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Implants Success Rates

Implants Success


Factors Which Can Influence Your Implant Success


Dental Implants usually have a high success rate – over 95% in most cases.  However, there are many factors that can reduce this success rate and ultimately cause your dental implant to fail. Your Dentist will tell you if you are an ideal candidate for dental implants.

General Health

Factors such as smoking or chewing tobacco , certain medications like bisphosphonates , osteoporosis, radiation treatment or a compromised immune system such as diabetes.

Local Factors

The quality and the depth of bone will effect the initial stability of the dental implant at the time of insertion. If you have a heavy bite in that area of the implant can cause undue stress on it and can cause the implant to fail.

The Dentist will have to decide if you grind or clench your teeth and whether or not if you need a soft or hard night guard to protect your investment.

Maintenance Issues

Because Dental Implants are the high end of Dentistry in terms of the technology and costs you have to take care of them like if you have a brand new car. You need to keep the area clean daily and have continued professional management with regular visits to the hygienist and dentist.


If you are thinking of having dental implants then you should be thoroughly investigated by your dentist or oral surgeon and be asssessed to ensure that your success rate are high also.


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How You Can Benefit From Dental Implants Essex

The term cosmetic dentistry often suggests something that is an added luxury. However in a lot of cases these procedures can also be beneficial to your oral health and can be effective in combating a lot of long term problems. A good example of an effective long term treatment is dental implants Essex.

Give me an example of why I might need a dental implant.

If you are someone who is very active then there is always the risk of injury at some point. A good example is if you play a team sport such as football. You may be running alongside someone and when you both go for the ball and jump their elbow knocks against your cheek, causing you to chip or lose a tooth.

The sooner you get the implant instead of leaving a gap the easier it will be to have a complete mouth again without feeling self conscious. And because it is titanium it is not going to come loose easily!

How can I benefit from dental implants?

  • Get better support for dentures, bridges and crowns
  • Fix chipped, broken or missing teeth
  • Can be used as an alternative to dentures
  • Help to prevent the muscles in the face from sagging and maintain a healthy jaw line.
  • Once installed they can be cleaned and looked after in the same way as a regular tooth.



How does the process work?

Before any procedure starts the cosmetic dentist should have an initial consultation with you. This gives them the chance to assess your oral health and decide if dental implants are an appropriate option for you, usually after some scans have been done.

The procedure itself takes around three to six months. The dentist fuses the implant to the jawbone, using a temporary tooth to ensure that the roots will fuse with the implant. After the procedure is complete the implant is then inserted.

How long does an implant last?

As with any form of dental procedure the length of time depends on how well you look after your teeth after the procedure is done. Provided you keep cleaning your teeth and the implant in the right way the implant should stay in for at least 15 to 20 years!

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Dental Implants in Essex

Dental implants in Essex


Losing a tooth may be exciting when you are a child. You put it under your pillow and next day you get a shiny coin and told how grown up you are. Unfortunately as an adult you have the knowledge a lost tooth won’t grow back. However all is not lost! With dental implants in Essex you can ensure that your tooth can be replaced, making your smile complete once again!

What are dental implants?

As the name suggests these are used instead of teeth. Typically they are made of titanium and placed where the tooth would usually be.

Why would I want dental implants?

Reduce ageing appearance caused by sagging facial muscles (that occur as a result of lost/missing teeth)
Improved dental hygiene
Increase self esteem
No slipping
Long lasting

Where does a dentist put an implant?

An implant can be put in either the upper or lower arches of the teeth. Once it is installed the atrophy that occurs when a tooth is removed can be reversed, producing new tissue.

What if they fall out?

Like a lot of cosmetic dental treatments dental implants are designed to both be very aesthetically pleasing and practical. In simple terms they are usually made of material like titanium so you can be sure they will be securely fixed.
Furthermore the stimulation of new tissue ensures that it will become pretty much become like a part of your teeth.

Will I have to change my diet?

Some people may worry that certain foods may not be available. Thankfully in the case of a dental implant this is not a problem. As a matter of fact many people get dental implants to improve their oral function.

How do I clean them?

You clean them in exactly the same way as regular teeth! They can be flossed and brushed in exactly the same way so you can maintain a healthy smile.

Why would I choose these over dentures?

Dentures can be very effective in allowing people to chew and operate their teeth normally. The problem is some models can wear down. Given that titanium is often used to make a dental implant it tends to be very long lasting (provided you look after them in the right way.)

How can I be sure if these are right for me?

As with any cosmetic dental treatment it depends on the individual. This is why the consultation period before a procedure is essential. Depending on your oral health scans may be required. It can then be established if dental implants are appropriate for you.

