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Why porcelain veneers in Essex are very popular today

Porcelain veneers in Essex
have many uses.

They enhance appearance of teeth and also protect damaged teeth. The device is made from thin film of a restorative material. It is placed on surface of teeth directly. Porcelain of two types is used to make veneers – composite and dental. Composite veneers are constructed in mouth directly. They could also be made in laboratories and then glued on the teeth. They are glued to teeth with the help of an adhesive like Panavia that is a resin cement type. But porcelain veneers are fabricated only indirectly. Charles Pincus was the first to invent veneers in California. When veneers were first invented they failed to remain glued to the teeth for long as the adhesive that was used was the same as that used for the dentures. They were very commonly used at the time by actors for changing the look of teeth.

In early 80’s, 2 dentists, Simonsen and Calamia, found that hydrofluoric acid could be used for engraving porcelain. They also discovered that it was possible to enhance veneers by using composite resins along with porcelain. It was this that enabled permanent placing of the veneers on surface of teeth. Currently due to improved resins and cements, porcelain veneers in Essex are able to last for almost 3 decades. They need replacement when they get stained, cracked or chipped, leaked, decayed or because of shrinking of gum line. They are even damaged by physical impact or tooth grinding. The cost of veneers varies depending on location of dentist and their experience with the porcelain veneer technology. A year ago a tooth would cost you around 1000 to 3000.

So how are composite veneers and porcelain veneers different? The latter are better as they do not get stained easily. They are also sturdier. Veneers have become increasingly popular with patients as well as dentists, especially cosmetic dentists. They are also very popular among celebrities. The reason for this is that porcelain veneers dramatically and instantly improve look of smile and teeth. They are among the greatest solutions for individuals who have spaced and small teeth. These problems cannot be solved by Orthodontists. Also the veneers are used for repairing teeth which have undergone wear and hence look old. Many people possess teeth that are positioned incorrectly in jaw. Besides this, the porcelain veneers in Essex could also lengthen teeth that are very short or fill spaces between teeth where gums have moved away.

They are a great choice for making teeth look a lot more symmetrical in shape as well as color. Another reason why porcelain veneers are popular is the procedure is not invasive. Hardly any risks are associated with the treatment. Through they might seem to be miracle procedure for many dental issues, they do have their critics. Some people are of the opinion that they are overused by cosmetic dentists for treating dental problems and they believe that this could be unhealthy particularly in situations where the veneers are used for straightening otherwise healthy pearly whites. The reason for this is that around 30% of tooth surface is destroyed for applying veneers. But temporary veneers made of flexible resin that are available could be placed on surface of teeth and removed to be reused.

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The various options for smile makeovers in Essex

The various options for smile makeovers in Essex

Very few people are born with perfect smile. Some people are not comfortable smiling as their teeth are stained or the tooth enamel is discolored. Others might have missing or chipped teeth or a smile that is crooked.
No matter what the reason, you need not live your life thinking that you would never be able flash bright smiles. There are a lot of options in cosmetic dentistry that could give you beautiful, healthy teeth so that you could feel confident. Read on for examples of options in smile makeovers in Essex.
Teeth whitening
Stains and discoloration of many kinds could mar what could otherwise be beautiful smile. Thankfully, there are a number of whitening alternatives available at the dentist and also over-the-counter. Options at the drugstore include bleaching strips, which could help in improving teeth that are mildly discolored, brightening them by few shades and whitening toothpaste.
If you are on the lookout for whitest possible shade, you could avail professional laser treatments and gel bleaches in the dental clinics that would give you gleaming smile in less than an hour. These could give you the fastest smile makeovers in Essex. Majority of such treatments are very safe. They have very few side-effects. However at times bleaching agents could react harshly on teeth that are sensitive and result in pain. Talk to a dentist prior to trying out a new treatment or product.
Veneers –
Dental veneers tend to be popular choice with models and actors but a lot of other people discover that they could provide truly dazzling smile makeover. Porcelain or composite is used to make laminates that are bonded to natural teeth for improving their appearance.
Veneers could be used for correcting a single defect of tooth like a chip or stain and color matched for blending with natural teeth. They could also be fitted for masking entire smile. The device could address many problems such unappealing size of tooth or also close distance between the teeth. But this option can be very costly.
Braces –
Orthodontists use braces for fixing crooked smiles, closing gaps and addressing a number of different functional and aesthetic dental issues. Conventional braces involve fixing single brackets to every tooth and running long wire over them. The wire is tightened on regular basis during a period of 1 -2 years for achieving the desired results. Transparent braces are available in the market too. They are plastic clear trays that are molded to fit teeth. They are replaced periodically after a few weeks till the achievement of desired shape.
Dental implants –
Dental implants tend to be recommended or are sometimes necessary for complete smile makeovers in Essex. It involves removal of natural tooth and screwing of prosthetic one in its place. Dental implants are usually used for severely damaged or broken teeth or missing teeth. But quite some people opt to have a lot of or all of their teeth substituted by them.
The dentist should be consulted about options in cosmetic dentistry that are best suited for your budget and needs.


