Getting Dermal Fillers in Essex

You may have seen adverts that discuss “signs of ageing”. Inevitably these adverts will discuss the skin, showing in grisly detail what happens. What you may not know is that these processes can be reversed. Now you can get Dermal Fillers in Essex you can find a way to make your skin look younger.

What are dermal fillers?

In order to explain what dermal fillers are you need to know how your skin works. Skin contains a substance called hyaluronic acid. Now when people hear something contains acid it sounds dangerous. For example you probably would think twice about something that contains asorbic acid and yet this is another name for Vitamin C, something that is crucial to health (and incidentally also good for the skin)

Hyaluronic acid is what gives youthful skin its fullness. As the amount in your cells reduce over time you end up with various effects such as lines and wrinkles.

How do I know what ones are right for me?

You can find various products advertised as dermal fillers. The ones that are the most effective tend to be the ones that are injected into the skin. As well as being effective the process is very quick and the effects tend to be seen almost straight away!

Why choose dermal fillers?

The problem with surgical procedures is that they take time and you may not see the effects until some time afterwards, as well as the additional expense involved. They also provide more tangible benefits than a number of high street wrinkle creams. While these do provide benefits for the skin such as additional moisturisation they are unlikely to give the same “wow factor” that a dermal filler can.

Are they painful?

The vast majority of dermal fillers are not painful. They have been proven to work and also proven to be safe to use.

It won’t look fake, will it?

This is a fair concern. It is similar to people wanting to avoid neon orange fake tans. If you want to get the benefits but without it looking too obvious it is best to go with a certified practitioner who has the experience to do the procedure properly.

If you have any concerns about dermal fillers and want to know more then it is best to discuss this with an experienced practitioner like Dr Basrai, who will be happy to talk with this in more depth so you can find out how you can benefit from dermal fillers in Essex.



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