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Get flawless smile with clear braces

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Get flawless smile with clear braces

CLEAR BRACES gives you beautiful smile by making your teeth straight and flawless without letting anybody know. Clear Braces are made of a clear material like ceramic, porcelain, plastic or glass. They are not visible like metal. They are perfect for people who want to straighten their teeth and prefer avoiding metal mouth or who have an aversion from stainless steel brackets. They are custom made created especially for you. These aligners are smooth, virtually invisible and comfortable. With the help of aligners your teeth shift gently into place, depending on the accurate movements your orthodontist suggests you. The metal brackets are absent and there are no wires to tighten. You pop in the aligners every two weeks till your treatment is completed. It helps in getting you the confident smile you have always longed for.
• Consulting a Doctor: The first step includes in consulting the right doctor who suits your requirements. Choosing the right treatment is very important both medically and financially. The doctor should be well trained to evaluate your needs. Self-assessment is important for you to know about cost of the treatment, dental insurance or other aspects.
• Getting started: Your doctor will examine your teeth, take X- Rays, impressions and pictures of your teeth and make a 3- D image of it. Then a precise plan is made according to the exact movements of the teeth. You can also see a virtual representation of your teeth during the course of treatment.
• Getting customized aligners: Depending on the treatment personal clear aligners are made. These braces are made of comfortable and smooth BPA free plastic that does not irritate the gums and the cheeks. You can wear them throughout the day and take them off while eating or brushing.
• Occasional check ups: After every two weeks new set of aligners will be given to take you to the next level of treatment and see your doctor approximately after six weeks.
• Length of time: You are recommended to wear your aligners at least for 20- 22 hours a day for best results in less time. Adults generally take a year and teens the same time as in the treatment of metal braces.

• They are less visible as compared to other types of braces.
• They do not like the other elastic ties used in attaching the wire with the braces stain. They stain from drinking coffee, tea, tomato sauce, dark liquids, smoking, etc.
• Cost: The cost is more as compared to other braces. It depends on the number of visits and the time taken in every visit.
• Breakage: They are brittle, so braces have the tendency to chip or break. If they are made of plastic the wear down but do not chip.
• Wearing of opposing teeth: The ceramic material is tougher and harder than enamel. In case of teeth bite the teeth will be worn at the point of contact with the braces.
• Difficulty in removal: They are painful and difficult to remove.

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Transparent Dental Braces – The Most Preferable Braces for the Teeth!

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Transparent dental braces
are a modern and pioneering alternative for the teens who do not want to pack their mouth with metal and adults who are embarrassed to step in full public glare wearing braces on their teeth. Transparent dental braces are known for their simplicity in use. They can be taken off and placed back on easily, which can never be the case with metal braces. People using transparent dental braces will not have to be concerned about their teeth being wrapped in metal wires to push them in at all.
The transparent dental braces do not need much time for getting used to them. You do not have to deal with issues like stinging teeth and discomfort. These transparent dental braces are almost invisible; no one would be able to make out that you have worn braces unless they came closer to inspect your teeth and this is what most people who have to wear braces to align their teeth want. Wearing braces at some point of time in life is an essential for most people as the required means to solve dental problems. With the creation and development of transparent dental braces you will be able to set right the problems concerning your teeth without having to walk all the time with your mouth clamped shut.
By using the transparent dental braces, none of the people around you like friends and office colleagues will come to know that you are going for treatment to tackle teeth alignment issues. There are many latest, updated studies that have proven that the usage of these transparent dental braces is effective in solving teeth related problems. The positive results of the research and the experience of the users have vouched for the fact that these transparent dental braces are more efficient in solving the dental alignment and configuration problems than the hard, clanging metal braces.
Transparent dental braces are in general referred as a piece of equipment that is used to treat dental abnormalities like straightening of bent, curved and twisted teeth, making the entire set of teeth straight and parallel, reducing stress and heaviness on the gums and also improving the look of the face by enhancing the smile. Transparent dental braces are undoubtedly unusual and very popular in the field of dental and cosmetic awareness that has changed and transformed the real meaning of dental orthodontics, by saying goodbye to the usage of metal brackets and wires and welcome to the indistinguishable, easily detachable domestic devices called aligners. These aligners are almost unnoticeable and they go unseen while speaking in public.
Transparent dental braces can provide you an attractive smile by setting your teeth straight without others coming to know about it. Transparent dental braces are also known as filmy or see-through braces, which can be of assistance to you to smile brightly and are exclusive of metal wires. The transparent dental braces are unsurpassed and well suited for youngsters and elder people who are conscious of their looks and physical appearance.


