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The Benefits Of A Cosmetic Dentist In Essex

There are numerous reasons why you may want to use the services of a cosmetic dentist. For example think of any of these situations have ever applied to you:-

  • Do you ever avoid having your picture taken because you feel self conscious?
  • You have tried whitening toothpaste and home whitening kits but still want whiter teeth.
  • You accidentally chipped or lost a tooth in an accident and now have a gap.
  • You are looking for alternatives to dentures.


All of these situations and more can be dealt with by a cosmetic dentist in Essex. Let’s look at each one and see what can be done with cosmetic dental treatments.

Dealing with self consciousness

The way you deal with this depends on why you feel self conscious. For example if teeth are discoloured you may want to consider a laminate like the Snap On Smile placed over the teeth. This often helps people to relax.

If you have teeth that point out a bit then you may want to smooth them over with tooth contouring. This is often done in conjunction with teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening

This process is often misunderstood. There is the fear of an overly fake look. In reality a cosmetic dentist will look at the natural shading of your teeth and improve it. Tooth whitening often improves teeth by a couple of shades, something that the dentist can show you during an initial consultation.

Chipped or lost teeth

If you have lost a tooth it is important to get treatment as soon as possible. The reason is that the nerve endings where the tooth used to be can close up, making it harder to put an implant in there later on.

The good news is if you can get an implant in there you can often use them in exactly the same way as a regular tooth and should not impair what you eat, how you brush your teeth and so forth.

Alternatives to dentures

There are a number of alternatives if you do not want to use adhesives. Implants and Invisalign detachable trays can be used to straighten the teeth without having to worry about anything coming loose while eating food, jogging and so forth!



The right treatment for you

How do you know what cosmetic dental treatment is right for you? It’s simple- go to a professional and talk to them. They can go over the options so you can find something appropriate for your needs.

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Invisible braces Essex

Invisible braces Essex

Crooked or misaligned teeth can have a profound effect on people’s daily lives. It may not sound like much but when you feel you can’t smile at people or you have difficulty taking a picture it can soon add up. The problem is that some people are afraid of getting braces because of how they look. This is where Invisible braces Essex can help.

How can you have invisible braces?

The invisible nature of these braces is not particularly complicated. Quite simply they are designed and coloured in such a way that they blend in with the teeth. Unless you know what you are looking for they are very difficult to spot!

How can invisible braces benefit me?

As with normal braces the idea is that the teeth in your mouth can be aligned over time. There is also the benefit of them being removable, allowing you to eat, sleep and do other things normally without the braces interfering with your daily routine.

What can you do to make sure they work for me?

An experienced cosmetic dentist can ensure that they are fitted properly and based around your teeth. Often they will use computer models of your teeth in order to get an accurate fit. Once this has been established aligners can be put in place so that the braces fit your teeth in the right way.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment varies according to each individual and their own oral health. However on average it takes around 12 months. When you consider that older models can take up to 18 months it is a relatively short time!

What happens after the braces have been installed?

You will need a few check ups from time to time in order to make sure they are properly aligned and doing their job. However this something that an experienced cosmetic dentist can ensure is done properly and safely.

How do I know if the cosmetic dentist is right for this treatment?

There are several things to do that can help you decide if you want to use the services of a cosmetic dentist when choosing invisible braces.

Ask to see their qualifications and their level of experience
If another technician is doing the work ask about their level of experience
Ask for testimonials
Look at before and after pictures
Take full advantage of a free consultation to ask any questions you may have

Invisible braces Essex can offer you the chance to regain self confidence and complete your smile. Contact a cosmetic dentist today to see what they can do for you!

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Invisalign I7 Braces

The Invisalign I7 are the newest invisible braces which will make you smile as it is designed for patients who are unhappy with their front 8 Teeth . This maybe either your top or bottom teeth.

Results using I7 can be achieved in as little as 3 months ie 12 weeks. It’s that quick and efficient and we can use a Clincheck – which is a computer simulation of the before and after results of your new smile.

This technology is state of the art and is available at our dental office at Chafford Hundred Dental Care in Essex.

If you are looking for an aesthetic and very convenient way to treat your crowded or mildly spaced teeth – the Invisalign I7 brace could be the way forward for you.

You get up to 7 aligners per arch.

The results can be as little as 3 Months.

They usually have specialised buttons to help you get an optimum result.

Invisalign now has given over 1.7 Million patients worldwide more reasons to smile.

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Wish to know the Benefits of Invisalign Braces

Wish to know the Benefits of Invisalign Braces

What are the Benefits of Invisalign Braces?

