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Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist In Essex

When people see the term cosmetic dentist in Essex they may be under the misapprehension that people take these treatments purely out of vanity. However the treatments that a cosmetic dentist offers are not only there to make people look good but can also improve your long term oral health and self confidence as well.

What kind of treatments does a cosmetic dentist offer?

There are numerous treatments on offer. What you choose depends largely on how you want to improve your smile and what your cosmetic dentist thinks is most appropriate. Here is a quick overview of what they can do for you-

  • Teeth whitening- Some people may ask “I can get a home whitening kit, why do I need to pay the extra?” The simple fact is that a professional will give you the best results and will also ensure that the whitening is done safely.
  • Adult braces- As with children and teenagers braces allow you to get your teeth straightened. If you are worried about people noticing them you can get clear braces or short term six month models that allow you to wear them for a shorter period of time.
  • Porcelain veneers- Ideal for hiding missing, chipped or misshapen teeth. They also help to improve the look of teeth.
  • Dental implants- As with veneers these can be use to hide missed and chipped teeth but also prevents muscle sagging caused by gaps between teeth.
  • Dentures- There are numerous types available including cosmetic dentures to improve the shape of the mouth.

I don’t want to look like I have work done! Can I get a treatment with a cosmetic dentist that doesn’t look too obvious?


Quite simply yes! An experienced cosmetic dentist will use treatments that improve the look of a smile but equally looks natural so that only an extreme close up observation shows signs of work being done.



What about regular dental appointments?

As well as cosmetic treatments it is also possible to get regular cleaning and checkups with a cosmetic dentist as well!

How can I be sure that I am getting a good cosmetic dentist?

You want to make sure that the person doing the treatments is qualified. The easiest way to check is ask them! A good cosmetic dentist ought to be willing to discuss their experience as well as alleviate any concerns you may have.

They will usually talk with you during any initial consultation. It is also during this time that they may take scans and learn about your oral health to see what treatments are appropriate for you.

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The Benefits Of A Cosmetic Dentist In Essex

There are numerous reasons why you may want to use the services of a cosmetic dentist. For example think of any of these situations have ever applied to you:-

  • Do you ever avoid having your picture taken because you feel self conscious?
  • You have tried whitening toothpaste and home whitening kits but still want whiter teeth.
  • You accidentally chipped or lost a tooth in an accident and now have a gap.
  • You are looking for alternatives to dentures.


All of these situations and more can be dealt with by a cosmetic dentist in Essex. Let’s look at each one and see what can be done with cosmetic dental treatments.

Dealing with self consciousness

The way you deal with this depends on why you feel self conscious. For example if teeth are discoloured you may want to consider a laminate like the Snap On Smile placed over the teeth. This often helps people to relax.

If you have teeth that point out a bit then you may want to smooth them over with tooth contouring. This is often done in conjunction with teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening

This process is often misunderstood. There is the fear of an overly fake look. In reality a cosmetic dentist will look at the natural shading of your teeth and improve it. Tooth whitening often improves teeth by a couple of shades, something that the dentist can show you during an initial consultation.

Chipped or lost teeth

If you have lost a tooth it is important to get treatment as soon as possible. The reason is that the nerve endings where the tooth used to be can close up, making it harder to put an implant in there later on.

The good news is if you can get an implant in there you can often use them in exactly the same way as a regular tooth and should not impair what you eat, how you brush your teeth and so forth.

Alternatives to dentures

There are a number of alternatives if you do not want to use adhesives. Implants and Invisalign detachable trays can be used to straighten the teeth without having to worry about anything coming loose while eating food, jogging and so forth!



The right treatment for you

How do you know what cosmetic dental treatment is right for you? It’s simple- go to a professional and talk to them. They can go over the options so you can find something appropriate for your needs.

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Cosmetic Dentist in Essex

Cosmetic dentist in Essex

You should never underestimate the power of a smile. It can help build trust, start conversations and make people feel comfortable. In turn this can make you feel confident and this positive feeling can feed into your daily life. And a good cosmetic dentist in Essex can help with this.

