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Finding A Cosmetic Dentist In Grays

When people see the term cosmetic dentist they may think of someone who works exclusively with celebrities. However cosmetic dental treatments are neither exclusive nor do they have to be expensive. With the right cosmetic dentist in Grays you can get the full benefit of effective treatment at an affordable price.

Why would I want to use a cosmetic dentist?

There are various reasons why you would want to use their services. Some people may wish to improve the look of their teeth. A teeth whitening service is a good way of improving the colour or alternatively you may want to use porcelain veneers (these are also good for covering chipped or missing teeth as well.)

Is it just a vanity thing?

Not necessarily! Say for example you lost a tooth in an accident. The gap it leaves can result in facial sagging caused by damage to the muscles. Putting an implant in the gap prevents this from happening.

Can anyone get cosmetic dental treatments?

It depends on a couple of factors for example some adult braces are only recommended for people above the age of nine. Your oral health is also a consideration as this may affect the quality of the treatment (your cosmetic dentist can offer advice on how to improve this)

Can I get regular services as well?

If you need to get regular checkups you can get them with a cosmetic dentist as well. There is also the added benefit of initial scans that they do during an initial consultation so that they are able to check your oral health and get the best possible treatment to suit you.

Are the treatments painful?

Most treatments are relatively pain free. If any pain or swelling persists the dentist can prescribe painkillers to help ease this and reduce the swelling.

How can I be sure the dentist is qualified?

A professional cosmetic dentist will be happy to discuss their experience with you during the initial consultation. Cosmetic dentistry is both a technical skill and a creative one and the best professionals will often combine their experience with an interest in art to help create the best look while at the same time maintaining long term oral health.

How do I contact a cosmetic dentist?

It is very simple! All you have to do is go to www.basrai.co.uk or call Dr Basrai on 01375 481000 to schedule a Free consultation to see what he can do for you!


How To Compare Cosmetic Dentists Essex

In some respects choice is good. If there was only one brand of clothing we would get bored quickly. If the only ice cream flavour was vanilla then you would have a lot of people who didn’t like ice cream because they don’t like that flavour (same with chocolate, strawberry etc). Likewise there are a number of cosmetic dentists Essex to choose from and it is worth knowing how to find the one who is right for you!


Location is obviously an issue. You need to ensure that the dentist is reasonably near you so that you are not spending too much money travelling towards them.


This is not simply about who is the cheapest. You need to consider how much the treatment costs but also what you are getting for that price. Also it is worth remembering that treatments that seem cheap at first may prove cheaper in the long term.

For example most adult braces are fitted for around two to three years. This means that during that time you need them to be properly fitted and this can take a number of visits. If you get the more expensive six month model by definition this needs fewer visits, so it is worth considering the overall cost in the long term as well as the upfront costs.


Another good example of this is teeth whitening. It is possible to get a home whitening kit and apply it yourself. However this relies on you closely following the instructions and being able to apply it and get the best results. For a more even application and to ensure it is applied safely it is better to use a professional service.


One of the most crucial things of all! You need to be sure that the person doing a treatment is qualified to do so. Furthermore if someone is nervous a professional will help them relax and make them understand the process, allowing people to make a more informed decision.

Equally you need to remember that they may not do the treatment themselves but work with another professional. If this is the case they ought to be able to show that the people they work with are qualified and experienced as well.

Initial consultation

A cosmetic dentist ought to offer a free consultation. This will allow you to ask any questions you may have and also allows the dentist to check your oral health and decide the appropriate treatment to suit your personal requirements.

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Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist In Essex

When people see the term cosmetic dentist in Essex they may be under the misapprehension that people take these treatments purely out of vanity. However the treatments that a cosmetic dentist offers are not only there to make people look good but can also improve your long term oral health and self confidence as well.

What kind of treatments does a cosmetic dentist offer?