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants Can Help You Chew More Effectively

There are numerous things people can do to lose weight. The obvious is to exercise more and cut down fatty foods (and naturally for dentists this means less sugary foods of course to keep your teeth in tip top condition!) However what you may not realise is that how you eat your food can have an effect. Furthermore dental implants can help you chew more effectively, aiding digestion and allowing you to get the full benefits from the food you eat.

Why does chewing food more benefit my health?

• You feel fuller faster- In some respects this is because you physically less in the time that you eat. You still feel full but the amount you have eaten is less, thus maintaining portion control. It is generally said the feeling of fullness only registers 20 minutes after you eat.
• More nutrients- Saliva breaks down food more and allows the body to absorb more nutrients. Increased chewing means more saliva and thus more nutrients get absorbed.
• Reduces the risk of heartburn and digestive problems- Slower chewing and increased saliva neutralises stomach acid, reducing the risk of heartburn and digestive problems such as irritable bowels.
• Prevent plaque build up- Increased saliva reduces plaque build up and kills harmful bacteria.

How will dental implants improve my chewing?

Dental implants worked in a similar way to natural teeth. Provided that the area around the bone is suitable for the implant you can then get the titanium implant into the teeth. Once the jawbone has properly healed the cosmetic dentist then installs the titanium implant.

Once inserted the titanium implant allows for easier chewing. However it is worth remembering that it needs to be cared for and cleaned in the same way as a normal tooth in order to make sure it works properly!

Will the procedure hurt?

Installing the titanium implant uses a local anaesthetic and so should not hurt during the operation, although some people may suffer a slight ache for a brief period after the procedure is finished. If you have any concerns you should discuss this with the cosmetic dentist during the consultation period.

Is the procedure guaranteed?

Provided you properly look after the implant they should last for at least 15 to 20 years. Fortunately if there are any problems they can be easily removed and replacements can be put back again if necessary, although the vast majority of operations are usually successful.

What do you do to ensure dental implants are appropriate?

Dental implants are not for everyone! This can be affected by smoking, the positioning of the teeth and general oral hygiene. Procedures such as X rays and scans can be used to ascertain whether or not treatment is appropriate.

In short it is worth popping in and booking an appointment to see if dental implants can help you get the full benefits from your diet. With the right treatment you can get the full benefit of a good chew!

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Same Day Dentistry in Essex

Same Day Dentistry Comes To Essex!

Remember when you had to wait a week before you had to pick up your holiday photos? Or how about when you have to wait for ages to get those new glasses or pick up your prescription? For a lot of people going to the dentist is something they want to spend as little time doing as possible. As Same Day Dentistry comes to Essex, your teeth can get properly looked after in as short a time as possible!

How does same day dentistry work?

Recent changes in dental procedures have allowed for increased efficiency. For example dental implants used to require 6 to 10 implants, making the procedure take longer and requiring more visits to the dentist. More recently dentists have been using installation techniques that only require 4 installed implants placed at a 30 to 45 degree angle, allowing people to go to the dentist and get their implants installed on the same day without loss of quality care and service.

Surely speeding up procedures reduces their quality?

This is not true. For example recently developed same day dental implant techniques have an over 90 per cent success rate so you can be confident that you will still get efficient service and effective treatment.

I get nervous going to the dentist. Will you help me?

Same day service does not mean skimping on the basics. A good dental surgery will ensure that you get the service you need. Talking with the dentist and their team will reassure you that they are people and they will do all they can to relax you prior to the treatment.

Is this a one size fits all treatment?

There is the fear that this could result in uniform treatments or cutting corners. A quality dentist will not do this. Prior consultations are thorough and a certified dentist will always check to ensure that you are getting the appropriate treatment to ensure you get the best care for your teeth!

It is also worth remembering that the technology used for dental procedures has improved. This means that while it may take less time the quality will be maintained for the simple fact that the equipment and techniques used are more efficient, thus reducing the time taken to complete procedures while not compromising quality.

How can I be sure this is right for me?

Before any procedure begins it is worth discussing your treatment with your dentist. They can look at your personal circumstances, oral health and so forth in order to decide whether or not a procedure is appropriate and ensure you get the right treatment you need, regardless of how long it takes.

In short by going to the right dentist you could go in at nine in the morning and be out ready to get back to your daily routine by 2pm. Get in touch now to find out what your cosmetic dentist can do for you!

