Snap on smiles for ongoing dental treatments

Snap on smiles for ongoing dental treatments

Snap on smiles is a technique that has been in existence for some time now. Originally, it was created as a cover up device for those who required veneers or were in the middle of a procedure. In the past, the shaving and filing of teeth was often done before the custom veneers were made because the technology and bonding agents were not very advanced unlike today. Sometimes patients were made to undergo the shaving and filing procedures for a couple of months before the new teeth made of porcelain were available to be fitted. This could often be an uncomfortable and unsightly issue. This is why dentists created a plate that snapped on to disguise teeth that were being worked on.

This cosmetic device was usually not pretty but hid the teeth from the world during the treatment period. The concept continued growing. Patients who could not afford over one veneer at one go over a period of a number of years used this device to hide the ongoing dental work. A certain doctor decided on using his unique idea for the snap on overlay for creating a patented application that mimicked actual texture, color and shape of the teeth so that the patients under his care could feel good and confident about themselves through the long dental processes. Since then this patent is fulfilling many duties like serving those who are considering veneers made of porcelain but are put off by the cost. Today, Snap on smiles is a rage. It is custom made for nearly all dental conditions. It transforms the lives, confidence and smile of patients costing as much as a single porcelain veneer. You can wear Snap on smiles throughout the day. With regards to maintenance of hygiene, the teeth and device should be cleansed carefully a number of times during use each day. Snap on smiles can be worn for almost all the dental conditions where natural teeth come in contact with them as they are considered safe. The application is not detectable or noticeable. It is vital that Snap on smiles fit securely and snugly always so as to avoid possible chaffing or slippage and damaging the natural teeth. Snap on smiles is a very convenient and cost effective alternative to the invasive, expansive and expensive cosmetic dental surgeries and procedures. However, it is not in any way a permanent fixture. It also cannot be used by everyone.

Snap on smiles are designed for making cosmetic alterations to your smile a little more convenient as compared to having removable trays or braces installed. They essentially work as prosthetics fitting over the teeth and making a discolored or crooked smile attractive. This product has some advantages which is why it is preferred by many, especially those who are not keen on getting dental treatments done. Snap on smiles is also popular among those who are in professions that require making appearances before audiences or are into public speaking.


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