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Mouth Guard and Sports Guard Protection in Essex

Are Mouth Guards Really Necessary?
According to the American Dental Association, an athlete is 60 times more likely to have an injury to the teeth when not wearing a protective mouth 
guard. A mouth guard is designed to help buffer the mouth and teeth from trauma. It is also an important piece of gear that should not be overlooked during participation in sports.
Wearing a mouth guard is common in contact sports such as football, 
boxing, hockey and basketball, but a protective mouth guard can also be beneficial in non contact sports such as snow skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, soccer and bicycling.

There are 3 types of mouth guards to choose from:
1. Ready Made
2. Boil and Bite
3. Custom made by a dentist
When choosing a mouth guard, keep in mind that a custom made mouth 
guard from your dentist is designed to offer superior protection.

These guidelines can help you choose the right mouth guard:
Be sure that the mouth guard is comfortable and fits good.
Check for flexibility and resistance to tearing or ripping.
Make sure that the mouth guard doesn’t impair breathing.
Make sure that the mouth guard doesn’t confine speech.
Finally, be sure that it can be easily cleaned.
Taking Care of a Mouth Guard

After investing in a mouth guard, it is important to take care of it by following these tips:
Keep your mouth guard in a vented and sturdy container.
Rinse thoroughly before and after use or brush with a toothpaste and toothbrush.
Replace your mouth guard if it becomes worn out.
Never leave it in the sun or hot water.
On occasion, use cool soapy water to clean, being sure to rinse it 
thoroughly. Since studies have linked almost 1/3 of dental injuries to 
sports related activities, a mouth guard is an important piece of sports gear that should be chosen carefully and taken care of properly.


What the Mouth Guards in Essex do

What the Mouth Guards in Essex do?

Mouth guards in Essex are a basic and fantastic way of eliminating snoring forever. Are mouth guards of specific descriptions truly valuable in helping to halt snoring? Which is the right stop snoring product?
The answer to the first question is a resounding yes. Sleep apnea and snoring mouth piece devices that are often called dental appliances are very efficient when it comes to assisting people with snoring problems. Also they are especially beneficial to people who suffer from OSA. They work by preventing soft tissues in the throat from collapsing while the body relaxes and sleeps. Collapsing tissues basically block airways resulting in a snore.
Mouth guards in Essex
Mouth guards are sometimes known as MAD (mandibular advancement device) or splint. They are clear small plastic devices that when worn during the sleep period cause lower jaw to move in forward position besides lifting soft palate slightly. Hence the throat is prevented from being blocked and this eliminates or lessens the snore. These appliances are very successful. They are also fairly cheap.
Dental devices
Prior to continuing with our discussion, you need to be aware of the fact that 2 techniques would help you to get the mouth guards in Essex installed. One of the ways that is also more expensive is to consult an expert dental professional who would develop and also fit a customized dental appliance for you. You have to keep in mind that this method would cost you many hundred dollars and for many people, they would require this solution. But for a lot of them snore guards bought over the Internet for cheap would be just as fine.
The dentist makes mold of the teeth structure and mouth and then creates tailor made device only for you. Look for professional dental specialists in Essex who are experienced in the field.
If you wish to try cheaper, quite effective options initially the Internet is a great medium for locating an appliance to stop snoring. These devices could be installed effortlessly. Just once you will have to place the appliance in water that is hot for prescribed time period. Then it has to be placed in your mouth and you have to bite on the device so that it takes the shape of your features. Such devices are very comfortable to use. They improve with time.
Always adhere to the guidelines of the producers whenever you employ or fit anti-snoring appliance.
Do these devices work?
A British investigation shows that though the number of subjects was restricted to just 25 heavy snorers, the use of the snoring device reduced the problem for 84% of people. 76% were of the opinion that their snoring reduced in terms of number of days a week. In 2001 Swiss investigation determined that such kinds of appliances were effective in treating sleep apnea. Unwanted side effects of using these types of devices were restricted to mucosal dryness and slight tooth discomfort in some people.