Snap on Teeth to Protect Teeth with Restorations

Snap on Teeth to Protect Teeth with Restorations

Do you want snap on teeth to get beautiful teeth in an instant? But, do you also want a protective gear on your teeth? Most of the time, people with teeth restorations are conscious about what they eat and drink, as there could be dental pain and complications along the way. Good thing, Snap on Smile is an innovative dental solution for people with these problems.

Snap on Smile is a unique dental appliance which fits the upper and lower set of teeth when these are worn. No dental cement, drilling and scraping required in order to use these dental appliances, just snap it on the curves of the teeth and snap it off when you want to. These dental appliances are made of resin, a flexible yet durable material which is also used as an artificial heart value in heart surgeries.

Snap on Smiles are very flexible and durable. It has a thickness of 1mm or less which can fit the upper and lower teeth set even if the teeth are uneven. Even if there are changes in the alignment of the teeth, the dental appliance molds accordingly and retains its appearance. With proper care, these dental appliances can last up to five years.

These Snap on Smiles is also lightweight in nature. Some heavy dental appliances have metals that can break the enamel of the teeth, can cause gum bleeding or worse could injure the muscles of the jaw. Unlike these harmful types of cosmetic appliances; Snap on Smiles doesn’t put pressure on the teeth and gums so every patient can easily wear these without worries.

Snap on Smiles are perfect for people who are getting veneers on their teeth. A patient who gets veneers one by one can simply wear these dental appliances to make his teeth look white and natural without hinting that he had few veneers on his teeth. It is also a great protector against food and other substances that could be painful for the exposed teeth.

The catch is, if you want to maintain your teeth, you have to clean the Snap on Smiles carefully. A patient can easily clean these dental appliances using a soft toothbrush and anti bacterial gel, not toothpaste or it could remove the natural luster of the resin. It is also best to remove these before you sleep or you might end up having bad breath and dental bacteria between the teeth surface and the inner dental appliance.

Snap on Smile is truly a wonderful dental discovery to help patients with teeth restorations. If you are one of these patients, get a set of snap on teeth and you can easily see the difference.


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