Month: March 2010

Everything you Need to About Tooth Bleaching

Bleaching at our dental office involves Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide which brightens your teeth in the least destructive and most effective way to give you a rejuvenated smile. We may offer you in the office or home whitening or a combination of both depending upon how badly stained or discoloured your teeth are.

Bleaching is used to treat patients with yellow teeth rather than grey teeth as we get the best results with the former .

We often ask patients to bleach their upper teeth first so that they can see their progress and use their lower arch as a comparison.

A good tip to help with your tooth bleaching is to sit in the sun with your bleaching trays and let them absorb some of the sunshine which allows the whitening gel to work continously.

When bleaching your teeth you must avoid eating foods with too much citric acid such as fruit juices and soft drink beverages as these may slow down the whitening process.

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10 Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist in Essex!

There are 12 Questions you should ask any Cosmetic Dentist in Essex which you can gladly print off this Blog and take to the Office.

1. What are all the various options available to me with regards to my treatment?
2.Are there any compromises that i will have to face with my treatment?
3. Could you give me an idea of the what the end result will look like before i start my treatment?
4. Can i see pictures or videos of patients you have treated before?
5.How long will these fillings, crowns, bridges, Veneers or Dentures last and what guarantees do you give?
6.Do you really believe that you are the best Cosmetic dentist in Essex for the job?
7.Do you offer payment options like interest free facilties?
8.What kind of dental and home maintenance will i need?
9.How closely will the restorations match my natural teeth?
10.Do i need to wear a Night Guard or change my eating habits?

Always trust your sixth sense or your instinct!


Invisalign Essex- The 3 C’ s.

At this moment in time there are many Dental Braces available from The Inman Aligner to the Six Month Smile Brace. The most popular system is Invisalign in our office in Essex @ the Smile and Face Dental Studio! It may not be ideal for some patients with regards to their crooked teeth but it will work in the majority of people in the hands of an experienced dental practitioner!

For clients considering having Invisalign in Essex, you may find the THREE C ‘S helpful to give back your smile and confidence witin an average treatment time of 9 months.

1. Computer aided Technology called the Clincheck.

The Clincheck is a 3D Simulation of the end result of your smile before you make any commitment to Invisalign in Essex. It is the driving force behind these invisible dental braces or aligners which allows us to slowly move your teeth from their current position into an ideal one for your mouth balanced by your lips , cheeks and tongue.

This software helps to correct overbites, crossbites and teeth that simply look like they belong to Goofy!

2. Comfort of wearing the Invisalign Brace!

The beauty of the Invisalign system is the fact you can eat whatever you want to eat without the social embarassment of metal brackets that causes food to stick to your teeth. Patients do not want to assume the risk -real or perceived – of holding back themselves on their career pathway while they do this !! With Invisalign- no one knows you are wearing them! You just simply pick them up and wear them-it really is that easy to do!

There are no metal brackets or wires to contend with that may irritate your lips, cheeks or your tongue so they are really comfortable to wear. Brushing and Flossing your teeth is just simply a Breeze!

3. The Cost of Invisalign.

We have the facility at our offices to offer you 2 years interest free finance subject to terms and conditions and also a 5% discount on payment upfront of your treatment.
There really is no excuse to have Invisalign Braces in Essex and we can offer you a FREE Assessment at our practice on 01375481000 Now!


Denture Stabilsation in Essex.

Are you fed up eating with loose dentures that make you gag or feel ill when you eat? Do you wish you could chew food more efficiently?
Are you embarassed to speak because your dentures fall out when you illicit a conversation?
We may have the solution to all your denture problems at our offices in Essex.

We have the facility to offer you dentures with either mini implants or regular dental implants that firmly stabilise your denture into the mouth and virtually lock it into place so that you can eat or speak with added confidence.

Would you like to bite into an apple or chew into a piece of steak like you did many years ago? Would it be nice not to suffer from indigestion or ulcers in your stomach because of the inability of not being able to masticate your food??

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Cosmetic Dentures in Essex.

Many patients find loosing their teeth very traumatic and having them replaced with dentures is not an ideal solution. Options available are Cosmetic Dentures in Essex made with an elastic material called Valpast are an excellent way to provide patients with metal free clasps which are very unattractive to the naked eye. Basically, metal clasp dentures are a thing of the past!

Dont get embarassed with your old dentures with ugly metal clips around your existing teeth when you have modern Cosmetic Dentures that can enhance your appearance and make you look up to 10 years younger.