If this is the question you have then the answer is in the following lines. Invisalign is one of the orthodontic treatments and in this process the aligners are invisible virtually. It is used as an alternative to metal dental braces.

Invisalign Braces are a better option than metal dental braces as there are no negative effects and overall it is not painful. Invisalign treatment is the best treatment set by the dentist or orthodontist.

Invisalign braces treatment techniques are very clear and the aligner which is used gradually straightens the teeth. Wires or metals are not used in this technique.

The best thing about Invisalign braces is that they are very comfortable and can be removed very easily. These braces do not require frequent dentist visit. It is applicable for people of all ages.
One of the benefits of Invisalign braces: Best smile treatment

The Benefits of Invisalign Braces may vary for people of different ages. It is seen that the Invisalign braces are very popular among adults. They want to straighten their teeth without using those metals and wires. Hence these braces are the best option for them. Invisalign treatments are the most appropriate treatment for those people who do not want to get noticed when wearing those braces. By wearing these braces one can expect less gum disease and less tooth decay.

It can also be removed while eating food. Invisalign braces are more expensive as compared to those traditional braces. Hence it is worth spending the money. Invisalign braces are becoming more popular as it offers relief and various other benefits in comparison to those traditional braces.
The benefits of Invisalign braces includes the hygiene factor

The Benefits of Invisalign Braces offers a perfect smile and that can be said as the most important advantage of Invisalign Braces. In addition, hygiene is an important factor for any treatment. While looking into the beneficial part, sometimes people tend to forget about the hygiene aspect. It is very important to undergo hygienic treatment especially when it comes to teeth. Treatment with Invisalign braces come in a pack which is sealed and sterilized properly. It is very clean and hygienic when opened for the first time. Before opening the pack it is always important to wash hands properly with a soap or hand sanitizer.

Individuals using Invisalign braces can enjoy an active participation in any sports and can even attend any special occasion. This is another important factor of the benefits of Invisalign Braces.

There is also no serious damage to gum and lips on using Invisalign braces. Apart from teeth straightening these braces also helps in improving speech impediment. It is seen that there are many patients who are satisfied completely with the Invisalign Braces treatment. In short we can say that Invisalign Braces treatment has very less complaints.

It may be little costly but it is worth spending that extra money. Most important part about this Invisalign Braces treatment is that it typically takes very less time. Thus, you can see that the benefits of Invisalign Braces are many.


The Benefits of Invisible Dental Braces in Essex

The Benefits of Invisible Dental Braces in Essex

Since the advent of technology a lot has changed with time. Dental braces are the in-thing to many people in the world nowadays. They are very substantial in a way that they help people with teeth problems and especially those who feel uncomfortable smiling in front of a camera or other people. In essence, invisible dental braces in Essex are a great way of correcting tooth alignment and any other dental abnormalities that you may have. If you are ready to get the best invisible dental braces in Essex, you need to make sure that you get them from the best dentist in the market. These dental braces can cure million hearts as they say and you should thus make sure that they are done in the right manner.

Day are gone when people used to go for traditional metal or ceremic braces, you can these days get the best invisible dental braces in Essex. You only need to find the best physician and you will have the best dental braces fixed in your teeth. When you are ready to get the best dental braces, besides looking at the reputation of the orthodontist, you need to make sure that you know the benefits of invisible dental braces in Essex. There are many reasons as to why many people choose dental braces than the traditional types of dental braces.
Firstly, many choose invisible dental braces because, they are barely visible to people. When your dental braces are properly worked on, it is not very easy for people to notice that you have straigtened your teeth. Many people have a misconception that many people think that they smile perfectly because they have the best invisible dental braces in Essex, but this is not possible especially if you get them from the best orthodontist in the region. Hence, the name invisible dental braces.
Another benefit of invisible dental braces in Essex is that they are removable. It is very easy to remove and fix back dental braces. Many people may not want to stain their dental braces with food or drinks and a good number of them usually remove them anytime they are taking their meals. When you are brushing, you can also remove your dental braces if you feel like. Hence, the problems of bad breath, tooth decay and gum diseases are avoided if you have the best invisible dental braces in Essex.
The other reason as to why many people are into dental braces is that, you will always feel comfortable on them. This is mainly because, your invisible dental braces in Essex have no metal or wires that can cause mouth abrasion and make you feel unease. You will not experience any kind of discomfort of wires or braces and so, you can say good bye to metal braces by getting the best invisible dental braces in Essex. Metal braces are known to be very painful and can also cause irritation and inflammation of tissue and gums and that’s why many people are saying no to them these days.

