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Zoom Teeth Whitening in Essex helps you to flash dazzling smiles

Zoom Teeth Whitening in Essex helps you to flash dazzling smiles

Zoom teeth whitening in Essex
involves a process that lightens the discoloration of enamel and dentin of the teeth. Slowly but surely this procedure is gaining a lot of prominence amongst the community that has an inclination towards teeth whitening. The entire process takes up to 45 minutes, post which you get gleaming white teeth that you have always dreamt of. Teeth Whitening in Essex has gained a lot of importance due to the fact that the one thing that anyone observes the most while talking to others is their teeth. So, having so much exposure and being capable to draw so much attention requires special and specific ways of treating discoloration.

In the procedure involving Zoom teeth whitening in Essex the initial step would involve the placing of plastic braces which would be covering the gums and lips and also separate them from the teeth. It is very important that this is done because the zoom gel that is applied on the teeth contains a very high dose of hydrogen peroxide. If either the lips or the gums come in contact with the gel it can lead to discoloration of the lips and also gum bleeding in some cases. Once this arrangement is made the zoom gel is applied on the teeth, and then advanced zoom light is projected onto the gel that is applied. This light breaks down the hydrogen peroxide and releases oxygen which then acts on removing the discoloration that is present on the teeth. The light used will be of the optimal wavelength which helps in accelerating the oxidization of hydrogen peroxide. This light also ensures that it accelerates the intensity with which it oxidizes the stains and discoloration of the teeth. During this process, the patient can watch TV or listen to music as well. This process is completed three times in the duration of 15 minutes for each sitting. The entire process takes up to 45 minutes to be completed. Once the teeth have undergone the Zoom teeth whitening in Essex treatment, they become sensitive and should not be washed with water or even exposed to air. Another discomfort that can be experienced during the usage of the zoom light is the fact that the light used might cause slight increase in the temperature causing heat to be developed on the front layer of the teeth.

It is also worth noting that the zoom light that is used accelerates the breaking down of hydrogen peroxide and improves the whitening process by approximately 26%. Patients having a strong gag reflex might go through a little bit of discomfort while undergoing this treatment. It is very important to ensure that this treatment is performed by an experienced cosmetic dentist. With the advancement of technology and also the necessity to have the best smile always, the zoom teeth whitening treatment in Essex has proven to be a success and transformed a number of lives. It is a boon for those who want to flash dazzling smiles.


Zoom Teeth Whitening in Essex

Zoom Teeth Whitening in Essex

Dental care is something of importance and needs to be done with adequate care and attention from the time a child is born. It is quite easy to do this with your child at home. This should change immediately when the first tooth of the child shows up in the baby’s mouth. If proper care is not taken for the teeth, they suffer many consequences, some of which have a negative impact on the confidence of a person. Teeth coloration and dulling can be rectified through a method known as the zoom technology. Zoom teeth whitening in Essex has existed for a long period now.
Zoom teeth whitening in Essex is done by qualified dentists, who are used to performing the process over the years. The method cannot be carried out at home because it requires special equipment such as the heat bulb for the whitening process. The principle here is oxidization of the colored or dull teeth to remove the coloring bulk and leave the teeth as white as possible. With an oxidizing agent, the zoom bulbs are used to catalyze the process of oxidizing teeth so that they can regain their white coloration in just a short time.
Because of the equipment used and the possible dangers posed by the method, Zoom teeth whitening in Essex is left for dentists who are qualified because the heat tubes are dangerous. While one can concentrate on the process of whitening teeth, other parts of the mouth may get badly affected if care and caution are not taken into account. The heat lamps that are used can affect the area around the mouth, the gums and even the teeth. In addition, UV rays should be taken care of in the method. This is why the method is not commonly exercised at home but by qualified cosmetic dentists alone.
Therefore, Zoom teeth whitening in Essex involves the necessary precautions in its execution. To protect the lips, gums and the teeth against sunburns, the whole mouth is covered using some protective material such as clothing or cotton wool. This renders the method time consuming, hence not the best for many patients. Many people want quick teeth whitening results and not a linger on the preparations to making the process a success. This explains why the method is being phased out slowly in Essex, with replacements coming in from the new technologies in the teeth whitening processes.
Zoom tooth whitening in Essex has fallen out of favor perhaps because of the fact that the resultant feeling after the procedure is not the best compared to other methods. This is because the heat bulbs that are used leave a bad chalky taste or feeling in the mouth. The equipment that is used in the process of teeth whitening also matters a lot. Some of the equipments are very expensive making it difficult for many private cosmetic dentists to afford. This is what has contributed to the exorbitant service rates in Essex, forcing the method out of favor of many.


