Month: February 2010

Emergency Dentist in Essex

When you have toothache, patients often tell me that they simply want to rip their head off their shoulders or want to extract their own tooth with pliers from a garage. Not Recommended ! On a scale of 1 to 10 they say emphatically its a 100 or the pain is worse than having a BABY!

The causes of tooth ache can be due to a number of reasons from tooth decay a wisdom tooth coming thrun, an abcess in the tooth or gum , food impaction stuck between your teeth and gums , an ulcer or an infection in your sinuses.

Prior to seeing an emergency dentist in Essex, you could try the following.

1. Make sure you have something to eat before you do this! Take 4 tablets of 200 Milligrams of Ibuprofen tablets which equates to 800 milligrams. Because toothache is always an inflammatory response, taking something like Nurofen which help reduce the swelling inside the tooth. You only do this once in a day!!! Make sure you are not asthamatic. This should only be done if you do not have an allergy to these antiinflammatories.
You can also take Paracetemol if you need to be.

2. You could also use warm salt mouthwashes as a rinse to help with wisdom tooth pain. Corsodyl Mouthwash or any Chlorohexidine Mouthrinses could also be used for a short time ie 2 weeks to prevent staining of your teeth.

3.Use a dental floss or any interdental aids like Tepe Brushes to remove any food substances like pieces of meat .

4. If you have a hole in your tooth, place a temporary filling in the tooth bought from your local Pharmacy and then see the emergency dentist in Essex asap by giving us a call on 01375481000 Now!

You may need root canal treatment to help get rid of the infection of the tooth or alternatively have it removed!


Cosmetic Dentistry and Valentines Day!

Cosmetic Dentistry can seriously affect your love life especially as Valentines Day is coming . If you feel embarassed to smile or even kiss your partner this Valentines Day due to Bad breath or an Ugly Smile , then give us a call to give a Smile Makeover before you get a Kiss Off from your partner.

Why Wait? From the simplest technique to Whitening your teeth , or having the deep stains removed from your teeth due to tea , coffee or smoking then lets get your love life into gear!

Dont let cost be a hindrance or deterrent to you having the smile of your life as we have the facility to offer you interest free options. Hence, no more excuses!

I dont have the time i hear you say!!

We can offer you a weekend appointment so working hours is no longer an issue!

Give us a call on 01375481000 Now for a Valentines Free Consultation when you have read this Blog!

See you soon- Minus the Red Rose Please! Chocolates always welcome.


Antiwrinkle Treatments in Essex

Antiwrinkle Treatments and Dermatologists

There are many types of antiwrinkle treatments in Essex and the surrounding areas, and you will want to know a bit about each one before going forward with the procedure of choice. You might wish for just the slightest and least intrusive options, or you may be searching for a way of completely plumping and defining your look. Either way, there are professionals available who offer specialized antiwrinkle treatments in Essex, and you are well on your way to being thoroughly satisfied with your appearance and your experience. The choices that you will make should be dependent upon the results that you desire and upon the advice of your chosen professional, so get ready to ask plenty of questions before settling into a plan.

Moving forward with antiwrinkle treatments in Essex will take just a few moments of your time in the form of interviewing the professionals who interest you the most. This is important, as you want to feel understood and informed before you decide on the treatments and procedures that you are going to pay for. If free consultations are offered to you, you should certainly take full advantage of them. This type of service can be costly, so if you can find antiwrinkle treatments in Essex that are the result of a free consultation and exam, this is a great thing.

Antiwrinkle treatments in Essex are performed by specialists in the field of dermatology, and this is an important prerequisite that you should be looking for when you interview and consult with the doctors that you choose. Only after you have been completely set at ease and had everything explained to you should you settle into an office and begin the procedure that you are after. The professionals performing antiwrinkle treatments in Essex should be able to put you at ease and make sure that you know what to expect throughout your entire experience.

Looking for antiwrinkle treatments in Essex will be made easier for you by keeping a short list handy of your questions and concerns before making your phone calls. You might want to know how long the practice has been performing antiwrinkle treatments in Essex, as well as pricing, discomforts, the length of time of treatment and how long it will last, and any other things that are important to you. This is your body, and you are the only one who can ensure that you are in good hands whenever you make improvements or changes.