What is a cosmetic dentist?

Cosmetic dentistry is described as “a branch of dentistry that deals with the appearance of teeth”. On the basic level this makes the profession sound superficial, as if it purely deals with the aesthetic quality of the teeth.

Cosmetic dentists also deal with the oral health aspect as well. After all if you don’t look after your teeth this will harm the aesthetic qualities of your teeth. In case you’re not aware various things can affect the visual quality of your teeth-

Poor oral hygiene
Stains caused by food and drink
Stains caused by persistent smoking

How does cosmetic dentistry benefit me?

The problem is that when people hear the word “cosmetic” they associate it with something frivolous or unnecessary. This is not necessarily the case. Someone who looks in the mirror and sees a missing tooth can often feel awkward in social situations. Getting an implant can allow you to get a complete smile again and feel better.

What kind of treatments are available?

Braces- These straighten teeth. People often think of “train track” metal in their mouth but recent developments in the technology have meant they are much less conspicuous than earlier models.
Dentures– As with braces models of these have become more advanced allowing for a more natural look.
Veneers– Porcelain and resin veneers improve the look of teeth.
Implants– Using an implant allows you to replace a tooth. It can be cleaned just like regular teeth.
Whitening– Again this is something that can be misunderstood. Handled properly this can look very natural and improve a smile without a blatantly obvious bleached look.

How do I make sure I get a good one?

It is very simple- talk to them! A good one will be happy to discuss their training and qualifications. Ideally they should also be interested in you and how their skills can contribute to improving your oral health and the aesthetic qualities of your teeth.

It is also a good idea to ask for testimonials so you can talk with people who have used their services and see if they are satisfied with the work they had done.

In short a good cosmetic dentist in Essex can make a big difference to the quality and health of your smile and it is worth getting in touch now to see what they can do for you! Call 01375481000 for a FREE Consultation.


How a Dentist in Essex would help you with dentures

How a Dentist in Essex would help you with dentures

Whether you require dentures, cosmetic dentures, partial dentures or the dreaded root canal procedure the first step you will have to take is consult a dentist in Essex in order to get complete assessment of the treatment or procedure that is ideal for you.
Advancements in modern cosmetic dental procedures and technology have changed lives of a lot of people by restoring healthy teeth and beautiful smile however every person will need a different procedure as per their problem. There are specific solutions for each problem but only a professional like a dentist in Essex would be able to recommend procedures for every patient.
Those who have lost one tooth or more would be recommended dentures by the dentist. Partial dentures and cosmetic dentures are the other options that one could consider for restoring original healthy condition of the teeth.
You would be able to get a lot of information on various procedures and treatments on consulting a dentist in Essex. The solution could be getting dentures in case you have just 1 or 2 missing teeth. Cosmetic dentures are what you would have to opt for in case you have lost all or nearly all of your teeth.
Partial dentures are of great advantage because natural teeth are able to support them however your option is a complete set of cosmetic dentures in case you have all teeth missing. Installation of partial dentures is carried out for filling the gap that is left or created by missing tooth. There is big risk if the gap is left unattended, as teeth on both the sides of the gap could lean towards it and become misaligned. This would pose another issue that would need another procedure such as veneers for straightening the teeth.
If insides of the teeth have been infected with cavities and the nerves are about to be damaged or are damaged before now, then the dentist would recommend the most disliked root canal procedure. In this treatment, the dentist would clean the teeth and seal their insides. If you avoid going for the treatment immediately, abscesses might form on tissue surrounding the tooth. This would cause more pain.
The dentist would realize that you need to go for root canal procedure when you show many symptoms like severe toothache on application of pressure to the affected area or when you chew, if the tooth feels painful or sensitive to changes in the temperature such as from cold to hot, the tooth starts discoloring, if the gums start swelling and many other symptoms.
You should not wait till damage in the teeth spreads to the other areas creating more problems. Visit a dentist straight away as they are qualified professionals who could offer solutions to all your dental problems through modern procedures of cosmetic dentistry.
Consult a dentist who is experienced, qualified and has made a name for himself/herself in the field. If they are recommended by family or friends, you should not think twice before visiting them.