Top Tips for Tooth Whitening in Essex.

When you Smile at someone is it really genuine or do you worry about the colour of your teeth? Are you concerned about what other people think of your teeth? If this is the case, then you may want to think about tooth whitening which is comfortable, affordable and very efficient whether it be at your home or at our dental office in Essex.

There are 3 things you need to consider before whitening your teeth.

1. A study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that 85% of people believe that an unattractive smile is less appealing to the opposite sex. Whiter teeth make you look younger , confident and more assured.

Teeth Whitening Before and After

2. Whiter, Brighter Teeth are so worth it!

You may get a little sensitivity when you start bleaching your teeth but this is only temporary. You could just alternate the days of whitening with just placing senstive tooth paste into your bleaching trays or replace it instead of your regular toothpaste.

3. Tooth whitening will not last indefinately.

Teeth whitening will last anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on the age of the individual and their habits eg . Smoking, Tea or Coffee Drinker, Curries etc..

Home whitening is then an efficient way to keep your pearly Whites , Whiter for longer as you get to keep the custom built trays and can buy the peroxide gels anytime to give your smile a Boost.

Beautify your Smile Now!

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How to Get Whiter Teeth on the Cheap

Teeth tend to get discolored or turn yellowish for most of us. Reasons are galore and quite unavoidable we find and once the harm is done no point in avoiding caffeine, candy, prescription drugs or damaging foods. There are quite a few solutions in our quest for ‘how to get whiter teeth on the cheap’ and lets find out more.

Consult a Dentist

Visit a dentist and find out if you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening products. You may also have the reason for discoloration diagnosed once you are there. As a dentist will be able to identify yellowed teeth stand more chances of lightening but the same cannot be said for gray or brown teeth. Bringing back the sparkle could be possible for certain teeth only and a decided lightening for other discolored teeth. You could also discuss whitening possibilities to evaluate the cheaper options.

Over The Counter Products Work Well

There are several over the counter products with low level of hydrogen peroxide that is not harmful for the health. Dental trays and gel kits are best for short time use and they help to lighten the teeth color visibly by one to two shades in about two weeks. Another option is whitening strips that are used to cover the front teeth and they help to keep the peroxide on the teeth and off the gums. There are several pain-on gels that produce good results and cover more teeth than strips but they can be quite messy. Some solutions use carbamide but it has been seen that hydrogen peroxide works faster although it may be a bit harsh. There are specific cheap treatments for stains from nicotine or alcohol.

Dentist-Made Tray Lightens Teeth Color Considerably

This is a special whitening means made by a dentist and is for home use after consultation with a dentist. It is to be worn for about an hour twice daily for a week for about a fortnight. This gel is composed of 10-20% carbamide peroxide and is gentle on the gums. This could cause the teeth to lighten several shades depending on the gel’s strength. Although higher percentages work higher they also increase sensitivity of the teeth. Teeth can be whitened up to 10 shades in a 60-90 minute session with a bleaching formula of 35% hydrogen peroxide.

Porcelain Veneers for Intensive Whitening

If you have more stubborn stains and require intensive whitening to be done then porcelain veneers or bonding would work well. In bonding a resin like substance is contoured over the teeth. Porcelain veneers have to be made in laboratories. The cost of bonding is less in comparison as veneers are quite expensive.

If you want to get whiter teeth on the cheap, then have your teeth evaluated by a dentist first to determine the teeth suitability. There are several options that work well for most. Get your sparkling teeth back with this tried and tested method.


Top Tips in Home Teeth Whitening in Essex

Home Teeth Whitening In Essex – The Pros And Cons

A bright smile looks brighter with white sparkling teeth. People spend a lot of money to whitening their teeth and achieving that perfect smile. This helps one to look more attractive and boosts the self confidence. The oral hygiene improves too with whiter cleaner teeth. If you are in Essex there are several ways available to whiten the teeth. The home teeth whitening methods are easy and convenient and do not require much effort. But if you are considering home whitening in Essex- the pros and cons have to be considered as well.

