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Dental Implants

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Dental Implants Can Help You Chew More Effectively

There are numerous things people can do to lose weight. The obvious is to exercise more and cut down fatty foods (and naturally for dentists this means less sugary foods of course to keep your teeth in tip top condition!) However what you may not realise is that how you eat your food can have an effect. Furthermore dental implants can help you chew more effectively, aiding digestion and allowing you to get the full benefits from the food you eat.

Why does chewing food more benefit my health?

• You feel fuller faster- In some respects this is because you physically less in the time that you eat. You still feel full but the amount you have eaten is less, thus maintaining portion control. It is generally said the feeling of fullness only registers 20 minutes after you eat.
• More nutrients- Saliva breaks down food more and allows the body to absorb more nutrients. Increased chewing means more saliva and thus more nutrients get absorbed.
• Reduces the risk of heartburn and digestive problems- Slower chewing and increased saliva neutralises stomach acid, reducing the risk of heartburn and digestive problems such as irritable bowels.
• Prevent plaque build up- Increased saliva reduces plaque build up and kills harmful bacteria.

How will dental implants improve my chewing?

Dental implants worked in a similar way to natural teeth. Provided that the area around the bone is suitable for the implant you can then get the titanium implant into the teeth. Once the jawbone has properly healed the cosmetic dentist then installs the titanium implant.

Once inserted the titanium implant allows for easier chewing. However it is worth remembering that it needs to be cared for and cleaned in the same way as a normal tooth in order to make sure it works properly!

Will the procedure hurt?

Installing the titanium implant uses a local anaesthetic and so should not hurt during the operation, although some people may suffer a slight ache for a brief period after the procedure is finished. If you have any concerns you should discuss this with the cosmetic dentist during the consultation period.

Is the procedure guaranteed?

Provided you properly look after the implant they should last for at least 15 to 20 years. Fortunately if there are any problems they can be easily removed and replacements can be put back again if necessary, although the vast majority of operations are usually successful.

What do you do to ensure dental implants are appropriate?

Dental implants are not for everyone! This can be affected by smoking, the positioning of the teeth and general oral hygiene. Procedures such as X rays and scans can be used to ascertain whether or not treatment is appropriate.

In short it is worth popping in and booking an appointment to see if dental implants can help you get the full benefits from your diet. With the right treatment you can get the full benefit of a good chew!

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All about Dental implants in Essex

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

All about Dental implants in Essex

In spite of the advancement in dental techniques and enhancements in service, because of injury, gum disease or tooth decay, countless people the world over could suffer loss of tooth. The only options that people had for many years were bridges and dentures. But as time has passed by, the introduction of dental implants has helped to solve a number of problems. Dental implants in Essex are in great demand these days.
What exactly are the dental implants? –
Dental implants have become very popular for treating roots of teeth. Implants provide sturdy footing for removable or permanent teeth replacement. These devices are created and chosen to match the natural teeth of the patient perfectly.
What would you get from the implants? –
The dental implants could replace a certain number of teeth without affecting the other teeth. They could strengthen bridges and eliminate need for detachable fractional denture too. They would also support dentures which is what makes the technique more safe and comfortable.
What benefits do implants offer?
If a dental implant is fitted successfully, you could enjoy many benefits such as improved appearance, improved comfort, improved self-confidence, better speech, improved dental health, stress-free eating, etc.
Improved appearance –
Once you take help of dental implants in Essex your teeth would look very natural and you would experience the difference immediately. You would not have to be concerned about longevity of the implants because they are long lasting. This has been accomplished with updated design that fuses with the bone flawlessly.
Improved comfort –
A dental implant would give you complete comfort, removing the feeling of dentures as the teeth would become an integral part of the original teeth structure.
Improved speech –
Fitting of other types could be troublesome for loose teeth. This could result in mumbling indistinct words or slurring. Then again, dental implants would help you in speaking loud and free without any worries about slip of the teeth.
Enhanced dental health –
The technique of bridge supporting tooth needs reducing the other teeth however when dental implants are fitted, the other teeth are unaffected. This leaves the teeth that are natural intact. In turn, this improves long-term oral health as well as oral hygiene.
Stress-free eating –
Dental implants in Essex make chewing a very easy task so that you could eat all the foods you like without any discomfort.
Stability –
Dental implants are durable and long lasting. If they are taken care of very well, they could last a very long time.
Could implants be considered an extremely successful technique?
Honestly, the success rate of dental implants could vary as per where implant was performed and place of implant. However in regular situations it is seen that approximately 98% of the implants could be looked upon as successful. Hence, if you could get the implant fitted with maximum efficiency and good care, it would last a very long time.
Is the technique very painful? –
Most patients who have opted for this technique have reported that they have experienced little or no discomfort when the dental implants are fitted. The dentist could make use of local anesthesia for the process. Most patients say that dental implants involve reduced pain as compared to other techniques like tooth extraction.