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The Benefits of Dental implants are permanent

The Benefits of Dental implants are permanent

The Benefits of Dental implants are permanent

Do you want to know the benefits of dental implants? If yes, then read on. Dental care is very essential and today people have realized that. Therefore, many people have started using dental implants to replace their missing teeth. Millions of people suffer from tooth loss because of tooth decay, injury or gingivitis. In the earlier days the only treatment available was dentures and bridges. However, the situations have changed today and there are a lot of options available today.
Know the benefits of dental implants
Before you identify the benefits of dental implants, you need to first know what dental implants are. Dental implants are basically titanium “root” devices which are used for replacing root of the tooth. A solid foundation is prepared so that the real tooth can be removed permanently and replaced with the implant. They are designed in the form of a real tooth and so no one can guess that you had a dental implant.
Therefore, if you choose this treatment you can enjoy the benefits of dental implants. Below mentioned are a few of them:
• Convenience: The dental implants are permanent and they are just like teeth. You need not go to the dentist frequently to replace them. You get it fixed once and for all.
• Durability: Implants are usually durable and long-lasting. If you take good care then it can last a lifetime.
• Improved appearance: Since the implants look and feel like actual teeth your appearance is enhanced. Also they are designed in such a way that they get fused into the bone.
• Easier eating: When you have dentures it becomes difficult to consume all types of food. However the benefits of dental implants are that you can eat all kinds of food without being uncomfortable because they function as real teeth.
Compare the benefits of dental implants to other treatment forms
With dental implants you acquire an improved oral health. In other form of treatments you need the support of other teeth which may weaken good teeth as well. However, when you do an implant only the affected tooth gets replaced and corrected, hence, it does not disturb the other teeth and your oral health stays intact. Further, poorly fitted dentures can affect the speech of a person and this is avoided in dental implants.

Dental Implants have a huge success rate and many people are opting for this dental treatment today because they are now aware of the benefits of dental implants. This treatment can be undergone by anyone and it requires just a simple dental extract or oral surgery. However, you need to have healthy gums and strong bones so that the dental implant is firmly in place.
Therefore, before you opt for this treatment you need to visit the dentist and consult whether getting dental implant is appropriate for you. When you receive a positive response then you can get the implants done. This will improve your smile quality and also your life. Thus, the benefits of dental implants are abundant.


Dental Implants to Replace a Single Tooth in Essex

Dental Implants to Replace a Single Tooth in Essex

If you are an individual who has lost several teeth, you will be required to get a set of dentures which is considered to be the most workable replacement option. However, if you lose a single tooth, there are several options readily available that you can use and you will be require to have a clear-cut in order to make the right decision. Single replacement of tooth comes in various options and will vary greatly when it comes to cost, look and the procedure use. One perfect option is dental implants to replace a single tooth in Essex. Keep reading to learn more.
Dental implants to replace a single tooth in Essex are the best options when it comes to patients having dental problems that are either aesthetic or functional. Here, a single tooth is replaced to a complete arch construction and this in turn helps in the restoration of a natural smile and at the same time improves the patient’s self-esteem and comfort.
When it comes to dental implants to replace a single tooth in Essex, there is a procedure that is used in order to make the implantation worthwhile. A person who does the work is known as a dental implant and all he does is to use a titanium screw to secure a fresh crown perfectly into the jawbone. The best thing about this kind of implant is that, it does not at any time harm the teeth that are surrounding the missing tooth. This means that all the abutment teeth will survive as required. Additionally, there is lower risk involved and higher success rate achieved with this kind of procedure.
In order for dental implants to be successful and securely supported, there are some things that need to be adhered to. These include the following:
A patient’s gums, bones and general health must be healthy since surgical procedure is involved.
It is a must for the patient to have a will of practicing consistent oral hygiene in order to keep the gum tissues free from any diseases or infections.
If a patient lacks the above, it may not be possible enough for the surgical dentist to go ahead with the procedure without administering additional treatment to the patient.
Dental implants that are used to replace a single tooth in Essex will greatly be determined by some factors. This factors in short influences how much money a patient is supposed to pay once the treatment has successfully be administered.
Firstly, the type of implant a patient ought to receive will determine the cost of the procedure.
The level that the dentist who is to administer the treatment will also influence how much money will be paid for the procedure.
The stages that will be involved in administering the procedure will determine the overall cost.
The procedure involves a team effort which entails of different general dentists working together with each making emphasis on each step of the procedure. For instance, one dentist may take the responsibility of performing an implant surgery while the rest will help in inserting a crown on top of the implant. It is for this reason that the cost of implants will tend to differ greatly as well.


All on 4 Dental Implants in Essex

All on 4 Dental Implants in Essex

All on 4Dental Implants in Essex basics

This is a concept which is a revolutionary new technique which was developed in order to minimize the number of implants and steps required to restore a whole jaw

. By reducing the number of implants and steps, the costs in the procedure are reduced too. In the past 6 to10 implants were required so as to restore a whole jaw which is a very different case when on opt for the using modern techniques and views in implant dentistry. However, there are those patients who are ideal for this special kind of treatment. Such patients include:
those who have full or partial dentures or rather those with multiple missing teeth as a result of periodontal disease
those who are just missing many teeth not necessary a resultant of any disease
those with missing crowns and bridges

Which are so of the major benefits of this type of treatment?
There are some of the benefits which are accompanied with this type of treatment. These benefits include;
When one uses this kind of treatment there is no need for them to wear a denture while the implants are on the process of healing as fixed bridge can be provided on the same day as the implant surgery.
The treatment process is very quick compared to other treatment processes.

