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Essex based cosmetic dentist Dr. J Basrai has begun to offer 6 Month Smiles braces as one of the range of cosmetic treatments available at his clinic in Grays, Essex.
The 6 Months Smiles cosmetic dentistry treatment was original introduced in the U.S by leading cosmetic dentist Dr. Swain. It became especially popular with people who could neither afford to have cosmetic dental work done, or disliked the fact that conventional cosmetic dentistry can be a long process.
The 6 Month Smiles treatment differs from other forms of cosmetic dentistry by solely focusing upon the teeth which make up a person’s smile. By using special braces which are coloured to match teeth, most people find that crooked teeth, or gaps between teeth have been corrected within 6 months.
One of the major benefits of the 6 Month Smile technique is that there is no need for the patient to wear ugly metal braces whilst their smile is being repaired. The revolutionary 6 Month Smile braces resemble real teeth. After approximately 6 months, these braces will be removed and normal retainers will be put in place to stop teeth reverting to their original position.
Although the 6 Month Smiles technique is popular in the U.S, adoption of the treatment in the UK has been quite slow up until now, but this is all set to change.
Dr. Basrai is one of the first UK based cosmetic dentists to adopt the 6 Month Smiles technique in the UK. Dr. Basrai enthuses by saying, “I am really very excited to be able to offer this incredibly effective treatment to my patients. So many people are dissuaded from taking advantage of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry by the cost, and the fact it can take a long time for treatments to have a significantly noticeable effect. The 6 Months Smile treatment sidesteps both of these limitations, making it far more accessible. Everyone has a fantastic smile hiding away somewhere; this new technique to the UK will undoubtedly uncover many of them.”
People who are interested in learning more about the 6 Months Smile treatment, or who would like to arrange for an initial consultation to help discern whether 6 Months Smiles is right for them, should contact Dr. Basrai’s clinic.


6 Month smile for those in hurry!

6 Month smile for those in hurry!

6 month smile is the sure shot method of orthodontic treatment for those of you who are in a hurry to improvise their smile and to treat other problems as well due to emergencies like a concert or an event. Many a times, it happens that you have to feel the embarrassment due to your unevenly shaped and dislocated teeth which restricts you even from properly opening your mouth to speak, smile or laugh. If you are facing such problems but still hesitate in consulting a dentist and undergoing a treatment due to long durations and never ending sessions then you have a good news in store for you. You no more have to be dependent on the older technology of using braces to align your teeth in a proper position that usually took two to three years for the total completion of the treatment because you can now adopt to a much easier and a shorter approach of a 6 month smile that assures you of a properly aligned and located teeth structure to enhance your smile and takes much lesser time and sessions.

The 6 month smile treatment originated in the United States from where it has passed to almost all the developed and the developing countries and has now gained much recognition and popularity worldwide. The treatment is different from the other regularly practised treatments over the past years in the sense that it involves using invisible wires and braces in place of visible braces to align the teeth denture. The wire used is quite short and located in the areas that need to be relocated to the proper position and the tooth is coloured white so that the wires are not visible. The treatment involves getting the wires fixed in the affected areas which might be a little discomforting in the beginning but the discomfort can no longer be felt after the initial first week of the treatment. The teeth are not moved from the place and hence it is less painful as compared to the other treatments. After the braces and the wires have been fixed you would need to regularly visit the dentist at an interval of four to five weeks generally and the dentist would examine the state of your teeth and the progress. It only takes about 10-15 minutes per session. There is no long hours of same tedious procedures in every session you undergo. This continues for six months after which the braces and the wire are removed.
But you need to continue wearing a retainer even after the end of the 6 month smile treatment in order to make sure that the teeth are relocated back to the actual place and there is no going back to the dislocated area. So what are you waiting for? If you are also a victim of a crooked structured set of teeth and facing problems in smiling comfortably then it is time that you take the best of the treatment available these days. The 6 month smile treatment is economical in terms of money as well as time.


6 month Smile London system for adults

6 month Smile London system for adults

6 month Smile London
is a system that offers realistic option for large number of adults who are willing to reject the comprehensive orthodontics due to time and appearance factor of conventional metal braces. These braces are similar to clear aligners’ procedure which does not replace orthodontics. The basic philosophy behind the 6 month Smile London is that it offers the treatment for an average period of six months. The treatment involves Lucid-Lok 6 month Smile clear and short-term brackets and Chameleon wires similar to the color of teeth.
The basic function of 6 month Smile London treatment is it helps in resolving the user’s aesthetic looks and does not makes drastic changes in the occlusal posterior scheme. The treatment scope is almost same to invisible teeth braces however the movement of teeth is much better and usually takes place three times faster than invisible teeth braces.
Characteristics of 6 month Smile London
• Arch round outs, this as per other cases offers the space which is inter-canine in order to align teeth anterior.
• Align and level the arches which cause adjustment in extrusions and intrusions and overbite corrections.
• Straighten your teeth also known as correct crowding.
• Remove spaces in between teeth.
• Tipped teeth and upright flared.
• Gingival margins are leveled.
Working of 6 month Smile London
The 6 month Smile London system utilizes three Chameleon Niti wires that are tooth colored which offer light pressure to guide the teeth gently in to position. These Nitri wires are the important part of the entire 6 month Smile London system and are really flexible. These wires have elastic characteristics which enables the tooth movement. The wires and brackets work together in conjunction with each other to guide the teeth in more appropriate position.
For restorative cases, it has been found that gingival symmetry can be achieved in order to generate an aesthetic and balanced outcome. With strategic and planned brackets positioning in 6 month Smile London, groups of teeth or individual teeth can be extruded or intruded orthodontically. Getting control over the location of teeth gives the tremendous flexibility and freedom for dentists. 6 month Smile London allows practitioners to make modifications or rectifications to the position of teeth effortlessly and quickly.

