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Cosmetic Dentistry » 6 Month Smiles

Many men and women suffer from teeth that are misaligned. Some do not like to smile as a result. However, with the help of 6 Month Smiles, you may be able to achieve that perfect smile you've been waiting for. We can help.

What Is 6 Month Smiles?

6 Month Smiles is a type of bracing technology. These are clear braces. There are wires, but they are usually coloured to match your teeth. The wires are very small as well, which makes it hard to be seen. What makes this product different is that it works in a shorter amount of time than other types of bracing technologies.

How Can My Teeth Be Aligned in Just Six Months?

This particular method uses the latest technology. The technique works to move the teeth faster than other products. This is a safe procedure. The difference here is the type of material used to move the teeth. Instead of trays or metal, this method uses a specially designed nickel titanium wire system. More so, the process works quickly because the goal is to shift the teeth that are more prominent in the mouth. This way, you improve your smile quickly.

What Are the Advantages of 6 Month Smile?

Our patients may be the right candidate for this procedure. We do encourage people to consider it in some circumstances because of the great results. Look at some of the benefits this procedure can offer.

  • It works in a short amount of time - just six months. This means you get the improve you want quickly.
  • It is hard to see the wires. In most cases, no one will know they are there. This means you do not have to be embarrassed with a mouth full of metal.
  • The procedure is safe and effective. It has proven results that other products cannot offer in this short of a period of time.

Is This Right for You?

To find out if 6 Month Smiles is the right option for your needs, come in for a consultation with our staff. We will discuss your situation and determine if this is the right way to align the teeth properly. Once in place, you will be well on your way to having great looking teeth with a perfect smile in no time!

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