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Invisalign Braces Essex

Invisalign Braces Essex


A lot of people dread having their photo done. In the old days this would mean the occasional school photo or holiday snap. Unfortunately in the days of camera phones digital pictures can be taken at any time, increasing the fear that someone will see a crooked smile or a gap in the teeth. But there is no need to hide behind a scowl with Invisalign braces Essex!

What are Invisalign braces?

There are two parts to this. The first part is that Invisalign braces do the work of normal braces, straightening teeth and improving the quality of a smile.

The other side of this is that as the name suggests Invisalign braces are basically invisible. This is because they are made of a clear plastic that you can only really see if you are looking up very closely!

OK so people may not be able to tell I’m wearing braces. But surely with those things clamped on I won’t be able to eat or sleep comfortably?

This is indeed a concern with a lot of people when they were braces that have to be fixed on. It is indeed true that with older models (especially fixed ones) it can restrict what you can eat.

However this is not the case with Invisalign for the very simple fact that you do not need to wear them all the time! If you want to eat, sleep or go for a run you can simply take them out!


Aren’t braces for kids?

Quite simply no! Adult braces have been used for a long time to help people correct problems such as gaps between their teeth and misaligned teeth.

How does the process work? I don’t want someone hard selling me a treatment I don’t want or need.

A professional cosmetic dentist like Dr J Basrai will look at your oral health and decide if Invisalign braces are suitable. It is difficult to say whether or not they will be suitable for you as everyone is different. However a large number of people have benefited from using them, including a number of high profile celebrities!

The process usually takes around 12 months but may take longer depending on the alignment process, with some cases proving more complex than others. After a consultation, scans and impressions can be made to produce tailored aligners to suit your teeth (these will usually need to be changed every two or weeks or so during the treatment process).

The best thing to do is to discuss this during an initial consultation so you can get the full information on this. Get in contact today to find out more and see if Invisalign braces Essex can give you a clearer smile!

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Invisalign I7 Braces

The Invisalign I7 are the newest invisible braces which will make you smile as it is designed for patients who are unhappy with their front 8 Teeth . This maybe either your top or bottom teeth.

Results using I7 can be achieved in as little as 3 months ie 12 weeks. It’s that quick and efficient and we can use a Clincheck – which is a computer simulation of the before and after results of your new smile.

This technology is state of the art and is available at our dental office at Chafford Hundred Dental Care in Essex.

If you are looking for an aesthetic and very convenient way to treat your crowded or mildly spaced teeth – the Invisalign I7 brace could be the way forward for you.

You get up to 7 aligners per arch.

The results can be as little as 3 Months.


They usually have specialised buttons to help you get an optimum result.

Invisalign now has given over 1.7 Million patients worldwide more reasons to smile.

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Wish to know the Benefits of Invisalign Braces

Wish to know the Benefits of Invisalign Braces

What are the Benefits of Invisalign Braces?

If this is the question you have then the answer is in the following lines. Invisalign is one of the orthodontic treatments and in this process the aligners are invisible virtually. It is used as an alternative to metal dental braces.

Invisalign Braces are a better option than metal dental braces as there are no negative effects and overall it is not painful. Invisalign treatment is the best treatment set by the dentist or orthodontist.

Invisalign braces treatment techniques are very clear and the aligner which is used gradually straightens the teeth. Wires or metals are not used in this technique.

The best thing about Invisalign braces is that they are very comfortable and can be removed very easily. These braces do not require frequent dentist visit. It is applicable for people of all ages.
One of the benefits of Invisalign braces: Best smile treatment

The Benefits of Invisalign Braces may vary for people of different ages. It is seen that the Invisalign braces are very popular among adults. They want to straighten their teeth without using those metals and wires. Hence these braces are the best option for them. Invisalign treatments are the most appropriate treatment for those people who do not want to get noticed when wearing those braces. By wearing these braces one can expect less gum disease and less tooth decay.

It can also be removed while eating food. Invisalign braces are more expensive as compared to those traditional braces. Hence it is worth spending the money. Invisalign braces are becoming more popular as it offers relief and various other benefits in comparison to those traditional braces.
The benefits of Invisalign braces includes the hygiene factor

The Benefits of Invisalign Braces offers a perfect smile and that can be said as the most important advantage of Invisalign Braces. In addition, hygiene is an important factor for any treatment. While looking into the beneficial part, sometimes people tend to forget about the hygiene aspect. It is very important to undergo hygienic treatment especially when it comes to teeth. Treatment with Invisalign braces come in a pack which is sealed and sterilized properly. It is very clean and hygienic when opened for the first time. Before opening the pack it is always important to wash hands properly with a soap or hand sanitizer.

