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10 Things to ask before having Invisalign braces in Essex

10 Things to ask before having Invisalign braces in Essex

Invisalign Braces in Essex
Invisalign Essex

If you are considering taking the help of Invisalign dentist for straightening your teeth, it is better to be armed with a host of questions that you should ask at first consultation appointment. It is best to have these questions in writing as there is the possibility of you forgetting them in your excitement at getting acquainted with the dentist. Whenever patients enter into relationships with new medical providers, it helps if all bases are covered and if you ensure that you both are on the same page. Here are 10 things to ask before having Invisalign braces in Essex.
1 & 2) What is Invisalign? How does the device work?
The cosmetic dentist would be capable of answering these questions. They would show you brochures, pictures and examples of actual aligners. Invisalign is a straightening device that is made of transparent plastic. It is removable. It actually looks very similar to the whitening trays that are used in the process of bleaching.
3) How often do the aligners have to be switched?
At an average switch should be made every 2 weeks. The dentist would give you additional specifics as per your situation.
4) What is the duration of straightening process?
No patient is the same. After examination, the cosmetic dentist would give you approximate timetable for completion date that is targeted.
5) For how long are patients to wear the aligners every day?
So as to complete the process according to planned timetable, patients usually need to wear the devices 20 to 22 hours every day. They could take them out for special engagements or to eat.
6) How are the devices to be cleaned?
The cosmetic dentist would give you examples of cleaning products, probably even samples that you could take home and use. The braces would have to be brushed as well as flossed in the usual manner.
7) Can patients smoke cigarettes when they are fitted with Invisalign?
This is not a good idea as tobacco products could stain and discolor the trays. As you are aware, smoking is associated with a number of health concerns besides this. Hence it is probably right time to quit this bad habit.
8) Are the patients allowed to consume alcoholic beverages on wearing straighteners?
9) Is chewing gum allowed?
Chewing gum should be avoided while wearing plastic trays. As a matter of fact, gum should not be eaten at all when they are worn. If the patient craves chewing gum, they would have to remove the devices first.
10) What is the cost of the straighteners?
The cost of the straighteners depends on many factors such as the location of the dental office, fees of individual practice and the amount of straightening that is to be done. Average price is 2000 to 4000 Pounds. However it could be a few thousand more or less depending on circumstances. If patients have insurance covering orthodontia, this could also cover Invisalign.
Once all your questions are answered by the cosmetic dentist, you are ready to go! In just a couple of years, you would be smiling through straight beautiful teeth.


Invisalign Invisible Dental Braces Newest Video


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Clear Dental Braces In Essex – Smile Naturally With An Open Heart

Thanks to Clear Dental Braces in Essex, people with crooked or broken teeth can now smile back their natural smile. Previously, metal braces were priced at around $5000 and were considered costly. If you wanted to opt for ceramic braces which were almost tooth colored, that will set you back by another $500. But when you compare to this Clear Dental Braces in Essex, you will find that the latter option is much cheaper. These are considered to be the best alternative to the traditional type of metal braces. Clear Dental Braces in Essex helps to ensure that the same results of the traditional braces are achieved but with a set of plastic and clear trays. The cost of Clear Dental Braces is anywhere around $3500 – $5000.

The treatment method of Clear Dental Braces in Essex depends on the range of damage that has happened to the teeth. And if you want to opt for invisible braces, it will cost you an extra $500. But you can easily overcome these costs if you have a dental insurance policy in hand. Read through your dental policy about its terms and conditions. Though most policies don’t include cosmetic treatment, your policy might have that as part of the policy, if you are lucky. Read through the policy to understand it better and get to know your premiums.

Drawbacks of Conventional Braces:

At most times, traditional braces use dental glue and sometimes they opt for a metal band. Then an arch wire is tied neatly from one end of the bracket to the other end. This arch wire is tied so that ample pressure is applied over the teeth for it to straighten and set properly. To give a firm feeling to the brackets, elastics are used so that it is connected to the wire.

The time period taken for straightening of teeth in traditional braces treatment is drastically less. Ceramic braces have an advantage of being less visible, but the time taken is more than that of traditional braces. And sometimes it is not advised to undergo ceramic braces treatment. When compared to these two, Clear Dental Braces in Essex are far less expensive and also more comfortable and easy.

Clear Dental Braces in Essex involves a step by step process and focuses on straightening the teeth slowly. Clear Dental Braces necessitates to be changed every fortnight. People who suffer from misaligned or crooked teeth can easily opt for clear dental braces. But you may first need to undergo metal braces treatment for some time initially. When you are choosing your clear dental brace, look at the various options available. For kids in general, several options regarding various colors and shapes are available. You can find several shapes like football, smiley, hearts, flowers and faces that are huge hits amongst kids.

Clear Dental Braces in Essex were found in the year of 1990 and have been extremely popular since then. Through repeated lab testing, new improvements have been brought over to improve this treatment method constantly.


Invisalign Braces in Essex-The Advantages and Disadvantages.

Modern day dentistry is changing with new devices like Invisalign which help to straighten your teeth very comfortably and easily. Many patients often want to know why they should pick Invisalign over traditional metal Braces or Brackets. I hope this helps you in making an informed decision.
The advantages of Invisalign are as follows.
1. Invisalign Braces are transparent devices or plastic aligners which means that no one will know that you are wearing them! Cool Eh??
Compared to the Ugly Betty Braces that some wear, the whole world and his dog will know you are wearing them. Yuk! Notice the term Invisalign: the ‘ Invis ‘ stands for Invisible.

2. Invisalign Braces are very effective. Invisalign braces are made of high quality plastic which produce enough tensile pressure to move your teeth very quickly as each aligner is changed every 2 weeks so that these forces are never reduced.

3. You can eat whatever you want as you can take them out whilst chewing food. There is nothing you cant masticate as the aligners are removed from your mouth.

4. The Invisalign aligners make the perfect shields to whiten your teeth as they are so closely fitting with high quality plastic that the peroxide can do its magic on your enamel and give you a sparkling white smile.

The Only Disavantage of Invisalign is that it is expensive due to the technological advances made by the company in aligning teeth. However, with interest free options now available at our practice we can make it a financial viable option to you.
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