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We regularly tell our patients about the benefits of using crowns. They can get rid of stains and help prevent painful infections in many patients. Though they create an artificial restoration of the tooth, they look very natural in place. There is no reason not to have them, in fact.

What Are Crowns?

Crowns are artificial caps. They are added to the top of a tooth to "cap" or top it off. They can be the ideal form of restoration for a tooth, especially after a tooth has been broken. The cap fits over the existing portion of the tooth. This helps to create a strong, durable top that looks natural.

Before case1 before
After case1 after

Who Should Get Crowns?
If you have a tooth that is weakened for any reason, such as from a cavity or other forms of decay, this leaves the root exposed. It also makes your teeth far more vulnerable to further health problems. A crown fits over the top of this and seals in the root and tooth to protect it. Often used for broken or weakened teeth from decay, it can also be helpful for holding a large filling in place.

What Are the Advantages of Crowns?
Crowns do offer some key advantages. If you hate the way your teeth feel or look, consider the following:

  • If you have discoloured fillings in place now and you would like to improve the look, crowns can help. They look just like your natural teeth. You do not have to be embarrassed by the way that your teeth look.
  • They also work to keep fillings in place. If you have one that has fallen out previously and you hate the pain and discomfort this causes, consider crowns as a tooth to fix the problem.
  • If you have a bridge or a denture, and it is also coming out of place, crowns can help to hold it into place.
  • They are easy to put into place and they are long lasting. Depending on the location and type of product used, you can put these on and forget about the problem you have had.

Crowns are often done in one visit. Schedule a consultation with our team to learn if they are right for you.

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