Individuals using Invisalign braces can enjoy an active participation in any sports and can even attend any special occasion. This is another important factor of the benefits of Invisalign Braces.

There is also no serious damage to gum and lips on using Invisalign braces. Apart from teeth straightening these braces also helps in improving speech impediment. It is seen that there are many patients who are satisfied completely with the Invisalign Braces treatment. In short we can say that Invisalign Braces treatment has very less complaints.

It may be little costly but it is worth spending that extra money. Most important part about this Invisalign Braces treatment is that it typically takes very less time. Thus, you can see that the benefits of Invisalign Braces are many.


The Benefits of Invisible Dental Braces in Essex

The Benefits of Invisible Dental Braces in Essex

Since the advent of technology a lot has changed with time. Dental braces are the in-thing to many people in the world nowadays. They are very substantial in a way that they help people with teeth problems and especially those who feel uncomfortable smiling in front of a camera or other people. In essence, invisible dental braces in Essex are a great way of correcting tooth alignment and any other dental abnormalities that you may have. If you are ready to get the best invisible dental braces in Essex, you need to make sure that you get them from the best dentist in the market. These dental braces can cure million hearts as they say and you should thus make sure that they are done in the right manner.

Day are gone when people used to go for traditional metal or ceremic braces, you can these days get the best invisible dental braces in Essex. You only need to find the best physician and you will have the best dental braces fixed in your teeth. When you are ready to get the best dental braces, besides looking at the reputation of the orthodontist, you need to make sure that you know the benefits of invisible dental braces in Essex. There are many reasons as to why many people choose dental braces than the traditional types of dental braces.
Firstly, many choose invisible dental braces because, they are barely visible to people. When your dental braces are properly worked on, it is not very easy for people to notice that you have straigtened your teeth. Many people have a misconception that many people think that they smile perfectly because they have the best invisible dental braces in Essex, but this is not possible especially if you get them from the best orthodontist in the region. Hence, the name invisible dental braces.
Another benefit of invisible dental braces in Essex is that they are removable. It is very easy to remove and fix back dental braces. Many people may not want to stain their dental braces with food or drinks and a good number of them usually remove them anytime they are taking their meals. When you are brushing, you can also remove your dental braces if you feel like. Hence, the problems of bad breath, tooth decay and gum diseases are avoided if you have the best invisible dental braces in Essex.
The other reason as to why many people are into dental braces is that, you will always feel comfortable on them. This is mainly because, your invisible dental braces in Essex have no metal or wires that can cause mouth abrasion and make you feel unease. You will not experience any kind of discomfort of wires or braces and so, you can say good bye to metal braces by getting the best invisible dental braces in Essex. Metal braces are known to be very painful and can also cause irritation and inflammation of tissue and gums and that’s why many people are saying no to them these days.

Finally, many go for invisible dental braces in Essex because they will always get free consultation before they get the best dental braces. Our Dentist at Chafford Hundred Dental Care that you will meet will offer free consultation and assess any problem that you may have and also advice you on the best treatment that you should get when or before fixing dental braces.


