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Periodontal Disease

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal (gum) disease,
you’re not alone. An estimated 80 percent of American adults
currently have some form of gum disease, ranging from simple
gum inflammation to serious disease that results in major
damage to the soft tissue and bone supporting the teeth. Not
only is gum disease a threat to your oral health that can lead to
tooth loss, but research also points to health effects of
periodontal disease that go well beyond your mouth.

The Correlation Between Misaligned Teeth
and Periodontal Disease

Did you know that a major cause of periodontal disease is
poorly-aligned teeth? This is because the bacteria living in the
gums around crowded teeth are much more toxic and destructive
than the normal bacteria found in healthy mouths! In fact, the
misalignment that leads to periodontal disease continues to
remain one of the most overlooked risk factors by the General
Practitioners office.

Research has shown that mouth infections and inflammation
caused by periodontal disease can play havoc throughout the
body. There is a proven association between periodontal disease
and other chronic inflammatory conditions, such as:
• Diabetes

People with diabetes are more likely to have periodontal
disease than people without diabetes, probably because
diabetics are more susceptible to contracting infections. In
fact, periodontal disease is often considered the sixth
complication of diabetes. Those people who don’t have their
diabetes under control are especially at risk.

• Stroke
Additional studies have pointed to a relationship between
periodontal disease and stroke. In one study that looked at
the causal relationship of oral infection as a risk factor for
stroke, people diagnosed with acute cerebrovascular ischemia
were found more likely to have an oral infection when
compared to those in the control group.

• Respiratory Infections
Bacteria in your mouth can be aspirated into the lungs to
cause respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, especially in
people with gum disease.

• Severe Osteopenia
Osteoporosis may lead to tooth loss because the density of the
bone supporting the teeth may be decreased.
“The mouth is a
mirror, it reflects
general health
or disease.”

• Pre-term or Low Birth weight Babies

Pregnant women who have periodontal disease may be seven
times more likely to have a baby that is born too early and too
Treatment is Key
If your teeth are misaligned, it could be more than a cosmetic
issue. Undergoing orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth
may be a critical part of ensuring your overall health.
Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment option that allows doctors
to straighten teeth using a series of clear, removable, nearly
invisible, plastic appliances called aligners. Since Invisalign is
removable, you can brush and floss normally, which helps
prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay. In fact, clinical
studies have shown that gingival health may improve with the
use of Invisalign during orthodontic treatment.2
Straighter teeth are Healthier Teeth
Straight teeth are healthier teeth and can lead to:
Healthier Gums
Properly positioned teeth are easier to brush and floss than teeth
that are crowded, crooked, or spaced too far apart. Properly
aligned teeth can help gums “fit” tighter around them, which
may lead to better periodontal health3.
Easier Cleanings
With maintenance of good oral hygiene, the chances of having
plaque retention, tooth decay, and periodontal disease can be
If your teeth are misaligned, Invisalign , Inman Aligner or 6 Month Braces/Smiles should be
considered to straighten your teeth and help prevent
periodontal disease—all without the hassle of brackets
and wires.
Straighten your teeth and protect your health with
Invisalign, The Inman Aligner or 6 Month braces.

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6 Month Braces to enhance your smile

6 Month Braces to enhance your smile

Nowadays people are very conscious of the way they look. This is why cosmetic treatments have become fairly popular in the last few years. If we talk about the kinds of treatments people normally undergo, you are sure to find cosmetic dentistry on top of list. A lot of people out there want to sport wonderful smiles that would complete their appearance. Some people might only need prophylaxis, tooth whitening and tooth extraction for making their pearly whites appear beautiful however there are others who might require more comprehensive procedure. Dentists might have to perform surgery or recommend corrective measures like fitting braces.  
Anyone who ever sees someone having a mouth that is filled with metal wires and braces is unlikely to have the inclination to endure the experience themselves. As a matter of fact, the general appearance of conventional braces makes a lot of people hate using them in spite of needing to get their teeth straightened or bite aligned. Thankfully, 6 month braces are available today. They are able to permanently, discreetly and comfortably improve smile in a span of around six months.
6 month braces are very different from old fashioned wire and metal configurations. They are nearly transparent to detect. They are given the same exact shade or hue as the teeth of the patient and are created to work in much more quicker pace as compared to regular orthodontic systems.
People who go for the six month braces are able to take advantage of fact that the device would not cause damage of any sort to gums or roots. Among the chief problems with use of regular braces is they usually put excessive strain on roots. This results in many problems if the patient ends up suffering from gum disease of any sort at later date. Six month brace does not compromise gums, roots or teeth due to their unique design that makes use of retainer system along with braces. This implies that nearly anyone is right candidate for its use.  
Certain patients need the kind of lengthy realignment procedures and massive undertaking that regular braces offer but a lot of adults aged above fifteen are ideal candidates for the 6 month smile brace.
Besides the benefits that are mentioned above, it is essential to also understand that theses braces normally also come at far lower price or cost than regular braces due to their shortened period of treatment and distinct material requirements. Instead of the normal 12 months or so, patients who rely on the 6 month braces treatment would generally be able to complete the procedure in around 4 – 9 months. Eliminating numerous visits to office of the orthodontist is the only way of reducing overall cost of the option.
Indeed 6 month braces remain a specialty procedure that needs an orthodontic or dental professional for getting training and certification. This means all providers are unable to offer the approach to improving smiles. If you are seeking the procedure, it is best to ensure the professional you chose for the service is capable of offering the treatment.


