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Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist In Essex

When people see the term cosmetic dentist in Essex they may be under the misapprehension that people take these treatments purely out of vanity. However the treatments that a cosmetic dentist offers are not only there to make people look good but can also improve your long term oral health and self confidence as well.

What kind of treatments does a cosmetic dentist offer?

There are numerous treatments on offer. What you choose depends largely on how you want to improve your smile and what your cosmetic dentist thinks is most appropriate. Here is a quick overview of what they can do for you-

  • Teeth whitening- Some people may ask “I can get a home whitening kit, why do I need to pay the extra?” The simple fact is that a professional will give you the best results and will also ensure that the whitening is done safely.
  • Adult braces- As with children and teenagers braces allow you to get your teeth straightened. If you are worried about people noticing them you can get clear braces or short term six month models that allow you to wear them for a shorter period of time.
  • Porcelain veneers- Ideal for hiding missing, chipped or misshapen teeth. They also help to improve the look of teeth.
  • Dental implants- As with veneers these can be use to hide missed and chipped teeth but also prevents muscle sagging caused by gaps between teeth.
  • Dentures- There are numerous types available including cosmetic dentures to improve the shape of the mouth.

I don’t want to look like I have work done! Can I get a treatment with a cosmetic dentist that doesn’t look too obvious?


Quite simply yes! An experienced cosmetic dentist will use treatments that improve the look of a smile but equally looks natural so that only an extreme close up observation shows signs of work being done.



What about regular dental appointments?

As well as cosmetic treatments it is also possible to get regular cleaning and checkups with a cosmetic dentist as well!

How can I be sure that I am getting a good cosmetic dentist?

You want to make sure that the person doing the treatments is qualified. The easiest way to check is ask them! A good cosmetic dentist ought to be willing to discuss their experience as well as alleviate any concerns you may have.

They will usually talk with you during any initial consultation. It is also during this time that they may take scans and learn about your oral health to see what treatments are appropriate for you.

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How Tooth Veneers Essex Can Benefit You

There are certain things people feel they wish they could change about their body, things that make them feel self conscious. One area where this is often happens is the teeth. Even if you are careful about how you clean your teeth it can be difficult to get them to a brilliant shine. One way of achieving this without using teeth whitening is tooth veneers Essex.

Why would I want tooth veneers?

As a cosmetic procedure tooth veneers can make teeth look more attractive by adding brighter colouring. This is achieved by placing wafer thin laminates over your teeth.

Other benefits include-

  • Covering chipped or broken teeth for a more complete look
  • Hiding gaps between teeth
  • Cover up misshapen teeth
  • Durable and long lasting treatment that usually does not require any additional procedures in order to be effective
  • Held in place by a very strong bonding agent so you don’t have to worry about them slipping off mid latte!

However looks are not the only aspect of how procedures like this can be beneficial. We associate people who smile with people who are positive and people are more likely to want to smile if they are confident with how their teeth look.

This has a knock on effect as people are more likely to smile and be positive around you if you are confident around them.

How does the procedure work?

The procedure is relatively quick, usually only requiring two visits to complete after the first consultation. The first visit is when the tooth is prepared with a tiny amount of enamel removed in order to get an appropriate veneer.

The second visit is when the veneer gets bonded to the teeth. In case you are worried about it looking fake or overly bright don’t! Your dentist will look at your teeth and choose a shade that is close to your natural shade but will make it look a bit brighter in order to get a good effect without making them excessively bright so that the only people who will know if you have had “work done” will be the people who look close up at your face!

How do I know if tooth veneers are right for me?

Talking with a cosmetic dentist during an initial consultation will help you decide if tooth veneers are appropriate for you. The cosmetic dentist will do scans to check your oral health and to ensure that the treatment is best suited to your needs. Furthermore it is a good opportunity for you to find out more about them and learn more about their skills and experience.



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How You Can Benefit From Dental Implants Essex

The term cosmetic dentistry often suggests something that is an added luxury. However in a lot of cases these procedures can also be beneficial to your oral health and can be effective in combating a lot of long term problems. A good example of an effective long term treatment is dental implants Essex.

Give me an example of why I might need a dental implant.

If you are someone who is very active then there is always the risk of injury at some point. A good example is if you play a team sport such as football. You may be running alongside someone and when you both go for the ball and jump their elbow knocks against your cheek, causing you to chip or lose a tooth.

