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Six Month Smiles Essex

Six Month Smiles Essex

A smile can mean a lot. It is a sign of trust, contentment and many other positive things. Unfortunately some people can feel self conscious about their smile and avoid it, fearing the glare of photographs and onlookers. One way to change this is with the right cosmetic dental treatment such as Six Month Smiles Essex.

What can a Six Month Smile do for me?

A common problem for people are crooked or misaligned teeth. The problem is that some methods of straightening teeth may prove too costly for some people and this is where the Six Month Smile comes in.

So what is the Six Month Smile exactly?

In simple terms this is an innovative technique that speeds up the alignment process. As an additional bonus the wiring and brackets used are coloured to match the teeth so only the most eagle eyed of observers will even know you are having dental work done!

It is worth looking online at before and after pictures. The results are startling and show just what is achievable with this treatment.

Six months sounds like a long time.

What you need to remember is that in dental work terms six months is a very short period of time. Traditional braces can take three to four years to complete their work and often make people self conscious while wearing them.

Do I have to wear a retainer?

Yes. But you should have the option of fixed or removable retainers depending on your personal circumstances and preference.

Is the treatment painful?

In actual fact the pressure exerted by the Six Month Smile treatment is less than traditional braces, meaning you get the benefits of the alignment but with less pain!

So it is more advanced and less painful. I’m guessing that means it’s more expensive?

Again while you may think this would cost more in actual fact it is less expensive due to the fact the treatment is quicker and does not require any invasive procedures. It also requires fewer check ups, reducing the amount of time spent at the dentist.

How do I know if this procedure is right for me?

In simple terms the cosmetic dentist should tell you! Talking with experienced professionals like Dr Basrai should give you all the information you need to know appropriate to your personal circumstances. During the consultation period before the treatment you can ask about it and find out whether a Six Month Smile is right for you.

Who can get a Six Month Smile?

The majority of adults over the age of 15 can get this treatment.

Contact your local cosmetic dentist today to see how you can get the full benefit of Six Month Smiles Essex!



Clear Braces Essex

Braces are an effective way of aligning teeth and giving you a clear, confident smile. Unfortunately they are also unfortunately associated with social awkwardness. Thankfully the technology has advanced significantly in recent years meaning that Clear braces Essex can allow you to get the benefits of braces without them being clearly visible.

What are the benefits of clear braces?

Straighten crooked or misaligned teeth
Close the gaps and spaces between teeth
Twist round teeth that have been rotated
Fix teeth that may have been affected by botched treatments
Get teeth straightened before you get veneers
Improve your bite, making eating easier in the long term


Sounds good. But how does it work?

Quite simply the braces work in a similar way to the normal type. The difference is that the material they are made from is a clear plastic. This means that you can only really tell someone is wearing them if you look very closely.

Won’t those things get in the way of eating? What if I want to eat corn on the cob?

If braces have to be fixed there are inevitably some difficulties with what you can and cannot eat (plus you have to be careful with cleaning them to ensure there is no food wedged on them that could potentially encourage the growth of bacteria).

With clear braces these problems can be solved very simply- just take them out! This can equally be done before you go to sleep, do sports and so forth, allowing you to do normal activities without fear of them coming loose.

How does the process work?

First of all you consult the cosmetic dentist who explains the process. Often a computer scan will be used to show you how the braces will fit on your teeth. Once this has been done a series of sliders will be placed over the teeth so they can be fitted.

How long does the procedure take?

This depends on your oral health and individual circumstances. However in general the process generally takes around 12 months. In relative terms this is not that long, with 18 months the norm for older models of braces. As the technology advances this period will get shorter and shorter!

Will I have to do regular check ups afterwards?

A few regular check ups will be needed after the braces have been fitted in order to make sure they are properly aligned. This in turn ensures that the teeth are going to the right position that you get the results you want at the end of the 12 month period.

If you want to know more about the kinds of clear braces Essex available talk to a cosmetic dentist today to see what is right for you and see how they can clear a way to a brighter smile!


Veneers Essex

Veneers Essex

The term “veneer” suggests making something shinier and more polished. And with veneers Essex you can do the same with your teeth!

