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Essex based cosmetic dentist Dr. J Basrai has begun to offer 6 Month Smiles braces as one of the range of cosmetic treatments available at his clinic in Grays, Essex.
The 6 Months Smiles cosmetic dentistry treatment was original introduced in the U.S by leading cosmetic dentist Dr. Swain. It became especially popular with people who could neither afford to have cosmetic dental work done, or disliked the fact that conventional cosmetic dentistry can be a long process.
The 6 Month Smiles treatment differs from other forms of cosmetic dentistry by solely focusing upon the teeth which make up a person’s smile. By using special braces which are coloured to match teeth, most people find that crooked teeth, or gaps between teeth have been corrected within 6 months.
One of the major benefits of the 6 Month Smile technique is that there is no need for the patient to wear ugly metal braces whilst their smile is being repaired. The revolutionary 6 Month Smile braces resemble real teeth. After approximately 6 months, these braces will be removed and normal retainers will be put in place to stop teeth reverting to their original position.
Although the 6 Month Smiles technique is popular in the U.S, adoption of the treatment in the UK has been quite slow up until now, but this is all set to change.
Dr. Basrai is one of the first UK based cosmetic dentists to adopt the 6 Month Smiles technique in the UK. Dr. Basrai enthuses by saying, “I am really very excited to be able to offer this incredibly effective treatment to my patients. So many people are dissuaded from taking advantage of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry by the cost, and the fact it can take a long time for treatments to have a significantly noticeable effect. The 6 Months Smile treatment sidesteps both of these limitations, making it far more accessible. Everyone has a fantastic smile hiding away somewhere; this new technique to the UK will undoubtedly uncover many of them.”
People who are interested in learning more about the 6 Months Smile treatment, or who would like to arrange for an initial consultation to help discern whether 6 Months Smiles is right for them, should contact Dr. Basrai’s clinic.


6 Month Smile – The Advanced Dental Treatment that gives you a dazzling smile.

There are many people who are dissatisfied with their smiles. This is usually because their teeth are crooked, resulting in most people feeling uncomfortable and being conscious of their smile. The improperly placed teeth can make people feel unhappy with their smile, promoting them to wear metal braces or go for dental and cosmetic treatments. 6 Month Smile is the most recent procedure among cosmetic dental treatment for people of all ages and is being used for treating a wide range of dental problems.
6 month smile has come up with the best of braces and their management and supplies resources for the benefits of adults, providing an aesthetic solution that fits their lifestyle. 6 month smile makes use of the most recent equipment and systems to make the teeth shift rapidly but carefully in position, without being damaged. The 6 month smile treatment makes use of a unique and exceptional nickel-titanium wire focusing on the affected teeth that are visible when you smile. 6 month smile is a contemporary technique used for correcting a lot of positional problems comparatively faster and more tactfully as compared to the older dental techniques.
6 month smile is currently being used to tackle dental issues properly giving desired results. For a long time, there were discussions and even disputes amongst the members of the society of dentistry with regards to braces and struts being the most commonly used efficient method in curing improper teeth placement with precision enhancing the attractiveness of the patient’s smile. 6 month smile has overtaken and modified the usage of braces for the teeth and customized the curing procedures by providing the latest techniques offering the people a twist to the widespread and familiar solution, making use of aesthetic procedures.
6 month smile ensures the people get the look they want with the accent being on the teeth so as to give them beautiful smiles. The best part is that this treatment takes very little time to complete. 6 month smile provides a huge opportunity to tackle problems of the teeth cosmetically so as to boast of a grand smile. The 6 month smile treatment is done with less amount of pressure successfully placing the teeth in the right position. 6 month smile is in general very affordable and cost effective as compared to the regular braces, alignment treatments or surface coating.
6 month smile treatment is being extensively used and is a well proven and most efficient as well as successful process in providing the patients with straight, strong teeth resulting in an attractive and good-looking smile. 6 month smile has made most of the people smile with the best of braces and their management and has come up with the best resources to the satisfaction of a number of people. It is suitable for everyone, no matter what their lifestyle. This treatment can be completed within a limited period of time. It will also not burn a hole in your pocket!


Six Month Smiles in Essex-Discreet Straightening of your Teeth.

Six Month Smiles Braces in Essex

Would you like to have Straight Teeth but have been put off with the idea of wearing metal braces or plaastic aligners every day for up to 2 to 3 years? Would you like to have a quick fix to correct your crooked smile with a Six month Smile Brace-especially if you live in Essex.

