6 Month smile for those in hurry!

6 Month smile for those in hurry!

6 month smile is the sure shot method of orthodontic treatment for those of you who are in a hurry to improvise their smile and to treat other problems as well due to emergencies like a concert or an event. Many a times, it happens that you have to feel the embarrassment due to your unevenly shaped and dislocated teeth which restricts you even from properly opening your mouth to speak, smile or laugh. If you are facing such problems but still hesitate in consulting a dentist and undergoing a treatment due to long durations and never ending sessions then you have a good news in store for you. You no more have to be dependent on the older technology of using braces to align your teeth in a proper position that usually took two to three years for the total completion of the treatment because you can now adopt to a much easier and a shorter approach of a 6 month smile that assures you of a properly aligned and located teeth structure to enhance your smile and takes much lesser time and sessions.

The 6 month smile treatment originated in the United States from where it has passed to almost all the developed and the developing countries and has now gained much recognition and popularity worldwide. The treatment is different from the other regularly practised treatments over the past years in the sense that it involves using invisible wires and braces in place of visible braces to align the teeth denture. The wire used is quite short and located in the areas that need to be relocated to the proper position and the tooth is coloured white so that the wires are not visible. The treatment involves getting the wires fixed in the affected areas which might be a little discomforting in the beginning but the discomfort can no longer be felt after the initial first week of the treatment. The teeth are not moved from the place and hence it is less painful as compared to the other treatments. After the braces and the wires have been fixed you would need to regularly visit the dentist at an interval of four to five weeks generally and the dentist would examine the state of your teeth and the progress. It only takes about 10-15 minutes per session. There is no long hours of same tedious procedures in every session you undergo. This continues for six months after which the braces and the wire are removed.
But you need to continue wearing a retainer even after the end of the 6 month smile treatment in order to make sure that the teeth are relocated back to the actual place and there is no going back to the dislocated area. So what are you waiting for? If you are also a victim of a crooked structured set of teeth and facing problems in smiling comfortably then it is time that you take the best of the treatment available these days. The 6 month smile treatment is economical in terms of money as well as time.


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