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Restylane For Lips

New Restylane for Lips.

Lips have always been the centre point of a face and can create an immediate life changing Impact on first impression. The views of the perfect lips has changed overt time from Angelina Jolie to Cheryl Cole as they often frame the perfect smile as well.
Restylane have now created two new products with the increasing demand to be individual for either men or women. New times, new Demands and new Products – Restylane Lip Volume and Restylane Lip Refresh.

Both these products will create natural Looking results which can be used entirely separately or together.

Restylane Lip Volume

This product is stronger than Restylane but softer than the Perlane to create enhanced volume either on the outer periphery border of the lip which is called the Vermillion border of the lip or the body of the lip.
It also contains a local anaesthetic called Lidocaine which is also present in dental injections to make the whole procedure much more comfortable.
Restylane Lip Volume is suitable for a man and woman who would like natural looking balanced lips with visible volume enhancement.

Restylane Lip Refresh

This restores the hydrobalance and revitalises the lips to give them a more youthful look. Its an excellent product for any sex who would like to take care of their lips by obtaining a touch of instant refreshment.

Both these products are now available in our dental office by calling 01375481000 by Dr J Basrai and his dental associates.