Cosmetic Dentists in Essex do offer discounts on cosmetic dental treatments

Cosmetic Dentists in Essex do offer discounts on cosmetic dental treatments

Do you feel embarrassed by your smile? Many people who have poor appearance physically are not proud of the way they smile. It can result in an individual having very low self-confidence.
A lot of people have crooked teeth, damaged teeth, plaque buildup, gaping cavities and many other dental issues that are exposed. These issues make many people avoid showing their teeth.
Cosmetic treatment for the teeth has transformed the way teeth are improved dramatically. With more improved and novel dental practices for whitening the teeth, everyone can smile confidently now and feel as well as look better than they used to. Practices that are applied by cosmetic dentists in Essex help people in keeping outstanding healthy appearance.
Unfortunately, insurance cover does not include cosmetic dentistry. The cost of dental correction has to be made out of our own pockets. Hence you should know the treatment that is affordable and real charges of cosmetic dentistry.
Though treatments related to cosmetic dentistry are not supported by dental insurance there are some ways in which overall costs could be reduced. We will now examine choices that are made available by cosmetic dentists in Essex.
A possible comparatively cheap alternative in cosmetic dentistry is an accepted agreement of dental discount. There are many plans that allow network of cosmetic dentists in Essex to offer reduced rates for a number of cosmetic dental treatments. Only problem is remuneration for procedure that you want to undergo is to be made immediately on final day of the treatment.
All dentists do not offer low cost plans for expenses of cosmetic dentistry. Only the dentists who are part of the group offer discounts for the dental costs. Best alternative that you could use is to conduct some research and look for the dentists that allow discount prices for the treatment and find the cosmetic dentistry treatment plans that are cheaper.
The dental rates vary as per extent of work that needs to be done and the different kinds of technical expertise used by the cosmetic dentists in Essex.
There is an amazing deal of effective and new methods in treatment alternatives that are related to cosmetic dentistry. Due to innovative and new processes that have been introduced in the past few years, it has become very affordable for a lot of people.
This is the right time for everyone to get their dental cosmetic treatment performed in a cost effective manner. If you have been putting off undergoing treatment just because you were under the impression that it would be very expensive, you are sure to be taken by surprise now.
Speak to your dentist about terms of the payment as there could be plans that involve paying charges over a period of time. If you change your smile, it would make a big difference in your life. You would feel a lot more confident on meeting new individuals.
Hence, be confident when it comes to undergoing cosmetic treatment to improve your smile. You deserve the treatment and a beautiful smile. Be ready to ask the dentist with regards to the services they offer so as to discuss the best option for you. Do not hesitate. Contact the cosmetic dentist in your neighborhood today.


How a Cosmetic Dentist in Essex Can Make a Difference

How a Cosmetic Dentist in Essex Can Make a Difference

A cosmetic dentist in Essex can make anyone’s smile brighter, more attractive, and happier. How exactly does he do that? Isn’t a smile already so bright that it can lift anyone else’s spirit, or isn’t it quite attractive already as it brightens up the face of a person? Further to that, how can he make a smile happier? Isn’t a smile already an indication of happiness? Here are the answers to these questions.

To begin, it is important to know that a cosmetic dentist in Essex is not only there to respond to a client’s request to straighten crooked teeth, whiten teeth that have been stained by years of drinking tea, or provide tips on how to stick to a proper oral care plan. More than that, he is also committed to making sure that his clients step out of his clinic with more than just a better set of teeth – he aims to make sure that the clients who step out of his clinic are also better, more confident, and deeply satisfied people. He simply wants them to be perfect.

