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Invisible Teeth Braces for those who don’t want it to show

Invisible Teeth Braces for those who don’t want it to show

Braces have been the conventional way of getting your teeth back in shape. But, there are many who have carried on with their Ugly Betty look staying away from braces. What the reason I may ask “Oh! Braces hurt” or you here someone “How can you roam around with metal sticking out on your teeth for almost two years”
I know it can get irritating at times to have the braces stuck to your teeth, coping up with pain initially and then having to look after the braces well. It is quite a tedious job. We have a solution to your problem—Invisible Teeth Braces. You want to know how, well then read on.
Invisible teeth braces are truly a blessing for those who wouldn’t want their traditional metal braces showing up when talking or smiling. In the dentistry world these invisible teeth braces are more commonly referred to as aligners. If we had to describe the invisible teeth braces it is similar to the gum shield you wear when entering into the boxing ring.
Invisible Teeth Braces
The invisible teeth braces are manufactured from medical grade plastic. You are expected to wear the aligners for 2-3weeks and change the aligners from time to time. A visit to the dentist once in a while will keep you updated about the progress of the whole procedure.
What makes Invisible Teeth Braces a preferred choice?
• Considering the cost of the invisible teeth braces, it is not very expensive. But again the prices vary depending upon the complexity of the case. In severe cases it may turn out to be slightly expensive.
• The standard wired braces that you use take approximately two years to straighten your teeth. But the invisible teeth braces claim to do the same roughly in a period ranging from nine to fifteen months on an average basis.
• As its name suggests the invisible teeth braces cannot be seen. They will no longer be a cause for embarrassment each time you open your mouth. Only a thin wire is visible and that too if you take a closer look. The acrylic base too is flesh coloured and is easily concealed.
• Most of the invisible teeth braces are removable. They can be removed when eating or biting. You can also remove them when not required as in for a family photograph or when attending an important function.
• Cleanliness is another aspect simplified with invisible teeth braces. As they are removable, flossing and brushing is easy.
Points to remember while fitting Invisible Teeth Braces
• These aligners or invisible teeth braces can be fitted only to full formed teeth. They not are recommended for children.
• Mild to moderate realignment has been successfully achieved with invisible teeth braces. If your teeth require severe alignment, it is advisable to consult a dentist. He will guide you about the best dental procedure and treatment suited to you.
What you waiting for? Go fix your invisible teeth braces and get the smile you’ve always been longing for!!!


Clear Dental Braces in Essex: A Way to a Healthier Smile

Clear Dental Braces in Essex: A Way to a Healthier Smile

Advancement in technology has already reached the dental practice field, which has brought improvements in traditional methods and has provided new developments in equipment and processes for patient benefits. A kid who is bullied for having braces or a lady who can’t enjoy smiling at a crowd can now make their lives at ease with clear dental braces in Essex.
This refers to a piece of equipment that allows modifications in dental abnormalities such as crowded teeth, under bite, overbite, cross bite, teeth spacing with the use of transparent braces for all ages. The technique applied in these braces involves straightening curved teeth, aligning teeth portions, treating unparalleled bite through reliable assessment and patient’s case-based treatment. Other than that, authorized practitioners employ updated autoclaves or sterilizers as well as ultra-sonic cleaning materials to guarantee the safety of all people involved.
Clear dental braces in Essex confers patients with benefits that cannot be experienced with traditional braces. The technique that is applied when placing braces is geared towards lessening pain during the process and discomfort after the treatment.
Other than presenting customers with various kinds of choices in forms and shapes, designs are customized according to the dental case of the client. Braces are also crafted in a form that will be blending naturally with teeth color unlike those traditional types that are very visible.
Another advantage for clients using these transparent braces is the simple way of cleaning them. Brace users will no longer need to visit their Dentists to maintain them. It can be removed when brushing teeth and be put back again. Hassles of calling for appointment, visiting the clinic and even going through the same pain are eliminated.
Also, patients will see expected results even after the assessment. In the initial procedure, the Dentist will determine problems and will plan modifications to be done. The patient will be informed of what will be the final outcome if a specific treatment has been accomplished. In the next session, customized braces will be created to meet the patient’s case. Following sessions will take place until desired outcome is achieved.
Clear dental braces in Essex has put away traditional metal brackets and visible wires from patient use. This is very helpful for people who always interact with other people and who need to work, while smiling. The way transparent braces are designed and formed is a reason in which clients prefer them than traditional kinds. There is no catch with these braces. Patients who are using such braces will no longer hold back their smile. Clients who are used to cover their mouth when laughing will no longer experience similar situations again. Even they’re wearing braces or after undergoing treatment, they can feel secure in talking, laughing and mingling with other people.