Sedation dentistry in Essex explained

Sedation dentistry in Essex explained

Sedation dentistry – The basics
A visit to a dentist could incite fear or worry for a few people. The idea of getting needles poked through the gums or shrill noise of dental drill could be sufficient to trigger anxiety and prevent you from meeting a dentist. For those who undergo such scenarios, sedation dentistry in Essex would be a great path to take. If you want more information on dental sedation, you could consult a dentist about available alternatives.
What is sedation dentistry?

It is the way to keep the patient relaxed and calm by using sedatives in the course of dental procedure. The sedatives could include anti-anxiety medications, tranquilizers and nitrous oxide. Once upon a time sedatives were commonly administered through IV or intravenous method. It involves injecting sedatives in blood vessels present either in the hand or arm. On the other hand, needles could make many patients very anxious.
Medical developments in dental techniques helped in the creation of alternatives to ingest sedatives without the use of injections. Nowadays patients could take anti-anxiety medication via the mouth or opt for oral administration – gone are needles or apparatus of any kind. Undoubtedly sedation dentistry is paving the path for pain free visit to dentist.
What does sedation dentistry in Essex involve?
Learning about this branch of dentistry involves a lot of factors before you reach a decision. Here are details of the procedure from day before treatment to time you go back home in a nutshell.
Through consultation before the treatment, the dentist would check dental history, level of anxiety and other factors of health of patient. It could be risky to take sedatives hence it is extremely important for dentist to be aware of medical conditions of the patient if they exist. As some sedatives could react a particular way to drinking, smoking, food supplements or vitamins, details like dietary habits and lifestyle choices should be told to the dentist during consultation. The doctor would even advise you about what food to eat and avoid prior to and post treatment. Once all the concerns are discussed, the dentist would decide on the kind of sedative as well as dosage to recommend for you.
At times during treatment, you could require help of a friend or family member who could take you to dental clinic and remain there with you once the surgery is complete for some hours. Effects of the sedation dentistry in Essex would vary as per the patient. Some might feel sedated for a couple of hours after their procedure, needing help at home till the effects subside.
Benefits of sedations dentistry –
Sedation dentistry offers a lot of benefits in many ways. Lengthy procedures like dental surgeries or cosmetic dentistry that require over 60 minutes to be completed might appear to last just some minutes for patient who is sedated. It could also reduce the frequency of visits in which such complex treatments could be done.
More importantly, the sedation dentistry helps patients in regaining confidence as they no longer feel anxious through painless treatment. In turn, this encourages additional visits to dentist and gradually promotes routine of right practices of oral health for patient.

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Pros and cons of using Inman aligner braces in Essex