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers may also be referred to as porcelain or resin based composite laminates (depending on what they are made from). They are incredibly thin shells that are placed over the teeth in order to improve the aesthetic quality and colour of the teeth.

Depending on how they are bonded with the teeth they can also change the shape or length as well.

What is the difference between porcelain and resin veneers?

Porcelain is commonly used by cosmetic dentists because they tend to have better light reflection and closely match teeth. However the advantage with the resin based veneers is that they require less enamel removal and are thinner.

Why would I want veneers?

Veneers can be placed over teeth that have become discoloured over time.
They can help replace chipped or worn down teeth
If you have crooked or uneven teeth veneers can correct this and give you a more even looking smile.
To close gaps between teeth.

How long does it take to get a veneer?

Generally it takes three visits to get veneers done. The first stage is the consultation. This is a good time to talk with your cosmetic dentist and discuss the nature of the treatment and any concerns you may have. Cosmetic dentists like Dr Basrai pride themselves on being patient and keeping you fully informed.

The thing to remember is everyone has personal needs and of course overall oral health has to be taken into consideration (for example if you smoke, regular wine and coffee drinker etc). Once this has been established scans can then be taken and if necessary dental impressions may need to be made.

After taking a small amount of enamel a veneer can be constructed by a dental lab, something that usually takes between 1 to 2 weeks. Once it arrives they may trim it in order to ensure it fits your mouth and a subsequent check up may be needed to make sure it is properly bonded with your tooth.

Are there any risks involved?

The removal of enamel can increase sensitivity. However using sensitive toothpaste and being careful while eating and drinking should help you avoid this hampering your lifestyle!

How long do veneers last?

If looked after properly they can last up to ten years.

In simple terms veneers Essex can make a big difference to your smile and increase your self confidence. Talk with a cosmetic dentist today to see how they can complete your smile!


Cosmetic Dentist in Essex

Cosmetic dentist in Essex

You should never underestimate the power of a smile. It can help build trust, start conversations and make people feel comfortable. In turn this can make you feel confident and this positive feeling can feed into your daily life. And a good cosmetic dentist in Essex can help with this.

What is a cosmetic dentist?

Cosmetic dentistry is described as “a branch of dentistry that deals with the appearance of teeth”. On the basic level this makes the profession sound superficial, as if it purely deals with the aesthetic quality of the teeth.

Cosmetic dentists also deal with the oral health aspect as well. After all if you don’t look after your teeth this will harm the aesthetic qualities of your teeth. In case you’re not aware various things can affect the visual quality of your teeth-

Poor oral hygiene
Stains caused by food and drink
Stains caused by persistent smoking

How does cosmetic dentistry benefit me?

The problem is that when people hear the word “cosmetic” they associate it with something frivolous or unnecessary. This is not necessarily the case. Someone who looks in the mirror and sees a missing tooth can often feel awkward in social situations. Getting an implant can allow you to get a complete smile again and feel better.

What kind of treatments are available?

Braces- These straighten teeth. People often think of “train track” metal in their mouth but recent developments in the technology have meant they are much less conspicuous than earlier models.
Dentures– As with braces models of these have become more advanced allowing for a more natural look.
Veneers– Porcelain and resin veneers improve the look of teeth.
Implants– Using an implant allows you to replace a tooth. It can be cleaned just like regular teeth.
Whitening– Again this is something that can be misunderstood. Handled properly this can look very natural and improve a smile without a blatantly obvious bleached look.

How do I make sure I get a good one?

It is very simple- talk to them! A good one will be happy to discuss their training and qualifications. Ideally they should also be interested in you and how their skills can contribute to improving your oral health and the aesthetic qualities of your teeth.

It is also a good idea to ask for testimonials so you can talk with people who have used their services and see if they are satisfied with the work they had done.

In short a good cosmetic dentist in Essex can make a big difference to the quality and health of your smile and it is worth getting in touch now to see what they can do for you! Call 01375481000 for a FREE Consultation.


