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You can get Six Month Braces in Essex

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Braces are something people often associate with children or teenagers. It is easy to forget that these are not supposed to be torture devices but ways to help straighten teeth and give you a healthier smile in the long term. With Six Month Braces in Essex you get the benefits of straighter teeth but without having to wait as long! (more…)


6 Month Braces Promote Better Self-Esteem

Monday, April 9th, 2012

6 Month Braces Promote Better Self-Esteem.

Few things are as important as a winning smile. While you can most certainly control a number of factors about your teeth, such as the color and cleanliness, you cannot do much about the way they come into your mouth. In fact, most people have crooked teeth. However, 6 Month Braces offers a way around this problem and provides you with the means to create a powerful, beautiful, white smile.
One of the most important benefits of short term orthodontics is the increased self-esteem that they create. This is because many people, whether they choose to admit it or not, are very self-conscious about the condition of their teeth. Crooked, misshapen teeth often force people to smile less often, or conceal their smiles. Not only is this unnatural, but it can lead to medical conditions such as depression, due to low self-esteem.
6 Month Braces can realign your teeth so that they are even, and then your natural beauty can shine through. You’ll even find a wide range of different orthodontic devices used to do this, ranging from traditional metal braces to invisible systems and even braces that are installed behind the teeth, so they are not visible. The problem with conventional orthodontics lies in the sheer cost.

6 month Braces are alot cheaper than traditional braces and use Tooth coloured bracketsthat are cemented to the teeth and special tooth coloured Nickel Titanium wires that have the ability to retain their shape and memory even when they are severely bent and twisted. The teeth just simply follow these wires for a ride to form a well rounded U shaped arch. Its that simple.

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Get six month smile with help of technology

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Get six month smile with help of technology!

If you have uneven teeth and are shy of opening your mouth and smiling whole heartedly then you no more have to worry because science has come up with a new technology that assures you of a confident and a beautiful six month smile. As the name suggests you are sure to have a heart winning smile in just six months of treatment. Unlike the olden times when you had to undergo a long and tedious treatment that would mostly last for a year or even more to improvise your smile now you can achieve a better smile in just a span of six months. Though it is hard to believe but it is certainly true and you can rely on this treatment without any doubts and confusion.
The six month smile treatment began in the States and is now being practised in almost all the countries. Many of you who had crooked teeth and still did not have the courage to go through an orthodontic treatment of wearing visible braces for a longer time can now be benefited through this short term treatment that comprises of treating your teeth and giving it a proper alignment so as to you can have a beautiful smile. You no more have to wear those ugly braces because this newer treatment involves treating the teeth to attain a proper shape by the use of invisible trays and braces. Apart from assuring you of a perfect smile the six month smile treatment is also an ultimate solution to your many other major orthodontic problems.
When you first visit a dentist for any problem he might first take photographs and X rays of your teeth and examine your smile and then only he will be able to analyse whether going for a six month smile treatment would actually benefit you or not. This treatment includes fixation of wires and white invisible braces that needs to be examined by the dentist every month or so and it usually takes only 10-15 minutes per sitting. Unlike any other orthodontic treatment the six month smile treatment is less painful but you certainly cannot take it for granted that it would be absolutely painless. The movement of teeth is quite lesser and slower in this technique and hence the discomfort experiences is also quite minimal. The wires used are short and the tooth is coloured and hence the braces are not visible which prevents you from feeling shy and embarrassed of wearing braces. The overall expenditure incurred in this treatment is also quite lower than the other equivalent treatments.
While discussing about the various advantages of the six month smile technology we cannot ignore the only disadvantage it poses. It demands you to wear a retainer similar to what you also require to wear in any of the other treatment methods after the treatment. But it enjoys an edge over the other treatments considering the fact that it is a short term treatment and does not even affect your speech. You might only feel a little alteration in speech and discomfort in the initial first week but you soon get accustomed to the treatment. Six month smile is certainly of great help if you lack time and patience to correct your smile.


6 Month brace – advancement of orthodontics

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

6 Month brace – advancement of orthodontics

There has been much progress and advancement in the orthodontic technology and this has given rise to the latest and the fastest method of improvising and then creating a better and a lovely smile by means of a 6 month brace method. This method aims at helping you to come out of your phobia of smiling confidently and helps you in rebuilding your lost confidence and adding a grace on your face value. Now no more being dependent on creating new teeth but the main functioning of this procedure depends on using high technology arch wires that are used for exerting a light pull on the teeth that compels them from moving from their position to the actual wanted position. The 6 month brace method is actually a blend of many olden technologies used in dentistry for providing a better smile. The scientists have incorporated something or the other from a lot of technologies in the past and used them to create a new technology that gives you an assurance of a lovely smile in just six months time by means of using braces.