Pros and cons of using Inman aligner braces in Essex

With a lot of dentists dedicating themselves to cosmetic dentistry, countless people are looking for solutions to their imperfect smiles. Different kinds of aligners and braces are launched in market year after year. After braces made of ceramic latest innovation in technology of teeth straightening was the invisible braces. The Inman Aligner braces in Essex is combination of invisible braces and traditional braces. Depending on the need of the patient and quality of material used these braces have a number of pros and cons over other techniques of teeth straightening.
Advantages of Inman Aligner
It is quite invisible save for the string running along the center both on the lower and upper parts of aligner. The aligner is made of plastic transparent material that is stuck to complete row of the teeth. It also covers gums partially.
Inman aligners are of different types. They differ in cost as per the material and quality used. Few of them are available with white string as opposed to standard steel colored ones. This is why the aligner is visibly more pleasing as white string tends to be quite undetectable because it gels with whiteness of teeth. Hence, Inman Aligner braces in Essex are much better than regular braces with regards to appearance.
String in aligner braces is fixed to spring on either end. This pulls teeth inwards continuously putting great amount of force on misaligned teeth. They are then pulled backwards to normal position very quickly. Moderate alignments tend to be treated in around 6 – 10 weeks, which is very fast as compared to Invisalign and braces too.
The Inman Aligner braces are significantly cheaper than invisible braces or ceramic braces. Its price could vary in the range of 1495 and 2995 depending on extent of the complexities involved. Nonetheless, it is very cheap in comparison with other treatment techniques that are very popular today such as Invisalign which involves a cost of approximately 3500 to 6000.
Another greatest advantage of opting for Inman braces is it is totally removable. The patient is able to take it off while brushing their teeth or eating food for a while. They could also remove the braces for a while if they experience discomfort of any kind. This is impossible with respect to braces. It is also not recommended with regards to Invisalign.
Disadvantages of Inman Aligner
The primary disadvantage of the Inman Aligner braces in Essex is they might not suit everyone. A professional dental surgeon would be able to tell if the teeth of a patient could be treated with Inman Aligner. Those with weak gums or other teeth issues might be unsuitable candidates for the option.
The braces are not fit to treat advanced orthodontic issues. They work great for the lower and upper incisors only.
As the aligners make use of special spring technique, they exert plenty of pressure on teeth, surrounding gums and roots. This could cause considerable discomfort and pain in certain people, particularly those having sensitive tissues in the area. In such cases, the patients are advised to discontinue treatment till issue is solved.

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NTI -TSS for the treatment of headaches !

40 million people in America suffer from headaches. If you are one of them, it is possible that you might find relief from the pain in a dental chair. Surprised? Are you thinking how migraine headaches and dentistry could be related? Then read on to know all about NTI-TSS for the treatment of headaches.

When tension and stress make people clench jaws, the outcome could be excruciating pain in shoulders, neck and head. Dentists have found that a tiny plastic device that could be worn over front two teeth (unlike night guards and bite plates) could break cycle of stress induced jaw clenching.

This device is known as NTI-TSS or Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibitor – Tension Suppression System. It has been approved by FDA for treating headaches more than 6 years ago. Once the dentist installs NTI to the teeth, you have to wear it in the night in order to help lessen intense contractions of muscles of the jaw and scalp that could cause jaw pain and migraines.

Research has proved that patients using the NTI experience reduction in intensity of clenching of jaw by nearly 66%. These individuals also see significant reduction in frequency and number of headaches. The NTI causes incisors or front teeth to be constantly in contact. This prevents other pearly whites from touching.  

Theory behind NTI is people who suffer from migraines have trigeminal nerves that are hyperactive. The nerves are present on either part of head, they supply muscles of the jaw and in individuals with migraine, their hyperactivity leads to jaw clenching, particularly at night. Resulting tension in muscle and pain could then cause migraines. NTI-TSS for the treatment of headaches prevents the teeth at back of jaw from coming in contact. This totally prevents bruxism or clenching. You could try this yourself. Touch your teeth at the front together. It is physically not possible to clench the jaw at same time.

As NTI is worn over front teeth, the simple device does not let back teeth meet; hence you cannot clench the teeth together. Conventional night guards that are shaped like horseshoes only prevent teeth from being worn down by one another. They are unable to prevent clenching. While such appliances are vital where applications exist, regular nighttime clenchers would fail to get relief from symptoms they face.

Research presented recently in London reported that by 4th week of nocturnal use of the NTI-TSS for the treatment of headaches device, almost 75% showed significant improvements in HIT-6 scores. By 2nd month, all the HIT-6 scores had become stable.

After 7 months of continuous nocturnal use of the NTI device 50% showed substantial improvement in quality of lives. Half of them reported that their migraines did not have any effect on the way they lived any longer. 65% of the positive responders reported 1250% growth in mornings free of headaches every week (Pre NTI – 5/week and Post NTI – 0.4/week). You would find more data on this research at NTI site.

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How migraine headaches in Essex are treated ?

How migraine headaches treated in Essex?

Migraine headaches in Essex are tackled by migraine clinics. What are they? A migraine or headache clinic specializes in diagnosis as well as treatment of head pain and migraine. These clinics are usually linked to neurology departments in hospitals and are headed by consultant neurologists or doctors having specific expertise and interest in migraine. The staff usually consists of multi-disciplinary teams.
Migraine clinics would be capable of confirming that are attacks are actually migraine.