Cosmetic Dentistry Essex



Cosmetic dentistry Essex

Cosmetic can refer to a lot of things. It can refer to airbrushing photos, face creams that fight ageing or operations to lift and tuck certain areas. What does not tend to get associated with is something that can benefit your health as well as your appearance and self confidence. However this is something that Cosmetic dentistry Essex can offer.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

As the name suggests this is a procedure on the teeth that improves their appearance. For example braces are used by children and adults in order to make teeth straighter. Equally implants can be used to fill gaps where broken or missing teeth would be and whitening is often used to make teeth appear….well, whiter!

What makes a cosmetic dentist different from a regular dentist?

A cosmetic dentist can still offer advice on maintaining good oral health. Indeed in some cases this can affect what treatments are available. For example some treatments may not be available if you smoke.

The main difference is that a cosmetic dentist is trained in specific cosmetic procedures such as whitening. While you can get home whitening kits it is best to use the services of a professional, both to ensure that they are doing safely and to get the best possible results.

Another aspect is the aesthetic quality, something the word “cosmetic” would suggest. Some cosmetic dentists work in effect like designers while others do the technical work. Some have an artistic background, ensuring that you get the best possible look from your dental work!

What kind of treatments do cosmetic dentists offer?

Treatments include (but are not limited to)

Porcelain veneers
Braces (Child and adult)

How can I be sure that I have a good cosmetic dentist?

There are numerous things you can ask for in order to tell if they are good-

Proof of experience- Not just qualifications but experience and the amount of successful procedures they have worked on
Before and after photos- Look carefully to see how authentic they look.
What kind of testimonials are available? Can you talk directly to other patients?
Look at the kind of equipment they have and make sure they have been trained to use it.
With regard to specialist treatments ask about the level of experience of the people doing those treatments (for example a ceramicist works on porcelain veneers).
Do they offer a range of options? Ideally during a consultation they ought to explain all the options available to you.

The best thing to do is contact people like Dr Basrai directly so that you can talk to them about how you want to improve your smile. Remember the right cosmetic dentist can offer Cosmetic Dentistry Essex that works for you!


All on 4 Implants in Essex



All on 4 implants in Essex

The technology available to cosmetic dentists is changing all the time. As the procedures and techniques improve this is then passed down to the patients who benefit from quicker and more effective treatments and in turn this reduced time often also results in reduced costs, a good example of this being All on 4 implants in Essex.

What are All on 4 implants?

All on 4 implants are an alternative to dentures and false teeth. It is a dental bridge with four screwed on points (hence the name). The position of these points allows the implants to often be ready in a single day and in a lot of cases without the need for bone grafting.

How can All on 4 implants benefit me?

Benefits include-

Making it easier to eat, thus improving nutrition
Improving facial structure improves speech patterns
A complete smile is shown to increase self confidence
Reduced risk of oral health complications. This is often the most surprising benefit as people do not realise that gum disease can increase the risk of heart disease, lung failure, arthritis and has even been seen as a potential risk factor of getting degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s in later life.

Why would I choose implants rather than dentures?

While some people may choose dentures or bridges because of initial lower cost it is important to remember the long term costs both in terms of additional purchases and restrictions on your lifestyle. These include-

Restrictions in what you can eat due to bridges or dentures coming loose
Adhesives can be messy, plus there is the potential awkwardness that comes with removing them for meals or bedtime.
Dentures have been known to trigger gag reflexes (not a pleasant point admittedly but worth considering)
If dentures are not properly cleaned there is the danger of food getting stuck on them and this encourages the growth of bacteria
The increased risk of gum irritation, leading to discomfort.

Will I have to change my diet?

This is one of the reasons why people prefer implants as opposed to dentures or bridges. Admittedly immediately after the procedure dentists advise you stick with soft foods while the implants are bonded with the tissue (this is a process known as “osseointegration”).

It is also important to avoid smoking and excessive alcohol during this time as it can reduce the effectiveness of the bonding process.

Does the process hurt?

There may be some soreness afterwards. However dentists often have painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication to hand in case there is any pain or swelling.

How do I clean them?

The cleaning process of All on 4 implants is exactly the same as regular teeth! Brushing and flossing can be done normally. Like anyone else regular dental check ups will allow you to ensure that the implants are being properly looked after.

What if I still have questions?

A good cosmetic dentist ought to be prepared for any questions you have, both in terms of the procedure itself and their own capabilities and certification. Contact them today so you can find out more and see how All on 4 implants in Essex could potentially benefit you!


