Lip Refresh.

Restylane Lip Refresh

Do you suffer from dry lips? If you do odds are you are spending a lot of money on balms and chapsticks to combat the dryness. With Restylane Lip Refresh you can restore the balance of your lips, reducing your balm and chapstick spend in the process!

What is Restylane Lip Refresh?

If you’re thirsty then you have a drink. That feeling before you have a drink is often difficult and for your lips this is no different. The dry sensation is often unpleasant, especially when you have cracked lips.

Restylane uses a patented technology in their products called NASHA in order to enhance lips. In the case of Restylane Lip Refresh this is done specifically with the aim of restoring the natural balance in the lips, refreshing them and making them smoother.

What is it made of?

Restylane Lip Refresh is sourced from non-animal ingredients. Specifically they are based on a substance called stabilised hyaluronic acid that has been in development since 1996.

Is stabilised hyalronic acid safe?

The word “acid” often conjures up nasty images and tends to be viewed in a negative context. However in this instance it should be emphasised that this has been used in millions of treatments in the 15 years that Restylane products have been available and has been deemed perfectly safe provided that is administered by a qualified practitioner.

I’m worried about cosmetic treatments. What can you do to make sure you don’t get the guppy look?

While you want to enhance the look of your lips there is the danger of what is known as a “trout pout.” Fortunately Restylane are aware of this and their products have been specifically designed with enhanced natural looks, maximising your look without making it overly altered.

How do I know if the person using the product is a qualified practitioner?

With any qualified practitioner there ought to be an initial consultation period. As well as allowing them to assess whether the product is appropriate and will benefit you it is also a good opportunity to discuss the process with them directly.

As well as being qualified to use the product a good practitioner also ought to be willing to explain the processes involved and what they will do to ensure that you are safe during the process. If possible you should also see if they have any testimonials or reviews from other clients to gauge their satisfaction with the treatment.

In simple terms it is worth getting in contact today to see how Restylane Lip Refresh can enhance your smile!

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