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Snap on Smiles

The Snap on Smiles allows a patient to change their lives in an instant and can be used for any age. It is ideal for anyone who dreads seeing the dentist due the injections or drilling sounds and for those who just want their teeth to function better. The whole process is quick and absolutely painless.

What is the Snap on Smile?

The Snap on Smile is a patented, removeable custom appliance requiring no prepping, no injections and no adhesives because it simply snaps over a patients natural teeth. It is a completely non invasive option and is easily taken out of a patients mouth and the whole procedure is completely reversible.

The Snap on Smile has 4 Main Applications

1. It can teach a patient what it would feel like to open their bite – like a Test Run before having a major bite change with definitive restorations like crowns, bridges or veneers.

2.Removable Cosmetic Partial Denture to replace gaps and spaces in your arch.

3.Implant temporary Restoration. As a Stop Gap for about 3 to 4 months before an Implant is placed.

4.Cosmetic Smile Enhancement.

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A Snap on Smile Can Change Your Life in an Instant

A Snap on Smile Can Change your Life in an Instant!

A Snap on Smile is a Device with many dental uses. It involves no drilling, no removal of enamel from your teeth and best of all no Injections.
Due to the fact that no natural tooth substance is removed – the whole procedure is reversible. The Snap on Smile just simply fits over your existing teeth and is held intact purely from the natural curvature of your teeth.

It can be used in a number of instances from a cosmetic smile makeover, to a partial denture or even as an implant temporary. The Snap on Smile can also be used as a training aid to increase or open your bite before any major full mouth rejuvenation. To do the latter one would make the Snap on Smile with no Holes in the back of the mouth.

The Snap on Smile comes in many different shades from Hollywood White to Normal bleached white so that a patient can either match their existing teeth or go for a complete colour enhancement. The Choice is really yours.

As an Implant temporary, the Snap on Smile can either be made in one quadrant or cover the entire arch. This depends upon how many teeth are being replaced with dental implants.

The Snap on Smile is very easy to keep clean and maintained because it does not stain from foodstuffs like curries, wine, blackcurrents, etc.. It will not biologically degrade thru time via salvia degradtion. All our patients receive a specialized cleaning solution which helps to keep the Snap on Smile clean within 15 mins.

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The Snap on Smile

The Snap on Smile has many multiple uses in the field of dentistry. It involves no painful drilling, no removal of healthy enamel and lastly no Injections. It really is life changing. The Snap on Smile is absolutely a reversible procedure as the technique is non invasive.
The Snap On Smile binds directly onto existing teeth and engages in their natural curves to improve retention. Some patients describe it as a posh denture or a Mouth guard with teeth on it. We have been making the Snap on Smile in Essex and the UK for approx 3 years and everyone loves them.

The Snap on Smile can be used for a number of reasons.

1. A Cosmetic Smile Enhancement.
2. A Cosmetic Partial Denture.
3. A device before a Full mouth Rejuvenation.

The Snap on Smile comes in over 23 shades so you and the patient can match one arch or completely change the look of the existing one. The patient can decide this. For increasing the bite there are no occlusal holes. The Snap on Smile can be used as a temporary restoration before the making of the final one is made by the Laboratory technician.


Snap on Smile – The Ideal Solution for People with Dental Treatment Phobia

Snap on Smile – The Ideal Solution for People with Dental Treatment Phobia

Snap on Smile
is a great way to acquire a perfect set of teeth without undergoing rough dental procedures. There are some people who don’t like dentists because they are scared with their sharp tools and dental procedures; and because of this phobia, they are turning away from dental clinics even if they have severe teeth problems. With Snap on Smiles, for sure every person, with or without dental treatment phobia will enjoy beautiful smiles all year round.

Snap on Smiles are dental appliances that can appear as real teeth once you put it on your set of teeth. These can fit easily on the upper and lower teeth arcs like a glove so every person can eat, talk and drink naturally without others noticing it. It comes with different arc designs and different hues of white so everyone can easily find the ideal teeth set for them.

