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How To Get A Six Month Smile Essex

Braces are an effective way of correcting misaligned teeth and improving overall oral health. The problem is they can take a couple of years and can make people feel self conscious. You can get the benefits of adult braces for a shorter period of time with a six month smile Essex.

What are Six Month Smiles?

In simple terms Six Month Smiles are adult braces that have been specifically designed to improve misaligned teeth while reducing the amount of time they need to be installed in the mouth.

I don’t like wearing braces. Won’t people notice them?

When people think of braces they inevitably think of the caricatures that people see in cartoons and comics. In real life braces are now nowhere near as noticeable as they used to be and are often quite discrete.

In the case of Six Month Smiles they are even harder to spot for the simple fact that the wiring and brackets are coloured to specifically match the teeth. Therefore most people would have to look very hard before knowing that you are wearing them!

Do I need to wear a retainer?

While you have to wear a retainer there are removable ones available so this should cause a minimum of inconvenience.

So it is more advanced and takes less time to work. I guess that means they’re also more expensive!


Not necessarily! The fact is that whatever type of braces you buy you will need to go back to the dentist in order to make sure they are properly fitted and this will usually mean around three or four visits a year.

In simple terms this means that you will spend more time at the dentist with a cheaper set of braces then you would with the Six Month Smiles so it is worth comparing the long term cost to see what would be more cost effective for you.

How can I be sure that Six Month Smiles are right for me?

People are often worried that if they visit a cosmetic dentist that they will be pressured into getting a treatment that they don’t want. However this is not the case. During an initial consultation you can talk to your dentist about what you want and they can also look at your personal circumstances and oral health in order to find a suitable treatment that works for you.



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Cosmetic Six Month Smile Braces in Essex Restore Confidence in Patients

Cosmetic Six Month Smile Braces in Essex Restore Confidence in Patients

Cosmetic Six Month Smile Braces in Essex restore confidence in patients. This is an efficient and cost effective way to enhance your self esteem. If you have concerns over your teeth arrangement and oral dental health, it is imperative to take advantage of the braces. It is a technological advancement that enables you to eliminate bad breath, crooked oral problems and helps to enhance general health of your teeth. The dental treatment is simply custom made to restore your confidence. Therefore, you will be able to interact and socialize confidently and comfortably.
Cosmetic Six Month Smile Braces in Essex restores confidence in patients because it is a dental advancement that enhances your looks. This is because it involves the use of high quality braces including Lucid look brackets. There is always a solution that suits the needs of each patient. A dentist will therefore analyze your dental needs and recommend an ideal solution for you. Therefore, if you have a fret over your dental health, it is important to visit a reputed, experienced and qualified dentist for the best possible results.
Cosmetic Six Month Smile Braces in Essex restore confidence in patients because it is an effective treatment for patients of almost all ages. It is suitable for anyone who is above the age of fifteen. It is a patient based dental solution that corrects spaced teeth, crooked, cross bite and overbite thus enhancing your self confidence. Moreover, it is a safe, quick and hygienic treatment for all. A dentist can either recommend titanium or nickel wires depending on the portion of teeth that needs to be treated. This helps to reduce spaces and realign teeth thus enhancing your self esteem.
Six month smiles treatment is additionally an incredible advancement that enhances your self esteem without attracting attention. Braces are often visible and they attract attention. This can make you feel shy in the company of other people. However, the treatment involves the use of wires that are less visible on teeth. This means that, in the process of alignment, you will not feel conscious thus enhancing your self esteem. You will enjoy socializing, parting and giving public speeches knowing that you have the best smile ever. Similarly, it is a dental treatment that doesn’t damage teeth roots, gums and other teeth portions. You only need to get the best dentist and rest assured of the best possible results.
Six month smiles braces are also the best and enhance confidence in patients because they are very comfortable. This is because a special orthodontic technique to align teeth and low pressure is used in the treatment. These however depend on bite position and a patient’s personal needs. You can always settle for a technique that offers a unique and desired appearance to enhance your self esteem. More importantly, it is an incredible teeth alignment treatment that is done carefully to prevent relapse. Therefore, it provides all the confidence you need when talking to friends, socializing and even giving a public speech. Cosmetic dentists however come in handy and it is imperative to choose an experienced, qualified and skilled dentist for the best results.

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10 things to know about 6 Month Smiles in Essex

10 Things to Know About 6 Month Smiles in Essex

The 6 Month Smiles is a new product in the market. It sorts out gappy gums and crooked smiles with high-tech braces. The product is comfortable and fast. The braces are nearly invisible. Here are 10 things to know about 6 month smiles in Essex.
1. About the 6 month smiles program –
The technique makes use of two colored braces that straightens teeth gently. The duration of the treatment is just six months on average. Usually conventional braces are worn for 2 to 3 years so there’s a big reduction in the treatment time.
2. How does the product work?
6 month smiles only focuses on teeth that are seen on smiling. It does not make any significant change to the bite. Hence it is able to create great cosmetic impression when it actually makes only minor adjustments to the teeth.
3. What does this treatment involve?
First of all, your teeth would be checked thoroughly. Then you could discuss with the doctor about the look of your teeth and the amount of improvement that could be brought about. The dentist would decide if you could go for 6 month smiles treatment or you need a treatment or technique of different sort. If this program is decided on, tooth colored braces that are barely noticeable would be fitted. If needed, space required for relieving crowding would be achieved with a polish between teeth. In certain cases, a tooth might have to be removed for creating enough space.
4. What if this treatment is not recommended for you?
The 6 month smiles treatment is not meant for everyone because it focuses on making small adjustments to visible parts of the smile. Hence, if there is a problem requiring more basic orthodontic work, a long term treatment or brace that works in different way would be required.
5. Is the 6 month smiles treatment new?
The treatment is new in UK. Dr. Swain, a dentist, developed this technique 20 years ago in US. He was aware of the fact that many Americans who needed orthodontic work refused treatment due to the timescales, cost and ugliness of devices involved. The research revealed that at the time 95% of the patients were not getting themselves treated. Today 95% accept orthodontic treatment in the clinic of Dr. Swain. This suggests that he developed right product.
6. Will you have to carry a mouth filled with metal?
Six month smiles uses tooth colored braces. These are nearly invisible as compared to conventional ones. However the braces do exist. Another benefit of the technique is that it applies extremely light force through the braces. Therefore the braces have to be tightened and adjusted less often as compared to the conventional braces. This means that they offer more comfort to the wearer. You also do not have to pay many trips to your dentist during the course of treatment.
7. Is the treatment painful?
Getting braces fitted does seem strange initially. Sometimes the teeth could be tender and hence uncomfortable for a few weeks after fitting of the braces. However light forces applied during treatment for moving teeth means it does not cause a lot of pain and disruption as compared to other treatments. Nearly all patients grow used to these braces quickly.
8. Do teeth stay straight after treatment?
Teeth tend to go back to original position once any orthodontic treatment is done. Under the 6 month smiles program, permanent retainers would be fitted to the teeth by the dentist so that they do not relapse.
9. Could adolescents and children go for the 6 month smiles treatment?
Traditional braces are usually geeky and unattractive. Unfortunately adolescents and children do not have any other option but to use them for time being. Aim of the 6 month smiles program is to improve smile but not change bite. Hence it is in no way an alternative for complete orthodontic work. When the jaws and teeth are growing (up to 16 years of age or so), the time is ideal to attain perfect bite. Hence the recommendation is likely to be more comprehensive orthodontic program.
10. What is the cost of 6 month smiles?
It is extremely affordable as compared to conventional braces. Payment plans are offered by a lot of dentists to suit the patient’s budget.