While using this treatment one can normally avoid costly grafting by placing the implants at clever angles.
In this type of implant one does not need one implant per tooth thereby the treatment helps the patient to save a lot of money as there is a reduced number of steps.
Which are the techniques behind this kind of treatment or rather how does it work?

Each and every kind of treatment has its own specialized mode of operation and even some of the treatments have their specialists who are trained and have advanced knowledge or rather they are experts on those specialized treatments.
As far as this treatment is concerned the logic behind it is the angle at which the implants are placed. Two of the implants must be placed at an angle of approximately 30 to 45 degrees to the centre implants producing a bracing support and spreading out the load from which the bridge transmits along the implants. In this connection, when using this type of treatment they should ensure that the correct measures have been taken to avoid messing up. Some of the things that one should do are;
One should ensure that All on 4 Implants have remained healthy
One should take care of the upper jaw this is because the highest success rates for this type of treatment are in the lower jaw.

One should ensure that the implants are going in firmly to have an immediate bridge as this type of treatment relies on the implants going in firmly to have an immediate bridge.
With the use of all on 4 Dental Implant in Essex, it should not be difficult getting your teeth properly fixed for an enhanced look and general appearance.

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All about Dental implants in Essex

All about Dental implants in Essex

In spite of the advancement in dental techniques and enhancements in service, because of injury, gum disease or tooth decay, countless people the world over could suffer loss of tooth. The only options that people had for many years were bridges and dentures. But as time has passed by, the introduction of dental implants has helped to solve a number of problems. Dental implants in Essex are in great demand these days.
What exactly are the dental implants? –
Dental implants have become very popular for treating roots of teeth. Implants provide sturdy footing for removable or permanent teeth replacement. These devices are created and chosen to match the natural teeth of the patient perfectly.
What would you get from the implants? –
The dental implants could replace a certain number of teeth without affecting the other teeth. They could strengthen bridges and eliminate need for detachable fractional denture too. They would also support dentures which is what makes the technique more safe and comfortable.
What benefits do implants offer?
If a dental implant is fitted successfully, you could enjoy many benefits such as improved appearance, improved comfort, improved self-confidence, better speech, improved dental health, stress-free eating, etc.
Improved appearance –
Once you take help of dental implants in Essex your teeth would look very natural and you would experience the difference immediately. You would not have to be concerned about longevity of the implants because they are long lasting. This has been accomplished with updated design that fuses with the bone flawlessly.
Improved comfort –
A dental implant would give you complete comfort, removing the feeling of dentures as the teeth would become an integral part of the original teeth structure.
Improved speech –
Fitting of other types could be troublesome for loose teeth. This could result in mumbling indistinct words or slurring. Then again, dental implants would help you in speaking loud and free without any worries about slip of the teeth.
Enhanced dental health –
The technique of bridge supporting tooth needs reducing the other teeth however when dental implants are fitted, the other teeth are unaffected. This leaves the teeth that are natural intact. In turn, this improves long-term oral health as well as oral hygiene.
Stress-free eating –
Dental implants in Essex make chewing a very easy task so that you could eat all the foods you like without any discomfort.
Stability –
Dental implants are durable and long lasting. If they are taken care of very well, they could last a very long time.
Could implants be considered an extremely successful technique?
Honestly, the success rate of dental implants could vary as per where implant was performed and place of implant. However in regular situations it is seen that approximately 98% of the implants could be looked upon as successful. Hence, if you could get the implant fitted with maximum efficiency and good care, it would last a very long time.
Is the technique very painful? –
Most patients who have opted for this technique have reported that they have experienced little or no discomfort when the dental implants are fitted. The dentist could make use of local anesthesia for the process. Most patients say that dental implants involve reduced pain as compared to other techniques like tooth extraction.


Dental Implants in Essex

The Smile and Face dental Studios in Essex recognise that the loss of teeth can really affect the way older people smile, talk and eat. A dental Implant in Essex is a long term solution that can change your life and give back your confidence and address the more serious issue involved – the Bone loss beneath the surface.

Without your tooth to stimulate the jaw, the bone beneath it will begin to shrink.

Since facial bone supports skin and muscles, losing volume can make your face look prematurely aged.

The good news is that a dental implant offers a solution to stop bone loss in its track and make you look and feel younger.