Thus, seeing such a committed and passionate person to take care of one’s dental health is almost everyone’s necessity. He can make one’s smile brighter through ways he knows are best. Perhaps, he may recommend a simple whitening process, plus provide excellent advice on how to maintain and protect that whiteness. On top of the dental processes that he will conduct, he and his team will also share their philosophy that goes beyond dental health care. This is also why a person’s bright smile extends beyond its physical quality – it adds a certain glow to the smile of the person, thus making the smile brighter than it usually is.

When it comes to making a smile more attractive, the same thing applies. Whether it is the realignment of the teeth or repairing tooth gaps, the process is further enhanced by the confidence that is inspired in the person who underwent the treatment. Hence, a smile is more attractive not just because it shows a perfect set of teeth, but also because it gives the person a more charming and attractive character.

With all the wonders that a cosmetic dentist in Essex can do to a client, it is no wonder that a person’s smile will surely possess a happier feel to it. When a person smiles without holding back or without worrying about stained or crooked teeth, and he or she knows how great he or she looks, then it will surely reflect a happier smile.


Top Ten Tips in Finding a Cosmetic Dentist in Essex

Top Ten Tips in Finding a Cosmetic Dentist in Essex

Here are Top Ten Tips in Finding a Cosmetic Dentist in Essex in order to get a qualified and experienced cosmetic dentist. This is because if there are any complications during a cosmetic dentistry procedure, an experienced dentist will be more adept at handling the situation. In addition, a cosmetic dentist who has performed many complicated dental procedures will have had more time required to perfect their technique and the end results. Cosmetic dentistry treatments like dental veneers and bonding require an artistic touch to produce the most attractive and natural-looking results.

Other Top Ten Tips in Finding a Cosmetic Dentist in Essex includes looking for a dentist who has received accreditation from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). This will indicate that this dentist has received specialized training in his field. You may also want to find a dentist who has made cosmetic dentistry a prominent feature of their practice. This is because if someone is devoted to a cause, or does the same thing every day, they become experts in their field. Do not go for a jack of all trades but master of none. To learn about the doctor’s experience, you can request information or visit the doctor’s website or practice.

Other Top Ten Tips in Finding a Cosmetic Dentist in Essex includes asking for visual images of results which you expect to get from the treatment. This is where the dentist provides you with before and after pictures of patients who have been treated. You might also be looking for an affordable cosmetic dentistry. The popular saying you get what you pay for is indeed true. Do not entrust yourself to a cheap dentist just because he offers you a price that seems affordable. The saying cheap is expensive also holds true. Find a dentist who has the skills and experience to transform your smile and increase your self esteem and self confidence.

To get Ten Tips in Finding a Cosmetic Dentist in Essex, you are looking for teeth whitening products. There are two procedures to do this. One is through laser at the dentist’s office, or you can choose to have custom made trays which can be used at home. Porcelain veneers are also available for those who can afford it. There are also dental implants for those who have missing teeth. There are also tooth-colored filings which are a composite material and an attractive alternative to silver amalgam fillings. Porcelain Inlays/Outlays are an attractive restoration that are used to repair cracked or damaged teeth. This procedure requires less tooth reduction than fillings or crowns. Dental crowns are caps that are used to repair badly decayed or damaged teeth. This crown is produced from the mold of your original tooth and it is then applied to after the tooth decay has been removed. Dental bridges are sturdy structures which are composed of 2 crowns and prosthetic tooth. These are used to bridge the gaps where teeth are missing. Invasalign is a cosmetic dentistry solution for unevenly spaced or gapped teeth.


Hollywood Smiles in Essex

Aside from looking beautiful, having flawless skin, having a healthy body and donning designer clothes, there’s another important thing that Hollywood celebrities focus on- that which is having a perfect smile. Sometimes a disarming smile is enough to captivate other people’s attention. This is actually the reason why the so-called Hollywood dentistry in Essex, England is increasing in terms of popularity. There’s an increasing number of people who would want to be able to flash their most stunning, camera-worthy smile so they opt to visit the best dental clinics in town.