Finding Invisalign Braces in Essex

You can easily find Invisalign Braces in Essex, and all over the country for that matter. These special braces are like no other developed up until this time in history, and are meant for the short term and very comfortable training of gapped or crooked teeth in both adults and youth. When seeking a dentist who provides Invisalign Braces in Essex, be sure to have your dental history ready and prepare yourself for a complete examination and consultation. You will need to be approved for the use of this device to ensure that it will actually work for your situation and the current condition of your smile.

Envisaging Braces, in Essex and the surrounding areas, are very popular today as they allow for a greater amount of freedom and comfort. The old metal braces are still used but are quite a bit more intrusive and visible, and they also require a lot more special care than do these new, removable options. When seeking Invisalign Braces in Essex, you will be offered a way of straightening and taming your smile with very little discomfort, and you will be offered the confidence to where your new braces in social and work situations without being noticed.

Invisalign Braces in Essex need to be worn for all but three hours of each and every day. This is the only way that you will achieve the benefits that you deserve from this revolutionary new device. This is part of what makes the device a questionable alternative for younger children, as they will have complete control over when it is worn and when it is not. Parents seeking Invisalign Braces in Essex will do well to consult with the dentist about the age of the patient and about the likelihood that the device will be effective for treating that child.

As you check into dentists who provide Invisalign in Essex, you will want to be sure that they are qualified to do all of the work and measurements necessary to make the device work for you. You might interview a few separate offices in order to be sure that you are comfortable with your new oral health provider, as this will be important going forward. In order for you to be satisfied with your Invisalign Braces in Essex and be sure that you keep up with your regular sizing appointments and other business, be sure that your new office is within close range of your home as well.


Sedation Dentistry in Essex

The Significance of Sedation Dentistry for all Ages
Does the thought of a visit to the dentist make you a bit nervous? For many people the idea of a filling or other dental experience is beyond nerve-wracking, and can even lead to outright panic. Fortunately for such people there are options for sedation dentistry in Essex. This is an approach to dental care that allows even the most nervous patient to enjoy a relaxing and entirely pain-free office visit.
Obviously a simple exam or check-up will never require any sort of sedation or treatment with medication, but even the most standardized dental procedures can lead to discomfort or fear. For instance, a filling or proper gum cleansing can often be painful enough to cause the patient undue stress, and the availability of sedation dentistry in Essex can quickly alleviate a patient’s upset and concern.
How does it work? There are several approaches to sedation dentistry in Essex including intravenous methods, oral medications, and the use of special gases administered through a comfortable breathing apparatus. Each has its benefits, but most patients will need to sit down with their dentist in advance of any procedures in order to get the proper medical details and clearance for usage. For example, someone with a respiratory issue may need to use a mild sedative to ensure safety, and only through a frank and honest consultation can the best and safest options be determined.
It is important to understand that not all orthodontists, oral surgeons, and dentists will offer every option for sedation dentistry. Some focus on sleep dentistry while others rely on techniques that leave the patient entirely conscious but deeply relaxed, and it will be up to the patient to determine which are available through their provider.
It is also important to recognize the fact that some dentists even cater to patients afraid of any sort of dental procedure. They will generally find that a dentist of this kind uses specialized equipment and approaches to everything from cleaning and fillings in order to keep the patient as comfortable, relaxed and pain free as possible too.
While actual sedation dentistry in Essex may not be available for very young patients, unless due to an emergency situation, there are always going to be several options for less stressful dentistry available. It is interesting to note that standard dentists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists will all make some sort of accommodation for those made nervous and panicky by dental work. This fact alone is often a significant comfort to those who suffer from such difficulties.