When the teeth regained their correct positions and the problem is solved, the brackets are removed easily and a specific protocol of retention is established. Retention is a very important part from the maintenance point of view for any type of orthodontic approach and it is the necessity for people undergoing 6 month Smile system. Some users of this system prefer retention protocols which are removable while others opt for bonded retention. This system enables the dentist to give a complete and much better makeover to the teeth of their patients who are looking for correction of their crooked teeth.

6 month Smile London is the attractive and safest means of comprehensive orthodontic treatment for adults and teenagers as compared to the traditional form of orthodontic treatment.

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What is the Six Month Smiles Treatment all About?

What the Six Month Smiles treatment all about ?

We often come across people who try covering their mouths when they talk or eat with the fear of being criticized for the alignment of their teeth. We have known of friends who want to have a charming smile but do not rush to cosmetic surgeon thinking about the cost that it would entail. We have encountered others who feel disappointed and depressed with the way their teeth look. And needless to say, the teeth happen to be the most visible part of the face when we talk, eat or converse. Well, the answer for these problems has come and it is the six month smiles treatment. The six month smiles treatment involves the cosmetic alignment of the teeth and ensures that little force is applied in the movement of the teeth to the desired location. This treatment is now widely used across different sections of the society and age groups. A very cost effective way of getting a charming smile that you have always dreamed off is now possible.

One of the key components which make the six month smiles so effective is the usage of nickel titanium wires with the primary focus being on moving your teeth to the desired shape and location. The usage of titanium is important as it has the quality of regaining its original shape irrespective of the deformity of shape that it has undergone thereby fostering the movement of the teeth as desired. Another very interesting and noteworthy fact is that the braces and wires used in the six month smiles treatment come in tooth colored invisible forms which ensure that your colleagues or friends will never come to know that you are using braces and you can flaunt gorgeous teeth that you always wanted. This is possible with the application of braces behind the teeth, wherein it takes the current shape that the setting of the teeth is in following which the inherent property of it being able to push the teeth to retain its original shape results in the alignment of the teeth as desired. The six month smiles treatment focuses on the improving the cosmetic nature of the teeth alignment rather than enhancing the bite of the teeth. So, the force that is applied to align the teeth is not too high but is only moderate. This has been historically proven through a number of orthodontic documentation that it is only with the application of moderate or low force that the movement of the teeth to the desired location is promoted and that is exactly what the Six month smiles treatment does.

For using the six month smiles treatment you should be above the age of 15 and aware of the fact that this treatment focuses on adding a cosmetic touch to your teeth alignment rather than the bite of the teeth. With all the advantages citied above, this treatment is quickly gaining prominence and is enjoying wide spread acceptance across all sections of the society.

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6 Month Smile – The Advanced Dental Treatment that gives you a dazzling smile.

There are many people who are dissatisfied with their smiles. This is usually because their teeth are crooked, resulting in most people feeling uncomfortable and being conscious of their smile. The improperly placed teeth can make people feel unhappy with their smile, promoting them to wear metal braces or go for dental and cosmetic treatments. 6 Month Smile is the most recent procedure among cosmetic dental treatment for people of all ages and is being used for treating a wide range of dental problems.
6 month smile has come up with the best of braces and their management and supplies resources for the benefits of adults, providing an aesthetic solution that fits their lifestyle. 6 month smile makes use of the most recent equipment and systems to make the teeth shift rapidly but carefully in position, without being damaged. The 6 month smile treatment makes use of a unique and exceptional nickel-titanium wire focusing on the affected teeth that are visible when you smile. 6 month smile is a contemporary technique used for correcting a lot of positional problems comparatively faster and more tactfully as compared to the older dental techniques.
6 month smile is currently being used to tackle dental issues properly giving desired results. For a long time, there were discussions and even disputes amongst the members of the society of dentistry with regards to braces and struts being the most commonly used efficient method in curing improper teeth placement with precision enhancing the attractiveness of the patient’s smile. 6 month smile has overtaken and modified the usage of braces for the teeth and customized the curing procedures by providing the latest techniques offering the people a twist to the widespread and familiar solution, making use of aesthetic procedures.
6 month smile ensures the people get the look they want with the accent being on the teeth so as to give them beautiful smiles. The best part is that this treatment takes very little time to complete. 6 month smile provides a huge opportunity to tackle problems of the teeth cosmetically so as to boast of a grand smile. The 6 month smile treatment is done with less amount of pressure successfully placing the teeth in the right position. 6 month smile is in general very affordable and cost effective as compared to the regular braces, alignment treatments or surface coating.
6 month smile treatment is being extensively used and is a well proven and most efficient as well as successful process in providing the patients with straight, strong teeth resulting in an attractive and good-looking smile. 6 month smile has made most of the people smile with the best of braces and their management and has come up with the best resources to the satisfaction of a number of people. It is suitable for everyone, no matter what their lifestyle. This treatment can be completed within a limited period of time. It will also not burn a hole in your pocket!