6 Month Braces Promote Better Self-Esteem

6 Month Braces Promote Better Self-Esteem.

Few things are as important as a winning smile. While you can most certainly control a number of factors about your teeth, such as the color and cleanliness, you cannot do much about the way they come into your mouth. In fact, most people have crooked teeth. However, 6 Month Braces offers a way around this problem and provides you with the means to create a powerful, beautiful, white smile.
One of the most important benefits of short term orthodontics is the increased self-esteem that they create. This is because many people, whether they choose to admit it or not, are very self-conscious about the condition of their teeth. Crooked, misshapen teeth often force people to smile less often, or conceal their smiles. Not only is this unnatural, but it can lead to medical conditions such as depression, due to low self-esteem.
6 Month Braces can realign your teeth so that they are even, and then your natural beauty can shine through. You’ll even find a wide range of different orthodontic devices used to do this, ranging from traditional metal braces to invisible systems and even braces that are installed behind the teeth, so they are not visible. The problem with conventional orthodontics lies in the sheer cost.

6 month Braces are alot cheaper than traditional braces and use Tooth coloured bracketsthat are cemented to the teeth and special tooth coloured Nickel Titanium wires that have the ability to retain their shape and memory even when they are severely bent and twisted. The teeth just simply follow these wires for a ride to form a well rounded U shaped arch. Its that simple.

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Clear dental Braces in London

Clear dental Braces in London

There are plenty of dental methods and procedures available today that could help in rectifying dental problems of any kind whether it is under bite, cross bites, over bites, gaps, uneven teeth etc. No matter what the problem, it has a solution! Quite a lot of people see to it that their kids get the right treatment when they are young as it is the ideal time for making changes of any kind needed in teeth structure. However, you will find that many people have to deal with relapses in teeth problems in adult life. Fortunately, there is nothing to fear as dental treatments are available for rectifying relapse problems as well.
Clear dental braces in London
is among the most popular procedures for relapse issues. It is an effective and simple device that the dentist uses for pulling tooth/teeth firmly and safely in their original position in front teeth row. It is amongst the latest dental tool additions and is very popular with the masses already. Clear dental braces work with same logic used by clear braces and metal braces. The difference is the braces that are being used since many years take a long time to show effect. They are very costly too.

A lot of people prefer porcelain veneers as they can save some money on cost of metallic braces. However it is not easy to attach veneers because it involves plenty of grinding and drilling of teeth to shape them. Most people invariably choose to leave things the way they are. They do not bother correcting them. But things have become better with the discovery of clear dental braces. Now people have a more effective and realistic option, which does not involve shelling out a lot of money and also does not require enduring unnecessary painful treatments. The clear dental braces also work in a short span of time unlike the other braces meaning that half the teeth in the front row are straightened and in place in just some weeks, getting the perfect smile that you have always dreamt of.

As a matter of fact lots of people who possess teeth that are badly shaped and have to deal with horrible discoloration prefer opting for clear dental braces. They then go for veneers in order to give teeth right look. It is best to get in touch with your dentist directly if you want to know more about clear dental braces. You should ask them for their opinion if the option is right for you. Requirement of treatment of this kind would differ as per the person, based on their condition. Many dentists consider clear dental braces as combination of cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics.

The dentist would first examine your teeth and then advise you if you should go for this treatment. Make sure that you see a certified and qualified cosmetic dentist. The more experience the dentist has, the better they will be. Then you can rest assured that you will get the results you desire. You could ask your friends and family for recommendations. The Internet is also the best place to look for local dental clinics that offer the procedure of clear dental braces.