What Are Things To Keep In Mind While Deciding on Clear Braces Vs Invisalign

With so many options now available when it comes to teeth alignment correction, it often becomes difficult to choose the correct one for yourself. There is no doubt about the fact that teeth alignment is a long and boring process. But once the process is complete, you are rewarded with a beautiful set of perfectly aligned teeth and a gorgeous smile that will make you feel like you can take on the world.

Clear Braces Vs Invisalign is a dilemma that most adults face when they decide to go for teeth alignment correction. Most adults are very conscious when it comes to their appearance and braces are especially considered to be a source of embarrassment. That is why most adults usually opt for either clear braces or Invisalign. Both types of treatment are equally effective.

While thinking about opting for clear braces Vs Invisalign, you should keep certain things in mind. Clear braces are like metal braces except for the fact that they are much less visible thanks to the clear brackets that are used. Metal braces are not easy to hide but clear braces use clear brackets that are attached to the teeth ensuring minimum visibility. But the main wire that runs in between the brackets will still be visible.

On the other hand, Invisalign braces are totally invisible as they are made from tough plastic that is completely see-through. Thus, only the person wearing the Invisalign will know about its existence. Others will hardly be able to notice the plastic covering to your teeth.

When it comes to choosing Clear Braces Vs Invisalign, you should know that clear braces are permanent fixtures that you can’t remove them until the treatment is completely over. They are more or less like metal braces in that regard. But Invisalign brace is like a cover that is placed on top of the original teeth structure and can be removed quiet easily while eating, drinking or brushing. There is permanent attachment for Invisalign, making it a very attractive option for adults.

Clear Braces Vs Invisalign contest also includes the criteria of cost. Clear braces are definitely less cheap as compared to Invisalign and so this something that you need to keep in mind while choosing your dental treatment option.

But at the same time, if you are extremely conscious of your oral hygiene you might find Invisalign more to your liking because you get to remove the aligners are wash your mouth thoroughly, removing any lodged food particle. On the other hand, clear braces, like their metal counterparts, are more prone to be stained by food particles. Discoloration from drinking regular coffee or smoking is quite possible in case of clear braces.

It is now totally up to every patient as to what kind of treatment they would prefer. It is absolutely important to discuss the pros and cons of Clear Braces Vs Invisalign before actually opting for one, as only a good dentists will be able to tell you whether the option chosen by you is ideally suited to your situation or not.


Clear Dental Braces In Essex – Smile Naturally With An Open Heart

Thanks to Clear Dental Braces in Essex, people with crooked or broken teeth can now smile back their natural smile. Previously, metal braces were priced at around $5000 and were considered costly. If you wanted to opt for ceramic braces which were almost tooth colored, that will set you back by another $500. But when you compare to this Clear Dental Braces in Essex, you will find that the latter option is much cheaper. These are considered to be the best alternative to the traditional type of metal braces. Clear Dental Braces in Essex helps to ensure that the same results of the traditional braces are achieved but with a set of plastic and clear trays. The cost of Clear Dental Braces is anywhere around $3500 – $5000.

The treatment method of Clear Dental Braces in Essex depends on the range of damage that has happened to the teeth. And if you want to opt for invisible braces, it will cost you an extra $500. But you can easily overcome these costs if you have a dental insurance policy in hand. Read through your dental policy about its terms and conditions. Though most policies don’t include cosmetic treatment, your policy might have that as part of the policy, if you are lucky. Read through the policy to understand it better and get to know your premiums.

Drawbacks of Conventional Braces:

At most times, traditional braces use dental glue and sometimes they opt for a metal band. Then an arch wire is tied neatly from one end of the bracket to the other end. This arch wire is tied so that ample pressure is applied over the teeth for it to straighten and set properly. To give a firm feeling to the brackets, elastics are used so that it is connected to the wire.

The time period taken for straightening of teeth in traditional braces treatment is drastically less. Ceramic braces have an advantage of being less visible, but the time taken is more than that of traditional braces. And sometimes it is not advised to undergo ceramic braces treatment. When compared to these two, Clear Dental Braces in Essex are far less expensive and also more comfortable and easy.

Clear Dental Braces in Essex involves a step by step process and focuses on straightening the teeth slowly. Clear Dental Braces necessitates to be changed every fortnight. People who suffer from misaligned or crooked teeth can easily opt for clear dental braces. But you may first need to undergo metal braces treatment for some time initially. When you are choosing your clear dental brace, look at the various options available. For kids in general, several options regarding various colors and shapes are available. You can find several shapes like football, smiley, hearts, flowers and faces that are huge hits amongst kids.