10 Things to ask before having Invisalign braces in Essex

10 Things to ask before having Invisalign braces in Essex

Invisalign Braces in Essex
Invisalign Essex

If you are considering taking the help of Invisalign dentist for straightening your teeth, it is better to be armed with a host of questions that you should ask at first consultation appointment. It is best to have these questions in writing as there is the possibility of you forgetting them in your excitement at getting acquainted with the dentist. Whenever patients enter into relationships with new medical providers, it helps if all bases are covered and if you ensure that you both are on the same page. Here are 10 things to ask before having Invisalign braces in Essex.
1 & 2) What is Invisalign? How does the device work?
The cosmetic dentist would be capable of answering these questions. They would show you brochures, pictures and examples of actual aligners. Invisalign is a straightening device that is made of transparent plastic. It is removable. It actually looks very similar to the whitening trays that are used in the process of bleaching.
3) How often do the aligners have to be switched?
At an average switch should be made every 2 weeks. The dentist would give you additional specifics as per your situation.
4) What is the duration of straightening process?
No patient is the same. After examination, the cosmetic dentist would give you approximate timetable for completion date that is targeted.
5) For how long are patients to wear the aligners every day?
So as to complete the process according to planned timetable, patients usually need to wear the devices 20 to 22 hours every day. They could take them out for special engagements or to eat.
6) How are the devices to be cleaned?
The cosmetic dentist would give you examples of cleaning products, probably even samples that you could take home and use. The braces would have to be brushed as well as flossed in the usual manner.
7) Can patients smoke cigarettes when they are fitted with Invisalign?
This is not a good idea as tobacco products could stain and discolor the trays. As you are aware, smoking is associated with a number of health concerns besides this. Hence it is probably right time to quit this bad habit.
8) Are the patients allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on wearing straighteners?
9) Is chewing gum allowed?
Chewing gum should be avoided while wearing plastic trays. As a matter of fact, gum should not be eaten at all when they are worn. If the patient craves chewing gum, they would have to remove the devices first.
10) What is the cost of the straighteners?
The cost of the straighteners depends on many factors such as the location of the dental office, fees of individual practice and the amount of straightening that is to be done. Average price is 2000 to 4000 Pounds. However it could be a few thousand more or less depending on circumstances. If patients have insurance covering orthodontia, this could also cover Invisalign.
Once all your questions are answered by the cosmetic dentist, you are ready to go! In just a couple of years, you would be smiling through straight beautiful teeth.


What are Invisalign Braces in Essex?

What are Invisalign Braces in Essex?

One of the most common ways of having one’s teeth aligned is with the use of traditional braces and wires. And most of the times the users of these braces and wires can be very uncomfortable for adults and might allow them to have confidence in their smile. Continuous research is being done for the development of more comfortable braces which has resulted in the advent of invisalign braces. Invisalign braces in Essex have gained a lot of popularity and are highly recommended to those individuals who would probably be embarrassed to wear the traditional braces and wires.

They are a number of clinics that provide Invisalign Braces in Essex. It is important to know that the usage of invisalign braces might not be the solution that you might be looking for, for your orthodontic problem. The usage of this method allows you to spend very less time with the dentist which happens to be one of the many reasons why people do not go to dentists to get their orthodontic issues fixed. However, the delay in getting the cosmetic aspect of the teeth addressed might lead to a larger problem in the future which might include jaw joint pain and even issues with the bite. The usage of invisalign braces in Essex has gained prominence amongst the younger generations who are attending school. The fact of the matter is that these braces are being currently used by people of all ages and sections of society. So, what goes into the development of Invisalign braces? Initially the patient would need to visit a dentist to get a detailed examination done on his/her orthodontic condition. This initial assessment would lead to the development of a profile of the current orthodontic condition of the patient. Once done the dentist would then decide if the usage of invisalign is the best possible solution for the existing problem.

When the dentist decides that the usage of invisalign can address the issue the invisalign braces are customized depending upon an individual’s impression of the alignment of the teeth. Once the braces are ready all that the patient needs to do is slide them back onto the teeth. This product will now act as a realignment factor to ensure that teeth move in the direction that is desired. Another outstanding advantage of the usage of invisalign braces in Essex as compared to their traditional counterparts like braces and wires is that it is very comfortable to install these as compared to the latter. This has been proven and recommended for a larger section of the society for being one of the most painless and hassle free methods of having one’s teeth aligned. Research and development work in the field of orthodontics has resulted in the creation of this magnificent alternative which is helping thousands of people smile with confidence once again. Invisalign braces in Essex are available in all leading dental clinics in Essex.


Invisible Dental Braces In Essex to Straighten Teeth!

