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10 things to ask before placing Dental Implants in Essex

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

An amazing treatment for people who have some teeth missing or are set to lose them is dental implants. The functionality, feel and look of these implants are closest you could get to natural teeth. But getting dental implants fitted is a surgical treatment that you would have to take extremely seriously. It is important that you be very careful and are aware of 10 things to ask before placing dental implants in Essex so that you can rest assured that you are in the best situation possible for successful outcome.

1) Does the doctor make use of latest computer technology and 3-D x-ray imaging to ensure implant is placed in right location with enough bone?
Not many doctors make use of 3-D imaging for help in placement of implant. The technology of cone beam helps clinicians know the exact location where the implant is to be placed and if the bone is sufficient. There is no room for guesswork.
2) Will the dentist make use of guides or surgical stents?
Proper placement of implant is not much of prosthetic dilemma nowadays as surgical stents are being used. The stents offer communication between restoring dentist and surgeon so that implant is fitted at ideal prosthetic angulation and position. The last thing you want after placement of the implant when it is time to fit the crown is that the position of the implant is incorrect.
3 & 4) How much experience does the doctor have in fitting dental implants? What is the number of implants they have fitted in the course of their career?
Usually, all patients would prefer working with clinicians who are highly skilled and have years of experience before letting them fit dental implants. See to it that you ask the doctor questions about experience, training and number of implants.
5) When does the doctor plan to load implants? Why?
Many doctors would load implants same day. Some might prefer loading them progressively. Others might load them 4 to 6 months later. Every doctor would have a reason for doing this and each would be appropriate as per the situation. This is why you should ask the doctor these questions.
6) What is success rate of the doctor in a span of five and 10 years?
When it comes to dental implants, success rate is very high in majority cases but doctors that do not use latest technology or lack experience tend to have lower success rate. Hence ask for their rate of success for 5 as well as 10 years post-operation.
7) What is the number of surgeries that would be required?
It is important to know in advance the number of surgeries that would be required. In a number of cases it would be beneficial to get second opinion.
8) Would the doctor be restoring the implant?
Many times, doctors place implants and restore them, too. You should inquire about the possibility of this option as well as who would be performing the restoration. Restoration is equally important as placement of implant with respect to long term stability.
9) Would the doctor make use of sedation?
You would be more comfortable with the surgery if you are given oral sedation or intravenous conscious sedation. Ask about the availability of the service.
10) Who is restoring your implant if not your doctor? What rate of success do they boast?
If your dentist is fitting the dental implant but will not be restoring it, question them about experience of doctor who would be doing it. What is ratio of their success? Have they undergone advanced courses?


Dental Implants in Essex

Thursday, May 13th, 2010


With the world becoming more materialistic and more glamour worshiping it is hard for a person to adjust if they have any of the physical abnormalities or oddity from the rest of the crowd. Like your figure or clothes, teeth are one essential part of your appearance that counts a lot when it comes to personality checks. People often consider your smile and in turn your perfect teeth as a measure of your faultless looks.

If these beautiful teeth are missing or not in such a good shape or color, you might feel a little low about it, you might not feel as confident, and you might not be fully accepted in your class of people with better teeth. That is a nightmare for a popular personality living in the exotic scenery of Essex. Essex is a small metropolitan county to the east of England. The place being small one has to be very sure of their social circle and to be a part of it all they have to be a complete personality in a world of competition. The dental implants in Essex are an easy way out for all those who have a hard time with their teeth.
Dental implants in Essex are definitely there to help you get over your dental issues specially those related to bad teeth or missing teeth. A wide number of hospitals or dental surgical centers are to help you get rid of the trouble of your teeth you had been living with. The best of the dental implants in Essex include Chafford Hundred Dental Care!

Dental implants in Essex are just like the dental implants in any other corner of the world. With the increased technological resources the dental implant, that is, a small metallic wire that forms a bridge between the teeth and the jaw bone, and it carries a false tooth or a combination of unreal teeth. The dental implant is a simple procedure that requires a small localized surgery with sedation. The implant is placed in the missing tooth’s place and is first adjusted with the jaw bone and is allowed to accommodate itself. Later a tooth is supported on top of the implanted wire. This takes more than 3 months in the lower jaw and more than 6 months with the upper jaw teeth’s treatment.

Living in Essex if you have lost a tooth in an accident or an athlete in his game, he should not worry anymore. Your smile can be beautified again by using the dental implants in Essex, treated by the top oral surgeons in the highest ranked dental surgery centers within the premises of Essex. You don’t need to worry about your county being small the essentials of life is just a few steps away from you. Explore before time runs out for you!

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Dental Implants in Essex.

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Dental Implants are according to most dentists have a distinct advantage than dental bridges or dentures { which fills the missing tooth with a fake removable tooth} as they help to conserve natural tooth structure like enamel on teeth either side of the gap.

Consequently, they help the young and old to preserve the integrity of natural oral tissue. The best dentistry is no dentistry.

Dental Implants improve the quality of your life and help you eat more effectively and efficiently. No more gastric problems and indigestion which can be a thing of the past when you can eat your food properly.

Dental Implants are not just for cosmetic reasons but also for functional reasons .

Dental Implants stop teeth either side of the space in your mouth from drifting or overerupting which can lead to food getting trapped between the teeth and gum inflammation and infection which may ultimately lead to more tooth lose.

This will create a vicious circle which means more problems with inefficient ingestion.

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