Teeth Aligners – The best Teeth Straightening Tools

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Teeth Aligners – The best Teeth Straightening Tools!

There are many reasons why most of the elders as well as teenagers in the present world tend to feel insecure and anxious about their looks and give more importance to physical appearance. Apart from the typical anxiety about height or weight, there are a lot of people who feel nervous and uncertain about their looks, appearance and the outer shell of their teeth. Dental and cosmetic devices such as teeth aligners are very supportive and helpful in treating bent, curved, warped and uneven teeth, but teenagers are often concerned about wearing these devices on their teeth as they look unsightly.
Most of the youngsters who look for orthodontic treatments also have to bear harassment and mockery due to the presence of various types of metal devices attached to their teeth. Due to this fact most of them do not like to wear braces at all. But with the latest developments in the field of technology and cosmetic dentistry, teeth aligners have come into existence and replaced the older metal units and many of the modern braces ensure good looks and sparkling smiles making the youth rely on them for beautifying their appearances.
In the present day, there are many useful and effective substitutes to orthodontic braces. Dentists are offering an array of treatment selections and alternatives to the teenagers as well as adults who want to have their teeth unbent and set straight. One of the best options is going for teeth aligners. Teeth aligners are cosmetic dental equipment that is positioned over the teeth eradicating the requirement of metal wires in moving and relocating the teeth. Teeth aligners are prepared with crystal clear and see-through materials, making the braces less striking and eye-catching to other people.
There are many dentists who prefer to go for the installation of teeth aligners, which is one of the top ever ways for straightening crooked teeth. Besides ensuring faster dental treatment, teeth aligners are also trouble free and uncomplicated as compared to the conservative and predictable orthodontic braces. Teeth aligners can be detached from the teeth to allow vigorous brushing and flossing, helping the users of teeth aligners to stay away from the need to buy specific toothbrushes.
Dentists who perform cosmetic dental surgeries also give further details about these teeth aligners that they result in a small amount of pain and uneasiness. People who wear teeth aligners experience negligible amounts of stress when the teeth aligners are fixed and the pressure comes down slowly and falls to a minimum after a given period of time. There are lots of benefits that teeth aligners come with and most of the dentists believe that these teeth aligners are definitely the ultimate substitutes for braces, in particular for figure and personality conscious teenagers. Interested teenagers along with their parents must seek advice from their dentists about the chances of receiving such treatment, to make sure that the teeth aligners are custom-made to meet their dental needs.


The Inman Aligner- Align, Bleach and Bond ABB.

Monday, March 28th, 2011

ABB- Align , Bleach and Bond is the newest and most conservative way of getting a Smile Makeover with NO Veneers and NO Drilling and NO Injections.

Most patients in the past would have to have tooth enamel removed around the front and the back to form a little peg like a pencil sharpener. This is sometimes the case, but most patients ABB is the answer.

Straigthtening your teeth or Aligning them is carried out using the Inman Aligner and them Home whitening in specialised custom built trays to bleach your teeth.
Once your teeth are aligned, the edges of your teeth are either smoothed down or built up with composite – white filling material-to make them follow your lower lip line.

Advantages of Align, Bleach and Bond Technique.

  • No Teeth have to be prepared and that means no Drilling!
  • No Painful Injections in the front of the Mouth.
  • Fast Treatment Times-within 12 weeks on average.
  • Inman Aligner can be used at night time only which means you can get on with the rest of your daily life.
  • Beautiful Natural Results because the Best Dentistry is No Dentistry.

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How Can Clear Aligner Braces Straighten Your Teeth Without Being Obvious?

Friday, June 11th, 2010

The only reason why people don’t want to undergo an orthodontic treatment involving wearing braces to correct their teeth misalignment is because– they are visible. It comes to notice more prominently, especially when you yourself start being to aware of it in public. This is where Clear Aligner braces come to help you out. Aligner braces are hardly noticeable by any other person and in many cases they work in around just six months.