Snap on Smiles
are basically made of resin, a durable material that is also used in NASA’s aircraft cabinets and even in heart valve surgeries. It is flexible so even if the patient has a crooked set of teeth, it will adjust easily on its contours. It is strain resistant so everyone can easily eat and drink teeth straining food without worries. Lastly, it is light so even people with jaw problems can wear these without straining their jaws.

Snap on smiles are also cheaper than other dental cosmetic procedures. One teeth arc costs about $1,000, while getting veneers, braces and crowns cost for over $10,000 depending on the procedure. Many people can’t afford getting braces, veneers or crowns because of the price which lead most of them to stick to the present situation of their teeth. Wearing these dental appliances can easily hide their teeth imperfections and build their lost confidence.

The best thing about Snap on Smiles is that these don’t require cementation, teeth scraping and teeth drilling operations. These can be put on and taken off easily so you don’t need to worry when you need to remove these for the next day. This is good news to people who are scared from dental procedures.

Getting Snap on Smiles is easy; you just have to enter a dental clinic and consult for one. The dentist normally gives you a teeth examination along with teeth molding and send these files to the manufacturers to get the best cosmetic dental appliance shape for the patient. After few days, the patient can receive his own Snap on Smiles set according to his dental needs.

Snap on Smiles
can instantly enhance a person’s smile without the need to undergo a painful dental experience. If you feared dentists, then Snap on Smile is the best solution for you.


Snap Smile – Superb Smile Minus the Wait

Snap Smile – Superb Smile Minus the Wait

Many people want to have a snap smile; however, it is not possible because getting dental treatments is expensive and takes a long time to accomplish it. Because of this, most people would rather maintain their teeth even if these are unpleasant to the eyes. Good thing, Snap on Smile is a great innovative dental cosmetic tool to create perfect smiles in an instant.

Snap on Smile is an elastic dental appliance that can be placed directly on the set of teeth to create an illusion of perfect teeth when smiling. Even if the patient has misaligned, uneven or gapping teeth, these dental appliances will make the teeth appear straight and full without an indication that it is a fake. There is no need for the dentist to drill, scrape or cement some parts of the teeth because a patient can easily snap it on and off in an instant. Every patient can choose from 18 sets of teeth designs and 23 teeth shades so they can get unique Snap on Smiles suited to their appearance.

Snap on Smile
is made from resin which is a durable and strain-resistant material. It can easily fit contours of the teeth and even if you smoke or drink a cup of black coffee or a glass of red wine, these will not strain the dental appliance easily. It thickness could range from 0.5mm to 1mm and because it is elastic, it can even cover teeth with dental restorations such as veneers and crowns.

It is also recommended to clean the Snap on Smiles regularly after meals and before bedtime to ensure dental hygiene and make these last for a longer period of time. To clean Snap on Smiles, a user has to use a soft toothbrush and anti-bacterial gels and brush these inside and outside. It is not recommended to use toothpaste as a cleaning agent because it can cause the resin to lose its luster, making the Snap on Smile unnatural. A patient should not wear these in their sleep unless the dentist told him to.

Snap on Smile can cost $1,000 and more for a single arch depending on the patient’s dental problem and cosmetic solution. Not all Snap on Smiles are suited for every one, because people with serious cavity problems, metal braces and many missing teeth have to stick to the right dental solution before using these dental appliances. Patients have to consult the dentist first before getting these.

Getting the perfect smile is now made easy with Snap on Smiles.


Snap on Teeth to Protect Teeth with Restorations

Snap on Teeth to Protect Teeth with Restorations

Do you want snap on teeth to get beautiful teeth in an instant? But, do you also want a protective gear on your teeth? Most of the time, people with teeth restorations are conscious about what they eat and drink, as there could be dental pain and complications along the way. Good thing, Snap on Smile is an innovative dental solution for people with these problems.

Snap on Smile is a unique dental appliance which fits the upper and lower set of teeth when these are worn. No dental cement, drilling and scraping required in order to use these dental appliances, just snap it on the curves of the teeth and snap it off when you want to. These dental appliances are made of resin, a flexible yet durable material which is also used as an artificial heart value in heart surgeries.