Clear Dental Braces in Essex were found in the year of 1990 and have been extremely popular since then. Through repeated lab testing, new improvements have been brought over to improve this treatment method constantly.


A Complete Guide On How To Clean Your Invisalign Brace

When you first get your Invisalign braces, they are sparkling clean and arrive in factory sealed boxes. It is a considerable task to keep them clean, fresh and new looking everyday by avoiding any possible discoloration or any bad odor. The following is a guide on how to clean your Invisalign Brace and to keep it ever fresh.

First the Cleaning Process:

Your Invisalign arrives individually in small and sealed packets while it comes from the factory. Though it has gone through extensive inspection, sterilization and cleaning process, it is found that in some cases a whit chalky residue is settled over the aligners. So it is necessary that you do a complete cleaning of your aligner before you insert it onto your mouth. This will prevent you from any type of allergic reaction due this residue.

In Between Meal Cleaning Process:

When you remove your aligners before a meal, make sure that you wash it fully under running water. Then place it in a glass of water. This will prevent any type of residual coat to form over the aligner. This will also prevent any unpleasant odor.

Once you are done eating, pick up your aligner and clean it under running water with a soft toothbrush. This will remove the residues from your previous wear, if any. If brushing is not possible, rinse properly under running water and brush it later on when you have proper facilities.

Extensive Cleaning Methods:

While the above two processes on ‘how to clean your Invisalign Brace guide’ are daily norms, there are extensive cleaning processes available that need to be followed. A thorough cleaning of your Invisalign aligner is needed at least once a day.

First, each and every individual teeth segment has to be cleaned gently with a soft toothbrush under running water. Any white residue on the aligner has to be removed carefully because this residue will give rise to unpleasant odors. Don’t use toothpaste over your aligners as this may cause some scratches over it. These scratches will act as breeding grounds for bacteria apart from giving a bad look. So avoid making any type of scratches.

Also make sure that you wash your aligner in cold water. Hot water can cause the plastic to warp and melt. Place your aligner in the sterilizing solution once a day.

Care for Invisalign Cases:

Your Invisalign aligners will arrive in a red and blue case when you get them from the factory. Use them to store the aligners, when not in use. These cases are very useful but at the same time can get dirty very easily. If you store an aligner that is not properly cleaned, then a very strong bad odor will start getting generated from the case. So it is necessary to clean the case periodically too. Clean your case in the same way as your aligner, using a toothbrush under running water. Here you can use a bit of detergent or washing powder if required.

This guide will help you to keep your aligners clean, fresh and as new as possible.


Clear Dental Braces in Essex

Clear dental braces in Essex
Essex being a relatively small county in the eastern part of England has a small number of people living in the area, and it is important for them to socialize with each other more often. To be a part of the public gathering one needs to maintain their physical health and looks that are unmatched. A slight irregularity in ones looks can cause a lot of trouble to the concerned person. A person’s teeth are a very important factor in their impressive looks.

A slight crookedness in the teeth might bring in a wrong kind of attention that a person must not desire.
To solve all your tooth problems in Essex,  Doctor J. Basrai is at services with the best experiences in the field for clear dental braces in Essex. Clear dental braces are recommended for people who have an irregular arrangement of their teeth including crowded teeth, a gap between teeth and other abnormalities related to teeth arrangement.
The clear dental braces in Essex are a blessing in disguise since their introduction has relieved the patients from the hassle of using bracket braces that are a menace to use. They do not only look disagreeable but also irritate the user to a very unlikely extent.

The patients had to visit their dentist more often to get them fixed and readjusted but with clear dental braces, you can now have a treatment without it being visible to anybody else around you. The clear dental braces in Essex, is now being practiced more frequently despite the high cost.

People who go for dental treatments usually keep the extra sum that they might have to pay but our recommendations always give a reasonable bill at the end of the treatment making it feasible for many who are in look for it and do not take one due to high costs. Here they offer the modern technological treatments that have become more convenient with a wide variety of machines that have made it simpler and easy to use. The clear dental braces are a transparent set of teeth cover that fits them well and does not show. Along with the invisibility of the braces, they are also helpful such that they can be removed and put back in place whenever the patient desires. This saves their time of visiting the doctor and also the cleaning of your natural teeth can be done without any problem. Clear dental braces make it a lot easier for the users to live a normal life with the treatment being provided to them on the go. The clear dental braces in Essex have all the advantages of just the right type of treatment for your teeth. Treat your teeth with a more pampered form of clinical administration and feel the difference. The clear dental braces take about time of treatment that is 12-24 months usually. Feel free to contact our recommended doctors to make your life easy and more social!