Dental Emergency in Essex

Using Emergency Dentistry / Dentist Care
A vast majority of people will be forced to seek out emergency dental care at one time or another. Though some instances might not seem like a qualified emergency – such as the loss of a crown – the fact of the matter is that the sooner care is sought out, the better the long-term results.
When in need of emergency dentistry / dentist in Essex it is likely that you will run across those who focus on cosmetic emergencies, oral surgery emergencies, or generalized dental care. What is the best choice? In a very simplified answer to such a question, it is best to work with a dental provider who can cover just about any issue.
For example, the emergency dentistry / dentist in Essex should be able to help with something as major as a broken or lost tooth, but should also consider a broken denture or severe toothache as an emergency too. A reliable practitioner will usually make on-call or emergency services available, and may in fact emphasize the need to always act fast in order to ensure good oral health.
Generally speaking, any dental situation in which there is pain on a prolonged basis is going to qualify as an emergency. Whether the pain is from a swollen gum or a problem with fillings, dentures or braces, the best way to keep the entire mouth in good health is to address the situation as soon as possible. It is also good to know how your particular dental professional handles emergencies. For instance, one office might consider priority visits early in the morning as a way of treating an emergency, but others may make a full-time dental professional available around the clock.
Which is the best way to go? While there are many debates about the availability of Emergency Dentistry / Dentist in Essex and elsewhere, it is wisest to simply consider your needs on an individual basis. Someone with relatively good dental health and who doesn’t practice any activities or hobbies that could put their teeth at risk for harm (such as contact sports or bicycling) may be comfortable waiting for the next available appointment, while someone with young children or chronic dental issues may want a twenty-four hour service.
This is the reason it is a good idea to always “shop around” between providers before selecting one to provide the bulk of your dental care. Any emergency can become a costly one, but when the Emergency Dentistry / Dentist in Essex is required to take x-rays or do a comprehensive exam due to a lack of patient information the costs can be much higher. This is the reason to ensure a regular dentist can also be an emergency provider too.


Understanding Six Month Smiles in Essex

Understanding Six Month Smiles
It is never too late to get a flawless smile, and Six Month Smiles in Essex is a great way for someone of any age to straighten and improve the looks of their teeth. What is Six Months Smile? It is a patented approach to aligning the teeth and the bite using an almost a series of invisible orthodontic devices known as “trays”.
When seeking Six Month Smiles in Essex it helps to understand that they must be received via a qualified orthodontic and dental professional. This is because the patient must first be assessed for suitability – this is due to the fact that not all patients have a bite pattern or orthodontic need that is suited to the use of the devices – and must also understand how to use the materials they receive. Each set of trays is custom-made for the patient’s teeth, and these are designed to take a six-month (on average) approach to tooth alignment.
The Six Month Smiles have earned their name from the fact that most patients do see complete results in a, roughly, six month span. They are often viewed as far less expensive than traditional braces or cosmetic applications such as veneers, and are selected by many people because of their near invisibility. The patient usually has their personal set of trays made, but these are then provided on a regular basis through their dental professional.
This means that someone getting Six Month Smiles in Essex would have to visit their dental professional in order to move to the next tray in their custom series. This sort of approach ensures that the teeth are realigning in the desired way and that there is not any compromise in the overall health of the teeth and gums.
The major benefit to this approach to improving the looks of the smile is that it does allow someone of any age to straighten their teeth without the discomfort of standard braces. Not many adults are able or willing to have standard orthodontic equipment such as braces applied to their teeth because of their unattractive appearance and difficult maintenance, so the Six Month Smiles in Essex is a perfect solution for those ready to enhance their appearance in a proven, safe, and private way.
It all begins with a consultation in order to assess the bite, and the provider of the service must have certification in the Six Month Smiles treatment in order to provide care.


Toothache in Essex

The Causes of a Toothache
A toothache can be among the most persistent and uncomfortable conditions imaginable and most people want to end their pain as quickly as possible. It is interesting to know that there are a few reasons that people experience extreme discomfort in their teeth. For instance, decay in the actual body of the tooth can cause irritation to the nerves, but so too can the compression caused by teeth-grinding as well. If you need assistance with a toothache in Essex you are in luck because the area has a large number of well-qualified professionals.
Anyone dealing with a serious toothache in Essex is going to have to first consult with a dental professional to discover the underlying cause. This might mean making an office visit in order to have an examination, x-rays, and any other treatments done in order to identify the problem. Sometimes a patient may be found to have a very serious issue that requires expansive care, such as the need for a crown, root canal or even extraction. Alternately, someone with a toothache in Essex may simply need a traditional filling to address the issue, but either problem requires that a preliminary examination is made.
In addition to handling such issues as a toothache, a modern dental professional should also be able to review the sort of preventative dental care that the patient requires too. For instance, someone with stress fractures to their teeth (due to night time grinding) may need a custom guard made to prevent continuing damage. Alternately, someone may need a thorough cleaning and removal of any plaque or tartar buildup that is causing serious damage or discomfort too.
A toothache can often be a warning sign that the patient is failing to provide their teeth with the proper care, and when treating a toothache in Essex, the dental professional will also usually inquire of the patient about many day to day tooth care issues. They might ask the patient about the frequency of their flossing and brushing, the variety of mouthwash or mouth rinse that they use, and even the type of toothpaste that they rely upon. The answers to such questions uncover the behaviors and choices that can lead to dental problems such as decay or gum disease.
When selecting a professional to treat toothache in Essex it is always a good idea to explore a few options and to work with someone who provides the type of care or treatments that will be needed. For instance, there are cosmetic, family, and specialty dentists available to choose from.