Snap on Smiles are very flexible and durable. It has a thickness of 1mm or less which can fit the upper and lower teeth set even if the teeth are uneven. Even if there are changes in the alignment of the teeth, the dental appliance molds accordingly and retains its appearance. With proper care, these dental appliances can last up to five years.

These Snap on Smiles is also lightweight in nature. Some heavy dental appliances have metals that can break the enamel of the teeth, can cause gum bleeding or worse could injure the muscles of the jaw. Unlike these harmful types of cosmetic appliances; Snap on Smiles doesn’t put pressure on the teeth and gums so every patient can easily wear these without worries.

Snap on Smiles are perfect for people who are getting veneers on their teeth. A patient who gets veneers one by one can simply wear these dental appliances to make his teeth look white and natural without hinting that he had few veneers on his teeth. It is also a great protector against food and other substances that could be painful for the exposed teeth.

The catch is, if you want to maintain your teeth, you have to clean the Snap on Smiles carefully. A patient can easily clean these dental appliances using a soft toothbrush and anti bacterial gel, not toothpaste or it could remove the natural luster of the resin. It is also best to remove these before you sleep or you might end up having bad breath and dental bacteria between the teeth surface and the inner dental appliance.

Snap on Smile is truly a wonderful dental discovery to help patients with teeth restorations. If you are one of these patients, get a set of snap on teeth and you can easily see the difference.


Snap on Smiles: Great Alternative for People on a Budget

Snap on Smiles: Great Alternative for People on a Budget

Snap on Smiles are another dental option for people who don’t want to spend a huge amount of money for dental procedures. Many people don’t have the money to undergo a dental procedure which is why they bear with their dental problems and focus on more important things in their lives. But with a snap on smile on their teeth, for sure they will be happy and confident.

Snap on Smile is very affordable; one arch usually costs about $1000 which is about the same price of a veneer and not to mention the other fees needs for the procedure. Because of the price range, people can easily save for this dental item. The good news is even if you are undergoing a dental procedure, you can still use these dental appliances to protect your teeth from harmful dental substances.

Snap on Smile looks natural because it is made of resin. Resin is the material used by NASA for building aerospace cabinets and in artificial heart valves used in heart surgeries. It is durable because it doesn’t tear and lose its color easily. Even if a patient has crooked teeth and drinks red wine or smokes cigarettes, these will have no effect on the dental appliances’ appearance.

Snap on Smile is also perfect for patients with various teeth problems. Since these dental appliances are flexible, these can look natural even when these are used over a bulky set of teeth. Discolored teeth looks whiter, uneven teeth looks straighter and gapping teeth looks fuller because of these revolutionary dental tools.

Getting your customized Snap on Smile is easy; you only need the assistance of your dentist to guide you along the way. The dentist has to first identify the right fit for the patient by using a teeth molder; then he will analyze the right teeth set shape based on the teeth of the patient. The dentist can also choose from 28 color shades for the patient so that the dental appliance can match his skin color. Days after the case submission in the main lab, the patient can receive his customized Snap on Smile that he can use daily.

Because of these features, Snap on Smile is a great investment. The best way to prolong the life of these dental appliances is to keep these hygienic at all times. After meals, a patient should always clean these with a soft brush and anti-bacterial get or else it will get smelly and become a home to bacteria. It is best to remove these before bedtime to avoid contamination of bacteria, unless the dentist said otherwise. By doing all of these, you can be sure that these items will last and stay safe for your oral health.

Caring for your pearly whites is now made cheaper through Snap on Smile. Get some Snap on Smiles and for sure, you will be confident in sharing your smile with others.