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Straight Teeth In 6 Months with technology

Straight Teeth In 6 Months with technology

Straight teeth in 6 months might have seemed wishful thinking a few years ago but, with the advancement in modern orthodontic techniques, this has now become a more common practice. Having your teeth straightened is one of the most sought after dental procedures, and is a basic requirement for people who are trying to improve their smile. Straightening your teeth is the easiest and most cost effective method for a person to enhance the quality of their smile.
Straight teeth in 6 months can give you that picture perfect smile and enhance your facial profile. You will never again have to be too embarrassed to smile or be forced to try and hide crooked, disfigured teeth. All it takes is 6 months…. and that beautiful smile can be yours.
Reasons to have your teeth straightened
The procedure of teeth straightening may be indicated in the following situations
When a person’s mouth is considered to be too small. This means that there is only a limited space for further growth and can result in teeth crowding.
The lack of development of some teeth or the presence of extra teeth.
Malocclusion resulting from the presence of a misaligned jaw. This may be manifest in the form of difficulty in chewing or speaking.
Excessive grinding of the teeth.
In many cases the early loss of a person’s primary (baby) teeth may result in complications with the development of permanent teeth causing partial tooth formation, teeth crowding or misalignment.
Complications arising out of a fractured jaw/ broken teeth which cause irregular growth and improper tooth alignment.
Conditions resulting from negative adolescent behaviours pertaining to thumb sucking or excessive use of a pacifier, which can lead to the creation of an over bite.
Excessive tongue thrusting in younger children may result in additional pressure on the inside walls of the teeth causing an ‘open bite’.
The most obvious effect of these conditions results in the unsuitable appearance of the front teeth of the person. Typically, the front teeth are misaligned or crooked which may often lead to practical difficulties in biting and chewing. In terms of appearance as well, the shape of the mouth and the person’s smile may be visually unappealing. Straight teeth in 6 months can make a big difference in such situations, and provide a quick, inexpensive orthodontic solution.
Benefits of Teeth straightening
Straight teeth in 6 months are not just of cosmetic significance to the individual. For sure, it can help improve your facial contour as well as give you that perfectly proportionate smile that you have always longed for. But, of equal significance is the fact that straight teeth helps in improving a person’s overall dental hygiene and well-being. Teeth are easier to maintain as there is less chance of food particles getting trapped between them, and so it is easier to prevent gum diseases and tooth decay.
Straight teeth in 6 months are not just your ticket to feeling better, but will also make you look better with that perfect smile.


Braces for six months to get that perfect smile!

Braces for six months to get that perfect smile

Are you looking forward to an attractive and a better smile that you had long been missing due to many orthodontic problems that cause your teeth to dislocate from their actual positions then you should probably opt for the easiest way of getting braces for six months? This is an advanced treatment that only requires you to get braces fixed for six months after which you are sure to have an improvised smile and a better face value. We are all aware of the earlier treatments for the same cause of giving us a better smile that involved a lengthy period of time of a minimum of 2-3 years. But with the modern technology you can save a lot of time and money and achieve a corrected smile just by simply putting the braces for six months.

The braces for six months would be put on your teeth which will help the teeth to move to the desired position. The six month braces are also found in invisible form. Though normally only metal braces are used for the treatment but in rare cases where the patients want to hide the visibility of the braces some special lingual braces are used that are fixed behind the teeth so that they are not visible when you talk or laugh. This way you can easily hide from others about wearing braces and avoid the traits of embarrassment that many of us feel while wearing braces. Wearing braces for six months is by far the easiest, simplest and the fastest way of straightening your teeth from normal crookedness or uneven form of teeth to the very severe cases of crowding, over biting and inner biting. This has a solution to the entire major and the most severe of the cases and has proved to be very effective in showing results.
The technology used in the working of braces for six months is quite simple where high tech wires are used to move the teeth from its position to the desired position by exerting a little force that continues till the time the movement has taken place. Though there are many myths associated with this kind of 6 month braces treatment that it might cause damage to the teeth but the dentists have admitted that it is by far the most comfortable and the most renowned method used for treating severe cases as well. Wearing braces for six months actually poses no side effects to the teeth and health and is comparatively a less painful method than the traditional methods used for the treatment.
If you undergo this short term treatment and follow the advice and guidance of the dentist of wearing braces for six months you are sure to have a proper set of teeth wherein the teeth are located in the right places to enhance the beautiful smile you wear on your face. It also allows a lower likelihood of exposure to root resorption that is not seen in many other treatments. So taking up this treatment and wearing braces for six months will definitely give you the desired smile and that too in a much comfortable way.

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