They would review your present treatment and recommend ways through which you could manage the condition. The staff at these centers tends to boast of extensive expertise on migraine types and latest treatments and would frequently call upon services of the other experts.

Most people who suffer from migraine headaches in Essex and ask for the advice of a doctor are taken care of solely by their general practitioners. There are around 15 to 20 dedicated migraine clinics in the UK.

Unfortunately this is insufficient for serving everyone with migraine and headache.
Further investigation would be required if the problem is not being well-managed or a patient does not respond favorably to treatment.

There are many reasons a GP might refer you to specialist clinic such as doubt about diagnosis of the problem, suspicion of rarer type of the condition, presence of headaches other than migraines that could complicate the diagnosis, no effect of the treatment being given, the headaches or migraines are becoming more frequent or getting worse or at the patient’s request.

All the NHS clinics for migraine would need referral letters from medical practitioners before they could accept new patients. This is in all likelihood to be the family GPs but could also be hospital doctors or healthcare professionals within NHS.

Number of patients a migraine clinic would see depends greatly on the strength of the staff and opening times. Most of the clinics in Essex have waiting lists and most tend to be open for few hours every week. For majority people, first appointment would take some weeks though many clinics boast waiting lists of many months.  

When you take an appointment to migraine clinic for first time, it is advisable to keep diary of the migraine attacks. Keeping record could be extremely beneficial in helping the medical expert get a clear idea of the problem. This is important also because since no particular test exists for diagnosing migraine, a lot would depend on the description you offer.

The diary should have information on the time of the day and day of week when the headache is experienced, frequency of the pain, where it occurs, kind of pain such as piercing, throbbing, etc., occurrence of other symptoms like having problems of vision or being sick, duration of the attacks, the treatment you undergo and effectiveness of the treatment.
The doctor would need doses and names of medications you have taken before.

This would include complementary treatments like herbalism, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc. and herbal remedies you have attempted. The more information you give about your condition, the easier it would be for the doctor to treat your migraine headaches in Essex.  

Dr J Basrai in Essex utilises his knowledge on the relationship of your bite to the muscles of mastication and your TMJ joint to successfully help his patients in Essex with their headaches using a combination of Botox Injections and a special NTI splint. Call 01375481000 to schedule a consultation with our selves if Migraines have debilitated your life 🙁



Get Migraine Relief through Botox injections!

Get Migraine Relief through Botox injections

Get Migraine Relief through Botox injections

Botox is fairly new cosmetic treatment that frees faces from wrinkles and takes away appearance of growing old. But the buzz that is more recent is the use of Botox for treating migraine. Research shows that those who took injections of Botox reported lessening in severity of their headaches. So is it actually possible to get migraine relief through Botox injections?

Botulinum toxin or Botox is neurotoxin injection. What are neurotoxins? They are the toxins that actually attack cells of the nerve. Botox is vacuum-dried and sterile form of Type A botulinum toxin. It is generally produced from strain of the Clostridium botulinum. It is used in the conditions where hyperactivity of the muscles results in medical and health related problems.

Migraine relief through Botox injections involves paralyzing or weakening hyper-activated muscles through suppression of discharge of acetylcholine that mainly causes transmission of the impulses of the nerve at myoneural and synapses. The procedure could be used to reduce pain that is associated with rectal fissures, achalasia and cervical dystonia as well. Usually Botox is directly injected into affected muscles.

A number of different theories explaining working of Botox to eliminate migraine headaches exist. As per one theory, Botox eliminates headaches by doing away with muscle tension as spasms and tension are chief sources of migraine. It is even thought that Botox reduces headaches by hindering transmission of the nerve cells. As per this theory, the cause of headache is increased number of signals sent by nerves.

As Botox that is given for migraine takes many weeks for showing effect after being injected, it is best to take it once in every 3 months. Pain in area that is injected remains for a few days after Botox has been injected. This could be looked upon as main drawback to use of the neurotoxin.
You would have to consult the doctor before opting for botulinum toxin.

Type A botulinum toxin for migraines is never to be used along with other botulinum toxins or medications that affect muscles or nerves.  
Among the biggest disadvantages

of using Botox to cure migraines is cost of the treatment. Insurance usually does not cover Botox injections. Cost of the treatment could be approximately $350 for every targeted area. This is why the treatment is more expensive as compared to other treatments for migraine like nasal sprays and prescription drugs such as Imitrex. However, these treatments are only used as preventive procedures. They are not able to prevent all attacks of migraines for a maximum of 4 months the way Botox does.

