Get six month smile with help of technology

Get six month smile with help of technology!

If you have uneven teeth and are shy of opening your mouth and smiling whole heartedly then you no more have to worry because science has come up with a new technology that assures you of a confident and a beautiful six month smile. As the name suggests you are sure to have a heart winning smile in just six months of treatment. Unlike the olden times when you had to undergo a long and tedious treatment that would mostly last for a year or even more to improvise your smile now you can achieve a better smile in just a span of six months. Though it is hard to believe but it is certainly true and you can rely on this treatment without any doubts and confusion.
The six month smile treatment began in the States and is now being practised in almost all the countries. Many of you who had crooked teeth and still did not have the courage to go through an orthodontic treatment of wearing visible braces for a longer time can now be benefited through this short term treatment that comprises of treating your teeth and giving it a proper alignment so as to you can have a beautiful smile. You no more have to wear those ugly braces because this newer treatment involves treating the teeth to attain a proper shape by the use of invisible trays and braces. Apart from assuring you of a perfect smile the six month smile treatment is also an ultimate solution to your many other major orthodontic problems.
When you first visit a dentist for any problem he might first take photographs and X rays of your teeth and examine your smile and then only he will be able to analyse whether going for a six month smile treatment would actually benefit you or not. This treatment includes fixation of wires and white invisible braces that needs to be examined by the dentist every month or so and it usually takes only 10-15 minutes per sitting. Unlike any other orthodontic treatment the six month smile treatment is less painful but you certainly cannot take it for granted that it would be absolutely painless. The movement of teeth is quite lesser and slower in this technique and hence the discomfort experiences is also quite minimal. The wires used are short and the tooth is coloured and hence the braces are not visible which prevents you from feeling shy and embarrassed of wearing braces. The overall expenditure incurred in this treatment is also quite lower than the other equivalent treatments.
While discussing about the various advantages of the six month smile technology we cannot ignore the only disadvantage it poses. It demands you to wear a retainer similar to what you also require to wear in any of the other treatment methods after the treatment. But it enjoys an edge over the other treatments considering the fact that it is a short term treatment and does not even affect your speech. You might only feel a little alteration in speech and discomfort in the initial first week but you soon get accustomed to the treatment. Six month smile is certainly of great help if you lack time and patience to correct your smile.


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