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Complete Your Smile With Teeth Implants Essex

Smiling is an outward sign of self confidence. People tend to react more favourably if you smile at them. However if you have a gap in your teeth or they are chipped then you may feel nervous. This in turn can make it harder to socially interact as you deal with feeling self conscious. One option you may not have considered are teeth implants Essex.

What are teeth implants?

These are posts made of titanium that are placed where the tooth was originally set. If you have recently lost a tooth then you should get an implant as soon as possible because it then makes it easier for the implant to be placed where it used to be and have it set in more naturally. The implants can be installed in either the upper or lower arches as required.

Why would I want implants?

People often use implants as an alternative to dentures. If you have a tooth missing over time the muscles in your face starts to sag and this creates an older looking appearance.

Are they secure?

Implants are solid and designed to stay in place. So much so in fact that with proper care they should last at least fifteen to twenty years! Furthermore unlike dentures there is no slipping so they can be more convenient.

Will I need to change my daily routine?

Not at all! You can clean the implant in exactly the same way as you would when normally brushing your teeth. Because it is solidly installed in the mouth there are also no restrictions in terms of diet either so you do not have to worry when chewing a steak or munching on corn on the cob!

How can I be sure dental implants are right for me?

Cosmetic dentistry is not about getting people to buy a service because it is there or making someone look a bit prettier (although cosmetic dentistry does help with that) What a good cosmetic dental treatment should do is make people feel more confident while at the same time maintaining effective oral health.

Everyone is different and everyone has different needs when it comes to getting the right treatment. Talking with a cosmetic dentist will allow you to find out what options are available and decide what is best suited to you. Equally it is a good opportunity to talk about their qualifications, experience and any concerns regarding the treatment.

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All on 4 Implants in Essex

The technology available to cosmetic dentists is changing all the time. As the procedures and techniques improve this is then passed down to the patients who benefit from quicker and more effective treatments and in turn this reduced time often also results in reduced costs, a good example of this being All on 4 implants in Essex. Continue reading All on 4 Implants in Essex