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You can get Six Month Braces in Essex

Braces are something people often associate with children or teenagers. It is easy to forget that these are not supposed to be torture devices but ways to help straighten teeth and give you a healthier smile in the long term. With Six Month Braces in Essex you get the benefits of straighter teeth but without having to wait as long! Continue reading You can get Six Month Braces in Essex


How does the six month braces work?

One of the most frequent questions that come up in the minds of people who are looking at straightening their teeth is whether this can be done in just 6 months. The answer is quite simple. Yes, if you go for six month braces. This is a concept that has been well documented and practiced for over 60 years in the field of orthodontics. The usage of braces has always given positive results in terms of having the teeth aligned as per desire. One of the key changes to this treatment is the user of hi-tech wires which put less force on the teeth to get them aligned. These wires have the quality of having shape memory. What is shape memory?

In the fixing of six month braces a hi-tech wire is used around the current alignment of one’s teeth. It undergoes a deformation. However due to its attribute of regaining its original shape, it attempts to get back to the desired shape of the teeth that it has been set in. So, if one has an irregular alignment of teeth, the hi-tech wire is actually bent in the same alignment. However, due to the above property it tries to retain its original shape thereby pushing the teeth towards proper realignment. Another question that comes to mind with regards to the use of braces is if it is only the tightening of the braces that causes the alignment of the teeth. The answer to this is a no the reason being that every individual tooth has a shock absorber surrounding it called the periodontal ligament. So, when more force is applied through the braces this ligament gets bruised. And the teeth are not able to move faster for realignment unless the bruise gets healed. This can sometimes take weeks or even months thereby not facilitating the faster movement of the teeth but rather slowing the whole process down. However, if the force is less, which is what exactly happens in the six month braces treatment, the ligament does not get bruised and it facilitates the faster movement of the teeth into the desired location. Another question that would crop up would be the damage that this treatment would do to the roots of the teeth that are being treated. There are two basic reasons why roots would get damaged, one is due to genetics and the other is due to high force. As it is pretty evident that we do not have control on the genetics of any individual when it comes to force that is used to align the teeth, the six month braces treatment uses only low force. So, this treatment does not cause any damage to the roots.

Another advantage of the six month braces treatment is that the braces and the recliner that are used for the alignment of the teeth are customized to be invisible when applied on the teeth. They merge with the color of the teeth. So, no one comes to know that you are undergoing the six month braces treatment but you get the beautiful smile that you longed for.

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The Mechanics of a Six Month Brace.

The Mechanics of Six Month Braces

Lots of adults who didnít go through the three or four years of the torture parents and orthodontists call braces as children are now left with smiles that are embarrassing. Sometimes they have gaps in their teeth, and other times, their teeth overlap. Either way, though, the situation can be quite embarrassing and can even cause some people to smile tight, close-mouthed smiles even when theyíre happy. Sound like you? Well, six month braces in Essex might be your solution!

When an orthodontist puts braces on a child, the goal isnít really a great smile. The goal is actually to align the bite to where it would be, which can help keep the teeth from wearing down earlier than they should. With an adult who has escaped braces, though, the bite isnít usually the problem. Because itís usually the case that adults just want to be able to show off a row of straight teeth when they smile, six month braces in Essex are possible.

Think itís not possible to get straight teeth in less than a year? It actually is. Many people think that the technique used for these braces is different or that it is painful because things move so much faster. Actually, itís less painful than braces can be for kids because itís a low pressure technique that moves the teeth gradually and slowly without a lot of tugging and pulling. Since youíre mainly focusing on how straight the front teeth are, though, you donít have to undergo as much fine tuning.

If youíve ever seen a kid go through a few months with braces, youíll probably remember that his teeth actually looked fairly straight after less than a year with them on. Why the extra twelve to twenty-four months with a metal mouth, then? Well, when an orthodontist is fixing a childís teeth, her goal is to get the teeth completely and perfectly straight and to align the bite as it should be aligned. This takes lots of time even after the teeth look straight to a non-professional.

As an adult who has never had braces, your bite is probably not a major problem. Instead, you just want to be able to smile with your teeth showing. Straightening just the front teeth takes much less time and effort. All you have to do to get your teeth to stay straight after using six month braces in Essex is to wear a retainer for a while. Whatís a few months when it results in a lifetime of beautiful-looking teeth?