Causes Of Teeth Misalignment And Invisible Teeth Straightening Methods

Many people have misaligned, overcrowded or crooked teeth much to their chagrin and try to hide them. Due to this they don’t even smile properly and in most cases are embarrassed about their smile. Some people have a habit of constantly biting their lower lips so as to conceal their misaligned teeth. And some are afraid that they will have to put up with metal braces making it more visible and embarrassing. But now, thanks to Invisible teeth straightening method, this problem can be fixed with professional help. This type of treatment is suitable for anyone above the age of 15. Invisible teeth straightening methods are subtle and have a clear cut solution to all problems.
Causes for Misaligned Teeth:
Misalignment of teeth can be caused by various reasons. Most of these reasons start from the childhood. The major reason can be the perpetual habit of sucking the thumb that is seen prevalent in kids. This thumb sucking habit pushes the teeth out its alignment and in extreme cases misaligns the jaw. Most of the times, the adult teeth tends to take the alignment of the milk teeth, hence the adult teeth is also misaligned.
Sometimes the new tooth tends to grow even before the milk tooth has fallen off. This causes them to grow in front or back of the existing tooth and then tries to push of the milk tooth. Sometimes the tooth may not fall out, causing the child to look like he or she has too many teeth in the mouth. This will cause overcrowding of teeth and hence a severe overlap in the teeth alignment.
Some of the other causes of teeth misalignment are accidents and genetic reasons. Misaligned teeth can even cause face deformity.
Solutions Available:
There are several options available for curing this misalignment of teeth. The most popular ones are listed below
• Traditional braces, with wire, brackets and elastics.
• Aligners
• Clear brackets with white wires or cosmetic fixed braces
• Self ligating brackets, using special nickel-titanium metal alloy wires and
• Invisible teeth straightening
This type of Invisible teeth straightening method uses completely invisible materials. These are placed at the back of the teeth instead of being placed in front of them. These are custom made for your teeth, so that they fit you perfectly and in a comfortable way.
Invisible aligners are yet another method of invisible teeth straightening. This method is perfect for person who doesn’t want to put up with the issues of braces. These do not have any visible brackets or wires and consist of undetectable and invisible aligners. Such aligners move your teeth gradually and compose to a desired straight position over weeks. The main advantage is that you can remove this type of invisible teeth straightening aligners when you want to eat or brush.
There are several types of invisible teeth straightening. You will have to decide which method will be suitable for you after proper consultation with your dentist and after full analysis of your teeth misalignment.


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