The sooner you get the implant instead of leaving a gap the easier it will be to have a complete mouth again without feeling self conscious. And because it is titanium it is not going to come loose easily!

How can I benefit from dental implants?

  • Get better support for dentures, bridges and crowns
  • Fix chipped, broken or missing teeth
  • Can be used as an alternative to dentures
  • Help to prevent the muscles in the face from sagging and maintain a healthy jaw line.
  • Once installed they can be cleaned and looked after in the same way as a regular tooth.



How does the process work?

Before any procedure starts the cosmetic dentist should have an initial consultation with you. This gives them the chance to assess your oral health and decide if dental implants are an appropriate option for you, usually after some scans have been done.

The procedure itself takes around three to six months. The dentist fuses the implant to the jawbone, using a temporary tooth to ensure that the roots will fuse with the implant. After the procedure is complete the implant is then inserted.

How long does an implant last?

As with any form of dental procedure the length of time depends on how well you look after your teeth after the procedure is done. Provided you keep cleaning your teeth and the implant in the right way the implant should stay in for at least 15 to 20 years!

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Getting Dermal Fillers in Essex

You may have seen adverts that discuss “signs of ageing”. Inevitably these adverts will discuss the skin, showing in grisly detail what happens. What you may not know is that these processes can be reversed. Now you can get Dermal Fillers in Essex you can find a way to make your skin look younger. Continue reading Getting Dermal Fillers in Essex


Cosmetic dentist Essex

Cosmetic dentist in Essex

You should never underestimate the power of a smile. It can help build trust, start conversations and make people feel comfortable. In turn this can make you feel confident and this positive feeling can feed into your daily life. And a good cosmetic dentist in Essex can help with this.

What is a cosmetic dentist?

Cosmetic dentistry is described as “a branch of dentistry that deals with the appearance of teeth”. On the basic level this makes the profession sound superficial, as if it purely deals with the aesthetic quality of the teeth.

Cosmetic dentists also deal with the oral health aspect as well. After all if you don’t look after your teeth this will harm the aesthetic qualities of your teeth. In case you’re not aware various things can affect the visual quality of your teeth-

Poor oral hygiene
Stains caused by food and drink
Stains caused by persistent smoking

How does cosmetic dentistry benefit me?

The problem is that when people hear the word “cosmetic” they associate it with something frivolous or unnecessary. This is not necessarily the case. Someone who looks in the mirror and sees a missing tooth can often feel awkward in social situations. Getting an implant can allow you to get a complete smile again and feel better.

What kind of treatments are available?

Braces- These straighten teeth. People often think of “train track” metal in their mouth but recent developments in the technology have meant they are much less conspicuous than earlier models.
Dentures- As with braces models of these have become more advanced allowing for a more natural look.
Veneers- Porcelain and resin veneers improve the look of teeth.
Implants- Using an implant allows you to replace a tooth. It can be cleaned just like regular teeth.
Whitening- Again this is something that can be misunderstood. Handled properly this can look very natural and improve a smile without a blatantly obvious bleached look.

How do I make sure I get a good one?

It is very simple- talk to them! A good one will be happy to discuss their training and qualifications. Ideally they should also be interested in you and how their skills can contribute to improving your oral health and the aesthetic qualities of your teeth.

It is also a good idea to ask for testimonials so you can talk with people who have used their services and see if they are satisfied with the work they had done.

In short a good cosmetic dentist in Essex can make a big difference to the quality and health of your smile and it is worth getting in touch now to see what they can do for you!

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Obtain the Benefits of a New Smile