There are quite a lot of people wearing dental braces but they do not want them to be visible outside. Most of the braces look unattractive as they are painful and also look ugly. On wearing these braces the intake of foodstuff, maintenance of teeth and also talking to people can be irritating and annoying while chewing gum has to be completely avoided. Students at schools and colleges would have to bear the brunt of being subject to mockery at the hands of their peers in the play field or recreational area and also in the canteen or restaurant whereas for aged people, the idea of donning braces at a late age can be quite discomforting resulting in uneasiness. Keeping all this in mind, they would prefer going for Invisible Dental Braces in Essex.
Invisible dental braces in Essex have turned out to be innovative applications that are in demand due to the effective tooth configuration modification they bring about. For any normal patient, invisible dental braces mean independence and lack of restrictions as is the case with the repulsive metal braces. Invisible dental braces are a chain of comprehensible synthetic aligners that slowly and step by step pull off the same outcome as that expected from the metal braces. The synthetic material of these braces is almost unseen and can be detached from the teeth when the patient desires to consume food or have a chewing gum.
Oral sanitation is made simple and trouble-free with invisible dental braces because people can brush without any problem by removing the braces. On the whole, there are lots of people using invisible dental braces worldwide, and the number of willing users is growing day by day. Despite the fact that invisible braces are not the exact and appropriate replacement of metal braces, more numbers of patients are qualified for invisible dental braces whereas only critical cases will have the need for metal braces.
Invisible dental braces in Essex assure the affected patients of providing wonderful smiles with no requirement of undergoing treatment that is long-drawn-out involving the installation of pointed and razor-sharp metal and wires in your mouth. Apart from being almost invisible, the computer designed accuracy of the invisible dental braces facilitates the movement of the teeth more powerfully and easily as compared to the conservative wires and brackets. The standard healing period on using invisible dental braces is approximately twelve months. It is ideal as a replacement for the customary braces rather than opting for treatment that spans two to three years involving the conservative and predictable brackets and wires.
The invisible dental braces in Essex are factory made and the braces move the teeth to the right position step by step. The aligners of these dental braces are prepared so that they precisely designed to shift the tooth arrangement within a period of two weeks, later the new aligners are fitted. As a matter of fact the invisible dental braces are see-through and crystal clear, they are not noticeable to other people and these braces can also be put on with ease.


The Inman Aligner Compared to the Invisalign Brace

The Inman Aligner Compared to the Invisalign Brace

The Inman Aligner compared to the Invisalign Brace is as an alternative to the Invisalign brace. It can help to straighten misaligned teeth or to shift them to the desired place. It is however restricted in the amount of movement it can provide your teeth with. It also tends to work best on the upper and lower front teeth. This device differs from the Invisalign brace due to the fact that it is made from semi-transparent material. This brace also features a noticeable metal bar which runs across the front of the teeth.
The Inman Aligner compared to the Invisalign Brace works with the aid of a push/pull mechanism which contains a coiled spring on the “lingual” side of the brace. This is the side which is inside your teeth. This device exerts pressure which squeezes the teeth into the correct position. This device however does not share many benefits that are enjoyed by the Invisalign system. Benefits include a reduced treatment time as compared to other types of braces. This is a type of orthodontic appliance that is used to straighten crooked teeth. This system is completely clear and virtually impossible to be detected in your mouth unlike traditional braces. They are nonetheless highly effective in correcting dental problem. This system also generally takes 6 months to a year to for the process to be completed.
With the help of computerized technology the Inman Aligner compared to the Invisalign Brace is able to correct dental problems with the use of metal-wire or other visible components. By fabrication this system is able to slowly move your teeth into its proper position in order to make you have perfect smile. This procedure can help you correct a wide variety of dental problems including cross bites crowding, gaps, over bites and under bites. You will need to consult with a dentist in order to determine whether this treatment is right for you. If it is right for you the dentist will first of all take an impression of your teeth with the use of dental putty.
The dentist will also be able to take photographs of your teeth from a various angles. The dentist will then be able to make a digital model of your teeth in order to simulate how your teeth will be moved to their correct positions. With the help of 3D technology the dentist will be able to make custom made aligners to fit your individual needs. The Inman Aligner compared to the Invisalign Brace comes with a few pros and cons. The first benefit that you will get from this system is that it is virtually impossible to detect them when they are in use. One disadvantage of this system is that it needs to be worn at least 22 hours a day. With this system, however you will get faster results if you wear them longer than the recommended time. The fact that you are provided with aligner that can be removed will contribute to your comfort. You will be able to remove them when eating, brushing or flossing your teeth. You will also have to get your aligners changed every 2 weeks. On the other hand, with the Inman Aligner you are able to use only one of these for the entire duration of your treatment.