Cosmetic Dentistry in Essex



Cosmetic Dentistry in Essex

The term “cosmetic” used in the same context as “Essex” can often bring up some unfortunate stereotypes. However with Cosmetic Dentistry in Essex this is not just about making yourself look good (although that’s ok too!) With the right treatments you can not only increase self confidence in your appearance but also improve your overall oral health as well.

Aren’t cosmetic procedures expensive?

Not necessarily! As with any service there are different clinics out there and each can offer various price plans depending on the needs of the customers. As technology improves a lot of procedures have become faster but equally more effective, reducing the time spent on them and thus becoming cheaper overall.

What sort of procedures do cosmetic dentists offer?

There is a range of possible options available to you such as-

Dental implants
Porcelain veneers
Teeth whitening

Each of these procedures can improve the look of your teeth but also in the case of treatments such as dental implants can also improve their function.

What other benefits can dentistry offer?

There are many examples. One of the most compelling is the case for procedures that help to shape the teeth or replace missing teeth. These can improve the overall function of the teeth, allowing people to eat what they want and not have to stop exercising for fear that teeth may come loose!

How do I know if a cosmetic dentist is any good?

One of the benefits of the modern era is that information is available with a few clicks on a keyboard. Therefore you can very quickly get feedback. Experienced professionals such as Dr Basrai are also happy to tell you themselves about their experiences and what their training can do to benefit you.

Intriguingly a lot of cosmetic dentists are often artists, either in their spare time or as part of their background training. The reason for this is that even though the process involves a lot of technical knowledge it allows them to ensure the results look good.

Of course the technical side is important as well. However bear in mind with some places there may be one dentist working on the design side while specialist technicians work on the construction of the braces, veneers etc. This is not something to worry about as it works in a similar way to an architect overseeing construction.

I get nervous going to the dentist. Can they deal with that?

This can all be covered in the initial consultation period. If they are good then they also ought to be patient and explain how a procedure works, the amount of check ups and follow ups involved as well as how to ensure anything installed in the mouth is properly looked after.

In simple terms cosmetic dentistry in Essex can not only work on improving appearance and self confidence but could also improve your overall health and well being. Contact us now to see what we can do to make your life better!


Dental Implants in Essex

Dental implants in Essex


Losing a tooth may be exciting when you are a child. You put it under your pillow and next day you get a shiny coin and told how grown up you are. Unfortunately as an adult you have the knowledge a lost tooth won’t grow back. However all is not lost! With dental implants in Essex you can ensure that your tooth can be replaced, making your smile complete once again!

What are dental implants?

As the name suggests these are used instead of teeth. Typically they are made of titanium and placed where the tooth would usually be.

Why would I want dental implants?

Reduce ageing appearance caused by sagging facial muscles (that occur as a result of lost/missing teeth)
Improved dental hygiene
Increase self esteem
No slipping
Long lasting

Where does a dentist put an implant?

An implant can be put in either the upper or lower arches of the teeth. Once it is installed the atrophy that occurs when a tooth is removed can be reversed, producing new tissue.

What if they fall out?

Like a lot of cosmetic dental treatments dental implants are designed to both be very aesthetically pleasing and practical. In simple terms they are usually made of material like titanium so you can be sure they will be securely fixed.
Furthermore the stimulation of new tissue ensures that it will become pretty much become like a part of your teeth.

Will I have to change my diet?

Some people may worry that certain foods may not be available. Thankfully in the case of a dental implant this is not a problem. As a matter of fact many people get dental implants to improve their oral function.

How do I clean them?

You clean them in exactly the same way as regular teeth! They can be flossed and brushed in exactly the same way so you can maintain a healthy smile.

Why would I choose these over dentures?

Dentures can be very effective in allowing people to chew and operate their teeth normally. The problem is some models can wear down. Given that titanium is often used to make a dental implant it tends to be very long lasting (provided you look after them in the right way.)

How can I be sure if these are right for me?

As with any cosmetic dental treatment it depends on the individual. This is why the consultation period before a procedure is essential. Depending on your oral health scans may be required. It can then be established if dental implants are appropriate for you.

