Month: October 2011

The Snap on Smile

The Snap on Smile has many multiple uses in the field of dentistry. It involves no painful drilling, no removal of healthy enamel and lastly no Injections. It really is life changing. The Snap on Smile is absolutely a reversible procedure as the technique is non invasive.
The Snap On Smile binds directly onto existing teeth and engages in their natural curves to improve retention. Some patients describe it as a posh denture or a Mouth guard with teeth on it. We have been making the Snap on Smile in Essex and the UK for approx 3 years and everyone loves them.

The Snap on Smile can be used for a number of reasons.

1. A Cosmetic Smile Enhancement.
2. A Cosmetic Partial Denture.
3. A device before a Full mouth Rejuvenation.

The Snap on Smile comes in over 23 shades so you and the patient can match one arch or completely change the look of the existing one. The patient can decide this. For increasing the bite there are no occlusal holes. The Snap on Smile can be used as a temporary restoration before the making of the final one is made by the Laboratory technician.