6 Month Smile Cost – Cost Effective Treatment for the Teeth

The 6 Month smile treatment is performed to get rid of the crooked smiles and the spaces between teeth with technically enhanced modern braces, which is speedy, comfortable and done at ease ensuring the braces themselves are practical solutions and almost invisible with very lost cost of treatment providing the best smile. In comparison to the customary fixed braces, 6 month smile cost is inexpensive wherein most of the dentists also prefer and suggest this treatment as it known to suit any financial plan.
The 6 month smile procedure mainly focuses on the teeth giving the face great appeal when you smile and does not make an effort to bring about any considerable changes in your mouth. 6 month smile treatment can create a beautiful and aesthetic appearance though it makes very minute or small adjustments to your teeth, without resulting in high 6 month smile cost. Moving teeth is not new, particularly in the niche of dental care, where thousands of people all over the world are finding the appropriate treatment methods they find suitable to correct the miss-match of teeth.
The 6 month smile treatment can be incorporated in the cluster, where it is known as one of the most efficient and successful ways to set your teeth in place. The advantage of the 6 month smile course of action is that the treatment is affordable and inexpensive for everyone as well as time saving. The 6 month smile treatment is used to manage and take care of orthodontic issues within a time period of six months. In general, braces are commonly used for at least two to three years, highlighting the seriousness of the dental problem. There are a lot of people who are attracted to and interested in the 6 month smile treatment for the main reason that it assures to set right teeth problems in a limited time period, as the 6 month smile cost is less than most of the other regular dental procedures.
The braces from the 6 month smile program have gained positive feedback from the people who have undertaken the treatment. In competition to the regular and custom used braces, the 6 month smile braces can care for problems like teeth over-crowding and large gaps among each teeth and gums, which can be solved effectively at affordable 6 month smile cost. The cost of the 6 month smile treatment and braces normally depends on the treatment performed by the dentist and the quantity of refilling done. At any point of time, the 6 month smile cost will not surpass the cost of the regular braces.
The creators and producers of 6 month smile have promoted the treatment as a short term and inexpensive procedure for patients who wish to improve their smiles. 6 month smile places importance on providing the best aesthetic results. With the center of attention being the teeth to light your face with a beautiful smile, 6 month smile techniques mingle together with conventional treatment and the most recent orthodontic technology to attain faster and consistent results at a low 6 month smile cost.


Six Month Smiles in Essex-Discreet Straightening of your Teeth.

Six Month Smiles Braces in Essex

Would you like to have Straight Teeth but have been put off with the idea of wearing metal braces or plaastic aligners every day for up to 2 to 3 years? Would you like to have a quick fix to correct your crooked smile with a Six month Smile Brace-especially if you live in Essex.

Six Month Smiles
can be used to correct an array of orthodontic complaints including.

1. Crowding- Do your teeth overlap each other like an half unopened fan?

2. Spacing – Are there Gaps between your teeth due to the fact that your teeth maybe too small in relationship to your dental arch?

3.Overbite- Does your Front teeth overlap too much?

4. Overjet- Does your Front Teeth stick out too much?

5.Crossbite- Do your teeth in the back or front of your smile bite on the wrong side of each other?

6. Open bite- Do your teeth not meet when you bite?

The Cool Benefits of the 6 Month Smile System are:

– The Wires are discreet due to the fact that they are small and tooth coloured.

– Treatment time is reduced in many cases by up to 75 % as treatment can take between only 4 to 9 Months.

– Discomfort is reduced considerably as the teeth glide into their correct positions because of the Nickel Titanium wire.

What does the Treatment Involve?

During the initial Consultation, Dr J Basrai aka Dave the dentist will check if you are an ideal candidate for the 6 month Smile Brace System. If you agree to go ahead, then initial impressions are taken , a bite is recorded and photos and radiographs are taken. A consent form is also signed at this stage. Following this, you will be fitted with the discreet braces in approx 3 to 4 weeks.

You will have to come every 3 to 4 weeks for short appointment times for regular adjustments of your braces until we are both satisfied with the result.

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Six Month Smiles in Essex