Cosmetic dentures in Essex have the abililty to give you more confidence as the teeth replacing your missing ones are more natural and will match your existing ones!

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Teeth Whitening Risks

Teeth Whitening Risks

There are a few risks involved in the process of teeth whitening. The treatment may make your teeth sensitive for a brief period of time.

This is a feature seen in the early stages of the teeth whitening process. Again it may gently irritate the soft tissues of the mouth like the gums.

Mostly, a mouthpiece tray which does not fit properly is responsible for the irritation of the soft tissues. But both these conditions and discomfort do not persist for long and last only for a temporary period of one to three days of the completion of the treatment.

In case of acute sensitivity one can follow a few simple measures to reduce or get rid of the teeth whitening risks.

Firstly, the mouth tray can be used for a shorter period of time for example, instead of two 60 minute sessions it can be worn for two 30 minutes sessions.

Again, the process can be stopped for a few days to allow the teeth to get adjusted to the teeth whitening treatment.

Moreover, the dentist or the pharmacist can be asked to prescribe a product containing high fluoride to restore the mineral content of the teeth.

This product should be applied to the tray and to be worn for four minutes before starting the whitening process.

Lastly, brushing the teeth with toothpaste meant for sensitive teeth containing potassium nitrate helps soothe the nerve ends of the teeth. Such steps might alleviate the teeth whitening risks and irritations to some degree.


Why Are You Avoiding the Dentist?

Why Are You Avoiding the Dentist?

It’s a pretty well-known fact that people don’t like to go to the dentist. Why do you think that they pass out brightly colored toothbrushes and character-themed stickers to kids who get done with dental appointments? Having someone stick his fingers in your mouth and mess with your teeth is really not fun, even when you’re an adult. If the idea simply annoys you, then you’re like normal people, but if the whole idea of going to the dentist terrifies you, you might have dental phobia.

This is actually not uncommon. In fact, dental phobia in Essex and many other places affects about 30% of the population! That many people don’t go to the dentist because they are simply terrified by the thought! So, you’re definitely not alone in your fears, and just knowing that fact can be a big comfort. However, knowing that you’re not alone and knowing what to do about your dental phobia are two different things. Here are a few steps that you can take to get your teeth taken care of if you’re struggling with dental phobia in Essex.

First, you should look at some statistics about why you need to go to the dentist. This probably won’t help your fears go away, but it will give you a good reason to overcome them by scheduling a dental appointment. People who don’t take care of their teeth can certainly suffer from social problems, since clean, straight, white teeth are considered to be an overall mark of good hygiene in our society. More than this, though, dental problems can cause other serious health issues. For instance, an infection in your tooth through a cavity can become an infection in your bloodstream that makes your whole body sick. Plus, lack of proper dental hygiene has been linked to things like high cholesterol and even infertility in women!

Next, find a dentist who specializes in dental phobia in Essex. These days, this common problem has caused many dentists to go out of their way to accommodate fearful patients. Many times, you’ll have no trouble finding a dentist who will simply talk to you about everything you need to know first off. Then, you can also practice sedation dentistry. This type of dentistry involves oral, IV, or gas medications that can make you feel calm and relaxed while the dentist does her work so that you don’t have to be nervous at the dentist’s office ever again.


What does Sedation Dentistry Feel Like?

What Does Sedation Dentistry Feel Like?

Have you been avoiding going to the dentist to get that pain in your back tooth fixed simply because you’re afraid of having people in odd masks messing with your mouth? Are you simply afraid of those needles they use to inject painkiller into your gums before treatment? If so, you’re definitely not alone. It’s estimated that about 30% of the population avoids going to the dentist because of dental phobia! So, the dental industry has come up with sedation dentistry as a way of making these customers much happier and more comfortable with the whole dental procedure.

Basically, sedation dentistry in Essex can be found in a few different places, but you’ll definitely want to talk to different offices about how they handle sedation. There are a couple of different types that are often used. Some dentists use IV sedation by pumping sedative medications through your blood, but others use oral sedation in the form of pills or happy gas. If you’re afraid of needles, you’ll obviously want to make the dental experience less stressful by using an office that offers gas or pill sedation.