The biggest advantage of the 6 month brace method is that it uses almost invisible braces which additionally helps you to prevent the embarrassment of wearing a set of invisible braces till the time treatment is going. Earlier when the normal time between the fixations of braces to its removal accounted to nearly two to three years now it can be attained in just a short time span of six months. Needless to say that since the duration is less the discomfort and pain that you have to go through the process is also reduced to a minimal. You no more have to attend long sessions of treatments for a longer time period as the whole treatment only takes about half a year. The procedure of 6 month brace is very effective for correcting your smile and works best on people suffering from the orthodontic problem of crowding. This newer method has taken over the pioneer method of creating porcelain teeth. It is much simpler and faster.

There is yet a disadvantage of 6 month brace treatment in addition to the many advantages it has. This treatment does not suit or is not fit for everyone so you need to consult a professional dentist who would examine your teeth thoroughly before suggesting you for this treatment. In very severe cases this treatment is not appropriate and other treatments should be used. Hence it is advisable to consult the doctor so that you are assured that the treatment would work well for you.
The 6 month brace treatment assures you of a very confident smile in just six months. The dislocated teeth are aligned well and brought to the actual location which helps in the enhancement of your jaw and teeth structure to give you a better smile. The teeth are even formatted from being crooked to straight. The whole procedure of the 6 month brace requires only 6 months which is quite lesser than the treatment that continues for years and years but gives you the same satisfaction and confidence of a gorgeous smile.


How does the six month braces work?

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

One of the most frequent questions that come up in the minds of people who are looking at straightening their teeth is whether this can be done in just 6 months. The answer is quite simple. Yes, if you go for six month braces. This is a concept that has been well documented and practiced for over 60 years in the field of orthodontics. The usage of braces has always given positive results in terms of having the teeth aligned as per desire. One of the key changes to this treatment is the user of hi-tech wires which put less force on the teeth to get them aligned. These wires have the quality of having shape memory. What is shape memory?

In the fixing of six month braces a hi-tech wire is used around the current alignment of one’s teeth. It undergoes a deformation. However due to its attribute of regaining its original shape, it attempts to get back to the desired shape of the teeth that it has been set in. So, if one has an irregular alignment of teeth, the hi-tech wire is actually bent in the same alignment. However, due to the above property it tries to retain its original shape thereby pushing the teeth towards proper realignment. Another question that comes to mind with regards to the use of braces is if it is only the tightening of the braces that causes the alignment of the teeth. The answer to this is a no the reason being that every individual tooth has a shock absorber surrounding it called the periodontal ligament. So, when more force is applied through the braces this ligament gets bruised. And the teeth are not able to move faster for realignment unless the bruise gets healed. This can sometimes take weeks or even months thereby not facilitating the faster movement of the teeth but rather slowing the whole process down. However, if the force is less, which is what exactly happens in the six month braces treatment, the ligament does not get bruised and it facilitates the faster movement of the teeth into the desired location. Another question that would crop up would be the damage that this treatment would do to the roots of the teeth that are being treated. There are two basic reasons why roots would get damaged, one is due to genetics and the other is due to high force. As it is pretty evident that we do not have control on the genetics of any individual when it comes to force that is used to align the teeth, the six month braces treatment uses only low force. So, this treatment does not cause any damage to the roots.

Another advantage of the six month braces treatment is that the braces and the recliner that are used for the alignment of the teeth are customized to be invisible when applied on the teeth. They merge with the color of the teeth. So, no one comes to know that you are undergoing the six month braces treatment but you get the beautiful smile that you longed for.

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What is Short Term Orthodontics all About?

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

What is Short term orthodontics all about?