There are numerous treatments on offer. What you choose depends largely on how you want to improve your smile and what your cosmetic dentist thinks is most appropriate. Here is a quick overview of what they can do for you-

  • Teeth whitening- Some people may ask “I can get a home whitening kit, why do I need to pay the extra?” The simple fact is that a professional will give you the best results and will also ensure that the whitening is done safely.
  • Adult braces- As with children and teenagers braces allow you to get your teeth straightened. If you are worried about people noticing them you can get clear braces or short term six month models that allow you to wear them for a shorter period of time.
  • Porcelain veneers- Ideal for hiding missing, chipped or misshapen teeth. They also help to improve the look of teeth.
  • Dental implants- As with veneers these can be use to hide missed and chipped teeth but also prevents muscle sagging caused by gaps between teeth.
  • Dentures- There are numerous types available including cosmetic dentures to improve the shape of the mouth.

I don’t want to look like I have work done! Can I get a treatment with a cosmetic dentist that doesn’t look too obvious?


Quite simply yes! An experienced cosmetic dentist will use treatments that improve the look of a smile but equally looks natural so that only an extreme close up observation shows signs of work being done.



What about regular dental appointments?

As well as cosmetic treatments it is also possible to get regular cleaning and checkups with a cosmetic dentist as well!

How can I be sure that I am getting a good cosmetic dentist?

You want to make sure that the person doing the treatments is qualified. The easiest way to check is ask them! A good cosmetic dentist ought to be willing to discuss their experience as well as alleviate any concerns you may have.

They will usually talk with you during any initial consultation. It is also during this time that they may take scans and learn about your oral health to see what treatments are appropriate for you.

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The Benefits Of A Cosmetic Dentist In Essex

There are numerous reasons why you may want to use the services of a cosmetic dentist. For example think of any of these situations have ever applied to you:-

  • Do you ever avoid having your picture taken because you feel self conscious?
  • You have tried whitening toothpaste and home whitening kits but still want whiter teeth.
  • You accidentally chipped or lost a tooth in an accident and now have a gap.
  • You are looking for alternatives to dentures.


All of these situations and more can be dealt with by a cosmetic dentist in Essex. Let’s look at each one and see what can be done with cosmetic dental treatments.

Dealing with self consciousness

The way you deal with this depends on why you feel self conscious. For example if teeth are discoloured you may want to consider a laminate like the Snap On Smile placed over the teeth. This often helps people to relax.

If you have teeth that point out a bit then you may want to smooth them over with tooth contouring. This is often done in conjunction with teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening

This process is often misunderstood. There is the fear of an overly fake look. In reality a cosmetic dentist will look at the natural shading of your teeth and improve it. Tooth whitening often improves teeth by a couple of shades, something that the dentist can show you during an initial consultation.

Chipped or lost teeth

If you have lost a tooth it is important to get treatment as soon as possible. The reason is that the nerve endings where the tooth used to be can close up, making it harder to put an implant in there later on.

The good news is if you can get an implant in there you can often use them in exactly the same way as a regular tooth and should not impair what you eat, how you brush your teeth and so forth.

Alternatives to dentures

There are a number of alternatives if you do not want to use adhesives. Implants and Invisalign detachable trays can be used to straighten the teeth without having to worry about anything coming loose while eating food, jogging and so forth!



The right treatment for you

How do you know what cosmetic dental treatment is right for you? It’s simple- go to a professional and talk to them. They can go over the options so you can find something appropriate for your needs.

Talk to Dr Basrai on 01375 481000 to schedule a Free consultation to see what he can do for you!