Invisalign Braces in Essex

Invisalign braces in Essex:

There is no culture in the world that can consider yellow teeth and bad alignment a symbol of beauty and attraction. When it comes to the term beauty, there are so many branches and stems to it that one can have no idea from where to start. However, the face is the most prominent and visible pat of the body and its beauty matters the most and what could enhance the charm of a face than a dazzling smile. Nothing invites and welcomes more than an attractive face with a great bright smile on. But not every body has that naturally. Most people can’t smile to their fullest just because they feel embarrassed by their bad teeth. Bad alignment however, is not a thing that can’t be cured. There is now a day very advanced technology to give u a beautiful smile without and surgery or pain. And one such way is invisalign braces in Essex if you are currently living in Essex. This treatment is now becoming available and getting famous all over the world.

So if you have a problem with your teeth. You feel ashamed showing your teeth while smiling? If you are grimacing instead showing your dazzling smiles?  Than invisalign braces in Essex or anyplace else in the world where a dentist is available, is just the right choice for you. Invisalign braces are the latest, newest, most effective way to get your teeth aligned and perfect. The most prominent feature of this treatment is its invisibility unlike other ordinary braces they don’t show when you open your mouth. Invisalign braces are an effective series of treatment that makes your teeth aligned. These treatments shape your denture structure to perfection. Each aligner is made according to your needs and calculation that gradually then change and shifts your teeth into their right place. Because this treatment is specially made for you and according to your dental structure with you and your dentist’s devised plan, it’s surely brings results according to your expectations. By choosing invisalign braces in Essex you will get a smile that will truly fit.

Keats has very rightly put it in his verse that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”. And your beauty depends on your smile. If you do not have that perfect aligned smile then everything else will fall under shadows. When people say that a beautiful smile can win over the world, they are telling the 100%truth. And with the advance techniques in dental care it is not just a dream now a day to have that beautiful, perfect, dazzling smile which you see on the faces of world’s top models on vough covers. Now you just have to consult your dentist, and he will present numerous pain free effective ways to achieve what you dream for your teeth. Invisalign treatment not only provides you the esthetic satisfaction, but its invisibility will, safe you from the embarrassing appearance of steel braces that you had to wear for a year other wise. It’s just a few weeks and a perfect smile will be on your face.

Give us a call on 01375481000 for a FREE Consultation with Dr J Basrai!


Invisalign Dental Brace in Essex – Say Goodbye To Overbite And Other Problems

Invisalign Dental Braces in Essex

Are your crooked teeth bothering you? Do people snicker at your funnily arranged teeth because of the many gaps between your teeth? Whatever the problem, when it involves our dental makeup, we have every right to be concerned. Every one likes to have a great smile and dazzling white teeth that are perfectly aligned – while some of us are exceedingly fortunate to have them, many others have problem teeth. Invisalign dental brace in Essex is the solution to all your problems.

With a statement like the one above, it begs the question what is Invisalign all about? Invisalign dental brace in Essex is a type of orthodontic appliance which is used to close out the gaps between your teeth. It will also help to straighten crooked teeth.

If you are wondering what’s so great about this product when metal braces have already been around for simply ages, keep reading. Invisalign dental brace in Essex is a completely clear, virtually impossible to detect brace. Did the name not tip you off?

The Invisalign dental brace is a highly effective method for correcting dental problems and normally takes from 6-12 months depending on the condition of the teeth at the outset.

Can Invisalign help with my dental problems? Most dental problems involving crossbite, overbite, underbite, crowding and gaps between the teeth can all be corrected using Invisalign dental brace in Essex.

The Invisalign system makes use of highly superior computerized technology and 3-D modeling to correct dental problems. No painful wires or metal is used. The device is customized to fit your teeth perfectly and it then works to slowly move your teeth into position.

It is recommended that you consult with your dentist and seek advice on whether this method is suitable for your teeth. If you are a suitable candidate, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth using dental putty. This is used to fashion a 3-D digital model of your teeth. The model is then used to simulate the movement of your teeth to their final corrected position. Next, custom made aligners are made to be worn over your teeth to begin the process of getting your teeth in shape.

The advantages in using the Invisalign dental brace in Essex system

– Virtual invisibility of the brace is one of the system’s best advantages. Metal braces of old can be so ugly and cumbersome.

– Another benefit is the fact that the brace can be removed at will. This is not possible with the metal braces which are fixed and often make the wearer feel they will have to wear them till the end of time.