Finally, many go for invisible dental braces in Essex because they will always get free consultation before they get the best dental braces. Our Dentist at Chafford Hundred Dental Care that you will meet will offer free consultation and assess any problem that you may have and also advice you on the best treatment that you should get when or before fixing dental braces.




Periodontal Disease

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal (gum) disease,
you’re not alone. An estimated 80 percent of American adults
currently have some form of gum disease, ranging from simple
gum inflammation to serious disease that results in major
damage to the soft tissue and bone supporting the teeth. Not
only is gum disease a threat to your oral health that can lead to
tooth loss, but research also points to health effects of
periodontal disease that go well beyond your mouth.

The Correlation Between Misaligned Teeth
and Periodontal Disease

Did you know that a major cause of periodontal disease is
poorly-aligned teeth? This is because the bacteria living in the
gums around crowded teeth are much more toxic and destructive
than the normal bacteria found in healthy mouths! In fact, the
misalignment that leads to periodontal disease continues to
remain one of the most overlooked risk factors by the General
Practitioners office.

Research has shown that mouth infections and inflammation
caused by periodontal disease can play havoc throughout the
body. There is a proven association between periodontal disease
and other chronic inflammatory conditions, such as:
• Diabetes

People with diabetes are more likely to have periodontal
disease than people without diabetes, probably because
diabetics are more susceptible to contracting infections. In
fact, periodontal disease is often considered the sixth
complication of diabetes. Those people who don’t have their
diabetes under control are especially at risk.

• Stroke
Additional studies have pointed to a relationship between
periodontal disease and stroke. In one study that looked at
the causal relationship of oral infection as a risk factor for
stroke, people diagnosed with acute cerebrovascular ischemia
were found more likely to have an oral infection when
compared to those in the control group.

• Respiratory Infections
Bacteria in your mouth can be aspirated into the lungs to
cause respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, especially in
people with gum disease.

• Severe Osteopenia
Osteoporosis may lead to tooth loss because the density of the
bone supporting the teeth may be decreased.
“The mouth is a
mirror, it reflects
general health
or disease.”

• Pre-term or Low Birth weight Babies

Pregnant women who have periodontal disease may be seven
times more likely to have a baby that is born too early and too
Treatment is Key
If your teeth are misaligned, it could be more than a cosmetic
issue. Undergoing orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth
may be a critical part of ensuring your overall health.
Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment option that allows doctors
to straighten teeth using a series of clear, removable, nearly
invisible, plastic appliances called aligners. Since Invisalign is
removable, you can brush and floss normally, which helps
prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay. In fact, clinical
studies have shown that gingival health may improve with the
use of Invisalign during orthodontic treatment.2
Straighter teeth are Healthier Teeth
Straight teeth are healthier teeth and can lead to:
Healthier Gums
Properly positioned teeth are easier to brush and floss than teeth
that are crowded, crooked, or spaced too far apart. Properly
aligned teeth can help gums “fit” tighter around them, which
may lead to better periodontal health3.
Easier Cleanings
With maintenance of good oral hygiene, the chances of having
plaque retention, tooth decay, and periodontal disease can be
If your teeth are misaligned, Invisalign , Inman Aligner or 6 Month Braces/Smiles should be
considered to straighten your teeth and help prevent
periodontal disease—all without the hassle of brackets
and wires.
Straighten your teeth and protect your health with
Invisalign, The Inman Aligner or 6 Month braces.

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Invisalign Braces in London

Invisalign Braces in London

If you are considering getting your teeth fitted with clear braces or invisible braces, you should start looking out for Invisalign dentists. In recent years London has seen an increase in the number of cosmetic dentists offering treatments of teeth alignment that involve Invisalign Braces. It is very clear why Invisalign Braces in London are so appealing. Let us look at what actually occurs when you meet a dentist who specializes in Invisalign. Dentists in London who offer the alternative of invisible braces to wire or mental braces are capable of offering solutions that are particularly different from brace of any kind that has been used previously to align the teeth.