The type of sedation that you go through when you’re getting your teeth worked on isn’t total. It’s not like going under for surgery when you’re totally asleep. Instead, you’ll actually be somewhat conscious, but you probably won’t remember the experience much at all. People react differently to difference sedatives. You might simply feel drowsy and relaxed, or you might even feel high and very, very happy. In general, sedatives work on the hormones in your body that control pain and happiness. They suppress pain hormones and increase happy hormones.

You might still be able to feel pain or pressure when you’re sedated, but the doctor will first sedate you and then use local anesthetic to keep you from feeling any acute pain. Once you’re sedated, you might not even notice the pinching sensation of the needle full of anesthetic when it goes into your mouth.

Chances are likely that you’ll feel funny after being sedated for quite some time. You’ll definitely have to have someone come to the dentist’s office with you to drive you home after you experience sedation dentistry in Essex. Plus, you might say a few off-the-wall things, but your dentist will pay you no mind, and, plus, it is not like you can get that many words out around all the gauze, fingers, and devices that are in your mouth while dental procedures are being performed!


Three Ways To Improve Your Smile in Essex

Three Ways to Get a Better Smile

Your smile is one of the very first things that most people will notice about you, so it’s important that you feel comfortable with your smile. If you have teeth that aren’t straight or that are stained, you might be embarrassed to show your teeth in public. When you smile with your mouth closed out of habit, you might give people the incorrect impression that you’re shy, angry, or stand-offish. If you’re ready for a smile makeover in Essex, you have quite a few potential options. Here are just three of them.

Braces are one of the best ways for a person with crooked teeth to get a better smile. Most of the time, though, adults are unwilling to go through years of having a mouth full of metal to get the smiles they deserve. If you want to avoid this, you definitely can. Now, you can actually get braces that work within six months, and there are other options, such as Invisalign braces and braces that go on the backs of your teeth, which can make the whole process of getting a smile makeover in Essex simpler and less embarrassing.

Another option is simply to get your teeth whitened. Many people experience staining on their teeth because of what they eat or drink or because of years of bad habits, such as smoking. If this is the case with you, then you should check out the professional whitening services that a dentist can offer. These services are often much, much more effective than at-home tooth whitening, and they can also be less expensive simply because they don’t involve as much trial and error.

One other option if you have teeth that are very badly stained is to get porcelain veneers on your teeth. These are super-thin wafers of porcelain that are bonded to your tooth enamel. Because of advances in the available technology, they’re very realistic-looking, and they can help you regain a beautiful smile when nothing else can.

If you’re ready for a smile makeover in Essex, you should definitely consider using one or more of these ways to regain a bright, beautiful smile. These techniques can help you regain your confidence in your looks. They can make you look younger and more attractive, but they can also just give you your smile back because you’ll no longer be embarrassed to show off your teeth.


Three Types of Invisible Braces

Three Types of Invisible Dental Braces

Whether you need braces as an adult and don’t want to look like you’re sixteen again or you’re checking out braces for your sixteen-year-old who will be totally embarrassed to have a mouthful of metal, you should definitely check out options for invisible braces. Most people automatically think of Invisalign braces, and, while these are a good option, they arenít the only invisible dental braces in Essex that you can possibly get. In fact, there are at least three different excellent options for braces that are difficult, if not totally impossible, to see. Here are some of the options that you might want to check out.

Invisalign braces are definitely some of the most popular. As you might already know, these braces are actually a little bit more like a clear retainer. They fit right over your teeth and slowly realign them so that they become straight. This option could be pretty expensive, but you’ll definitely want to check it out if your goal is to have totally invisible braces as a way to get your teeth back into good shape.

Another option for invisible dental braces in Essex is lingual braces. These are actually like the traditional metal and wire braces, but they actually go on the back of your teeth. If someone looks very closely, he’ll probably be able to tell that you have braces. However, they’re pretty much invisible unless a person is staring right at your mouth from close range. These braces might be a little uncomfortable on your tongue at first, but they can work just like traditional braces, and you’ll get used to them over time. This could definitely be an option to ask about.

One final option is even close to traditional braces. You can actually get ceramic braces that are about the same color as your teeth. Again, if someone is looking right at your mouth, she’ll be able to tell that you have braces, but they wonít be nearly as obvious as traditional metal braces. These braces work on the fronts of your teeth just like basic braces, but they are sometimes smaller and always harder to see. Even the wires that are used for these braces are tooth-colored.

So, if you’re looking for invisible dental braces in Essex, these three options are definitely ones that you should discuss with your orthodontist. They’ll give you a range of possibilities for braces that won’t be so obvious or embarrassing.