Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles: Teeth Treatment with Patient Tray Kits, Lucid-Look Brackets and Chameleon Tooth Wires

If you’re having problems socializing with other people because you’re conscious with your teeth, Six Month Smiles is a cost-efficient way to improve your confidence. With technological advancements, patients will no longer suffer from crooked, overbite, bad breath and other oral problems. This dental treatment allows patient to smile with properly aligned and healthy teeth.
Treatment typically lasts for six months using high rate braces and patient-based solutions. 6monthsmiles is known for its trademarks such as ‘Lucid-Look’ brackets as well as Chameleon tooth wires which are both discreet in nature. Reliable, fast and easy appointments are also possible with another trademark called ‘Patient Tray Kits’.
Six Month Smiles is open for clients who are fifteen years of age or older, suffering from crooked, spaced, teeth, as well as overbite, and cross bite. The technique used by 6monthsmiles employs quick, safe and hygienic technological dentistry with all patients. The treatment involves specialized nickel and titanium wires that target the most visible portions of teeth. Other than that, patients no longer need to suffer from very visible braces that attract attention. During the process of teeth alignment, a patient will not feel conscious of his or her braces. This patient can enjoy partying or attending celebrations without ruining his or her outfit or smile.
Furthermore, the type of braces given to 6monthsmiles clients is more comfy compared to traditional kinds. This comfort is achieved by applying low level of pressure and standard orthodontic techniques to align teeth based on the patient’s unique cosmetic appearance and not on the bite position. The treatment does not simply involve regular brace tightening, but careful teeth alignment.
If, however, a patient thinks of risks in damaging other teeth portions, teeth roots, and even gums when braces are placed, the 6monthsmiles technique ensures that these issues are as much as possible avoided. This is why pressure is kept in low level force and teeth extraction is applied in lesser frequency. After the teeth have been straightened, removable or bonded retainers are to be worn by patients to prevent relapse.
Six Month Smiles also offers clients with an online assessment that will determine if a patient has dental problems and what kind of treatment is necessary. The assessment is a tool not to replace personal consultations, but to provide initial findings on a client’s dental status. Usually, consultations happen after a person contacts a service provider and schedules a consultation. However, the 6monthsmiles provide a method to help their clients identify if they really need to undergo consultations and treatment. Questions linked to a person’s lifestyle as well as expectations are placed in the official website for clients to answer. Results will be given and can even be printed.



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