Due to growing interest in the idea of migraine relief through Botox injections, currently more research is being carried out. Making use of Botox for treating migraines should be deliberated very carefully. It is early days before we can truly find out what all the side-effects could be.
You would have to discuss risks with the doctor. In case you make a decision in favor of Botox, you should observe if you experience any severe side effects such as allergic reaction, chest pain, difficulty in swallowing, talking or breathing, extreme weakness of muscles and irregular heartbeats. Seek medical help on experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms.


All about the Six Month Smiles Braces

All about the Six Month Smiles Braces

In the first place you should know all about six month smiles braces. It is new dental procedure that has transformed orthodontic industry. It is contemporary form of treatment, which was pioneered in US first. However, now it is being given a warm welcome in UK as well.
A lot of people who are facing problems with alignment of teeth are unhappy with the setting of their teeth however majority of them have no inclination to wear unsightly metallic braces on teeth for a couple of years as they think that it could affect the way they look and reduce their confidence about facing outside world. However, with advent of six month smiles braces, all the people who can only afford to breathe with no time for anything else acquire aligned straight teeth that they have always wanted in just 6 months.

The greatest advantage of this dental procedure is it could be used for correcting many problems of teeth alignment such as cross bite, under bite, over bite, over jet, crowded teeth, open bite, misplaced teeth, etc. The braces are user friendly. This ensures it is ideal option for a lot of cases.
However, to ensure if the six month braces is ideal alternative for you, the local dentist would have to be consulted directly. Only she or he would be capable of saying if the procedure is appropriate in your specific case after in-depth analysis. So as to predict applicability of the six month smile treatment for you, dentist would have to inspect your teeth back to front and take needed x-rays. Only when this is done, it would be possible for the dentist to inform you about duration of the treatment and cost that would be involved.

Majority of adults who go for six month brace are satisfied with the way it looks as the treatment makes use of white-colored brackets and clear special wires that nearly give transparent look to braces. The procedure would include return to the dentist after every 4 – 5 weeks so as to adjust and replace the braces. This is performed for ensuring that braces are able to keep-up with steady movement of teeth.

Although dental treatment of all kinds involve certain amount of pain or discomfort, the six month smiles treatment would in all probability not put you through a lot of trouble. If you experience pain or discomfort during initial appointments, mild painkillers could be taken for subduing the effect.
Main benefits of six month smile braces are –

Time period required for treatment is very short as compared to other treatments, which involve the use of braces over a specific time period.
The discomfort or pain involved in treatment of this type is minimal. It is usually not conspicuous.
Cost of the 6 month smile procedure is also nearly half of the amount you could expect to shell out for other procedures like Invisalign.
As the brackets and wires have the color of the teeth, they are barely visible. You could carry on with your routine life as before.
Hence visit the dentist today and enquire if you are eligible for 6 month braces treatment or not.


All about Dental implants in Essex

All about Dental implants in Essex

In spite of the advancement in dental techniques and enhancements in service, because of injury, gum disease or tooth decay, countless people the world over could suffer loss of tooth. The only options that people had for many years were bridges and dentures. But as time has passed by, the introduction of dental implants has helped to solve a number of problems. Dental implants in Essex are in great demand these days.
What exactly are the dental implants? –
Dental implants have become very popular for treating roots of teeth. Implants provide sturdy footing for removable or permanent teeth replacement. These devices are created and chosen to match the natural teeth of the patient perfectly.
What would you get from the implants? –
The dental implants could replace a certain number of teeth without affecting the other teeth. They could strengthen bridges and eliminate need for detachable fractional denture too. They would also support dentures which is what makes the technique more safe and comfortable.
What benefits do implants offer?
If a dental implant is fitted successfully, you could enjoy many benefits such as improved appearance, improved comfort, improved self-confidence, better speech, improved dental health, stress-free eating, etc.
Improved appearance –
Once you take help of dental implants in Essex your teeth would look very natural and you would experience the difference immediately. You would not have to be concerned about longevity of the implants because they are long lasting. This has been accomplished with updated design that fuses with the bone flawlessly.
Improved comfort –
A dental implant would give you complete comfort, removing the feeling of dentures as the teeth would become an integral part of the original teeth structure.
Improved speech –
Fitting of other types could be troublesome for loose teeth. This could result in mumbling indistinct words or slurring. Then again, dental implants would help you in speaking loud and free without any worries about slip of the teeth.
Enhanced dental health –
The technique of bridge supporting tooth needs reducing the other teeth however when dental implants are fitted, the other teeth are unaffected. This leaves the teeth that are natural intact. In turn, this improves long-term oral health as well as oral hygiene.
Stress-free eating –
Dental implants in Essex make chewing a very easy task so that you could eat all the foods you like without any discomfort.
Stability –
Dental implants are durable and long lasting. If they are taken care of very well, they could last a very long time.
Could implants be considered an extremely successful technique?
Honestly, the success rate of dental implants could vary as per where implant was performed and place of implant. However in regular situations it is seen that approximately 98% of the implants could be looked upon as successful. Hence, if you could get the implant fitted with maximum efficiency and good care, it would last a very long time.
Is the technique very painful? –
Most patients who have opted for this technique have reported that they have experienced little or no discomfort when the dental implants are fitted. The dentist could make use of local anesthesia for the process. Most patients say that dental implants involve reduced pain as compared to other techniques like tooth extraction.




