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Finding The Right Cosmetic Dental Practice Essex

You may be someone who works hard at keeping your teeth clean but still find it hard to maintain whiteness. Equally you may trip over one day and accidentally chip a tooth. Whatever the reason for seeking treatment it is worth choosing a cosmetic dental practice Essex to improve your oral health and boost self confidence.

How can a cosmetic dental practice boost self confidence?

Smiling is something that people associate with being positive. People send texts with a smiley face to indicate they feel happy and it is something that can often help get you an extra tip if you work in the service industry!

Unfortunately if you feel self conscious about your teeth then you are less likely to smile. This in turn means people can act differently around and this can often create a vicious cycle.

What treatments are right for me?

The treatments you need depend on the condition of your teeth. For example if you wanted brighter looking teeth whitening or veneers may be an option (veneers are also good for masking chipped or missing teeth). Dental implants are effective in replacing missing or chipped teeth and also prevent facial muscle sags, while adult braces help to adjust facial structure.

I don’t like drills. Are there treatments that don’t involve drilling?

A lot of treatments such as veneers do not involve any drilling at all. A lot of treatments will also use local anaesthetic so pain and swelling is often quite minimal. Furthermore if the pain or swelling is severe then the dentist can often prescribe painkillers to reduce this.

What if I want a regular check up?

Cosmetic dentists do regular cleaning and check ups as well! This is all part of the service as in order to ensure a cosmetic treatment is effective you also need to ensure that you maintain the best oral health possible (for example quitting smoking will reduce discolouration of the teeth so if you are considering quitting this is a decent motivation!)

I’m not sure if a treatment is right for me. Can I ask first?

If you want to know more then an initial consultation is the best move! It allows you to discuss any issues you may have but also allows the dentist to find out more about you and what is best suited to your needs.



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