Six Month Smiles
can be used to correct an array of orthodontic complaints including.

1. Crowding- Do your teeth overlap each other like an half unopened fan?

2. Spacing – Are there Gaps between your teeth due to the fact that your teeth maybe too small in relationship to your dental arch?

3.Overbite- Does your Front teeth overlap too much?

4. Overjet- Does your Front Teeth stick out too much?

5.Crossbite- Do your teeth in the back or front of your smile bite on the wrong side of each other?

6. Open bite- Do your teeth not meet when you bite?

The Cool Benefits of the 6 Month Smile System are:

– The Wires are discreet due to the fact that they are small and tooth coloured.

– Treatment time is reduced in many cases by up to 75 % as treatment can take between only 4 to 9 Months.

– Discomfort is reduced considerably as the teeth glide into their correct positions because of the Nickel Titanium wire.

What does the Treatment Involve?

During the initial Consultation, Dr J Basrai aka Dave the dentist will check if you are an ideal candidate for the 6 month Smile Brace System. If you agree to go ahead, then initial impressions are taken , a bite is recorded and photos and radiographs are taken. A consent form is also signed at this stage. Following this, you will be fitted with the discreet braces in approx 3 to 4 weeks.

You will have to come every 3 to 4 weeks for short appointment times for regular adjustments of your braces until we are both satisfied with the result.

Give us a call on 01375481000 for a FREE 15min Consultation with Dr J Basrai and his team.

Six Month Smiles Before
Six Month Smiles After Pictures
Six Month Smiles in Essex

Let the Six Month Smile in Essex Perfect Your Smile Back

Let The Six Month Smiles In Essex Perfect Your Smile Back

You would definitely agree with the saying that your smile brings out the beauty in you. A sweet smile can brighten up a room and can also make someone else’s day. It boosts your confidence, which makes you feel so comfortable about yourself. However, getting a perfect smile can be a challenge to some. Six month Smiles in Essex might be the answer to your dream.

From the name itself, it is a revolutionary orthodontics treatment which only covers 6 short months, instead of the customary practice of wearing the braces for 2 or 3 years. This new technique is currently a big hit in the UK but was established in the US. This gives the best solution for those who have wanted to get braces but cannot just wait for a few years to get the result.

The 6 month Smiles in Essex features clear braces which one just need to wear it for 6 months. A faster and a more effective result is promised after the treatment period. So that is only half of a year, and you should get that crooked smile perfected in no time.

Common orthodontic problems that a lot of people encounters nowadays can now be easily fixed, like underbite, overbite, crowding, overjet and spacing. Most of the time, these can be experienced during the childhood years, and not all people have the will and the means to have it corrected not until the adult stage.

The process starts with a few medical procedures like the taking photographs, X-ray and identifying the overall physical dental form by your doctor. This way, the orthodontist will be able to recognize specific steps to take in order to properly correct the problem. This also gives them an avenue to make sure they hit the target after the 6-month timeframe.

The six month Braces in Essex can be a painless alternative compared to the traditional braces we knew. It would be a little uncomfortable at first, but you should be able to get use to it after two days or so. This avoids the awkward feeling of having cold metal jackets wrapped around your teeth for so long. This also lessens the chance of your gums and roots to get damaged because of the prolong braces use.

This kind of braces is almost indistinguishable since it uses the same shade as your teeth color. So you wouldn’t have to get all your friends’ attention to your teeth when talking to them. All you just need to do is flash a smile to convince them, without the dire need to cover your mouth when you talk and avoiding a smile in public.

These 6 month Braces in Essex will definitely bring that perfect smile back. Most people do not comfortably smile, solely because of their crooked teeth or the spaces in between. These orthodontics problems really shave off a lot of confidence in ourselves. So it is about time to get that back and face the whole world with your sweet smile. Know more about the 6 month braces by visiting the site: https://www.basrai.co.uk


How do 6 month Smiles Work?

How do 6 month Smiles work?

Many dental braces will take more than a year to work. However, with the 6 month Smiles Brace it can take on average from 4 to 9 months to get your teeth cosmetically straight and aligned.

The 6 month Smiles uses Nickel Titanium wire to straighten the front 6 teeth and move them into their correct positions. These special wires have a memory that even when you twist or flex them, they will want to resort back to their original shape and form. Hence, once these wires are placed on tooth coloured brackets which are smaller than standard metal brackets, your front teeth will follow the tooth wire due to its inherent memory.