Short term orthodontics is an acceptable and persevering procedure which is now within better reach of people to develop their smiles. The procedure of short term orthodontics is used on your upper and lower front teeth. It takes a minimum of six months. The main aspect of short term orthodontics is to move the front 6 – 8 teeth and not transform your original teeth. This is because within a period of six months you will get a better looking smile. Short term orthodontics is found to be more comfortable by many patients as it gives a better looking smile within six months time.
Short term orthodontics STO is the procedure where bent and twisted teeth are covered by different braces that are tooth-colored and coated with Teflon which in turn gives your teeth the natural shape. They help to pull and rotate the tooth gently when bent. After the completion of treatment the tooth are detained with screws or braces that are connected at the back of the teeth to avoid degeneration. While undertaking this treatment patients are at ease as compared to the other procedures of treatment. The braces that are used in these treatments are not that visible and no food particles get collected between the teeth so maintaining oral hygiene is also a breeze.
Short term orthodontics STO – In just six months
Short term orthodontics applies force in moving the teeth more comfortably. Mostly people think that rapid implies pushing the regular keys for moving the teeth. This is not at all true. Short term orthodontics STO uses regular orthodontic procedures with a focus on aesthetics of the teeth instead of position of the jaw. There is nothing dangerous in the procedure of short term orthodontics rather than those related to conventional orthodontics. The installations used in this procedure are very light and the teeth are not extracted. By this we can say that there is hardly any risk in this procedure.
Short term orthodontics STO is the latest method of treatment used in dentistry. There are some minor disputes in the orthodontic group that is related to the effectiveness of short term orthodontics. This is the most effective and successful treatment that gives patients good alignment of teeth as well as good looking smiles on the face. Short term orthodontics has taken the feature of braces and altered the treatment in such way that they offer patients a better smile on their faces that suits their lifestyle.
Short term orthodontics is a guaranteed treatment of minimum six months. This treatment offers the best final results. Short term orthodontics STO guarantees the patients high-speed treatment without any kind of hassle. It is cheaper than the cost that is incurred on fixed braces, surface coatings and aligner therapy. Short term orthodontics is well known because of its valuable and very effective aesthetic treatment given for adult patients who have broken teeth. The Short term orthodontics procedure requires few dentist visits and is typically less expensive compared to the traditional braces.

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6 Month Braces –Incredible Treatment for Teeth

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Six months braces is the latest innovative procedure in beauty and cosmetic dentistry, providing an ideal opportunity especially for the people who are conscious of their smiles due to the odd positioning of their teeth but are ashamed of wearing installations in public. By making use of the six months braces, people can now attain the results they have always wanted within an average time period of 6 months and this does not include the unsightly metal hooks distorting their smile.
Six month braces are useful, efficient, non visible and harmless in addition to being a reasonably priced form of aesthetic dental solution that ensures the braces position and make your teeth straight. The six month braces are seen almost invisible and they do not look like the grotesque fittings that are used in other types of treatment. 6 month braces is part of the field of cosmetic dentistry, suitable for customers older than 15 years. In most of the cases, 6 month braces treatment is completed within a time period of 6 months as the name suggests, and there are quite a few patients who have even treated in lesser amounts of time.
In some of the difficult and complex circumstances, the treatment might tend to take a longer time but these severe cases are habitually treated within 8 to 9 months. On the whole, the 6 month braces treatment is completed in 4 – 9 months and in the majority of cases, this can be accomplished within 6 months. The main objective of the 6 month braces procedure is to provide the patient with a dazzling smile. 6 month braces is similar to ceramic thin covering layer and other superficial, artistic dentistry methods. 6 month braces results in the change in the personality of the individual due to the change in their smile. The most important goal of treatment is tackle the anterior teeth. This rule deals with the chief purpose of enhancing smiles the serene and so the preferred result is a confident smile that reveals a pearly white set of perfect teeth.
6 month braces is a blend of time tested systems and procedures with an assortment of new and exciting techniques. These techniques are being used on people for over 60 years and are well recognized and familiar in the orthodontic arena. The techniques used in 6 month braces were developed in 1980 and the technology for their execution and performance is now available. The key factor in the process of six month braces is positioning high-tech nickel-titanium arches, creating a continuous light force which smoothly moves the teeth into position.
6 month braces makes use of high tech curved wires as a replacement for the old hardware which is by and large connected with teeth relocation and repositioning. In this treatment, the tiny wires balanced so as to put light pressure on the teeth in shifting them into the preferred position. 6 month braces is an effective cosmetic dental treatment for teeth straightening. Many patients will vouch for this fact.

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6 Month Braces Comes to Essex – The Best Dental Solution

Friday, March 11th, 2011

6 Month Braces Comes to Essex – The Best Dental Solution

The fact that 6 month braces comes to Essex is a great thing to everyone who dwells in this county. It is one of the latest trends in the market and it is being used by many people to straighten their teeth. It takes only six months. Past treatments took more than one year making them very costly. It made the treatment very uncomfortable for patients. In fact, the duration discouraged many people from going for the treatment. Smiling is very important. For people with crooked or not so straight teeth, smiling might even become a task and some of them go to the extent of even covering and hiding their teeth when they smile.
For a long time, everyone has been waiting but finally the 6 month braces comes to Essex. It uses clear braces to straighten teeth. With it, the dentist uses nickel titanium kind of wires to straighten and give patients their desired look of the teeth, though it concentrates only on the most visible teeth. This six month treatment is commonly used to straighten teeth that are shown when you smile as they are the most important section of the teeth. Just because the treatment takes a shorter period compared to past treatments, many people prefer it. In addition to that, dentists initially used a lot of force to pull or tough techniques to straighten teeth. This is not true with the six month braces. The process is very comfortable and does not involve force to put teeth in place.