Invisalign Aligners London
Invisalign Aligners London

It is very essential that you are aware if you plan to go for transparent braces. You should understand implications of your decision completely. Without doubt, there are numerous reasons and advantages why people always go for invisible or clear braces over the metallic ones however so as to make well-formed decision with regards to what is the right option for you, you should be able to appreciate the way clear braces are different from conventional ones from the beginning when you meet the Invisalign dentist. No matter which kind of brace they are offering all dentists would begin in the same manner. They would perform complete examination of the patient’s teeth and take accurate molds in order to get an idea of the current position of the teeth.
When it comes to the conventional metallic braces, the examination as well as mold would be used for creating custom-made braces that you would have to wear for a minimum of two years. If you decide to go for Invisalign braces instead, besides the standard examination with mold, an extremely accurate impression of the teeth would be taken too. It is extremely essential that the impression is accurate, even the most minor detail of every tooth should be taken into account because the next step involves scanning of the impression of the teeth in a computer where a virtual completely 3-D model of the entire teeth set is created.

invisalign braces london
invisalign braces london

The virtual reality 3-D version of the teeth allows the dentist and Invisalign specialists to examine the position of every teeth accurately and precisely from range of positions and angles. Then they go one step further and do something very special. They use the computer to move the teeth around in virtual dimension so that they are able to plan the best position of the teeth to ensure accurate result of teeth alignment and also generate a number of intermediate stages from the alignment of the teeth as they actually exist and the result that is desired.

invisalign braces london
invisalign braces london

This is done because you would wear every set of Invisalign braces for around a fortnight unlike conventional metallic braces that are fitted at the beginning of treatment and removed only after a minimum of two years when the process of teeth alignment is complete. The replacement sets of Invisalign braces are a bit different from previous sets. This is carefully planned after the dentist uses computer model for plotting every stage of the procedure accurately.
This is how a satisfactory outcome is likely. Also the complete process does not take a lot of time unlike the traditional braces. The end result is achieved in months instead of years. Hence, if you wish to get your teeth aligned more accurately and quickly, you should visit a London Invisalign dentist to know more about how Invisalign braces would make a great difference to you.

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10 Things to ask before having Invisalign braces in Essex

10 Things to ask before having Invisalign braces in Essex

Invisalign Braces in Essex
Invisalign Essex

If you are considering taking the help of Invisalign dentist for straightening your teeth, it is better to be armed with a host of questions that you should ask at first consultation appointment. It is best to have these questions in writing as there is the possibility of you forgetting them in your excitement at getting acquainted with the dentist. Whenever patients enter into relationships with new medical providers, it helps if all bases are covered and if you ensure that you both are on the same page. Here are 10 things to ask before having Invisalign braces in Essex.
1 & 2) What is Invisalign? How does the device work?
The cosmetic dentist would be capable of answering these questions. They would show you brochures, pictures and examples of actual aligners. Invisalign is a straightening device that is made of transparent plastic. It is removable. It actually looks very similar to the whitening trays that are used in the process of bleaching.
3) How often do the aligners have to be switched?
At an average switch should be made every 2 weeks. The dentist would give you additional specifics as per your situation.
4) What is the duration of straightening process?
No patient is the same. After examination, the cosmetic dentist would give you approximate timetable for completion date that is targeted.
5) For how long are patients to wear the aligners every day?
So as to complete the process according to planned timetable, patients usually need to wear the devices 20 to 22 hours every day. They could take them out for special engagements or to eat.
6) How are the devices to be cleaned?
The cosmetic dentist would give you examples of cleaning products, probably even samples that you could take home and use. The braces would have to be brushed as well as flossed in the usual manner.
7) Can patients smoke cigarettes when they are fitted with Invisalign?
This is not a good idea as tobacco products could stain and discolor the trays. As you are aware, smoking is associated with a number of health concerns besides this. Hence it is probably right time to quit this bad habit.
8) Are the patients allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on wearing straighteners?
9) Is chewing gum allowed?
Chewing gum should be avoided while wearing plastic trays. As a matter of fact, gum should not be eaten at all when they are worn. If the patient craves chewing gum, they would have to remove the devices first.
10) What is the cost of the straighteners?
The cost of the straighteners depends on many factors such as the location of the dental office, fees of individual practice and the amount of straightening that is to be done. Average price is 2000 to 4000 Pounds. However it could be a few thousand more or less depending on circumstances. If patients have insurance covering orthodontia, this could also cover Invisalign.
Once all your questions are answered by the cosmetic dentist, you are ready to go! In just a couple of years, you would be smiling through straight beautiful teeth.


