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Dr J Basrai

Meet our Essex cosmetic dentist for a smile makeover consultation.

Dr Jagmail Basrai LDS RCS Eng 1994; GDC No. 70304

Dr Jagmail Basrai (Dave to his patients) combines education, experience and a gental touch to provide his patients with exceptional cosmetic and restorative dental care.

Jagmail truly cares about his Essex dental patients, placing their comfort and satisfaction above all else. He and his highly trained staff take the time to personalise the dental experience taking the fear and intimidation out of dentistry.

Based in Essex, Jagmail has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry, non surgical face rejuvenation and smile makeovers. He qualified at the London Hospital Medical College LDS RCS and also holds a BSc degree in Chemistry.


International Courses
Dr Basrai has attended the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Conferences
annually in Vancouver, Canada in 2004 and recently in Nashville USA 2005 with the leading dentists of the world to improve his clinical skills and knowledge, which benefit all of his patients.

Dr Basrai has recently completed the famous Larry Rosenthal Course in Indianapolis, USA, which upskilled him in Complete Smile Makeovers with outstanding results.

Dr Basrai most recent learning has been to the American Dental Association in Philadelphia in October 2005 which has given him a competitive edge in the latest dental techniques and materials available.

Dr Basrai has attended the Greater Dental New York Meeting in 2004 where he was able to purchase the latest cutting edge materials and equipment to to heighten and improve the patient experience at his practice.

He thrives on life long learning and completes 100 hours of continous professional develpment compared to the national average of 25 hours per year. Dr Basrai believes in the theory of constant and never ending improvement in all aspects of his life.

Dr Basrai has trained as a Physician in providing Non Surgical Facelifts with the use of Botox. This procedure takes his dentistry to the next level by not only creating beautiful smiles but full face makeovers. Some of his clients feel that they are 10 years younger!

Dr Basrai is one of the few dentists in the country who has been clinically trained by the British Society of Occlusal Studies to relieve migranes and headaches related to poor teeth postiioning and bite.

On a personal level, Dr Basrai has attended numerous seminars and courses worldwide with the worlds's number one motivational coach Anthony Robbins.

Dr Basrai brings an amazing energy and passion for his dentistry to his practice resulting in a phenomenal reputation of providing world class dentistry of the future.

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