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Children's dentistry is very important. We know you want to prevent your children from having any type of dental ailment or complication and we encourage this. Our dentistry procedures and techniques are designed to meet your child's needs. In other words, we know this can seem like a scary visit, but we do what it takes to make the process easier.

When Should My Child Visit a Dentist?

We recommend bringing them in as soon as they can follow directions. We will need them to cooperate. Keep in mind, bringing younger children in during your visit or that of an older child can help to take fear away. Just be sure someone is there to ensure your child is comfortable.

What Should I Do to Prevent Problems?
Brushing and flossing are the most important steps you can take. Feeding your children a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and without sugary foods is also important. We also recommend visits one time every six months at least.

What Happens During a Visit?
When it comes to children's dentistry, the visit will be based on what your child needs. It could include any of the following:

  • X-rays to ensure your child's teeth are developing properly
  • A visual inspection to notice any problems or development issues
  • A general cleaning as is necessary
  • Discussion and teaching with your child about proper habits
  • Discussion with you about potential needs your child may have later on, such as braces

We want you and your child to feel comfortable while in our office. Be sure to ask any and all of the questions you may have. Our goal is to prevent decay and ensure cosmetic dentistry is maintained. Our friendly staff is kid-approved!

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