The 6 month braces are highly recommended especially for people with a maximum of twenty years. However, this does not restrict a litter older people from getting the treatment. It is more for cosmetic purpose; therefore, it does not concentrate very much on a patient’s age but teeth. Patients who feel that their teeth are crowded can get the treatment. Others who complain about their crooked teeth now will find a better way, the six month braces will fix all these problems. Anyone who felt that his or her teeth looked bad has something to smile about since the 6 month braces comes to Essex. If he or she is the first one to get the treatment, within six months he or she will be smiling freely courtesy of the six month braces.
Do not continue being stigmatized with the look of your teeth. Take advantage of the fact that 6 months braces comes to Essex. It is true that not everyone wants braces seen everywhere they go, but this one are very different. They are not like the conspicuous wire braces that were used before. In addition to that, they are not expensive.
Now that the 6 month braces comes to Essex, teeth correcting treatment will be cheap and will be available all over Essex. It is only a dentists’ visit away and it takes a period of six months wearing braces to create a whole life of smiles and laughter. It is an effective, comfortable, gentle procedure. Wearing a retainer after the six months is advised so that the teeth can stay in place after the treatment. Make a choice to avoid those embarrassing moments of hiding your smile with the six months braces.


The 6 Month Smile UK

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

The 6 Month Smile UK

Ever wonder how certain celebrities and TV personalities go from having crooked teeth to perfect ones within the span of a few months? You might think that it is all due to the magic of veneers but this is not always the case. Not a lot of people are aware of it but there is a dental procedure available out there that is guaranteed to give people better smiles within 6 months! This procedure is what’s often referred to as the 6 month smile UK. Basically, it is a new type of braces but instead of the old fashioned metal ones that you commonly see, these ones are clear therefore allowing you to smile as freely as you want to without broadcasting to the world that you are getting your teeth fixed. By the time you’re done, people would be wondering about how it all happened.

These braces are made up of nickel titanium wires that safely and securely move your teeth towards the right position in order to properly align them. Unlike traditional braces, it makes use of a lesser amount of force which means that there is also a lesser amount of pain and discomfort. Also, it works in a much quicker fashion. Within 6 months, you would be able to show off the great improvements that it has done with your teeth. Do keep in mind, however, that there would be a short period wherein you’ll have to wear a retainer in order to keep your teeth from moving backwards. Of course, these retainers can be removed during the day if you want to.

So, what are the merits of using this instead of your traditional braces? Well, besides the fact that it works much quicker, it is also less distracting for most people. After all, not everyone is keen on having obvious metal devices inside their mouths. This is especially the case if they are working in an environment wherein they would have to constantly interact with people. Since the 6 month smile device is clear, you need not worry about people noticing it too much or pointing it out. Needless to say, it is as discreet as things can get.

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Six Month Braces in Essex

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Six Month Braces in Essex
Good teeth are often deemed a pre-requisite for a nice smile, which is why a lot of children have to wear braces to correct crooked teeth. However, conventional braces can take years to straighten out teeth and wearing braces is not exactly something that most people desire. Those who chose not to wear braces in their young adolescent years often regret it, especially when they are faced with no other option but to have braces attached when they are older. Fortunately, dentists that specialize in cosmetic dentistry now offer Six Month Braces. This procedure, as the name suggests, is an orthodontic treatment that is used to correct crooked teeth in as fast as six months.

Six month braces is similar to porcelain veneers and other cosmetic dentistry procedures, in that it aims to give patients better teeth, giving way to a beautiful smile. However, instead of bonding porcelain veneers to the teeth to straighten it out, the procedure involves moving the teeth manually until they are perfectly aligned. The primary focus of this kind of treatment is the anterior cosmetic of the front teeth. This kind of procedure can easily fix misaligned teeth in as fast as six months. Even difficult cases can be treated using this procedure in a matter of 8 to 9 months.

Six month braces
is a combination of several orthodontic techniques that make use of arch wires to exert a light continuous force to enable the orthodontist to carefully move the teeth to its desired position. Whether you are suffering from misaligned teeth or crowding, where two or more teeth overlap with each other, this procedure can solve this problem and you don’t even have to wait years to get the perfect smile you have always wanted.

If you have your mind set on undergoing this orthodontic procedure, you should look for a good and reputable cosmetic dentist in Essex. The sooner you consult with a dentist, the faster this procedure will be completed. With six month braces, you no longer have to dread having to spend more than three years of wearing braces, as you can achieve the perfect teeth you want in less than a year’s time. Before you settle for the first cosmetic dentist you find around the area, it would be helpful to explore as many options as you can to ensure that you get the best one. Your best option would be to ask for recommendations from people you know, preferably those who have undergone this kind of procedure in the past.