Month: December 2009

Celebrity Singer Visits Cosmetic Dentist Dr J Basrai

At Chafford Hundred Care in Essex, we celebrate the fact that we treat many celebrities and their families to give them the best smile possible before a Video shoot or going on the red carpet to get their hollywood smile to be the most dazzling and white they can be!

Marcella is a celebrity singer who had some composite artistry done to the front of her teeth before a new appearance on television. Just check her out on our video testimonial and then her videos on this blog.

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Juvederm in Essex

At Chafford Hundred Dental Care, we have introduced a new Fantastic dermal Filler in the heart of our dental offices called Juvederm which has been described in the press as ‘ Natural Beauty without Surgery ‘.
Juvederm provides immediate, natural and long lasting results which has been used in the field of facial beauty .

Juvederm softly lifts and smoothes targeted areas of the face like the nose to lip lines- Nasolabial Folds and the Marionette lines around the corners of the mouth and to plump out your lips.

Juvederm is composed from Hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in our cells and hence it is a safe dermal filler because it emulates
an already natural substance in the body.

You can see the results immediately after correct injection techniques are employed by our dentists.

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Treatment of Lines and Wrinkles?- News to Make you Frown!

Have you heard the latest news from the USA that President Barack Obama is proposing a levy on non sugical procedures such as Botox or Dermal Fillers in 2010 to help with the national debt.
So anyone in the USA who wants a forehead smooth of wrinkles or Lips that are plumped up maybe liable for 10 percent extra on their total bill.

This trend may ultimately lead the UK and Gordon Brown to be thinking along the same lines for a cash strapped economy in a recesssion.

Many men know that women will spend on cosmetic treatments to make themselves feel better about themselves whether the economy is up or down.

So Ladies, grab your slice of magical rejuvenation and erase those lines on your face before Gordon Brown in his infinite wisdom decides to take a slice of your action and impose a 17.5 % tax on your Botox or Botax should i say?

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5 Essential Questions to ask before you have Antiwrinkle Treatment Anywhere??

Many patients come to our dental offices in Chafford Hundred in Essex to have Botox injections. But if you cannot make it to our office , these are the essential questions you must ask!

1. What brand of botulium do you use and why? Is it a Botulium type A ? Is it FDA approved ?

2.How long have you been using the brand? What is your experience with this brand or botulinium?

3. Where will you inject me and what do you expect the injections to achieve?

4.What results do your patients experience and how long do they last?

5.Will you inject me yourself or will a member of your staff? What are their qualifications?

I hope these questions help you to make the correct and safe decision to your Botox Treatments?

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Cosmetic Dentist in Essex by Dr J Basrai. “Smiles by Basrai”

Many patients often ask me why I became a Cosmetic dentist in Essex . I hope the next few paragraphs explain this by changing a simple dental correction to you , we can change the appearance of your face ! A dental reconstruction can take years off a person’s face.
I like to think that we create million dollar smiles but only after you have heard and learned about all of the options available to you. We think of ourselves at Chafford hundred Dental Care as artists in which wellness, integrity and excellence are all performed under one roof. Why, then do you need the unnecessary expense of going to Harley Street and pay excessive fees??

Cosmetic dentistry appeals to my meticulous nature as i tend to be a perfectionist.

Clients travel from near and far from all over the world to have a ” smile by Basrai ” Its become a designer name in the heart of Essex and eventually the world as i am very concerned about giving each patient the result they have always dreamed of. Whether you are an entertainer on Television , a model, a professional footballer, or a homemaker, you will be treated to the same individual care and attention by myself.

What makes us so successful is that we have the ability to listen so that we give you that perfect smile by Basrai!

I end each day by going to the Gym so that i have the energy levels for my working day to drive my passion for my work to exceed your expectations so that we overdeliver each time.

Our speciality is to create beautiful smiles from within with a combination of invisible braces to porcelain veneers to just simply tooth whitening.

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Warm Regards

Dr J Basrai


Botox Injections in the Heart of Essex

Botox or Botulinium toxin A is a prescription drug. Its a neurotoxin that is produced by the Bacterium Clostridium Botulium. This has been used by doctors and opthlamologists for many years to correct Strabismus – this is a condition which one eye has a problem focusing on an object because there is an imbalance of the muscles of the eye.

Botox is also used by dermatologists to severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis or sweating under the armpits excessively. We can also perform this procedure in our practice in Essex.
You will have to shave your armpits first!

The lines around your eyes – the Crows Feet can appear quite early in your life as you may squint your eyes or smoking or there has been too much sun exposure. Dont give in to premature aging that makes you look too old and unhealthy.

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The Inman Aligner in Essex

Everybody nowadays wants things like yesterday because we simply dont have the time. Whether it is faster broadband to instant pizzas- we also want to have straighter teeth quicker and faster.

Thats were the Inman Aligner which is available in essex at Chafford Hundred Dental Care , comes into play.

This is a device which is used to straighten the 4 front upper or 4 lower teeth in as little as 12 to 16 weeks.

There are two components which make up Inman Aligner- the coiled spring which sits behind the teeth and the labial bar which sits on the front of the teeth.

These two devices exert a tensional force in opposite directions on the teeth in a very comfortable way to correct the misaligned teeth.

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The Hollywood Smile in Essex by Dr J Basrai

The Hollywood Smile is the ideal most patients want when they come to our dental office in Essex. But what is a Hollywood Smile ? Well, people want those Angelina Jolie Lips which drape the very white teeth that block out the darkness in the back of the mouth like Cheryl Cole- this black space is often called the Buccal Corridor!

The tips of the top teeth follow the line of the lower lip coming within a millimeter of contact.

The central incisors should be like identical twins and the most prominent with the neighbouring teeth appearing sequentially smaller from the front teeth. This is known as the golden proportion so that each tooth looks one sixteenth smaller than the adjacent tooth.

Men have square teeth to give them a masculine look whereas women should have rounder teeth to give them more of a feminine look.

The teeth should look symmetrical on both sides in terms of its colour , shape and position so that the midline to the face looks ideal!

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Botox -the Good , the Bad and the Ugly in Essex !

Some possible adverse effects of Botox injections can be avoided or minimised with the correct training and placement of the toxin. We have been trained at Chafford Hundred Dental Care by some of the worlds best tutors to give you the best possible result.

Some of the possible side effects are

1. Nausea
4.Dry Mouth
6.Pain and swelling at the injection site.
8.Drooping of the eyebrows-ptosis

These complications are usually mild and need no treatment or are easily treatable.
We at Chafford Hundred Dental Care take a very comprehensive medical history and give very strict post operative instructions after the injections.

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