Advantages of Home Teeth Whitening

Improves your appearance- This is decidedly the main advantage as nothing could look better than a clean and sparkling smile. Yellow discolored teeth look very unclean and can damage the overall appearance of a person. White teeth make you look dazzling and add to your beauty.
Makes you more confident- People with yellow or discolored teeth hesitate to smile and show their teeth. But when the teeth are absolutely white they need not have any inhibitions. This makes them a more confident person too.
Makes you look friendlier- When you smile more often people tend to think that you are friendlier and you gain more friends.
Instant facelift with whiter teeth- White teeth helps to give you an instant lift making you look younger and better.
Cheap and easy solution- Home teeth whitening methods are cheap and easily affordable. They are easy to administer and do not require much time or effort.
Almost instant results- The results of using home teeth whiteners are obvious within a few days of use.
Easy-to-use applications- The methods are easy and can be tried out at home effectively without having to spend time at the dentists’.
Methods can be reinforced- The home teeth whitening methods can be reinforced as and when required at a later date. Normally the whitening results are quite long lasting.

Disadvantages of Home Teeth Whitening

Bleaching with strong chemicals can result in sore gums. This is common among those with sensitive gums. It would be advisable to consult your dentist for a treatment that suits you.
Veneers and porcelain bonds work well for those with allergies and sensitive gums but these options are very expensive.
Some people also experience discomfort while using custom-fit tray. A slight non-alignment of the tray could cause this problem.
Whitening with instant bleaches could be temporary in nature and the teeth will look discolored again within a short span of time.
These methods are more effective in whitening yellow teeth but do not work on gray or brown teeth.

For home whitening in Essex- the pros and cons the pros and cons have to be considered. It is advisable to visit a dentist to determine your suitability for the home procedures. These tried and tested methods work well for most and produce almost immediate results. Teeth look whiter and better enhancing one’s appearance. This does wonders in boosting the confidence levels. The options are affordable and effective.


Bright White Teeth in 3 easy Steps.

Want Shining White Teeth? Whiter Brighter Teeth In 3 Easy Steps

Do you spend hours thinking about how the Hollywood stars maintain such sparkling white teeth? There’s good news for you! Even you can have dazzling white teeth with little bit of effort. With some basic steps you can take good care of your oral hygiene and prevent your teeth from getting stained. White teeth is not only attractive to look at, it is also a sign of good oral hygiene. With maintenance of 3 simple steps you can attain the cosmetic goals and get a beautiful smile.

Lets us read along the article for the 3 simple steps that can make your teeth pearl white.

Today, the market is flooded with wide range of teeth whitening products. People have become very image conscious today and appearance is correlated to success most of the times. It is precisely because of this reason that a number of companies have launched teeth whitening products for helping the clients keep their teeth sparking white. The whitening kits contain bleaching substances and work effectively for removing stains left behind due to excessive intake of tea of coffee. The peroxide mixture when applied along with a brush everyday can help to keep your teeth clean. However, you must make sure that the mixture is left for a minimum of 30 – 45 minutes every day.

A number of manufacturing companies offer whitening toothpaste. Even these contain bleaching elements that help in stain removal. The toothpastes generally contain baking soda and peroxide, which are mild bleaching agents for keeping the teeth white.

As the saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, munching an apple everyday can help to keep your teeth sparkling white and free from stains. Moreover, apple helps to increase secretion of saliva as a result of which the mouth remains hydrated, thus keeping you feeling fresh all round the day.

As a word of caution, it is important that you are not going for teeth whitening procedures when you have crowns or dental veneers. It is highly recommended that you are getting in touch with your dentist in this case before going for teeth whitening procedures.

Quitting bad habits is the 3rd and another important step in teeth whitening procedure. Using bleaching products such as peroxide or baking soda will yield no good results if you are continuing with your bad habits such as smoking and excessive drinking. Quitting of bad habits are not only essential for maintaining shining white teeth, it is also essential for taking care of your overall health.

These are some very simple steps that can be followed for maintaining oral hygiene standards. There are plenty of websites that can be referred to find the ways you can keep your gums and teeth healthy. Thus sparkling white teeth no longer remains a distant dream for you. If you have any queries it is always advisable that you are visiting the dentist near your locality. The dentist will diagnose your individual case and prescribe you the proper remedies.


Zoom Tooth Whitening in Essex

One’s appearance is supported by many physical factors such as hair, skin, eyes, height, weight, and in this regard the dental health and hygiene have its own place. White teeth will make someone look special. The dazzling, straight and white teeth not only influence the physical beauty of a person but also depict his quality of life. Because of that reason, many people adopting a variety of ways to make their teeth look white and healthy. Dental appearance other than congenital, with the sophistication of today’s technology can be adapted to our desires. Many clinical studies and research work done on tooth whitening techniques proved that it is safe to perform whitening procedures under the supervision of your dentist. Teeth whitening technique is considered one of the safest dental cosmetic procedures nowadays.

