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How to cure Tooth Ache in Essex

How to cure Tooth Ache in Essex

Tooth Ache Essex
Tooth Ache in Essex

A nerve root that is irritated causes toothache. The causes of this problem that are most common are decay, infection, an injury or loss of a tooth. Due to inflammation and pain on tooth, you would also experience pain in face and jaw. Many people are not aware of what toothache is actually like till they experience it. And once they do suffer from one, they will be ready to go to any lengths in order to free themselves of it. Always be prepared for treating and curing tooth ache in Essex. Better yet, see to it you have excellent dental care habit. Time and again, a toothache is likely to be caused by health problem that does not have its source in the jaw or tooth. It might be symptom of heart attack, angina, sinusitis and external or internal ear infection.
You could stop tooth ache in Essex by simply using tea bag and tea. Tea bag should be soaked in warm water and placed on the affected tooth. This has been proven to work, helping 9 of 10 people in curing toothache. In case the tooth is not sensitive you could also use cold bag compress for enjoying relief for the pain. Clove oil could also be used for painful tooth as it is known to lessen pain and cures any infection that the tooth has. This is an effective way of taking the pain away as clove oil consists of antibiotic known as eugenol and natural painkiller. Garlic is yet another effective agent when it comes to relieving tooth ache in Essex. Little salt and a garlic clove should be placed in problem tooth. The clove could also be chewed in morning for making the teeth stronger. It not only offers relief from pain but also heals affected tooth.

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Using hydrogen peroxide such as Peroxyl Mouthwash for swishing can kill infection in the tooth offering relief from the pain. Warm water could be used for rinsing in order to remove bad taste but this method should not be used if there is already a filling in the tooth as the filling could weaken and fall apart due to the hydrogen peroxide. As a substitute you could also use little salt and powdered pepper like filler to the aching tooth. This method is sure to give you instant relief. In case you are suffering from awful toothache, wet washcloth that is soaked in some water and kept on aching tooth could surprise you. You could do it any number of times till you get relief from the pain. There is no side effect to worry about on using this method. Pain of the toothache could also be eased by using nerve points that are present in the body. You could rub an ice piece between the forefinger and thumb for overpowering pain signal that travels to nerves. You could also place ice on hurting tooth directly so that it becomes numb and eases pain that you are experiencing.


Emergency Dentist in Essex

When you have toothache, patients often tell me that they simply want to rip their head off their shoulders or want to extract their own tooth with pliers from a garage. Not Recommended ! On a scale of 1 to 10 they say emphatically its a 100 or the pain is worse than having a BABY!

The causes of tooth ache can be due to a number of reasons from tooth decay a wisdom tooth coming thrun, an abcess in the tooth or gum , food impaction stuck between your teeth and gums , an ulcer or an infection in your sinuses.

Prior to seeing an emergency dentist in Essex, you could try the following.

1. Make sure you have something to eat before you do this! Take 4 tablets of 200 Milligrams of Ibuprofen tablets which equates to 800 milligrams. Because toothache is always an inflammatory response, taking something like Nurofen which help reduce the swelling inside the tooth. You only do this once in a day!!! Make sure you are not asthamatic. This should only be done if you do not have an allergy to these antiinflammatories.
You can also take Paracetemol if you need to be.

2. You could also use warm salt mouthwashes as a rinse to help with wisdom tooth pain. Corsodyl Mouthwash or any Chlorohexidine Mouthrinses could also be used for a short time ie 2 weeks to prevent staining of your teeth.

3.Use a dental floss or any interdental aids like Tepe Brushes to remove any food substances like pieces of meat .

4. If you have a hole in your tooth, place a temporary filling in the tooth bought from your local Pharmacy and then see the emergency dentist in Essex asap by giving us a call on 01375481000 Now!

You may need root canal treatment to help get rid of the infection of the tooth or alternatively have it removed!