10 things to know before picking a Cosmetic Dentist in Essex

It is very difficult to get a cosmetic dentist who is right for you, irrespective of the amount of time you spend browsing the Internet for articles on dentistry. Such articles only describe dental experience and skills however interpersonal skills are also very important. Here are 10 things to know before picking a cosmetic dentist in Essex so that your search becomes easier.
• Do not go to the first dentist you come across on the street. Carry out extensive research. Not all cosmetic dentists would be recognized by the Dentists Association in the country you live in. Hence look for certifications and licenses. Ask friends to recommend dentists. In this way you would be able to get at least one name.
• Consider training that the cosmetic dentist has undergone in the field of cosmetic dentistry. See if the degree they have acquired is from among the top schools of dentistry. Being a licensed cosmetic dentist is not enough. Considerable experience and skill in the field is very important.
• Undergo dental examination. Ask them for a dental examination as it is the best way of knowing if a cosmetic dentist is good. Such an examination is affordable compared to any cosmetic treatment. This would help you in determining if the dentist deals with you in a professional manner. You would also be able to experience office environment. Is the dentist well organized? Is the office tidy and neat?
• Ask what is to be done to your pearly whites so that you get the perfect smile. Experienced dentists would consider all the dental problems you are suffering from and recommend many options. A cosmetic dentist should ideally consider the structure of your facial bone and shape of the gums and lips. They could suggest the treatment of braces, reconstruction or other procedures. See if the dentist is able to provide recommendations well.
• Observe how the cosmetic dentist approaches you. Dentists have to be friendly and warm. This is very important because there are a lot of people who are not happy to meet them. The ones who are nice and friendly would be able to calm the patients. This would make them feel very comfortable.
• Take a look at the work the dentists have done on their previous patients. This is the best way of evaluating the experience and skill of the dentist rather than just browsing through their portfolio.
• See that the dentist does not enjoy any bad press. Bad news about the dentist will work against them. Go for a dentist who has a great reputation.
• Think about median cost. Dentists with less experience would not charge higher fees because they want to build their practice. Those who are established would charge exorbitant rates. Go for one who charges reasonable fees so that they would give you a sparkly smile without burning a phone in your pocket.
• Rein in your expectations. Your budget would influence services you are given. You should not expect a lot if the price point is the lowest. Many people complain that their teeth have not gone white after undergoing basic teeth cleaning procedures. Bleaching procedures are a lot more expensive than basic cleaning. This treatment would be done only if you ask for it specifically or the dentist advises it and the patient agrees.
• Ask who would be doing the procedure. At times, the cosmetic dentist would make you extremely comfortable in the first appointment however during the next visit you might be surprised to find another person applying braces or installing dental implants. If the cosmetic dentist would not be performing the procedure themselves, you could ask them to acquaint you with the one who would.


Dentists Can Save your Life!

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What Are the Tips in Finding a Cosmetic Dentist?

Cosmetic dentistry is about improving the appearance of a person’s teeth through dental work. Dental work includes tooth whitening or bleaching as well as dental treatment options such as gum lifts, veneers, crowns and bridges. Cosmetic dentistry has helped improve the appearance of many people including popular actors and actresses. In a world where looks usually come first and foremost, many people have looked to cosmetic dentistry to enhance their image. Consequently, patients the world over are seeking for tips in finding a cosmetic dentist to help them choose which cosmetic dentist to go to. There are countless dentists out there, but there are only a few who are really good enough to satisfy the true needs of their patients.
Patients who seek tips in finding a cosmetic dentist will probably get the best and most affordable cosmetic dentist available. Finding the right cosmetic dentist means that patients should choose dentists that are qualified and experienced. If the patient lives in the United States, the dentists in question should have also received accreditation from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry or AACD. Trying to find dentists who have made cosmetic dentistry an important feature of their practice would also help. It is also important to learn about the dentists’ qualifications and experiences by visiting their website or by requesting the information directly from them. Pictures of previous patients can also be requested to see the before and after look of each patient. Most importantly, finding good but affordable dentists is a must for those who are in dire need of having their teeth fixed.
It is important for patients to seek for tips in finding a cosmetic dentist in order to avoid problems. If the dentist in question is experienced, he or she will most likely be able to handle complicated dental procedures and would already have perfected his or her craft. Having a nice smile is tantamount to finding the right cosmetic dentist for a certain patient. An attractive smile will help boost the confidence of those who have all their lives carried out tight-lipped smiles because of their unsightly teeth.