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Our cosmetic dentistry's goal is to restore a healthy, natural smile to our patients. White fillings may be a good option for you. If you have other types of fillings in your mouth, replacing them with white fillings may be a more aesthetically appealing solution.

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Should You Use White Fillings?

Most people have some type of filling in their mouth at some point in their lives. Not long ago, the only options were metal-based products. Today, technology allows for not only a functional improvement with fillings but also a natural looking result. If you do not want those silver fillings showing, this is a great way to replace them.

  • Get rid of unsightly stains using white fillings.
  • Smile with confidence with these fillings instead of metal products.
  • Fast solution – usually done the same day without any moulding required.
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What Are They?
White fillings are a tooth-coloured compound added to the top of the tooth to protect the root beneath it. Most are a combination of glass particles, resins and setting ingredients.

Are They As Good As Silver Amalgam?
If you have silver amalgam fillings, you may be hoping to switch to white fillings for the improved appearance. White fillings are less long lasting than silver amalgam traditionally. However, new materials make them about the same in terms of how long they last. The length of time any filling lasts depends specifically on the location in your mouth. However, you can expect years of good use from white fillings.

Do You Need Them?
If you have tooth decay, treatment is necessary. The decay will continue until we remove it and restore the tooth to its normal health. However, in some cases, the decay is advanced and a filling is necessary to protect the tooth root.

We encourage patients to get tooth decay treated right away to avoid the need for fillings. However, if you do need them, white fillings that match the colouring of your surrounding teeth are a very natural solution.

Come in for an appointment to find out what we can do to cap off any tooth decay or to replace your existing fillings for a more natural appearance.

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