Snap on smiles for ongoing dental treatments

Snap on smiles for ongoing dental treatments

Snap on smiles is a technique that has been in existence for some time now. Originally, it was created as a cover up device for those who required veneers or were in the middle of a procedure. In the past, the shaving and filing of teeth was often done before the custom veneers were made because the technology and bonding agents were not very advanced unlike today. Sometimes patients were made to undergo the shaving and filing procedures for a couple of months before the new teeth made of porcelain were available to be fitted. This could often be an uncomfortable and unsightly issue. This is why dentists created a plate that snapped on to disguise teeth that were being worked on.

This cosmetic device was usually not pretty but hid the teeth from the world during the treatment period. The concept continued growing. Patients who could not afford over one veneer at one go over a period of a number of years used this device to hide the ongoing dental work. A certain doctor decided on using his unique idea for the snap on overlay for creating a patented application that mimicked actual texture, color and shape of the teeth so that the patients under his care could feel good and confident about themselves through the long dental processes. Since then this patent is fulfilling many duties like serving those who are considering veneers made of porcelain but are put off by the cost. Today, Snap on smiles is a rage. It is custom made for nearly all dental conditions. It transforms the lives, confidence and smile of patients costing as much as a single porcelain veneer. You can wear Snap on smiles throughout the day. With regards to maintenance of hygiene, the teeth and device should be cleansed carefully a number of times during use each day. Snap on smiles can be worn for almost all the dental conditions where natural teeth come in contact with them as they are considered safe. The application is not detectable or noticeable. It is vital that Snap on smiles fit securely and snugly always so as to avoid possible chaffing or slippage and damaging the natural teeth. Snap on smiles is a very convenient and cost effective alternative to the invasive, expansive and expensive cosmetic dental surgeries and procedures. However, it is not in any way a permanent fixture. It also cannot be used by everyone.

Snap on smiles are designed for making cosmetic alterations to your smile a little more convenient as compared to having removable trays or braces installed. They essentially work as prosthetics fitting over the teeth and making a discolored or crooked smile attractive. This product has some advantages which is why it is preferred by many, especially those who are not keen on getting dental treatments done. Snap on smiles is also popular among those who are in professions that require making appearances before audiences or are into public speaking.


Snap On Smile in Essex

Snap On Smile in Essex

Dental issues are quite sensitive to everyone. Many people at least suffer a dental issue at some point. Whether dull or just discolored, the implication of these goes beyond just a personal consideration. It cuts through social dimensions such that one’s confidence is dented a great deal. There are measures that you can do to rectify this. This is why snap on smile in Essex is available to help you solve the issue and give you back your confidence. This method is known to be a good solution even for celebrities because of its simplicity and at the same time superior image.
The market is flooded with porcelain veneers and many other products of the same use, but getting a product that you can use with ease is not easy. Snap on smile tends to provide the solution for you because it is made up of acrylic material, meaning that it is very flexible and easy to use. The flexibility makes it simple to snap them on even while you are on the move. You do not have to worry about meetings or your friends because within a second, you have a perfect smile. Cosmetic dentists who perform snap on smile in Essex will help you get the device after the standard procedure.
The process of getting snap on teeth is painless and quite brief. In just two steps, you will have the confidence you always wanted to have. The cosmetic dentist doing the snap on smile in Essex will first of all have to take dental photos of the client before proceeding to the next step. The importance of this is that a mould that will fit you has to be made with the aid of the photos, so that the snap on is made of the right size. The dentist will have the mold made from the pictures so that you can try them on.
Once the molds are made and fit well on your teeth, the dentist will go ahead to make the right snap on smile for you. To make the right snap on smile for you, resin is used. It is applied on your teeth so that the right size of the molds is made to fit right onto your teeth. In a few days, your dentist will have your snap on smile in Essex. You can go and pick up your snap on teeth and once again enjoy the bright smile again.
The magic with snap on smile is that you do not need special procedures and tools to wear it. It fits tight and right on your teeth without even using adhesives or any clippers. You feel comfortable when you snap it on because it feels just like your own teeth. One of the advantages of snap on smile in Essex is that you will get the service at a very low cost compared to what you would have to incur if you went for the veneers. You will also retain your natural teeth, because the snap on does not replace them completely.