Invisalign Braces Can Correct Your Crooked Teeth in Essex

Invisalign Braces Can Correct Your Crooked Teeth in Essex

Braces are important for many people who have problem with their teeth. Well over 50% of people have a problem with their teeth, and as a result need to use braces to correct this. Whether wayward bites or misaligned teeth, we need the braces to help correcting the defects. It is hard to choose whether one wants to use braces or to remain with the crooked natural teeth. The truth is that, the former will last in your mouth for just a few months, but if you choose the latter, you will have to remain with them the whole of your lifetime. These are hard choices, and that is why Invisalign braces can correct your crooked teeth in Essex to give you the confidence of smiling.

If you are wondering how the invisalign braces can correct your crooked teeth in Essex, and allow you to smile again, you will be stunned at how these things work. The truth of the matter is that you might be in need of braces, but it is not a must that they subtract some of your confidence and glory and leave you with doubts about your appearance. This type of braces is clear. Therefore, it is rarely visible in your mouth. They will help you keep a smart smile that you will be proud of all the time.

It is easy to think that this is too good to be believable. The truth is that you do not have to keep the metal bars in your mouth again when there are the Invisalign braces available. This is a revolutionary dental solution customized for one’s teeth. Your cosmetic dentist specifically makes the mold for your teeth. The brace is made with a set of aligners, which will ensure that your teeth are aligned easily and adequately within a short period of time. This is why the Invisalign braces can correct your crooked teeth in Essex easily.
So, how does one use these braces? The braces come with aligners in sets as we have seen already. These sets are made with the right calculations so that you are able to achieve maximum teeth alignment without a lot of effort. After every two weeks, you will change the aligners as prescribed by your dentist so that your teeth can be aligned constantly. The set of aligners ensure that constant pressure is applied on your misaligned teeth every time you wear them. Within a short period of time, you will have your teeth aligned and you can smile again.

The advantage of using the Invisalign braces is that they are all in one set that can help you solve almost all your dental issues without having to call for the attention of the dentist all the time. Whether you have misaligned teeth, or you are suffering from dental overcrowding, the braces can help you have your teeth spread out easily in just a couple of weeks of use. This is why the Invisalign braces can correct your crooked teeth in Essex.


What Are Things To Keep In Mind While Deciding on Clear Braces Vs Invisalign

With so many options now available when it comes to teeth alignment correction, it often becomes difficult to choose the correct one for yourself. There is no doubt about the fact that teeth alignment is a long and boring process. But once the process is complete, you are rewarded with a beautiful set of perfectly aligned teeth and a gorgeous smile that will make you feel like you can take on the world.

Clear Braces Vs Invisalign is a dilemma that most adults face when they decide to go for teeth alignment correction. Most adults are very conscious when it comes to their appearance and braces are especially considered to be a source of embarrassment. That is why most adults usually opt for either clear braces or Invisalign. Both types of treatment are equally effective.

While thinking about opting for clear braces Vs Invisalign, you should keep certain things in mind. Clear braces are like metal braces except for the fact that they are much less visible thanks to the clear brackets that are used. Metal braces are not easy to hide but clear braces use clear brackets that are attached to the teeth ensuring minimum visibility. But the main wire that runs in between the brackets will still be visible.

On the other hand, Invisalign braces are totally invisible as they are made from tough plastic that is completely see-through. Thus, only the person wearing the Invisalign will know about its existence. Others will hardly be able to notice the plastic covering to your teeth.

When it comes to choosing Clear Braces Vs Invisalign, you should know that clear braces are permanent fixtures that you can’t remove them until the treatment is completely over. They are more or less like metal braces in that regard. But Invisalign brace is like a cover that is placed on top of the original teeth structure and can be removed quiet easily while eating, drinking or brushing. There is permanent attachment for Invisalign, making it a very attractive option for adults.

Clear Braces Vs Invisalign contest also includes the criteria of cost. Clear braces are definitely less cheap as compared to Invisalign and so this something that you need to keep in mind while choosing your dental treatment option.

But at the same time, if you are extremely conscious of your oral hygiene you might find Invisalign more to your liking because you get to remove the aligners are wash your mouth thoroughly, removing any lodged food particle. On the other hand, clear braces, like their metal counterparts, are more prone to be stained by food particles. Discoloration from drinking regular coffee or smoking is quite possible in case of clear braces.

It is now totally up to every patient as to what kind of treatment they would prefer. It is absolutely important to discuss the pros and cons of Clear Braces Vs Invisalign before actually opting for one, as only a good dentists will be able to tell you whether the option chosen by you is ideally suited to your situation or not.