Month: January 2012

Essex Dentist Straightens Teeth in Only Six Months


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Essex Dentist Straightens Teeth in Only Six Months

If you have spaces between your teeth or if your teeth are crowded together, you don’t have to wear braces for 2 years or cut your teeth as you do with bonding, veneers, or crowns. Now you can have a great smile in only six months.

Dr. Basrai is a dentist in the area who attended a Hands on Course on the Six Month Braces® technique. Using this exciting new orthodontic technique can help many patients who otherwise would go through their entire life embarrassed of their smile. Dr. Basrai says “The Six Month Braces® technique is a fabulous technique and people are really excited about having the smile they always wanted in only six months. Many patients are so happy that they actually cry when we take of their braces and show them their new smile”

The Brackets are tooth coloured as are the wires and elastics so that it is no longer embarrassing to wear braces. Just check out Dr Basrai You Tube Channel for empowering Video Testimonials.
They work 2 to 3 times faster than clear aligners and are alot cheaper!

Generally all treatment is completed in seven to ten short appointments. Also, six month braces are surprisingly comfortable since they use lower forces than traditional braces. Dr. Basrai says “people usually think that we just ‘tighten’ the braces to aggressively move teeth more quickly, but those high forces would actually slow down tooth movement. The Six Month Braces® technique is a low force technique that gently and safely moves the teeth to the desired position.” In addition to being faster than traditional braces, six month braces are also less expensive. Other advantages to using this technique include: having your teeth look more natural than with bonding, veneers, or crowns and healthier gums, since straight teeth are easier to clean than crowded teeth.

Dr.Basrai says “One of the nicest benefits of the Six Month Braces® technique is the improved self-esteem and self-confidence the patient has with straight teeth and a beautiful smile. They look great and they feel much better about themselves.”

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Snap on Smiles

The Snap on Smiles allows a patient to change their lives in an instant and can be used for any age. It is ideal for anyone who dreads seeing the dentist due the injections or drilling sounds and for those who just want their teeth to function better. The whole process is quick and absolutely painless.

What is the Snap on Smile?

The Snap on Smile is a patented, removeable custom appliance requiring no prepping, no injections and no adhesives because it simply snaps over a patients natural teeth. It is a completely non invasive option and is easily taken out of a patients mouth and the whole procedure is completely reversible.

The Snap on Smile has 4 Main Applications

1. It can teach a patient what it would feel like to open their bite – like a Test Run before having a major bite change with definitive restorations like crowns, bridges or veneers.

2.Removable Cosmetic Partial Denture to replace gaps and spaces in your arch.

3.Implant temporary Restoration. As a Stop Gap for about 3 to 4 months before an Implant is placed.

4.Cosmetic Smile Enhancement.

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A Snap on Smile Can Change Your Life in an Instant

A Snap on Smile Can Change your Life in an Instant!

A Snap on Smile is a Device with many dental uses. It involves no drilling, no removal of enamel from your teeth and best of all no Injections.
Due to the fact that no natural tooth substance is removed – the whole procedure is reversible. The Snap on Smile just simply fits over your existing teeth and is held intact purely from the natural curvature of your teeth.

It can be used in a number of instances from a cosmetic smile makeover, to a partial denture or even as an implant temporary. The Snap on Smile can also be used as a training aid to increase or open your bite before any major full mouth rejuvenation. To do the latter one would make the Snap on Smile with no Holes in the back of the mouth.

The Snap on Smile comes in many different shades from Hollywood White to Normal bleached white so that a patient can either match their existing teeth or go for a complete colour enhancement. The Choice is really yours.

As an Implant temporary, the Snap on Smile can either be made in one quadrant or cover the entire arch. This depends upon how many teeth are being replaced with dental implants.

The Snap on Smile is very easy to keep clean and maintained because it does not stain from foodstuffs like curries, wine, blackcurrents, etc.. It will not biologically degrade thru time via salvia degradtion. All our patients receive a specialized cleaning solution which helps to keep the Snap on Smile clean within 15 mins.

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Dentists Can Save your Life!

Thus Video Explains the importance of Gum disease and Heart disease and Uncontrolled Diabetes. We have a Dental Therapist and Hygienist who can help to ensure that your mouth is in optimal condition. Call 01375481000 to schedule a Consulatation ASAP if you need a full assessment of your mouth with Dr J Basrai and his team @ Chafford Hundred Dental Care.