Dental Implants in Essex.

Dental Implants are according to most dentists have a distinct advantage than dental bridges or dentures { which fills the missing tooth with a fake removable tooth} as they help to conserve natural tooth structure like enamel on teeth either side of the gap.

Consequently, they help the young and old to preserve the integrity of natural oral tissue. The best dentistry is no dentistry.

Dental Implants improve the quality of your life and help you eat more effectively and efficiently. No more gastric problems and indigestion which can be a thing of the past when you can eat your food properly.

Dental Implants are not just for cosmetic reasons but also for functional reasons .

Dental Implants stop teeth either side of the space in your mouth from drifting or overerupting which can lead to food getting trapped between the teeth and gum inflammation and infection which may ultimately lead to more tooth lose.

This will create a vicious circle which means more problems with inefficient ingestion.

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