Obtain the Benefits of a New Smile

The Benefits of a New Smile if penned down, the list will be endless. Smile makes a person look attractive; it helps to change the mood and is a stress reliever. Smile also helps the immune system to work better and many more. Smile on a face brightens up the day. One can smile without any reason as smile does not cost anything instead it helps to gain a lot. But to bring that smile on one’s face the most important factor is the teeth. Teeth has to be in proper shape, must be aligned properly and it also must be white in color. Only then can one feel more confident to smile.
The benefits of a new smile first reflects on the appearance
Perfect smile counts a lot but to get that perfect smile one’s appearance also has to be perfect. The Benefits of a New Smile can hence bring lots of benefits to one’s appearance. Human race is trained in such a way that they first notice the bad part. Each tooth in a mouth is very important. Every single tooth has its own function. Loss of even one tooth makes one’s appearance look bad and un-attractive. That would again make an embarrassing situation. Appearance matters a lot when one has to appear in public and speak to them and smile. Thus it is very important to look after the teeth and it is also very important to visit the dentist regularly.
The Benefits of a New Smile is that it can bring joy and laughter
The Benefits of a New Smile can bring a lot of joy and laughter in one’s life. Sometimes the appearance of a person matters a lot if working in an organization. He or she might sometimes have to face some comments from the colleagues because of a bad tooth. That would make one’s confidence level decrease and would affect the work results. Thus by regular dental visit and proper treatments, one can get a white and beautiful smile that would help to bring a new and better job prospects. When people see that a person has a perfect smile then they tend to think that he or she is healthy, neat and tidy.
Thus, the benefits of a New Smile is innumerable. People are always impressed by white and beautiful smile. Showing off those pearly white teeth makes a lot of difference. People say that beautiful and white smile does many amazing things and it does get noticed very easily. A person with dull and stained teeth also gets noticed but people start getting negative feelings. Food sometimes brings lot of damage to one’s teeth. Thus it is advised to brush teeth morning, noon and night. Many different treatments or process are available nowadays for tooth whitening, dental implants, problem related to cavities etc. The Benefits of a New Smile can actually spark one’s positive nature. New smile therefore brings lot of new changes in life.


About Cosmetic Dentistry in Essex

About Cosmetic Dentistry in Essex

Essex is a popular county, east of England. It is one of the best counties that have witnessed a large number of clients seeking cosmetic dentistry. This is a beauty procedure that has given many with poor dental alignment a reason to smile with confidence. Cosmetic Dentistry in Essex is additionally a popular procedure that enhances an individual’s self esteem. This is because it is a large dental field and involves corrective treatments. Today, there are many cosmetic dentists in the region and clients have a wide selection from which, to choose the best dentist for their personal needs.
If you reside in Essex and you feel that your smile is not the best, you can always visit a cosmetic dentist to enhance your looks. A Dentist in our office will analyze your situation and recommend the best option to clean or realign your teeth. Note that the procedures vary depending on the needs of a patient. There is a wide range of orthodontic treatments to choose from including Inman aligner, invisalign and Damon self ligating brackets. A dentist will therefore analyze your needs and recommend a treatment that meet your needs best. Note that the right treatment enables you to get impressive results and a smile that enhances your self esteem. Therefore take time to consult with a medic and settle for an ideal Cosmetic Dentistry in Essex treatment.
Cosmetic Dentistry in Essex is also excellent if you want to replace missing or damaged teeth. This can be done through dentures, bridges, crowns and implants. These are highly recommended for anyone who wishes to fill a gap that causes speech problems as well as discomfort when eating. Note that missing teeth can cause these problems in the future and a dentist will recommend a restorative treatment that works best for you. Therefore, if you have missing teeth, it is imperative to look for the best cosmetic dentist and settle for an ideal treatment to prevent future complications.

Cosmetic dentistry in the county is also an excellent way to enhance your dental health. There are many dentists in Essex who specialize in teeth cleaning. This is a procedure that helps to clear your teeth of any ugly spots thus making your teeth white and shiny. Teeth whitening sessions are incredible and help to enhance your self esteem. This is because you won’t have to hide your smile because of discolored teeth. What’s more, an expert can always recommend the best dental practices to help prevent future teeth discoloration and veneers if you have a cracked or a chipped tooth.
Cosmetic dentistry is an excellent way to enhance your dental health and to achieve a perfect smile. There are many cosmetic dentists in Essex and you can always settle for a dentist that meets your needs best. However, ensure to look for a well trained, highly skilled, well reputed, honest and experienced dentist. Such a dentist is in a better position to deliver quality services. Utilize the internet to learn of the best dentists to settle for in Essex. More importantly, choose a clinic that enables you to go for regular checkups to maintain your dental and oral health.

