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Three Types of Invisible Braces

Three Types of Invisible Dental Braces

Whether you need braces as an adult and don’t want to look like you’re sixteen again or you’re checking out braces for your sixteen-year-old who will be totally embarrassed to have a mouthful of metal, you should definitely check out options for invisible braces. Most people automatically think of Invisalign braces, and, while these are a good option, they arenít the only invisible dental braces in Essex that you can possibly get. In fact, there are at least three different excellent options for braces that are difficult, if not totally impossible, to see. Here are some of the options that you might want to check out.

Invisalign braces are definitely some of the most popular. As you might already know, these braces are actually a little bit more like a clear retainer. They fit right over your teeth and slowly realign them so that they become straight. This option could be pretty expensive, but you’ll definitely want to check it out if your goal is to have totally invisible braces as a way to get your teeth back into good shape.

Another option for invisible dental braces in Essex is lingual braces. These are actually like the traditional metal and wire braces, but they actually go on the back of your teeth. If someone looks very closely, he’ll probably be able to tell that you have braces. However, they’re pretty much invisible unless a person is staring right at your mouth from close range. These braces might be a little uncomfortable on your tongue at first, but they can work just like traditional braces, and you’ll get used to them over time. This could definitely be an option to ask about.

One final option is even close to traditional braces. You can actually get ceramic braces that are about the same color as your teeth. Again, if someone is looking right at your mouth, she’ll be able to tell that you have braces, but they wonít be nearly as obvious as traditional metal braces. These braces work on the fronts of your teeth just like basic braces, but they are sometimes smaller and always harder to see. Even the wires that are used for these braces are tooth-colored.

So, if you’re looking for invisible dental braces in Essex, these three options are definitely ones that you should discuss with your orthodontist. They’ll give you a range of possibilities for braces that won’t be so obvious or embarrassing.


Steps in The Invisalign Braces in Essex

Steps in the Invisalign Process

If youíre looking for Invisalign braces in Essex, you might be wondering how the whole process of bringing your teeth more into line actually works. The process can be complex and a little bit expensive, but if you need your teeth straightened and donít want to deal with the oral hygiene problems or the obvious visibility of traditional braces, it could definitely present an alternative option for you. Hereís how the process of obtaining and using Invisalign braces works.

First, an orthodontist will have to evaluate what your teeth are like and what problems need to be fixed. Donít get your heart totally set on having Invisalign braces, though, because they arenít appropriate for all types of teeth or all orthodontia problems. When you meet with your tooth-alignment specialist, youíll be able to figure out whether or not you can even use this system for your teeth.

If you decide to go ahead with treatment by Invisalign braces in Essex, your orthodontist will contact the Invisalign company with pictures of where your teeth are and where they need to be. Then, the people at Invisalign will create a plan to straighten your teeth. Basically, this plan will show several different aligners that will be used in a particular order to move your teeth from point A to point B. Once you and your specialist confirm that these plans will get you where you need to go, the company will cast all of the aligners you need at once.

When you start treatment, youíll just start going through the series of aligners. Youíll have to wear them for about twenty-two hours a day, which means that youíll only take them out when you eat or brush your teeth. Itís really important that you stay on track and keep wearing your aligners


Approaches to Invisible Dental Braces

Approaches to Invisible Dental Braces
If you are looking for invisible dental braces in Essex it might be of use to know that there are more than just one or two ways that such a thing is available. There are six-month plans that rely on accelerated treatment and almost entirely invisible braces, there are clear braces that are attached to the back or the front of the patient’s teeth, and then there are removable “trays” that work in the same way as braces to realign the bite.
Which is the right one for you? Well, anyone in search of invisible dental braces in Essex is going to have to first consult with a qualified professional. Most of the newer dental systems that use invisible equipment require the dentist or orthodontist to receive certification, and identifying such professionals is the first step to finding a few qualified providers. The next thing to do is to schedule a consultation with a few of these certified individuals to see if your teeth are suited to such treatments.
While most adult patients over the age of fifteen are found to be suitable candidates for the use of invisible braces, not all people can use them. For example, someone with a bite pattern far out of line may need the old-fashioned retainers and wire braces that are used for a year or more to slowly pull the teeth into the proper positions. While this is a somewhat rare scenario, all providers will require potential patients to submit to this sort of pre-screening consultation.
Once the patient is approved for treatment with invisible dental braces in Essex they will then have x-rays and casts of their teeth made and may even need some additional treatments done at that time. For instance, someone with too many adult teeth may need them removed, those with advanced decay will need this treated, and someone with damage to the roots or gums may need preventative and restorative care before their invisible braces can be applied.
While most invisible braces boast a four to nine month treatment time, there are those cases that may require a full year or more for success. The reason for any extended treatment period is not due to a failure in the system or the specialized equipment but usually due to the need to protect the teeth. Accelerated orthodontic treatment is not any more uncomfortable than traditional approaches, but realigning the teeth can put undue strain on the roots, and a qualified professional will be able to quickly see if their patient is suited to the slower treatment or qualified for the faster process.