-tech dental resin, though it is very thin. It is ideal for hiding:

  • Stains
  • Chips
  • Missing teeth
  • Spaces between your teeth

For many people, using it can be life changing. It creates the cosmetic smile enhancement you need to feel good about yourself again.

How Do I Get It?
It is available for all ages. You will need to come in for two short visits. There is no drilling or no changes to the tooth structure. The process is simple:

  • You will come in and select the style and a shade for the Snap-On Smile product.
  • Then an impression will be taken of your teeth.
  • After about three weeks, we will be ready for your final fitting.

The device comes with a 12-month, limited warrant but most last from three to five years.

Who Should Get Snap-On Smile?
If you have the following conditions, we recommend Snap-On Smile for you:

  • You do not want or cannot have bridges or implants.
  • You have crooked teeth, teeth that are stained or even missing teeth.
  • You want a lower price for your glamorous smile.
  • You want have removable partial dentures and want something that is more comfortable and good looking.

Come in today to find out if Snap-On Smile is right for you. Our no-risk consultation can help you to find out if this is the right cosmetic procedure for your needs.

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