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10 things to know before picking a Cosmetic Dentist in Essex

It is very difficult to get a cosmetic dentist who is right for you, irrespective of the amount of time you spend browsing the Internet for articles on dentistry. Such articles only describe dental experience and skills however interpersonal skills are also very important. Here are 10 things to know before picking a cosmetic dentist in Essex so that your search becomes easier.
• Do not go to the first dentist you come across on the street. Carry out extensive research. Not all cosmetic dentists would be recognized by the Dentists Association in the country you live in. Hence look for certifications and licenses. Ask friends to recommend dentists. In this way you would be able to get at least one name.
• Consider training that the cosmetic dentist has undergone in the field of cosmetic dentistry. See if the degree they have acquired is from among the top schools of dentistry. Being a licensed cosmetic dentist is not enough. Considerable experience and skill in the field is very important.
• Undergo dental examination. Ask them for a dental examination as it is the best way of knowing if a cosmetic dentist is good. Such an examination is affordable compared to any cosmetic treatment. This would help you in determining if the dentist deals with you in a professional manner. You would also be able to experience office environment. Is the dentist well organized? Is the office tidy and neat?
• Ask what is to be done to your pearly whites so that you get the perfect smile. Experienced dentists would consider all the dental problems you are suffering from and recommend many options. A cosmetic dentist should ideally consider the structure of your facial bone and shape of the gums and lips. They could suggest the treatment of braces, reconstruction or other procedures. See if the dentist is able to provide recommendations well.
• Observe how the cosmetic dentist approaches you. Dentists have to be friendly and warm. This is very important because there are a lot of people who are not happy to meet them. The ones who are nice and friendly would be able to calm the patients. This would make them feel very comfortable.
• Take a look at the work the dentists have done on their previous patients. This is the best way of evaluating the experience and skill of the dentist rather than just browsing through their portfolio.
• See that the dentist does not enjoy any bad press. Bad news about the dentist will work against them. Go for a dentist who has a great reputation.
• Think about median cost. Dentists with less experience would not charge higher fees because they want to build their practice. Those who are established would charge exorbitant rates. Go for one who charges reasonable fees so that they would give you a sparkly smile without burning a phone in your pocket.
• Rein in your expectations. Your budget would influence services you are given. You should not expect a lot if the price point is the lowest. Many people complain that their teeth have not gone white after undergoing basic teeth cleaning procedures. Bleaching procedures are a lot more expensive than basic cleaning. This treatment would be done only if you ask for it specifically or the dentist advises it and the patient agrees.
• Ask who would be doing the procedure. At times, the cosmetic dentist would make you extremely comfortable in the first appointment however during the next visit you might be surprised to find another person applying braces or installing dental implants. If the cosmetic dentist would not be performing the procedure themselves, you could ask them to acquaint you with the one who would.


Dentists Can Save your Life!

Thus Video Explains the importance of Gum disease and Heart disease and Uncontrolled Diabetes. We have a Dental Therapist and Hygienist who can help to ensure that your mouth is in optimal condition. Call 01375481000 to schedule a Consulatation ASAP if you need a full assessment of your mouth with Dr J Basrai and his team @ Chafford Hundred Dental Care.


Hollywood Smiles in Essex

Aside from looking beautiful, having flawless skin, having a healthy body and donning designer clothes, there’s another important thing that Hollywood celebrities focus on- that which is having a perfect smile. Sometimes a disarming smile is enough to captivate other people’s attention. This is actually the reason why the so-called Hollywood dentistry in Essex, England is increasing in terms of popularity. There’s an increasing number of people who would want to be able to flash their most stunning, camera-worthy smile so they opt to visit the best dental clinics in town.

For most people in London, Essex is definitely the right place to go to when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. There are several dentists in the area who specialize in reconstructive surgery to help patients achieve that perfect smile. Hollywood dentistry in Essex often includes services such as tooth colored fillings, crowns and veneers, lumineers, teeth whitening, clear braces or invisalign, implants, crown lengthening, flexible dentures, restorative dentistry, etc. Almost every type of dental service is offered here so, patients need not look elsewhere if they need several types of treatment. Dentists and orthodontists in Essex are duly licensed so patients are sure that they are getting treatment from an expert in the field. Most of the clinics that offer Hollywood dentistry in Essex have state-of-the-art facilities so you are assured that procedures are safe and effective. As with the cost of dental or cosmetic dentistry procedures, they usually vary depending on your case and specific doctor’s fee. But all in all, most of the clinics in Essex charge reasonable rates for their services.

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