For most people in London, Essex is definitely the right place to go to when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. There are several dentists in the area who specialize in reconstructive surgery to help patients achieve that perfect smile. Hollywood dentistry in Essex often includes services such as tooth colored fillings, crowns and veneers, lumineers, teeth whitening, clear braces or invisalign, implants, crown lengthening, flexible dentures, restorative dentistry, etc. Almost every type of dental service is offered here so, patients need not look elsewhere if they need several types of treatment. Dentists and orthodontists in Essex are duly licensed so patients are sure that they are getting treatment from an expert in the field. Most of the clinics that offer Hollywood dentistry in Essex have state-of-the-art facilities so you are assured that procedures are safe and effective. As with the cost of dental or cosmetic dentistry procedures, they usually vary depending on your case and specific doctor’s fee. But all in all, most of the clinics in Essex charge reasonable rates for their services.

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Bright White Teeth in 3 easy Steps.

Want Shining White Teeth? Whiter Brighter Teeth In 3 Easy Steps

Do you spend hours thinking about how the Hollywood stars maintain such sparkling white teeth? There’s good news for you! Even you can have dazzling white teeth with little bit of effort. With some basic steps you can take good care of your oral hygiene and prevent your teeth from getting stained. White teeth is not only attractive to look at, it is also a sign of good oral hygiene. With maintenance of 3 simple steps you can attain the cosmetic goals and get a beautiful smile.

Lets us read along the article for the 3 simple steps that can make your teeth pearl white.

Today, the market is flooded with wide range of teeth whitening products. People have become very image conscious today and appearance is correlated to success most of the times. It is precisely because of this reason that a number of companies have launched teeth whitening products for helping the clients keep their teeth sparking white. The whitening kits contain bleaching substances and work effectively for removing stains left behind due to excessive intake of tea of coffee. The peroxide mixture when applied along with a brush everyday can help to keep your teeth clean. However, you must make sure that the mixture is left for a minimum of 30 – 45 minutes every day.

A number of manufacturing companies offer whitening toothpaste. Even these contain bleaching elements that help in stain removal. The toothpastes generally contain baking soda and peroxide, which are mild bleaching agents for keeping the teeth white.

As the saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, munching an apple everyday can help to keep your teeth sparkling white and free from stains. Moreover, apple helps to increase secretion of saliva as a result of which the mouth remains hydrated, thus keeping you feeling fresh all round the day.

As a word of caution, it is important that you are not going for teeth whitening procedures when you have crowns or dental veneers. It is highly recommended that you are getting in touch with your dentist in this case before going for teeth whitening procedures.

Quitting bad habits is the 3rd and another important step in teeth whitening procedure. Using bleaching products such as peroxide or baking soda will yield no good results if you are continuing with your bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking. Quitting of bad habits are not only essential for maintaining shining white teeth, it is also essential for taking care of your overall health.

These are some very simple steps that can be followed for maintaining oral hygiene standards. There are plenty of websites that can be referred to find the ways you can keep your gums and teeth healthy. Thus sparkling white teeth no longer remains a distant dream for you. If you have any queries it is always advisable that you are visiting the dentist near your locality. The dentist will diagnose your individual case and prescribe you the proper remedies.


Smiles Better in Essex

We can give you a celebrity smile on a High street budget which really delivers you an ideal result.
Simon Cowell and Coleen Rooney have probably spent over 25,000 pounds to get that perfect smile but here at the Smile and Face studios @ Chafford Hundred Dental Care we can perfect your grin for a fraction of the price called Composite Restoration

This specialised technique restores your teeth by repairing chips and cracks on your teeth via the build up of individual teeth which are then buffed up and polished for a sparkling shine.

You can get that beautiful appearance and friends and family will not know how you got that winning smile!

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