Because the 6 month Smiles does not work on the entire mouth like conventional metal braces, the time taken to align the teeth is considerably shortened!

With severe cases, it may take up to 9 months to straighten ones’s teeth.

Also. with any type of Brace , a patient’s mouth may get a few ulcers which heal very quickly with special wax that allows healing to take place. Your speech may be affected temporarily as well.

However, the 6 month Smiles brace is a useful tool for anyone who is thinking about getting their teeth straight in the shortest space of time.

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The Truth About Six Month Smiles in Essex.

The Truth About Six Months Smile In Essex

So your school group photograph looks like you have beaten up. Your farewell party photographs look like you have just been dumped. And your marriage photo-ops look like you have been forced to marry against your wishes. And this is so because you are not smiling in any of them. Not smiling because you have not been blessed with great looking teeth. Not smiling because you did not have the courage to go through the painful process of getting ugly braces fitted on your teeth.
If this story has a striking resemblance to your life so far, chances are that you are one of the many people out there who are scared of dental treatments. People are scared of dental treatments because they are excruciatingly painful.

Well, the things are changing for the better. It is possible to get your smile back within six months in Essex. The six months smile formula is very simple, less painful and very effective. The six months smile in Essex procedure involves fitting of braces which can straighten your teeth within six months.
And if you are thinking that the six months smile in Essex phrase is just a scam and a marketing gimmick, you could not be more wrong. The truth is that it is actually possible. Let me explain you how. When a young child is fitted with braces, the motive of the dentist is to fix the bite of the child. Fixing the bite of a child is essential and usually takes more than a year. But when an adult is fitted with braces, the motive has nothing to do with the bite of a person. The target is to have a beautiful set of teeth in a straight row.
Straightening of teeth is entirely possible in less than six months. This is the reason I said that six months smile in Essex is not a scam. It is entirely possible. Now, the next concern people have about six months smile in Essex is that it must be a painful and a costly procedure. The truth is that this procedure involves lesser pain than the traditional dental procedures.

Six months smile in Essex procedure requires less of pulling and tugging and thus, lesser pain. However, it is important to go to a trained practitioner only to get the six months smile in Essex procedure done perfectly. A dentist worth consulting for this amazing dental technique is Dr. J. Basrai. He is an expert in the field of innovative dentist techniques and is known for implementing non-surgical procedures to impart beautiful smiles to millions. He is also known for cosmetic surgery procedures in the field of dental care.
And regarding the cost factor of six months smile in Essex, yes it is a costly procedure as compared to the traditional dentist techniques. But the cost is well accounted for. Because when one gets an effective, efficient technique with the minimum pain involved, I do not think anybody would mind shelling out a few extra pounds.


Understanding Six Month Smiles in Essex

Understanding Six Month Smiles
It is never too late to get a flawless smile, and Six Month Smiles in Essex is a great way for someone of any age to straighten and improve the looks of their teeth. What is Six Months Smile? It is a patented approach to aligning the teeth and the bite using an almost a series of invisible orthodontic devices known as “trays”.
When seeking Six Month Smiles in Essex it helps to understand that they must be received via a qualified orthodontic and dental professional. This is because the patient must first be assessed for suitability – this is due to the fact that not all patients have a bite pattern or orthodontic need that is suited to the use of the devices – and must also understand how to use the materials they receive. Each set of trays is custom-made for the patient’s teeth, and these are designed to take a six-month (on average) approach to tooth alignment.
The Six Month Smiles have earned their name from the fact that most patients do see complete results in a, roughly, six month span. They are often viewed as far less expensive than traditional braces or cosmetic applications such as veneers, and are selected by many people because of their near invisibility. The patient usually has their personal set of trays made, but these are then provided on a regular basis through their dental professional.
This means that someone getting Six Month Smiles in Essex would have to visit their dental professional in order to move to the next tray in their custom series. This sort of approach ensures that the teeth are realigning in the desired way and that there is not any compromise in the overall health of the teeth and gums.
The major benefit to this approach to improving the looks of the smile is that it does allow someone of any age to straighten their teeth without the discomfort of standard braces. Not many adults are able or willing to have standard orthodontic equipment such as braces applied to their teeth because of their unattractive appearance and difficult maintenance, so the Six Month Smiles in Essex is a perfect solution for those ready to enhance their appearance in a proven, safe, and private way.
It all begins with a consultation in order to assess the bite, and the provider of the service must have certification in the Six Month Smiles treatment in order to provide care.