– You are able to eat and clean your teeth comfortably due to being able to remove the brace.

– Comfort is a major plus with Invisalign dental brace in Essex. The metal braces really are very painful and uncomfortable.

On the negative side is the fact that you will need to fit in a visit your dentist every fortnight to have the braces changed. Another negative is the high cost of the treatment.

To summarize Invisalign dental brace in Essex is a fantastic way to treat dental problems and the downside is really too negligible to speak of.


All About Clear Dental Braces in Essex

All About Clear Dental Braces In Essex
‘A smile can cure a million hearts’. This line is so true and we all have experienced it at some point in our lives. Even if we are a having bad day at the office a smile can out all our worries away and make us happy and loved. Verily, smile is as important aspect of a person’s personality as his hair or his style of dressing. In fact, smile is the dressing of the personality. And it is important that this dressing is in proper order. But everyone is not blessed with a perfect set of teeth. Even God can make mistakes. And that is why he created doctors and dentists. A brilliant option of fixing badly shaped teeth is to get clear dental braces in Essex.

But before you jump at the idea of getting clear dental braces in Essex, you need to know what exactly clear dental braces are, what procedure is involved and where to get clear dental braces in Essex.
The field of dentistry which deals with setting right misaligned teeth or teeth with any sort of gaps, crowding etc. is called Orthodontics. To get clear dental braces in Essex, you should always visit a recognized Orthodontist only. Also, the Orthodontist should be an expert about clear braces. Before selecting an Orthodontist to get clear dental braces in Essex check whether he is registered with the GDC or not. Also, a considerable amount of experience in the field of Orthodontics is another criterion before zeroing on dentists to get clear dental braces in Essex.
Now that you know how to select a dentist for the job, you also should know what options are available in terms of clear braces before getting clear braces in Essex or elsewhere. Presently, there are two options available when one talks of clear braces. The first option is the Inman Aligner. These are removable clear braces and a quick fix solution to straighten your teeth. The ext option in clear braces is Clear Step. These clear braces can help move the teeth and are a very good option if there is crowding involved.
You now have a basic overview of what exactly are clear braces and where to get clear dental braces in Essex. But there is a vital point missing here- the cost factor. After all, it is not possible for everybody to shell out huge sums of money for dental procedures. No matter how important that may be. The approximate cost of getting clear dental braces in Essex is 1,500 pounds. However, the exact cost can be told by the Orthodontics you have chosen for yourself.
Getting clear dental braces in Essex is a painless procedure and an effective one too. A very good Orthodontist who can do an excellent job of fixing clear dental braces in Essex is Dr. J. Basrai. He is a registered practitioner and has a vast experience and knowledge in the field of dentistry. Make sure to consult him once before you decide to do anything with your teeth.


Why Choose Us for Invisalign Braces in Essex?

With so many dentists in Essex offering Invisalign Braces in Essex why should you come and see us? To put it simply, we want to give you the best and genuinely care about giving you a smile that stands out from the crowds!
These are the reasons why we consistently overdeliver on all our Invisalign cases.

1. We offer a completely FREE consultation for Invisalign with no hidden or hard sells.

2.We can show you many video testimonials of real patients and not fake models who have had Invisalign Braces here in our dental Office.

3.All our dentists have been certified by Invisalign to carry out your treatments.

4.We will give you FREE Home Tooth whitening kits with all our Invisalign patients to give you a Bright straight white smile that will simply dazzle your friends. This is worth 295 Pounds to you!

5.You will be involved in all the treatment decisions!

6. If Invisalign braces is not the best option for you then we can offer you other options from our array of clinical cosmetic experiences.

7. We can offer various payment options eg Interest Free 0% FINANCE for 2 years or a 5% Discount if paid upfront before treatment commences.
Before choosing your Invisalign dentist in Essex you should ask the following Questions when a Fee is quoted!

1. Are all my dental Impressions included in the price?

2. Are all my dental Xrays included in the Fee quoted?

3. Can i influence the end result?

4. Are all my adjustments included in the price at the end of treatment?

5. Will my refinement impressions be free?

6. Are the retainers included in the price quoted? We fit fixed as well as removeable retainers to ensure your teeth wont move or relapse!

7. Is my treatment going to be monitored every 6 to 8 weeks as recommended by Invisalign themselves?

8. Do you trust the dentist and have 100% confidence in him or her?

With Dr J Basrai and his team of dentists all these answers will be a resounding YES!!

Give us a call on 01375481000 to change your smile and your Life Now! You have no excuses left!