The process of these aligner braces treatment is clearly interesting. Initially after thorough inspection of your teeth, your orthodontist will make an initial mould of your teeth. After this, a series of aligners will be made, which will represent the subsequent progress that will be made by your teeth as the result of the treatment. After these aligners are made, you can start using them. Usually an aligner works for about two to three weeks. After that you will have to use the next aligner that has been handed over to you. This aligner will be closest to your teeth alignment. If you work closely with the schedule of your first aligner brace, it will be easy for the next aligner braces to align your teeth and it will reduce the time period taken for teeth alignment.

The aligner braces used for this treatment process are built of clear material, and hence are barely noticeable by others. Also the pressure created by the aligner braces over your teeth is very low and gradual. As the pressure is applied through the aligners on the right spot, you won’t even experience any pain.

The major advantages with aligner braces are that you can easily remove these when it is necessary. You need not miss a social party or a business meeting just because you are wearing one. You can remove these aligners from your teeth, before the meet and gently pop them back once the meeting gets over.

But one has to be aware of the fact that these aligner braces are reserved for less severe cases only. This treatment method is effective only on minor cases that can handle clear aligners and can be cured in six months. For more severe cases, you will need to consider some other treatment method or any other option of dental braces.

Like all other dental brace options, clear aligner braces also uses a retainer. These retainers can be removed like the aligner braces themselves. These retainers are used so that the teeth will stay at their appropriate spots. This type of treatment helps most of the minor orthodontic misalignments. These are right for people who can handle it easily and these are not at all painful. Some of the best non-allergic materials are used to make these aligner braces.

So, if you have always dreamt for the perfect set of teeth to dazzle every one around you, consider getting yourself an aligner braces treatment with the help of your dentist. You will certainly notice a considerable change in you within a few weeks.


All About Clear Dental Braces in Essex

Friday, April 16th, 2010

All About Clear Dental Braces In Essex
‘A smile can cure a million hearts’. This line is so true and we all have experienced it at some point in our lives. Even if we are a having bad day at the office a smile can out all our worries away and make us happy and loved. Verily, smile is as important aspect of a person’s personality as his hair or his style of dressing. In fact, smile is the dressing of the personality. And it is important that this dressing is in proper order. But everyone is not blessed with a perfect set of teeth. Even God can make mistakes. And that is why he created doctors and dentists. A brilliant option of fixing badly shaped teeth is to get clear dental braces in Essex.

But before you jump at the idea of getting clear dental braces in Essex, you need to know what exactly clear dental braces are, what procedure is involved and where to get clear dental braces in Essex.
The field of dentistry which deals with setting right misaligned teeth or teeth with any sort of gaps, crowding etc. is called Orthodontics. To get clear dental braces in Essex, you should always visit a recognized Orthodontist only. Also, the Orthodontist should be an expert about clear braces. Before selecting an Orthodontist to get clear dental braces in Essex check whether he is registered with the GDC or not. Also, a considerable amount of experience in the field of Orthodontics is another criterion before zeroing on dentists to get clear dental braces in Essex.
Now that you know how to select a dentist for the job, you also should know what options are available in terms of clear braces before getting clear braces in Essex or elsewhere. Presently, there are two options available when one talks of clear braces. The first option is the Inman Aligner. These are removable clear braces and a quick fix solution to straighten your teeth. The ext option in clear braces is Clear Step. These clear braces can help move the teeth and are a very good option if there is crowding involved.
You now have a basic overview of what exactly are clear braces and where to get clear dental braces in Essex. But there is a vital point missing here- the cost factor. After all, it is not possible for everybody to shell out huge sums of money for dental procedures. No matter how important that may be. The approximate cost of getting clear dental braces in Essex is 1,500 pounds. However, the exact cost can be told by the Orthodontics you have chosen for yourself.
Getting clear dental braces in Essex is a painless procedure and an effective one too. A very good Orthodontist who can do an excellent job of fixing clear dental braces in Essex is Dr. J. Basrai. He is a registered practitioner and has a vast experience and knowledge in the field of dentistry. Make sure to consult him once before you decide to do anything with your teeth.