In Essex, you will encounter many experienced cosmetic dentists who are more focused to enhance their client’s appearance and taking good care of their oral health. The field of cosmetic dentistry covers a huge variety of dental treatments that are all chiefly aiming at the better appearance of your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry applies various techniques such as bonding, veneers, orthodontics, whitening, reshaping and implants in order to make your teeth look dazzling and giving you a gorgeous smile. In the advancing world of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening have its own importance. It is highly valued by people all around the world. The zoom tooth whitening in Essex is providing the best services, satisfying every client’s budget as well as their desires. Teeth whitening treatment could comprise of a few minutes session at the dentist clinic or various whitening kits can be purchased from the markets for the use at home. Although such whitening options provide some level of improvement in teeth brightness, but it is not a permanent solution to the badly discolored teeth. It surely needs maintenance for a long lasting effect.

The zoom tooth whitening in Essex has become one of the most prevalent and cost effective practices all over the world. The dentists in Essex will help you properly and give you the instructions in taking care further of your teeth. We can find these treatments in many other places as well but can’t find the one matching the standards as in Essex, the dentists in Essex offer you a smile with a lower budget range and successful  healthy treatment.

The Zoom tooth whitening in Essex has a lot of enthusiasts, not even just women who use this program, but men also started using this program to support their performance. Users of this program are not only from the business, artist or officials, but also students and housewives. Maybe zoom tooth whitening in Essex is the new trend among the public, but that’s not a problem, because this program will make people, who join, will be confident in the association, so that he/she could relate to many people without being interrupted by the appearance of dental problems. That of course would facilitate his/her business, making his/her performance even better.


Zoom Tooth Whitening In Essex – Walk Out With A Dazzling Smile!

A beautiful smile, a dazzling smile, a Hollywood smile, the stuff dreams are made of… Who among us would not want to have a million dollar smile? Would you say no to a fabulous smile – ‘not on you life” would probably be your answer! Let us read all about this sensational Zoom tooth whitening in Essex process right here in this article.

You have probably seen it all from laser whitening to whitening gels and trays, whitening strips and toothpastes. Of course you have every right to be skeptical! Whatever you do just don’t stop reading till you find out all there is to know about Zoom tooth whitening in Essex. So why bother with Zoom tooth whitening in Essex – I will tell you why. Let me answer the questions that are probably buzzing around in your head as follows:

– How white will my teeth become? With this product you get to make your teeth up to 8 shades whiter

– How long do I have to wait to get whiter teeth – forever? No! You can expect to see the difference within 45-60 MINUTES of applying the gel.

– How safe is this product? Zoom tooth whitening in Essex has been clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective.

– Will I qualify for this method of teeth whitening? Almost anyone can qualify for this procedure. All you need to do is contact your dentist for an appointment and evaluation.

What do I have to do to get brighter, better looking teeth by using of Zoom tooth whitening in Essex? Simple! The procedure that will be performed is detailed below in an easy step by step guide.

Step 1 is to contact your dentist for an appointment will help the dentist determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. Zoom tooth whitening in Essex is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and people undergoing chemotherapy. Most of us will be suitable for this treatment; on the odd chance that you are not, your dentist will provide a suitable alternative.

Step 1 is to clean your teeth well to remove all food particles adhering to the teeth; this may affect the bleaching process.

Step 2 – retractors will be placed over lips and gums to protect them and to expose the teeth. A comfortable mouth brace will hold your mouth open during the Zoom tooth whitening in Essex process.

Step 3 – eyes will be covered to protect them from UV rays and gums coated for protection from the chemicals used in the whitening process.

Step 4 – application of the Zoom tooth whitening gel, which is a hydrogen-peroxide solution. This preparation is a lot stronger than the over the counter gels available on the market.

Step 5 – Zoom light is focused on the Zoom gel for a period of approximately 15 minutes for the two to work in tandem. This treatment is repeated about 3 times and the whole process generally lasts 45 minutes.

Step 6 – walk out of the dentist’s office beaming your widest, whitest, most dazzling smile!

Once the trays come off the smile can be turned on!

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Enlighten Tooth Whitening Now Available in Essex

We at Chafford Hundred Dental Care in Essex are now proud to introduce the latest innovation in Tooth Whitening called Enlighten Teeth Whitening.
We take an Impression of your teeth , which is sent to a special laboratory , where sealed bleaching trays { Shields to wear over your teeth } are made. You then wear these every night for two weeks, after you have a final one hour treatment at the surgery. Enlighten is great for those teeth which are in good condition but the wrong colour!

This particular company guarantees to lighten your teeth to the top shade of natural whiteness of their chart.

The results last indefinately as long as the trays are worn six nights a year after the initial treatment.