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Tooth contouring is a fantastic tool for improving the way your smile looks. Specifically, this procedure is an easy way to reshape the tooth to create a uniform, natural looking smile.

What Is It?
Tooth contouring works by smoothing out minor chips in the teeth. It can also help to reshape the pointy areas of some teeth. For those who have teeth that are worn flat, this option can help to redefine it. It can lengthen the appearance of your teeth by reshaping the gums.

What Is the Procedure Like?
The process is relatively simple and usually done with just one visit. There is minimal discomfort involved in the process. However, these small changes will often make a big effect the way your teeth look and feel to you. Using instruments, we will reshape the teeth to create the even, level look you are after.

Who Should Have Tooth Contouring?

If your teeth have uneven bottoms or any areas where they are pointed, we can file this down and create a natural look. This process can be combined with teeth whitening, too, which can add even more beauty to your smile. With cosmetic tooth contouring, the goal is to create a healthy looking smile by getting rid of unwanted bumps, chips and other wearing.

Many of our patients love just how beautiful their smile looks after tooth contouring. The benefit of having a smooth tooth bottom is well worth this short visit.

To find out if tooth contouring is right for you, schedule a consultation with our office. Within one appointment, you will already be feeling far more confident about your smile.

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