Basically it is worth getting in contact today to find out if dental implants in Essex are right for you. You could get a complete smile back today! Visit us on Now And call 01375481000 !


Cosmetic Dentists Essex

Cosmetic dentists Essex

The term “cosmetic” often gives people the impression of something that is fashionable. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good and an industry is based on people maintaining youthful looks. However Cosmetic dentists Essex is about more than just making your face look good (although this is good in and of itself!)

Why is this important?

The mouth (and most specifically the smile) are a big part of appearance. You do not necessarily have to look like a movie star but if you have a good smile and a confident air it can often help charm people.

Think about the situations that can be improved by smiling. A smile often indicates trust, happiness and contentment. If a waiter sees you scowling after you say the food is “fine” they are unlikely to think you are being sincere (even if you are).

What does a cosmetic dentist do?

A cosmetic dentist can look over your teeth in much the same way as a regular dentist does. They can advise you on the state of your oral health in order to make sure that your mouth is properly maintained.

Services that a cosmetic dentist can offer include-

Teeth whitening
Dental implants
Porcelain veneers

I don’t want to look fake. How can I be sure I don’t get whitened teeth that blind people like car headlights?

As with any industry certain myths can persist. There is the idea that anyone can instantly tell if you have had work done on your teeth. However cosmetic dentistry is a fine balance between artistic and technical ability. A good cosmetic dentist knows that the end results have to improve appearance while still appearing to be natural.

That’s all well and good but what else can you offer besides an improvement on the surface?

Depending on the treatment, a lot!

Dental treatments can make it easier for you to eat
They can improve speech, something that is vital if your job requires you to give presentations or you simply want to improve your communication skills. You could be able to recite Shakespeare from memory but it is less impressive if people can’t understand you!
Improved oral health- Dental treatments can reduce the development of gum disease.
Reduced complications- People forget that gum disease can be an initial symptom of serious problems such as heart attacks and lung failure. It may seem strange but regular trips to a dentist can prevent this!

In short cosmetic dentists Essex can offer improved looks, self confidence but also improved oral health as well. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!


Tooth Implants In Essex

Tooth Implants In Essex

Missing a tooth can reduce confidence. Whether you are a man or a woman or at any age it can make you feel self conscious. Tooth implants in Essex can offer a number of benefits including-

A better facial appearance- As well as the obvious (ie a missing tooth) there is the danger that it can affect facial symmetry as the face sags in the area where the tooth is missing.
Less damage to teeth- The danger with some bridges that are fixed on the teeth is that they can cause stress on the teeth.
Cleaning is easy- It is just like brushing and flossing normally!
Better suited to your daily life- Unlike other treatments they are not going to come loose. This means you can exercise, eat any foods you normally like and so on without fear of anything coming loose.
More self confidence- This isn’t just hype! Studies have shown that people with dental implants are statistically more self confident than those without.

How effective are tooth implants?

A recent study showed that 96% of tooth implant procedures are effective. In nature the tooth is held in place by the root. With an implant this is made of metal but in effect replaces where the tooth would normally be, encouraging the growth of tissue and in effect replacing the tooth.

Why titanium?

Dentists tend to use titanium because it is the most compatible with teeth. Once it is installed into the upper or lower jaw tissue grows around it and you can enjoy a complete mouth again.

Who can benefit from dental implants?

If you have a damaged or missing tooth dental implants can be used as an alternative to bridges or dentures. This is especially good for people who have prominent missing teeth but do not want dentures or bridges that could potentially get worn down or slip.

How do I get dental implants?

First of all you need to talk with us and get a Free consultation. We can do scans and look at your overall oral health to see if installing dental implants is appropriate for your personal requirements. Things like how the tooth was damaged and the length of time there has been a gap can affect whether or not the procedure is possible.

How long will the procedure take?

After an initial consultation additional scans and checkups may be required. Your dentist is there to help and can plan a schedule to suit your particular requirements. It is also vital to avoid eating or drinking six hours before the treatment.

Can smoking affect my implant?

While smoking is bad for your health in general people often forget the effect it can have on oral health. Discolouration of the teeth is a consequence of smoking but equally the damage it causes the mouth can lessen the chances of you being allowed implant treatment!

For more information contact us on 01375481000 today!