Cosmetic Dentistry in Essex

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry
If you are considering cosmetic dentistry in Essex you may be glad to hear about the many benefits from such a choice. Not only will you be able to rest assured that you will soon have a brilliant and picture perfect smile, but will also enjoy wealth of additional services too.
For instance, cosmetic dentistry in Essex is quite likely to provide you with the technologies to detect any underlying problems with the health of the teeth or gums, the most up to date materials and approaches to the work, and quite often a patient will find that they experience top-notch service too. Not only that, but also most dental professionals are well-aware of the fact that a patient may not be able to pay for all of their treatment “up front” and the best providers will also offer flexible financing or payment arrangements when required.

Many consumers view cosmetic dental procedures as those geared strictly at improving the “looks” of the smile, but no one will be happy with just a pretty smile if it isn’t comfortable or healthy. The best cosmetic dentistry professionals will have a variety of certifications and training experiences to ensure each patient the very best in overall dental health and safety. This means that the smile will be bright and attractive, but also that the gums will be at their very healthiest and that all possible dental conditions will have been addressed as well.
In addition to simply enhancing the looks of a smile, a qualified provider of cosmetic dentistry in Essex is likely to offer restorative services too. Whether someone has suffered trauma or an accident that has harmed their teeth, or whether some underlying conditions or behaviors have stained or injured the teeth, a cosmetic dental professional will be able to help. Their menu of services might also cover jaw or head issues related to such behaviors as teeth gritting or jaw injury, and some even offer emergency care too.
This all adds up to the fact that cosmetic dentistry in Essex may be an all-around solution for someone hoping to improve the appearance of their smile, or it might be a good way for a patient to have all of their dental care and upkeep handled in one location. It does pay to “shop around” and seek out professionals offering the services that are desired, and to also make certain that they are as qualified and experienced as they should be too.


Six Month Braces in Essex

Relying on Six Month Braces
Anyone who has ever seen someone with a mouth full of metal braces and wires is not likely to want to endure such an experience themselves. In fact, the overall appearance of traditional braces is what makes so many people loathe to use them, even if they need to have their bite aligned or teeth straightened. Fortunately, there are Six Month Braces in Essex that can comfortably, discreetly, and permanently improve the smile in roughly six month’s time.
Six Month Braces are far different from the old-fashioned metal and wire configurations, and are almost invisible to detection. They are colored to the exact same hue or shade as the patient’s teeth, and are designed to function in a much more accelerated pace than standard orthodontic systems.
Patients who obtain Six Month Braces in Essex will also be able to enjoy the fact that the braces are not going to cause any sort of damage to the roots or the gums. One of the main problems with the use of braces is that they often put undue strain on the roots, and this leads to many problems should the patient suffer any sort of gum disease at a later date. The Six Month Braces do not compromise the teeth, roots, or gums because of their special design that incorporates a retainer system in addition to the braces, and this means that almost anyone is a suitable candidate for their use.
There are some patients who require the sort of massive undertaking and lengthy realignment processes that standard braces provide, but a vast majority of adults over the age of fifteen tend to be suitable candidates for Six Month Braces in Essex.
In addition to the benefits already mentioned, it is important to also note that the Six Month Braces usually also come at a far lower cost or price than standard braces because of their different material needs and the shortened treatment period. Instead of the usual twelve months or more, a patient relying on the Six Month Braces approach will have their treatment completed in roughly four to nine months on average. Eliminating dozens of visits to the orthodontist’s office is only one way that reduces the overall costs of this option.
Naturally, the Six Month Braces are a specialty treatment that requires a dental or orthodontic professional to get certification and training. This means that not all providers will be able to offer this approach to enhancing the smile. If seeking Six Month Braces in Essex, it is a good idea to ensure that the professional selected for service is able to offer such treatment.