Periodontal Disease

If you have been diagnosed with periodontal (gum) disease,
you’re not alone. An estimated 80 percent of American adults
currently have some form of gum disease, ranging from simple
gum inflammation to serious disease that results in major
damage to the soft tissue and bone supporting the teeth. Not
only is gum disease a threat to your oral health that can lead to
tooth loss, but research also points to health effects of
periodontal disease that go well beyond your mouth.

The Correlation Between Misaligned Teeth
and Periodontal Disease

Did you know that a major cause of periodontal disease is
poorly-aligned teeth? This is because the bacteria living in the
gums around crowded teeth are much more toxic and destructive
than the normal bacteria found in healthy mouths! In fact, the
misalignment that leads to periodontal disease continues to
remain one of the most overlooked risk factors by the General
Practitioners office.

Research has shown that mouth infections and inflammation
caused by periodontal disease can play havoc throughout the
body. There is a proven association between periodontal disease
and other chronic inflammatory conditions, such as:
• Diabetes

People with diabetes are more likely to have periodontal
disease than people without diabetes, probably because
diabetics are more susceptible to contracting infections. In
fact, periodontal disease is often considered the sixth
complication of diabetes. Those people who don’t have their
diabetes under control are especially at risk.

• Stroke
Additional studies have pointed to a relationship between
periodontal disease and stroke. In one study that looked at
the causal relationship of oral infection as a risk factor for
stroke, people diagnosed with acute cerebrovascular ischemia
were found more likely to have an oral infection when
compared to those in the control group.

• Respiratory Infections
Bacteria in your mouth can be aspirated into the lungs to
cause respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, especially in
people with gum disease.

• Severe Osteopenia
Osteoporosis may lead to tooth loss because the density of the
bone supporting the teeth may be decreased.
“The mouth is a
mirror, it reflects
general health
or disease.”

• Pre-term or Low Birth weight Babies

Pregnant women who have periodontal disease may be seven
times more likely to have a baby that is born too early and too
Treatment is Key
If your teeth are misaligned, it could be more than a cosmetic
issue. Undergoing orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth
may be a critical part of ensuring your overall health.
Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment option that allows doctors
to straighten teeth using a series of clear, removable, nearly
invisible, plastic appliances called aligners. Since Invisalign is
removable, you can brush and floss normally, which helps
prevent periodontal disease and tooth decay. In fact, clinical
studies have shown that gingival health may improve with the
use of Invisalign during orthodontic treatment.2
Straighter teeth are Healthier Teeth
Straight teeth are healthier teeth and can lead to:
Healthier Gums
Properly positioned teeth are easier to brush and floss than teeth
that are crowded, crooked, or spaced too far apart. Properly
aligned teeth can help gums “fit” tighter around them, which
may lead to better periodontal health3.
Easier Cleanings
With maintenance of good oral hygiene, the chances of having
plaque retention, tooth decay, and periodontal disease can be
If your teeth are misaligned, Invisalign , Inman Aligner or 6 Month Braces/Smiles should be
considered to straighten your teeth and help prevent
periodontal disease—all without the hassle of brackets
and wires.
Straighten your teeth and protect your health with
Invisalign, The Inman Aligner or 6 Month braces.

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