Transparent Braces for Teeth – an alternative

Transparent Braces for Teeth – an alternative

Transparent braces for teeth are the best option for those adults who do not want anybody to see those wearing braces or for those teenagers who prefer not to be seen wearing metal braces. Teeth problems are quite common these days and mostly people prefer to go with the option of braces to hide their teeth problems. People like to make braces to rectify the small imperfections in the teeth, but to get those braces one never prefers to have a mouth having metal braces attracting lots of attention on teeth problems and looking a different face.
With the advent of technology, a solution has been found wherein you can easily straighten your teeth without any type of embellishment on the teeth. You can easily get one of those distinguished and amazing braces. Transparent braces for teeth costs similar to our conventional metal braces and there is hardly any difference when compared over the prices.
Benefits of Transparent Braces for Teeth
• Due to low cost in comparison with traditional braces made of metallic substance, transparent braces for teeth are quite accessible for any type of family. Even for those who have low budget, these braces can be affordable and definitely an important beneficiary to the damaged teeth.
• Another benefit of transparent braces for teeth can be moved with ease. These braces can be easily and simply taken off and can be put them again back on as per your feasibility and convenience. This benefit is not possible with metal braces.
Transparent braces for teeth have the benefit of avoidance of getting poked with wire as it is the case with conventional metal braces. You are free from worrying about the poking of wire that usually is a part of metal braces.
Transparent braces for teeth have the benefit of doing only minor adjustments. These braces adjusting procedure is not necessarily required quite often thus avoiding the frequent sore teeth as in case of conventional metal braces.
• Nowadays people are really short of time and money. Transparent braces of teeth enables you to spend least time in your dentist’s office as well as the dental visits would be very short. Thus ensures quite a good saving of money and time. This benefit is very important from the point of view of office goers and businessman.
• Another and the important benefit of transparent braces for teeth is that they are almost invisible. Your friends and colleagues can barely find out about these braces when you put them on. These enable you to maintain the self-esteem and avoid embarrassment. This benefit is of prime importance among the most people as it distinguishes the conventional metal with the newly and improved technology of transparent braces for teeth.
Most of the times it becomes a necessity to remove the little imperfections within your teeth and get braces that suits your needs.
Transparent braces for teeth enable you to rectify your teeth problems without worrying about walking around with mouth closed.


Teeth Braces Invisible for crooked teeth

Teeth Braces Invisible for crooked teeth

Teeth braces invisible are regarded as the best of all the options to rectify the crooked teeth. Deviation in the teeth alignment makes it hard to take proper care of teeth, especially during flossing and brushing. Without proper cleaning there are chances that can be serious damaging the teeth such as gum infection, irregularities of tooth surface and tooth loss. However with the use of new technology of invisible teeth braces you can be free from all these serious issues and enjoy the life to its limit. These braces are also helpful in avoiding irregularities of teeth such as under bites, over bites, cross bites, crowded teeth, open bites, largely spaced teeth, protruding teeth and so on.
Teeth Braces Invisible is Comfortable
Invisible teeth braces, Invisalign consists of series of transparent aligners that are designed specifically as per the treatment process for each user. In contrary to conventional metal braces consisting of brackets and wires, teeth braces invisible are highly comfortable to be worn and more attractive. The aligners with which the invisible braces are made are quite easy to be detached for brushing, eating and flossing. Thus it enables the user to maintain the oral hygiene in an excellent manner. Since these braces are clear and cannot be viewed by others easily, the treatment details and process can be hidden from friends and colleagues. The main advantage of teeth braces invisible that are used for crooked or uneven teeth is it ensures that the user does not face any discomfort, and is comfortable by wearing them.
Factors Affecting Invisible Braces
• Visibility: The first thought that occurs in mind by hearing the name teeth braces invisible is that it is clear and hardly anybody can detect the difference. With conventional metal braces, the teeth braces appear much visible when used by the patient to hide the uneven teeth but with teeth braces invisible, it hardly is visible for people around you. These braces allow people to feel relaxed and confident to know that their aligners are nearly invisible while undergoing the process of correcting the crooked teeth. While conventional metal braces create a situation of embarrassment, teeth braces invisible gives the freedom to grin confidently and dazzlingly.
• Time Factor: Another factor that distinguishes teeth braces invisible with conventional metal braces is the amount of attention and time required for two different types of braces individually. As for conventional metal braces, the patient has to visit his dentist more frequently in order to carry out the continuous evaluation for working the braces. Contrary to this, with teeth braces invisible, the dentist visits are reduced up to large extent since the braces are designed specifically to be free of problems and comfortable means of dental treatment. Invisible braces have painful free procedures as compared to conventional braces wherein you have to tighten the wires regularly to maintain them.
Teeth braces invisible are highly gentle and go well with the skin giving you a much decent look and un-noticeable by others as compared to conventional metal braces.